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Thursday, September 30, 2010




Political candidates, the media and the public
are completely ignoring this their own
and our, peril.

Winter is approaching here in the Northeast.

People can not survive for long without water
food and heat.

Are you, your household and loved ones ready
for whatever may come our way?

We are engaged in a real life survivor game
but most people, including those running for
public office, who hold themselves out as leaders
do not recognize this reality..or are in denial.

Consult  archives of this blog for links to
sources of information on emergency/disaster

Watching the behavior of those running for
office and the media focus on the political
sideshows involved, leads one to conclude
that we are at great risk.

You can bet that the foreign terror cells
drug lords and the domestic allies of both
are well aware of this.

Government can't save us. We must save
ourselves and our government.

The survival of America, and all Americans
are on the line November 2.

If the candidates and voters  fail America
it could be game over.

                                         Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

THE NRA (Not Relevant Anymore)

NRA endorsement of Murphy in CD 20
is a blank. NRA has no credibility.


                                                   Joe Sullivan

Sunday, September 26, 2010


See TU page D4, Sunday 9/26/10
for photo of ribbon cutting. Infidel
congressman cutting ribbon, with
infidel state senator and state
assembly members, all smiles, at
his side.

Infidels, all Democrats, all incumbents,
including a bishop, congressman, state
senator and state assembly member, all
take center stage at the opening of a
Muslim community center in Colonie.

The Bishop says he supports the building
of a controversial mosque in the shadow
of ground zero, lower Manhattan and
condemns all acts of racism and religious
bigotry, but omits condemnation of jihad
the 9-11 attacks and the numerous calls
of "death to America" that come from
those who profess to follow Islam around
the world.

No lament for the RC parishes, and
schools, which he closed in Troy, Cohoes
Watervliet, Green Island, Rennselaer
Albany and elsewhere ,in the 13 county
Albany Diocese.

The Imam decried the "rise of Islamic
phobia in the nation" but held out hope
for an end to discrimination, intolerance
and ignorance, but offered no condemnation
of  jihad and terrorism perpetrated by
terrorists, in the name of Islam, around
the world. No condemnation of the 9-11
terror attacks on America, and those that
are being planned by the numerous cells
of terrorists operating in the U S, Canada
and Western Europe.

Were any American flags on display
at the new center? Was the pledge of
allegiance recited? Were any invocations
delivered? Any Rosary beads or crucifixes
anywhere to be seen? The Sign of the Cross

In sum, the American people can not be
faulted for the distrust they exhibit in their
Bishop, politicians, Muslims who have come
to America, and the media.

We are tired of being conned and want
our country and government back from
those who seek to rule every aspect of
our lives, be they infidel clergy, politicians
media or Muslims.

We will never embrace Islam as long as
violence is perpetrated in the name of
Islam, here, or anywhere else in the

Islam is simply not compatible with the
U S Constitution and our culture.

                                      Joe Sullivan

Monday, September 20, 2010


21st Congressional District, New York

Contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Federal Election Law requires us to report the name, address, occupation, and employer for contributions that aggregate in excess of $200 in an election cycle. The maximum an individual may contribute is $2,400 per person. A couple may contribute $4,800, designated per person in accordance with the proceeding sentence. Federal multi-candidate PACs may contribute $5,000 for the primary and $5,000 for the general election. Contributions from corporations, labor organizations, federal government contractors, and foreign nationals without permanent residency status ("green cards") are prohibited.

I oppose the Obama-Pelosi-Tonko agenda
to fundamentally (radically) transform

If you want an  independent citizen legislator
with clear stands on issues vital to the survival
of America, and each of us.... I am your man.


Learn how to do a write in vote, November 2.

Pass the word.

That's all there is to it. No robocalls. No lawn
signs or literature littering the landscape or
arriving in your mailboxes.

No phoney League of Women's "debates" No
special interest endorsements/contributions.

I place America First before allegiance to
any political party.

There is not a dimes worth of difference
between any of the parties and the candidates
they have presented.

Political parties are nothing more than
ballot lines.

Voters have the ultimate power of the
write in vote....if they will use it.

Write in Joe Sullivan  for Representative
in Congress, 21 CD, NY...November 2.

Go on. Try it.

                                       Joe Sullivan


The Michael Jackson school of crotch
grabbing political moon walking is not
what voters are looking for in the
November 2 election.

Voters need to know precisely how
candidates will reduce government
spending , and provide real property
and income tax relief.

What do the candidates propose for
security, public safety and emergency/
disaster preparedness?

National preparedness month is just
about over.

Do you feel safe? Are you ready?

                                       Joe Sullivan


Albany Streets are not safe, after dark.
Punks are mugging, robbing and assaulting
innocent people.

These amount to hate crimes. Striking
victims in the head, kicking them in the
face, after robbing them is nothing less
than hateful behavior.

Touchy, feeley, politically correct
community policing is not the answer.

Profile these punks. Take the cuffs off
the police and let them use nightstick
street justice. Give the punks what they
do  their victims.

Tactical flying squads and decoys are
needed to combat the growing street
violence in Albany and other urban places
in the Capitol District.

                                                 Joe Sullivan

Saturday, September 18, 2010


To read what some political operative
wrote for Ted Danz, read:

My recommendations, in my own words

1. End the raids on social security contributions
    by Congress and the President.

2. Pay back and restore the solvency of the
    social security trust fund.

    How? (1) Reallocate the billions of foreign aid
    (2) end congressional pork distributions to
     their home districts, which amount to a giant
     contribution/voting buying scheme to keep
     incumbents in office, (3) extend the so called
     "Bush tax cuts" which have benefitted all
     taxpayers, and which are needed to stimulate
     the economy and put people back to work in
     the private sector, (4) tax unemployment and
     social services benefits, including mediacid
     (5) no amnesty for the tens of millions of
      illegal aliens who have invaded our land
     (6) Repeal Obamacare which is bad medicine.
      (7) promote the safe exploitation of our oil
      natural gas and vast coal resources to gain
      energy independence. (8) Promote job
      development in domestic manufacturing,
      agricultural production/processing.
      rebuild and improve our rail and water
      transportation infrastructure and rebuild
      our American merchant fleet.

      All these will create more jobs, with more
      workers paying into and restoring the
      social security trust fund.

                                        Joe Sullivan

                                         Independent  write in
                                          candidate for
                                         Representative in
                                         Congress, 21CD NY

1. Not including school districts
    in  the local government
    consolidation legislation
    which became law at his

    Consolidating school districts
    with local governments, enacting
    one property tax roll, with one
    annual tax due date, to support
    both schools and local governments
    making local government elected
    officials responsible/accountable
    for school operations/performance
    returning to K-8 neighborhood
    schools in urban places, are among
    the needed amendments to state
    education law that will provide
    property tax relief and improved

    What gubernatorial candidate(s)
    incumbent and wannabe state legislators
    will sponsor and promote the necessary
    legislation to so amend the state education

2. Placing a 2 or 4 percent cap
    on annual school property
    tax increases.

    Cap proposals are nothing more
    than guaranteed annual  school
    property tax increases.

    How about zero percent annual
    increases in school budgets for
    the next three years?

    Let the voters decide in each

3. Replacing the statewide elected
    NYS Comptroller, as sole trustee
    with a panel of  political appointees.

    Real bad idea!   An elected Comptroller
    who, as sole trustee of the state pension
    fund,   will guard against any raiding
    of that pension fund, to balance the state
    budget or for other state purposes, is
    what voters should vote for on November 2.

    Homeowner-property taxpayers
    state/municipal workers, and retirees
    should not tolerate being taken for granted
    or, whipped and beaten by aspiring political

     Blind, partyline voting, Nov 2, is akin to
     committing hara- kari,  for  homeowner-
     property taxpayers , state and municipal
     workers and retirees.

                                         Joe Sullivan

                                         Independent write in
                                         candidate for
                                         Representative in
                                         Congress, 21CD, NY


Want to cut spending and lower taxes, hold
the line on tuition increases, while improving

Start with administrations of universities
colleges, schools and the State Education


    Joe Sullivan                                      
September 17, 2010

Paladino 'unfit'? Letter befits Stooges

By Donn Esmonde

It's official. The Three Stooges have been reincarnated. Not since Curly, Larry and Moe have I seen a trio with this gift for slapstick comedy. The "open letter" this threesome wrote, warning the multitudes about the "danger" of newly nominated Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, was laughable.

Al D'Amato, Ed Koch and Carl McCall took it upon themselves Wednesday to stand up for the sanctity of elective office in this state. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. I barely got past the letter's second sentence: "This state has a long history of electing highly qualified, forward-looking statewide candidates."

These guys must have been passing around a bong. The state has a history all right. In recent years, we had a governor resign after a sex scandal. We had a felonious state comptroller resign in disgrace. We had the ex-Senate majority leader -- one of Albany's triumvirate of power -- jailed for violating the public trust. Our current governor admitted to marital infidelities and past drug use, and was targeted in a baseball ticket scandal. And that is just the shortlist. In that company, Carl Paladino -- even at his crudest -- raises the bar.


                                                           Joe Sullivan
                                                            Independent write in
                                                             candidate for
                                                             Representative in Congress
                                                             21st Distriuct, New York

Thursday, September 16, 2010


The new voting systems make write in
voting a viable option for voters in the
November 2 General Election.

The Times Union reports a significant
increase in write in voting in the September
14 party primaries:

Write in votes averaged about 8 percent
of the vote in a major primary contests.

View the results from Albany County and
note the percent of write in voting in each

Keep in mind that primary voter turnout
was low and independent voters not a factor
because they can not vote in party primaries.

Thus, November 2, write in voting can
determine the outcome of a close contest
or a contest where a large number of
independent (not enrolled in any party)
voters occur in a political unit.

Voters will have to educate themselves
regarding write in voting.

Don't look for too much help from the
state and county boards of election which
are controlled by Democrats and
Republicans working hand in glove to
control the electoral process for their
own self-interests, or from the media which
relies heavily for survival on the millions
of dollars spent by Democratic and
Republican Party organizations, their
candidates, and their special interest, allies
every election cycle.

With regard to Albany County the ballot
was constructed to preserve party line voting
instead of following the format suggested by
the voting system manufacturer, where
candidates are listed under a particular
public office and a single write in oval
and write in line appears at the bottom
of each contest.

Thus, much of the alleged voter write in
confusion resulted from the format of the
ballot, prepared by the county board ,not
matching the format recommended by
the voting system manufacturer, as posted
in the county elections board website.

Looking ahead to November 2 several
steps can be taken by the Albany County
Board of Elections to improve the chances
of fewer write in voting errors.

1. Scrap the partyline voting format and
use the individual contest format as per
the voting system manufacturers example.

2. Publish a sample ballot in the print
media and on line, rather than the usual
useless full page listing of candidates and
their home addresses arranged by party
line, which appears before every General
Election in local newspapers.

3. The local media should include the
names and websites of declared write in
candidates for specific public offices to
assist voters in casting informed votes on
November 2.

Local newspapers need this advertising
revenue, but should demand that the
county election boards furnish a sample
ballot instead of the useless list as above.

Beyond this, voters have to pay attention
determine who the candidates are in every
contest,  and view the candidate websites for
issue postions.

Too much is at stake in the federal and state
elections on November 2nd for voters to stay

Voters are not bound to play the hands
dealt by the party bosses and insiders
who have selected the candidates who
have qualified for the Noveber 2 ballot,
through control of the petitioning and
primary electoral process.

The new voting systems with the  easy
write in option provide the voters with
the Liberty to write in the names of
candidates who put the survival of
America, and all Americans, first and
foremost, before blind party loyalty
and candidates who present sound
positions on the issues vital to our
survival, as a nation, and as individuals.

Read my website, compare it to those of
Tonko and Danz, then decide for yourselves

                                  JOE SULLIVAN

                                  Independent Write-in
                                  candidate for
                                  Representative in Congress
                                  21st District New York


One road leads to victory, the other to
oblivion. Which will State Conservative
Party Chair, Mike Long, take?

Rick Lazio should immediately decline
the Conservative Party nomination for
Governor, and substitute Carl Paladino
as Conservative Party candidate for
Governor of New York.

If this does not occur, look for the
Conservative Party to disappear after
the November 2 General Election.

                                    Joe Sullivan

                                    Member Albany
                                    County Conservative
                                    Party Committee


                                    write in candidate for
                                    Representative in Congress
                                    21st District, New York

Monday, September 13, 2010


Keep the Conservative Party true to
it's professed principles.

Vote Ralph Lorigo for Governor in
the September 14   Conservative Party
Primary. Polls open Noon - 9 pm.

                                       Joe Sullivan


SEPTEMBER 13, 2010


(BUFFALO, NY) - Ralph Lorigo, a Conservative Party candidate for Governor of New York, today asked for Conservative Party members to consider the founding principles of their Party as they choose how to cast their votes.

"You will have a choice between a life-long Conservative Party member and activist in me and a former liberal Congressman who supports both abortion and gun control - Rick Lazio," Lorigo explained. "The current Conservative Party leadership has betrayed our Party's birthright; we were founded to fight liberal Republicans, not cross-endorse them."

"I registered as a Conservative when I became old enough to vote in 1968," says Lorigo. "I am pro life; pro-gun; pro-traditional marriage; pro-Constitution, and a fiscal conservative. I believe in individual responsibility, not government control. This is a battle over issues! I run on Conservative principles."

"When Conservative Party leaders tell you that you must support the candidate selected by the State Executive Committee, ask them how they, in good conscience, can support a candidate who does not support our Conservative Party platform when it comes to spending, federal bailouts, abortion and gun owners' rights," said Lorigo.

Ralph Lorigo is a life-long Conservative Party member, and has been the Erie County Conservative Party Chairman since 1994. An attorney and small businessman, he has been married for 36 years and has raised three adult children. He lives in West Seneca, New York.

For more information on the Lorigo campaign, please visit

  Thank you.                                                                 ###

Pass the word to all the enrolled Conservatives you know.

Vote Lorigo for Governor, Conservative Party primary 9/14

                                                  Joe Sullivan

Thursday, September 9, 2010


For Immediate Release: 9 September 2010
Contact: JPS 438 5230

Joe Sullivan, of Albany, Independent write in candidate for
Representative in Congress, 21st Congressional District NY
today, called on the media
to ask Ted Danz (R-C) who Danz supports for
Governor in the Republican and Conservative Party primaries
Tuesday, September 14.

Danz, is an enrolled Republican.

The candidates for Governor in the Republican primary are
Rick Lazio and Carl Paladino, both of whom are enrolled

The candidates for Governor in the Conservative Party
primary are Rick Lazio, an enrolled Republican and Ralph Lorigo
an enrolled Conservative and Conservative Party leader from
Western New York.

Sullivan, an enrolled Conservative, is voting for
Conservative Ralph Lorigo as Conservative Party candidate
for Governor.

Sullivan backs Paladino in the Republican Party Primary.

Danz and GOP lawyers invoked the arcane NYS Election law
to prevent Sullivan from running on the Conservative ballot line
for Congress.

Sullivan is an Independent write in candidate
for Representative in Congress
21st Congressional District New York
 in the November 2 General Election.

The new voting systems to be in use in New York State
 this election, make write in voting an easy , viable option for voters.

Go to Sullivan's website for more:

                                               # 30#

Monday, September 6, 2010


I would be remiss if I did not honor my
ancestors and relations who were working
men in the labor movement in the USA.

Greatgrandfather Sean Harrington A Buaile
Butte, Montana miner's union.

Grandfather Michael J Sullivan  WFM union
organizer in the Cripple Creek, Colorado
gold mining district and Nevada gold camps.
Participated in many labor wars.

Member Bonanza Miner's Union No. 235
Western Federation of Miners, Rhyolite
Nevada at the time of his early death.

Father Joseph P Sullivan  Teamster's Union
New York City.

Granduncle Black Tim, and uncles Rob and
George Sullivan - Longshoremen's Union
West side, Manhattan.

Brother John Michael Sullivan Postal workers
union representative.

Father in Law Michael J Smith  of County Cavan
NYC Transport workers union and strong ally of
Kerryman,  Mike Quill.

                                                   Joe Sullivan

The Times Union 2010 Voter Guide omits mention of
my Independent  Write in  candidacy for
Representative in Congress, 21st Congressional District NY.

As an alternative to incumbent Paul Tonko (D-I-WFP) and
Ted Danz (R-C) voters may
Write in (print) my name - Joe Sullivan

Why? Read my website:

Compare my many posts on issues vital to the survival of
America, and all Americans, with what appears on the websites
of Tonko and Danz.

Also, read my responses to the questions posed to Tonko and
Danz. Compare my responses to theirs.

Decide for yourselves. Cast informed votes, November 2.

Note: My website postings and responses to the TU questions
are my own words not those of staffers or consultants.

My biographical information appears on Lonerangeralbany.


Q1 What, if any elements of the recently enacted health care
reform package need to be re-addressed?

A. Obamacare is bad medicine.
    The next Congress must repeal Obamacare.

Q2 Do you support the current White House strategy in Afghanistan
 including the conditional plan to begin drawing down U. S. troops
 next summer?

You mean Obama strategy. NO.

Putting our troops in harms way, restricting them with politically
correct rules of engagement, and setting a specific timetable
to cut and run?
At the same time, failing to secure our national borders and
ports and seeking to grant amnesty to the tens of millions of
illegal aliens who have invaded our land?

The Obama strategy, if left to play out will result in the
demise of America.


Q3 What is the primary environmental threat to the nation
and how would  you address it?

Nuclear war is the primary environmental threat to our
nation and the world.

Pakistan is an unstable nation containing nuclear weapons
harboring Islamic radicals. Iran is a radical Islamic nation 
developing it's nuclear weapon/missile capabilities while
repeatedly declaring it's aim to destroy Israel and America.

The U S must not unilaterally disarm nor bow down to those
who seek to destroy us and our way of life.

The U S must convince China, Russia, India, and other
nations, large and small , around the world, that our mutual
survival depends on halting the proliferation of nuclear weapons
stabilizing unstable countries where nuclear weapons now exist
 - taking joint  action to accomplish this goal and to safeguard
the development  and flow of oil, natural gas, water and other
vital natural resources.

There will be no winners in a nuclear war.


Q4 Over the past two year, Congress and the White House
have borrowed money in an attempt to stimulate the economy.
Do you agree or disagree with this policy?

Disagree. Congress has become a compliant partner to an
out of control President who is destroying our economy.

Congress has passed no budget this year. How long would
 ordinary citizens survive without household budgets?

Uncontrolled spending and a spiraling debt will lead to
economic collapse.

Q5 Do you support repeal of the military's don't ask , don't
tell policy and if so when?

No. Never. Just shut up. One's sexual orientation is a
personal matter.
Q6 In your opinion, what has been President Barack Obama's
most significant accomplishment since taking office?

Making major strides in his agenda to fundamentally
(radically) transform America, circumventing the Constitution
with the assist of a compliant, whipped Congress and
a like minded media .


Q7 What has been the President's most significant failure?

Barack Hussain Obama  has divided and polarized our nation
bringing  us to the brink of political, economic and social disaster.

                                                 Joe Sullivan

                                                 Independent Write in Candidate
                                                 for Representative in Congress
                                                 21st CD NY