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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Red Paddy has been in a reflective mood
sitting out in the back yard observing the
sky and sniffing the hint of snow in the air.
Paddy never ceases to wonder at the
changing seasons.

Paddy is ever the alert, watchful shepherd.
The Boss Dog.

Spotted Mick is wise enough. He knows
that another Winter is nearly here. With
that comes the cold, snow, ice and tons
of road salt dumped on the roadways and

With a loving glance and wag of his tail
he expresses thanks when his breakfast
is placed before him. Afterwards he takes
a brief ramble around the backyard and
returns to his warm, dry bed.

Mick leaves the shepherd duties to Paddy.

The radio weather forecast made mention
4 to 7 feet of snow in the High Sierra's. I
thought of the fateful attempt of the Donner
Party to cross the mountains on their way
to the promised land in California. They were
behind schedule and were taking what they
believed to be short cut over unfamiliar  high


Like the Donner Party we are all Pilgrims
on a journey to the promised land.  We face
many perils along the way. Some are natural
more are man made.

Like Mick, we have to be thankful for the
blessings we have each day, including fresh
water, good food and a warm, dry bed.

However, we need to be more observant
and vigilant, like Paddy.

The survival of America, and each of us
remains on the line.

We are being led by individuals who are
woefully inept; who appear unwilling or
unable to recognize ,and deal effectively
with, the perils before us.

As Mark Steyn said recently, " we have
Big Government by small men", add
(and women).

Government can't save us - we must save
the government and save ourselves.

It will take much more informed effort
on the part of the electorate, particularly
here in New York where less than a third
of the state's eligible voters bothered to
vote in the past November 2 General

As we gather with family and loved ones
to give thanks for the Blessings we have
we must cast a wary eye toward Black
Friday, and beyond, recognizing that
we must change our ways in order to
continue to have what we take for granted
every day.

In a word, like Red Paddy we will cast
a wary eye skyward and become more
shepherd -like in our behavior.

Read and share this article with all you
care for:

Without delay, take appropriate action
aimed at survival for you and your loved

The Winter will soon be upon us. 

                                                    Joe Sullivan

Thursday, November 18, 2010


News reports say that uniformed guards are
being laid off at the Capitol, LOB, ES Plaza.

This is not a wise move, when terrorist acts
are more likely than ever before.

Security needs to be improved, not relaxed.

Traditional lobby days, when bus loads of
people descend on the Capitol, LOB and ESP
may have to be cancelled in the interest of

Constituents can lobby their legislative
representative back in the home districts.

Small groups of interest group representatives
can meet with the Governor, Senate and Assembly
leaders in Albany or NYC.

E mails, faxes, telephone calls and modern
communications including  teleconference calls
make the weekly crush of lobby groups not

These changes will promote security for all
save expensive fuel and save money for Albany
City taxpayers who have to foot the bills for
added police and clean ups  when large crowds
of lobby groups invade the Capitol, LOB
and ESP.

Our lives changed forever on 9-11.  Business
as usual is no longer possible in an age of terror.

We must change our ways and adapt to the
realities of contemporary life.

                                            Joe Sullivan

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Governor-elect Cuomo
makes wise decision


                                                    Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Read what senior Senator on Armed services
committee has to say:

                                                                      Joe Sullivan

Friday, November 5, 2010


Election Day 11-2-10 has come and gone.

In Congress, control of the House will change.
The Bush tax cuts will be extended. Obamacare
and the Obama agenda to radically transform
America is derailed. Nancy Pelosi is history.

Paul Tonko was reelected, but is now in the
minority. He will be defeated in 2012, unless
he is among the casualties of redistricting
before that.

Chris Gibson won and will be to go to guy
for the Capital District.

Five or six other Congressional seats changed
hands in New York.

The Senate will no longer have a Democratic
super majority. Harry Reid survived, making
it less likely that Chuckie Schumer will become

Economic issues will remain a focus of the
new Congress, but questions of national security
emergency/disaster preparedness, securing our
national borders and rejecting amnesty for the
tens of millions of illegals who have invaded
our land, will take precedence in the days ahead.

The survival of America, and all Americans
are still on the line. We must cast a wary eye
overseas, keeping those who seek to destroy us
at bay, while rooting out their allies who dwell
amongst us, be they illegals or native born.

A policy of no federal or state aid to political
units or schools that offer illegals sanctuary
status will be necessary.

Invoke the Monroe Doctrine. Allow no missles
to be placed in Venezuela or, anywhere else, in
this hemisphere, by Iran or any other foreign
power. Allow no offshore oil drilling leases to
China or any other potential adversary.

Embargo all money, tourism and trade with
Mexico, until the Mexican government ends
the flow of illegal drugs and illegal aliens
across our border.

New York continued to remain out of step with
the rest of America. Few incumbents were
turned out of office.

New York, in particular NY City, remain
priority terror attack targets.  Illegal aliens
foreign terrorists, and their domestic allies
gangbangers, criminals and other anti-social
malcontents pose real security and public
safety threats, in addition to being a huge drain
on state and local economies and taxpayers.

Governor elect Cuomo and Lt Governor elect
Duffy have their work cut out for them. Best
wishes to them in their endeavors to change
political and economic course in New York.

Best wishes to Comptroller Di Napoli. May
he safeguard the NYS pension fund and resist
any moves to replace him as  elected sole
trustee with a politically appointed group
and may he resist any attempts by the
Governor and Legislature to raid the the
state pension fund to balance the budget or
for other state purposes.

The Democratically controlled State Assembly
will have to put politics and liberal agendas
aside, making tough decisions and casting votes
to the contrary.

The State Senate control will shift  restoring
some balance to state government, providing
hope for Upstate and Island residents that
their needs and views will be addressed.

Alaska voters have demonstrated that a
write in candidate can win, making write
in candidacies a viable option for the people.

So, we have our eyes and hopes focused on
the road ahead. No use looking in the rear
view mirror. The past is past and gone forever.

Election 2010 was a fork in the road.  Proceed
with caution.

Our hope is for a bright new day for all.

                                            Joe Sullivan