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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It was painful to listen to Governor
Cuomo on today's Fred Dicker radio
show (Talk 1300), as the Governor
blamed the Congressional "super
committee" for it's failure, while
dodging, dancing and weaving
in a vain effort to avoid Fred's
repeated questions as to whether
it is the President who has failed
as leader?

The Governor evaded the question
again and again, protesting that
it was a failure of government.

Fred's questioning was masterful
and relentless. The Governor was
not his usual confident self.

To be fair, Governor Cuomo
knows that he,  New York and
all New Yorkers, would suffer
federal reprisals if he were to
acknowledge President Obama's
complete failure as a leader.

New York is captive to large
amounts of federal aid. The
Governor, had to dance, bob
dodge and weave , like a fish
on the hook, to protect himself
and us.

No, excuse!

The 2012 elections are D Day
for the future of America and
all Americans.  Who will be
brazen (stupid) enough to deny

The challenge before Governor
Cuomo, and all Democrats, is:
do they put party before the
survival of America, our survival
and their own?

The solution?  Democrats have
to deny Obama renomination
if he can not be quietly convinced
to leave office, voluntarily, asap.

Unlike, Michelle, I have always
respected and had pride in

However, I can not respect a
devious, incompetent, bent on
radically transforming
(translated-destroying) America.

Obama is underwater and he is
taking the country, and all of us
down with him.

America faces a political
leadership crisis at every level
of government.

We are taking on water and

Politicians, the media and
the voting public are on board
the 21st Century equivalent
of the Titanic, dancing the
night away.

Not an ice berg in sight?

                   Joe Sullivan

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2011 05:23:31 -0500 (EST)

To: Deb Busch RN, Albany County Legislator
      Elect, 39th District  (The Hill Towns)

Subject: Re: Victory Party Invitation

Deb,   Thank you for the invitation

Interesting to observe your choice of speakers.

The speakers and the political parties they represent face
the same challenge in 2012 as do all of us.....survival.

Election 2012 will determine the fate of America and New
York State, as well as these 3 political parties, their county
chairmen and each and every one of us.

The ultimate determination will be made by those who
participate in the political process and those who vote in
the party primaries and general election.

The overriding need is for a large turnout of voters
who cast informed ballots.

In the local 2011 elections voter apathy was the winner in
most cases, except in your own election, and a few others
like Colonie Supervisor and Schenectady Mayor.

In the two latter races only a handful of votes determined
the outcomes.

In 2012 those who have the vote must use it, wisely, or
facing the prospect of losing it, as our state and nation are
radically transformed.

President Obama was elected on a theme of change and a
promise to radically transform America. His policies and
pronouncements have crippled the American economy
divided the nation, failed to secure our borders and
undermined America's security and status in world affairs.
Obama has circumvented the Constitution and Congress.
He has not lived up to his oath of office.

In New York State, Governor Andrew Cuomo has
presented himself as a fiscal Conservative, while pleasing
the more liberal factions of the Democratic Party.

Recently, on the Fred Dicker show, Governor Cuomo
declared " I am the government".

Keep in mind that the Governor has tried to usurp the 
Constitutional role of the state legislature in redistricting
by means of an appointed  "nonpartisan commission"
where the Governor makes a majority of the appointments.
Hardly, nonpartisan.

2012 presents him, and all Democrats, with a defining moment...
do they put party before New York, America and the people?

New York is a blue state. The best that the Republican
Conservative and Independence parties can do is select  the
best , and same, U S Senate and congressional candidates who
can wage vigorous federal campaigns.

The rest of America will determine who the Presidential and
Vice Presidential nominees are. Our New York April Presidential
Primary will provide some interest and a training ground for
congressional and state candidates.

The present GOP contenders all leave something to be desired.
Keep in mind that- anybody but Obama- must be our ultimate
Hopefully, the rest of America will make the best possible selection.

In New York, given the reality of a large, left oriented politically
dependent electorate we will be fighting what amounts to a rear
guard action.

The congessional primaries will be set sometime betweeen
June and August.
The state office primaries are likely to remain in September.
By that time state elections will be eclipsed by the Presidential
and Congressional races.

Expect that the 2012 state political calendar will be set to benefit
the Governor and Assembly.

Here in Albany County the task is to join together to pick the
best possible candidates for State Senate, Assembly and
Albany County District Attorney.
In most cases this means presenting challengers to incumbents.

Divisive , expensive primaries should be avoided.
United we stand, divided we fall.

Selections must be decided early. Time is of the essence.
The old political calendar can not be followed. Nor, can the
calendar controlled by the Democrats be strictly adhered to.

The candidates must have a clear understanding of the
significance of election 2012, a clear message and work to
inform , educate and motivate voters.

The political parties can provide support and help get out the vote.

But, in the end, it is up to the voters to make the best, informed choices.

Congratulations Deb on your election as  Albany County Legislator
39th District.

You earned it!

You are now a key player in theAlbany County Legislature and election 2012.

                                                                            Joe Sullivan

It has been said that the nut does not
fall far from the tree.

This morning I rose very early to
prepare some barley pancake batter
and bran muffins for breakfest.

This allowed me to be close to Mick
and Paddy and keep an eye on them.
They had their rabies shots yesterday.
Being canine senior citizens,  they
require close observation for any side
effects of the vaccine.

Gave them some buttermilk. They
were content to have me nearby in
the kitchen where they have slept
since they were pups.

I reflected on my good fortune
of having barley, wheat bran, whole
wheat flour, molasses, yeast, buttermilk
honey, fresh eggs, raisins, running water,
electric for the oven and a refrigerator.
All gifts from God and not to be taken
for granted.  There were times when
we didn't have these things. Those times
may come again.

I took time out for a cup of Punjana Irish
Tea, manufactured in Belfast by the
Thompson family. Yes, Barry's Tea from
Cork is excellent too, but the former is
more readily available, at a good price
in the Christmas Tree shop. A bit of
honey, ginger and whole milk to top it
off and I was refreshed.

As I reflected on my good fortune at
having all these things. I looked forward
to the bacon and eggs that would go
with the barley pancakes, maple syrup
and bran muffins. The butter, too. Of
course, more tea. It gives strength, as
Cousin Sister Mary Bernadette ( Una
Harrington) of Mercy convent, Bantry
and Killaugh Townland, would often

As I worked, my mind drifted to thoughts
of my relations. Over the generations
they were farmers, fisherman, sailors
sea captains, mercenaries, soldiers, miners
policeman, saloon keepers, longshoremen
blacksmiths, stone masons, teamsters, union
men, domestic servants, slaves and indentured
servants, outlaws, politicians, scholars, nuns
historians and a poet or two, and a baker.

A common thread that runs through the
whole lot is a fierce independent streak
and a rebel spirit.

So, by now, you can guess, that if God
gives me life, in know what I
will be up to.

It is in the genes!

I will be doing my part.

Remember. Government can't save us.
We must save ourselves, our government
and America.

Now, you do yours.

                                        Joe Sullivan


Saturday, November 12, 2011


I had a good time. Worked hard. Up and out
at 4 am most mornings. Walking door to door
and street to street delivering my message. Put
me in fine fighting form...185 lbs...same as
John L.

Richie Stack,  Albany County Conservative
Party ,provided me with lawn signs
printing of literature, mailings and phone
calls. For these, I thank him.

Paddy and Mick were always in my corner.

Yet, in the end, voter apathy prevailed.
Turnout was very low. Less than 30 percent.

My voters came out without me having a
pull operation or have stooges lurking
about the polling places electioneering.

Jack  "Bullhorn" McEneney, Joe Igoe
Dick Adair and his 14th Ward gang
Frank Commisso and others from
adjacent wards, with no contests, pulled
out the partyline Lemming vote, which
is down to an all time low of about 1,200
to save Gary D's seat for Gary or his
appointed replacement.

To see the above local draft dodgers and
socialists, including Congressman Tonko
marching at the head of the Albany
Veteran's Day parade was a sight to make
one want to puke.

What is past, is now history.

Onto campaign 2012, the main round
where the survival of America, and
each and every American, is on the line.

Offices up for election include:
President, Vice-President, U.S. Senate
Congress  at the federal level and
State Senate and Assembly in New York.

Never, was it more important for voters
to go to the polls and cast informed votes.

If they do not, they may never get the
chance to do so again.

                                        Joe Sullivan