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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Pope

     Long Live Pope Bendedict XVI!

     He is the steadfast Leader these trying times require.



Thursday, April 14, 2005

VIOLENCE In The Albany City Schools/neighborhoods


Joseph P Sullivan (R) candidate for Albany Common Council President made the following comment in response to last night's WNYT TV 13 news item that Albany City Court Judge, Tom Keefe, will be at Philip Livingston middle school, at 2 pm today handing out doughnuts.

Sullivan said " City Court Judge Tom Keefe should be handing out stiff sentences for disorderly conduct and assault with deadly weapons, not doughnuts."

The Albany Middle Schools are a failure in every way. The City of Albany should return to a K-8 neighborhood school system which is best for kids, parents and neighborhoods said Sullivan.

Meanwhile, a strict conduct code should be strictly enforced with the schools; in the surrounding neighborhoods and on school buses when students travel to and from schools. Youths must know that there will be zero tolerance for anti-social behavior, disorderly and criminal behavior, Sullivan said.

If this situation is not brought under control immediately, the City of Albany is in for a long, hot summer.