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Thursday, March 26, 2009

THE "GIVE ACT" of 2009.
HR 1388 recently passed
by Congress.

Is this the precursor of President Obama's
campaign call to create a National Civilian
Security Force as large and well equipped/funded
as the U.S Military?

Beware, your Liberty may be on the line.


Joe Sullivan

The Diocese of Albany is closing a number
of churches and schools in Albany, Cohoes
Watervliet, Troy and Schenectady this year.

The unintended result of these closings will
be increased neighborhood deterioration
and blight.

These closings are shortsighted because
population shifts back to these cities will
occur as the economy worsens and oil
becomes too expensive and scarce to
support commuting to the suburbs.

Ironically, the Diocese of Albany is a major
recipient of social services monies from the

It is imperative for the Mayors and City
Councils to enter into discussions with
the Diocese of Albany and New York State
to come up with a plan to keep RC churches
and schools in the above named cities open.

Neighborhoods are made up of people, and
houses anchored by neighborhood churches
schools and shops.

Take away neighborhood schools, churches
and shops:neighborhood detrerioration, blight
poverty and crime result.

Arbor Hill and the South End in Albany are
two examples. Both were once thriving neigh-
borhoods with neighborhood schools, churches
and many small shops which provided services
goods and employment for neighborhood

Any urban renewal efforts that fail to include
neighborhood schools, churches and shops
are doomed to failure.

St Teresa's Church and School in Albany
must not be allowed to happen. If the Diocese
can't run them, parishioners must seek out
Religious Orders of priests and nuns, who can.

The same goes for similar parish churches and
schools in Troy, Schenectady, Cohoes and Watervliet.

Parishioners must stop behaving like the
proverbial sheep and resist these church and
school closings. Seek alternatives.

It may be time to recall priests from the
foreign missions to serve in our urban

Reach out to Orders and seminaries in
the U.S. ,Canda and Europe in search of
priests and nuns to keep
our local urban parish churches and
schools open.

Do this in memory of your ancestors who
founded these churches and schools; and
do this with recognition that neighborhood
churches and schools are essential to
maintaining neighborhood identity and
quality of life.

Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Three men are secretly plotting a number of
tax/fee increases in a vain attempt to close an
estimated 16 billion dollar state budget shortfall.

The three men are: the Governor, State Senate
Majority Leader and Assembly Speaker. All are
Democrats and all are from New York City.

Elected state Republican officeholders are
excluded from the process, and elected Democrats
in the Senate and Assembly from Upstate are
excluded as well. The votes of the latter are taken
for granted because of party loyalty.

When will elected officeholders put America and
New York State before party allegiance?

If elected members of the Congress and State
Legislature would stand together; they could
dramatically impact policies, legislation and
budgets at the federal and state levels.

The Governor has announced 8,900 job cuts
from the state workforce as a budget cutting
measure. Read:

Wrong move! It makes no sense to put
American citizens out of work, when New
York is overrun with tens of millions of illegal
aliens who work off the books, many in the
drug trade, and many who receive social
services, medical care, and education, all at
public taxpayer expense.

If the Governor, Senate Majority Leader and
Assembly Speaker would end the sanctuary
policy of the state with regard to illegal aliens
requiring proof of U S Citizenship for jobs
social services, medical care and education
benefits; illegal aliens would voluntarily
leave the state. Add to this deportation of all
illegals from state and local prisions.

These policies and actions would close New
York's budget gap and make jobs available to
U S citizens resident in New York, promoting
long term economic growth, and reductions
in crime, in New York.

People with assets and job skills are fleeing
New York at ever increasing rates. New York
faces of future of being home to a poulation
of elderly and poor who will not be able to
pay for the government services, schools
nursing homes, hospitals and medical care
that they will expect and require.

The Governor and Legislature must cut
spending to balance the budget, and the place
to start is dealing with the costs of illegal
immigration resulting from a sanctuary
policy and the billions of dollars that policy
costs citizen taxpayers in New York.

Joe Sullivan

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Morris seeks safer streets: Albany mayoral
candidate cites Pine Hills attacks as need
for community policing.

Times Union, Sat, 3/21/09 pB1
by David Filkins.

Morris posed in front of CVS on Madison Ave
and "railed against the Albany Police
Department and Mayor Jerry Jennings."

Why not blame the perps and their prey
boozed up students?

Metroland 3/19/09 had a more objective
view of the issue:
read Victims 101 by Cecelia Martinez

Morris has been in office 16 years.
Why hasn't she provided leadership to
address the street crime problem in all
that time?

The 7th ward (Delaware Ave and tributary
streets) Morris' home ward, has become
crime ridden and blighted on Morris' watch.
She is going to save the the city from a similar
fate? There is nothing in her record in public
office that would support that contention.

The TU article says: "Morris unvelied a
three-pronged strategy for reducing crime
in the city. It included more community
policing by the Albany Police Department
using economic stimulus funds to focus on
youth crime prevention, and implementing
the recommendations from the Gun Violence
Task Force.

No Morris leadership or originality here!
The APD has been engaged in community
policing efforts for years. The economic
stimulus monies run out in 26 months.
Then what? Council Member Dom Calsolaro
was the driving force behind the establishment
of the Gun Violence Task Force.
Dom is supporting fellow Council Member
Corey Ellis for Mayor.

Morris has no record of accomplishment
to show for her 16 years in office.
She has undercut the mayor police chief
and Albany police Department at every turn
to further her own political ambitions.

Morris does not have what it takes
to lead Albany

Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Albany City Schools
The Decisive Issue
in the 2009 City Elections

Today's Times Union informs us that the
proposed city school district budget for
2009-2010 is $214 million as compared
with the current budget of $207 million.
(see pA8 Albany school budget cuts staff)

The story headline ought to read:
School property taxes to increase 15
percent in City of Albany.

That headline would capture the
attention of city property taxpayers.

The Philip Livingston middle school will
close at the end of the current school
year, shifting students to the two
remaining middle schools: Hackett and

This accounts for the staff cuts alluded
to in the the story headline.

We learn that city charter schools will
account for $27.6 million (13 percent)
of the proposed $214 budget.

Charter schools and charter school
populations continue to grow in Albany
and are educating more children at
lower per capita costs than the city
district schools.

Albany City schools are among the
highest cost per student in New York
State. The high school graduation
rate is about 50 percent.

Not a good return for property tax-

And now: The Albany City School
District proposes an increased
budget that would raise property
taxes 15 percent ?

The Audacity of those who view
themselves as political, social
and economic progressives!

Only about one-third of city
homes are owner occupied. Those
homes are owned by an aging
population living on fixed incomes,
plus some families with young
children and a number of single

These homeowners pay the lion's
share of the property taxes which
support the city public schools.

Many familes with children bear
a double financial burden, because
they send their children to private

All have endured annual school
property tax increases, and they
have watched their retirement savings
evaporate in the past 6 months.

Keep in mind that about 7o percent
of the city school population comes
from households that pay little or no
property taxes to support the city

Economic hard times are here. And
they will get worse!

The candidates for Mayor, Common
Council and City Treasurer have to
take a stand on the issue of city schools.

Albany can no longer tolerate two
property tax rolls: one to support city
services and the other to support city

City schools must be merged with
city government. The Mayor and Common
Council Members must assume responsibility
and accountability for the functioning and
financing of city schools.

Return to a K-8 neighborhood school
system which is best for kids, parents and

Trim the fat from school administrations.
Disband the school board. Create one
property tax base to support city govern-
ment and city schools.

The unpropertied households that
account for the majority of the city
school populations must pay their fair
share of the costs of educating their

Nothing less than drastic reform of
the operation and financing of city
schools is required this year.

The Common Council must step up
and present a Home Rule Message to
the NYS Legislature calling for action
this session,
to amend the State Education Law to
allow the Mayor and Common Council
to assume responsibility and account-
ability for the city schools.

Who among the Common Council
Members, seeking to be nominated
for re-election, or seeking nomination
for Mayor and Common Council
President, in the September 2009
Democratic Primary, will sponsor
and vote for this Home Rule Message?

Those who aspire to occupy positions
of leadership must demonstrate that
they are able to lead.

Members of the Albany Common Council
the ball is in your court!

Get the necessary Home Rule Message
to the NYS Legislature drafted , and
put to a vote during the month of March.

Also, place the following questions on
the May school budget vote ballot.

Q1. Shall the Albany city schools be
merged with the city government
creating one property tax base
with responsibilty and accountability
for the city schools vested in the
offices of the mayor and common council?

Q2. Shall Albany return to a K-8 neighborhood
school system?

Joe Sullivan