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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010



The Army Airborne (Col. Chris Gibson)
has landed in the 2oth CD.

The Navy is underway in the 21st CD
with Joe Sullivan Navigating QM2
announcing for Congress on the
Conservative ballot.

Sullivan's aim is to help get Congress and
America back on the Constitutional course
charted by the Founders.

Incumbent , boot Congressmen Murphy
and Tonko, Pelosi loyalists, are on
political life support.

Both voted for bad medicine: Obamacare.
It is about control, not health.

Murphy and Tonko will vote for Amnesty
for illegals, which is the sequel to Obamacare

This is a second step in the Obama declared
objective of fundamentally (radically)
transforming America.

Murphy and Tonko support the Census which
has been placed under direct control of the
Obama White House.
A third step in the control game plan.
Neither Murphy nor Tonko support
End Don't Ask- Don't Tell:

Obamacare, Amnesty for Illegal
Aliens and the census are related key
elements of political control and wealth
redistribution in the plan to radically
transform America.

Obama, Pelosi and Reid conspire to
this end, with the aid of party loyalists
like Tonko, and Murphy, while our
borders and ports are not secure; and
while Jihadists, and their domestic allies
plot the destruction of America.

It is High Noon for America:

The American people have realized what
is happening. This has given birth to the
Tea Party Movement:

What happened in Massachusetts in
January of this year - will not stay in


So, New Yorkers in the 20th and 21st
Congressional Districts, and Americans
in every Congressional District of our land
it falls to you to rise to the challenge of 2010.

The future of America is on the line and
the future of every American is too.

Set aside those things that divide us
and unite to save America and ourselves.

Joe Sullivan

Note: Chris Gibson is his own man and speaks
for himself. He may, or may not ,concur with
anything I have said in my posts, or how I
have phrased these thoughts.
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The residents of the 20th Congressional District
are blessed to have Colonel Gibson as a candidate
to represent them in Congress.

Chris Gibson served America with honor in the
U S Army Airborne. He will continue to serve
America, and the people of the 20th CD, with
honor and distinction in Congress.

It was a pleasure to be with Chris, his family
staff and supporters at his announcement today.

Patrick Ziegler will be a fine campaign staffer
for Chris, and play a key role in rallying Tea
Party support for Chris. Patrick has a fine
political future.

David Harper and Dan Stec merit special
thanks and recognition as well.

Joe Sullivan

This Times Union editorial gets
a star.

Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


There is something mysterious, and
magical about the wind driven rains
that come ashore from the Atlantic.
They clear the air and bring renewed
life to the land in Spring.

The winds that bring us rain off the
Atlantic here in Albany, today, put me
in mind of the Atlantic wind born rains
that fall on Skellig Michael and the
wild Beara Peninsula of West Cork

It would be a grand day for Mick
Paddy and me to to be roaming the
boreens around the townlands of
Coulagh, Inchinteskin, Coulagh Ard
Urhan, Gowlane, Kilcatherine and
Adrigole in the Northern parish;
Allihies, Killaugh and Lehanmore in
the Western parish;or Shronebirrane
Cummeengeera and Lauragh in the
Kerry part.

I would be staying with Noreen on
the Strand Road or going for a pint
or two in Donal Harrington's pub
where I would see his mother
Teresa, his sister Mary the Postmis-
tress in Eyeries, and the rest of the family.

A stop in St Catherine's Church
opposite Donal's Pub, to say a
prayer for all my relations and
friends, living and dead.

My father went to this church
and told me of the Black and Tan
raid on a Sunday in the time of
the Troubles (ca. early 1920's)

The Tans, fired on the people
leaving Mass but the heaviest rain
my father ever saw fell at that
moment. Not a soul was hit by
gunfire that day.

This post contained a narrative
of a ramble from Eyeries village
to the High Cross, west past the
graveyard to Coulagh, Coulagh
Ard, Urhan, over the mountain
to Allihies, through the Barnes
Gap to Killaugh and Brendan's
house, which was originally
our Great Grand Uncle Paddy
Sounish's farm. I recalled
people( mostly all relatiions)
and events along the 12 mile
ramble made in 1989.

However, while editing the
post, I lost the vast part of
it. Tried to retrieve it without
success. It does not reappear
here, but is in my memory

Memories allow us to travel
back through time to recall
places and people we once
knew. The places are still
there but have changed and
most of the people have gone
on to the next world. A few
remain as links with the

We live in the present, but
rainy days bring back memories.

Joe Sullivan

The Constitution provides for a census
every 10 years, which serves as a basis
for apportionment of political representation
at federal, state and local levels.

The Obama White House has assumed
control for the U S Census for the express
purposes of further Obama's objectives
of wealth redistribution and perpetuating
Obama's control of the political process
for the next decade.

Passage of Obamacare is a key element
in Obama's grand strategy to fundamentally
transform America, and to be President
for life.

Amnesty for the tens of millions of illegal
aliens now in the U.S. is sure to follow.
That will result in tens of millions more
of their relatives coming to the U S.

You get the picture.

Congress is complicit in this conspiracy
by not demanding that the Census determine
whether or not every individual resident
in the U S is a native born or naturalized
citizen, or legally in the country.

Congress could, but has not, defunded
the census effort for failure to do so.

Read Lonerangeralbany prior post on
this subject, Sunday, February 28, 2010
(archives for February).

The census charade goes on:


This article completely ignores the
costs of failure to determine legal
citizenship of persons resident in
the U S. The economic, social and
political costs - to the American
people and what this failure portends
for the future of America and all

Politicians at every level: federal
state and local are complicit in this
census scam, and bear the responsiblity
for the outcome.

Remember this, when they, or their
compatriots come to your door seeking
to have you sign their designating
petitions in June and July,to qualify
them for the September 14 Primary
and November 2 General Election ballots.

Remember this, when the politicians
and their minions, come scratching
at you door, seeking your vote(s).

Deny them your signature(s) and
your vote(s).

You have the ultimate power. Use it!

Mark your calendars for the Tuesday
September 14 party primaries, and
vote if you are an enrolled party

In any case, mark your calendars
for the November 2 General Election
when all voters have the final say in
who gets elected to public office.
Be sure to vote.

You know what you must do to
save our Republic, yourselves and
your loved ones.

Tune out the media, which is largely
complicit in the Obama objective of
fundamentally (radically) transforming

Enjoy the Spring and Summer, your
lives, your familes, your pets, your
gardens. Stay well. Prepare for
whatever may come our way in the
days and months ahead.

Help candidates who oppose this
movement to radically transform
America, and who seek to get
America back on a true course
qualify for the ballot in party
primaries or the November 2 General

Sign their petitions and vote for them.

Government at the federal and state
levels is incomptent and tyranical.

We have the ultimate responsibility and
power to make the necessary government
course corrections by making the right
choices in elections for federal and state
public offices. this year.

2010 is the critical year in our survival.
We may not get another chance.

An informed electorate, fully participating
in the political process is the key to our
survival as a Nation and as individuals.

The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness
the future of our Nation, your futures
and the futures of your loved ones rest
with you.

Joe Sullivan

Monday, March 29, 2010


NYS Legislature fails to provide real
property tax relief to homeowners
and small businesses.

School budget votes will be held in


Joe Sullivan

Sunday, March 28, 2010



Joe Sullivan
2010 Political Calendar

go to:

Joe Sullivan
Sunday, March 28, 2010



Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The Tea Party Movement is a tsunami

that is a force unto itself - it is a giant

wave of citizen sentiment.

The power of this giant wave will

transform federal and state elections

in 2010 and 2012.


"Whether or not tea partiers will be able

to turn anger into organization may vary

from state to state." ....

"People in the Tea Party movement are

fiercely independent. They don't like being

told what to do. It's like herding cats," said

Chad Capps, strategy coordinator for a

Huntsville, Ala., group.

While tea party activists have made themselves

heard, University of North Florida political

science professor Matthew Corrigan said the

movement alone won't be enough to oust


"Do they have energy? Yes. Have they been

getting into the media? Yes, but they still

haven't sold me on the fact that they can

swing elections," Corrigan said.

The above comments appeared in this article:

The Capitol District Brown Brigade and Tea

Party allies did make a difference in the

election of Scott Brown as U S Senator

from Massachusetts, this past January.

More than swinging elections, the Tea Party

has to win elections by recruiting and

running citizen patriots for public office.

Where is our candidate for Congress 21st

District? For NYS Senate 46th SD? These

are two local elections that matter most in

shaping national and state politics.

Both races play a role in restoring checks

and balances in Washington and Albany.

The same goes for the need to unseat the

2 incumbent U S Senators from New York

and the need to elect a Governor of New


Tea Party candidates are experiencing the

difficulty of trying to prevail in New York

where party bosses and party organizations

have a distinct advantage in selecting

candidates, and nominating those

candidates in party primaries.

The 20th Congressional District is a case

example. Patrick Ziegler is a young, fiscal

Conservative vying for the Republican

endorsement. However, more than fiscal

conservatism is at stake here.

National security is the priority issue.

If we are not safe, none of the other issues

will matter.

Retired Army Colonel Chris Gibson knows

this and has the military experience that

is required in Congress in these dangerous


Patrick Ziegler should join forces with

Chris Gibson, help him get elected and

serve on Gibson's staff in Washington

rather than wasting money, time and

energy on a primary.

Compare their platforms:



Get right to the task of defeating Murphy!

Consider massive, simultaneous terror

strikes on the Home Land by Al Qaida and

their domestic allies.

Who will lead us if the leaders of our

national and state governments are

casualties in such a scenario?

Martial law would surely follow. This

would not be a time for on the job

training of Members of Congress and

state legislature, who have no military

experience. Murphy does not.

We have a Commander in Chief who is not

up to the solemn responsibility of his role.

He is obsessed with Obamacare, not to

benefit the people, but as a means to control

the people.

His next move will be amnesty to the tens

of millions of illegals, who would bring

tens of millions more of their relatives to

the U S, to get Health Care and to vote

Democrat in gratitude. President for life

is the aim here.

He will push through Cap and Trade

which will further destroy our economy

raising the costs of electricity, natural gas

and oil beyond the ability of consumers

to pay for these essentials of modern life.

We have a President, and Leaders of

Congress, bent on radically transforming

America. By so doing, they are destroying


We can not, and must not let this occur.

As a form of political leverage and insurance

in New York, when dealing with the

established politicalk parties, the Tea Party

Movement must have it's own ballot line -

The Liberty Party.

Run a statewide candidate, this year

who can garner more than the 50,000

votes necessary to establish the Liberty Party

as a bonafide political party ( ballot line)

for the next four years in New York.

At the same time Tea Party endorsed

candidates should run on this ballot line

in their respective congressional and

state legislative districts.

The Liberty Party ballot line can play

a major role in the 2010 and 2012

federal and state elections and the

local elections in 2011 and 2013.

So, let us get to work gang! We need

candidates who support our view of

America. We need them on the ballot.

They must be able to clearly articulate

our message to the voters.

Our job is to help those candidates

get on the ballot, to run their campaigns

and to serve on their staffs when elected.

We have to inform the voters and get

them to the polls on November 2.

Party primaries are a distraction that

divert us from our objectives.

Incidentally, if Sarah Palin is going

to be at a Tea Party rally in Boston

April 14 - wouldn't it be fitting if

U S Senator Scott Brown and Sarah

were featured at our April 17 Albany

Tea Party . Go for it!

Joe Sullivan


March 23, 1775, Patrick Henry delivered
his famous "Give me liberty, or give me
death" speech at St. John's Church in
Richmond, Colony of Virginia.

The colonists of that day were English
subjects who rose up against the tyranny
of the Crown and English Parliament.

Today, Americans are confronted with
tyranny of our President and Congress
who are sworn to fundamentally transform

The first of their Intolerable Acts is
Obamacare. Amnesty for illegal aliens
Cap and Trade, and more, are sure to

We have the benefit of the Constitutional
form of government, which we inherited
from Patrick Henry and the other Founders
of our Nation, as a means to take back our
government from these modern day domestic
tyrants; to put America, and our own lives
back on course.

2010 is a decisive year in the history of
America and in our personal lives.

Nothing less than a 100 percent turnout
of informed voters, in September party
primaries and the November 2 General
Election, will do.

Liberty and death?

We have a tyrannical President and
Congress bent on radically
transforming America, who have failed
to secure our borders and ports, and
address the priority issue of national

At the same time we have foreign and
domestic terrorists bent on subjugating
us and/or killing us.

Our Liberty and security are on the line.

Warning: Failure of voters to cast informed
votes in the 2010 party primaries and
November 2 General Election is hazardous
to liberty and life.

Joe Sullivan


Saturday and Sunday, March 27 and 28
Noon -5:30 PM both days.

Enjoy the park . Unite with other citizens
to save Thacher Park from proposed closing.

Go to:

See also:

Joe Sullivan

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

For Neighborhood News


Joe Sullivan

Obamacare is bad medicine.

By voting for Obamacare Tonko and
Murphy have placed themselves on
political life support.

Voters will have the pleasure of
pulling the plug on these political
parasites in the September party
primaries and November 2
General Election.

Read news reports and comments:

Do not resuscitate either, at election time.

Joe Sullivan

The Albany Times Union is spot on
with editorials relating to the NYS
Police, The NYS Legislature and



Joe Sullivan
Friday, March 19, 2010


The TU reported March 5 , that Albany
City school officials have proposed
a school property tax hike as high 10 percent

March 18 the TU reported that the Albany
City School District is considering a 5 percent
school property tax increase.

The Albany City School Board and
Admistration appear to be suffering from
a severe case of ADD.

Nothing less than a ZERO school property
tax increase will be acceptable this year!

Go ahead and make our day!

Joe Sullivan

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Prudent readers will be prepared for
whatever may come their way.


Joe Sullivan

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Legend has it that St Patrick banished
the snakes from Ireland.

Were Patrick in charge of the
Saturday, March 13 Albany parade
in his honor, he would surely banish
the political sidewinders from
appearing in the parade line of march.

Politicians who vote for or support
legislation and government policies
that are contrary to Patrick's teachings
have no place in the parade line up.

This goes for incumbents
Schmuck Schumer, Gillibrand
Tonko, Neil Breslin, Jack The Dipper
other incumbents, and aspiring
candidates, who fit the profile of
and move in the manner of a
political sidewinder.

They should voluntarily sideline
themselves to a location where
they can view the passing parade.

Suggested location: the sewers.

Joseph Patrick Sullivan


Check the following links to see if your State
Senator and Menber(s) of Assembly support
no new taxes:

No State Senator or Assembly Member elected
to represent all or part of Albany County has
declared for no new taxes.

How do you supose they stand on spending?

Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, March 10, 2010



Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Colonel Chris Gibson understands that radical
Jihadists have declared war on America and all

The Jihadists have attacked us in our homeland.
9-11 was the opening volley. There is more...much
more to come.

The Home Front is now the front line in this war.

Americans are in denial regarding the peril that
we are in. We go about our daily lives as if all is
well when that is not so.

Our borders and ports are not secure. Our nation
has been overrun by illegal aliens, including many
who are terrorists bent on our destruction. These
foreign terrorists dwell amongst us, recruiting
allies from native born anti-social malcontents
including gangbangers and assorted criminals
in our prisions and in blighted urban neighborhoods.

We have a Commander In Chief who is not fit to be.
Appeasement of our adversaries , bowing to them
and apologizing to the world conveys a fundamental
weakness that only aids and abets the Jihadists.

American voters made a costly mistake in electing
a community organizer whose prime objective is
to transform America. How and to what end?

It is an irony that he has focused on transforming
our health care system, while our economy is on
life support and the terrorists, foreign and domestic
plot our demise.

National Defense, and Homeland Security are the
priorities. If we are not safe, none of the domestic
issues will matter.

The President has surrounded himself with an
administration that is as weak and incompetent
as himself. Eric Holder, Attorney General and
Janet Napolitano ,in Homeland Security, are
but two examples.

We can not look to the current Congress to save us
because Pelosi and Reid are co-conspirators in
this mission to fundamentally transform America.

Fundamentally transforming America means
destroying America.

The mainstream media is complicit in this endeavor.

However, the ultimate blame and cure for the
condition America, and Americans are in, rests
with the voters.

We need more candidates like Chris Gibson for
Congress , and every office up for election in
New York State this year.

The 2010 party primaries and November 2
General Elections hold the key to our survival.

We are, indeed, at war - a war for our very survival.

The government we have can't save us.

We must save the government, and ourselves, by
casting informed votes for candidates who can lead
us to a resurrection of America, within the frame-
work of constitutional government we inherited
from the Founders.

Carry on Colonel Gibson. May more Patriots rally
to your side.

2010 is High Noon for America and all Americans,
for New York and all New Yorkers.

Fly the American flag at your homes, every day, while
you still can. Let all know that you are proud to be
an American.

Fly the flag in honor of those who have given their
lives, and those serving today, that we may live

Joe Sullivan

Monday, March 8, 2010


Link disabled?

Joe Sullivan

Joe Sullivan

Joe Sullivan

Cast informed ballots in the 2010 September
party primaries and November 2 General

Here is an excellent website to begin with:

No more lemming-like partyline voting!

Joe Sullivan
-----Original Message-----From: Lonerangeralbany@aol.comDate: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 22:49:37 ESTSubject: SULLIVAN MULLING CANDIDACY FOR 21st CD or 46th SDTo:
For Immediate Release: 3/7/10
Contact: JPS 438 5230


Joseph P Sullivan, of Albany confirmed today that he has received
a number of inquiries regarding whether he might be a candidate
for public office this year.

Sullivan, an enrolled Conservative, said he is mulling over being a
candidate for Congress 21st District which includes all of the counties
of Albany, Schenectady, Montgomery and Schoharie; and parts of
the counties of Fulton, Saratoga, and Rensselaer - or -
being a candidate for the NYS Senate, 46th District which
encompases all of Albany County.

Both races are of vital importance to the futures of the residents
of the respective districts, said Sullivan.

Were he to run for Congress, Sullivan said his priorities are national
defense and security, defeat of Obamacare, which is bad medicine
no amnesty for illegal aliens, securing our borders and ports
jobs, rebuilding our rail infrastructure, drilling for oil offshore
developing clean coal and natural gas resources and technologies
smaller government, curbing excessive government spending and
extending the Bush tax cuts,
trying terrorists as enemy combatants in military tribunals at
Gitmo, upholding the U S Constitution, particularly the First
Second and Tenth Amendments
and opposing President Obama's goal s, and policies, aimed at
fundamentally transforming America.

Sullivan was a candidate for Congress in the 2008 Democratic Primary.
See the archives of Lonerangeralbany (link below) for the positions he
took on vital issues. Those positions are every bit as relevant in 2010.
Sullivan came in last in a field which included 5 leftwing Democrats.
Conservative Democrats tend not to vote in primaries, but do vote in
General Elections.

Were he to run for the State senate, Sullivan said the issues
having a state senate that provides checks and balances to the
Assembly, Governor and Judiciary; property tax relief for
homeowners, small businesses and farmers which can be achieved
by consolidation of school districts with city, town and village
governments, creation of one property tax roll to support both
schools and local governments, making elected officials responsible
and accountable for the performance of public schools and where
feasible, particularly in the cities of Albany, Watervliet and Cohoes
returning to K-8 neighborhood school systems.

Also, high on Sullivan's priorities are :
saving Thacher Park, which is the jewel of Albany County
emergency/disaster preparedness and promoting sustainability
of our local farms, farmers and agricultural food supply.

Sullivan is a retired State Senate staffer, who served as Chief of
Staff the Senator Howard Nolan in the 1980's and was an analyst
for agricultural and veterans issues, working closely with Dick
Conners, then Assembly Veterans Committee Chair. Before that
Sullivan served in the administration of Governor Hugh Carey.

In 2000, Sullivan was a candidate for State Senate, running with
Republican, Conservative, Independence and Right To Life Party
ballot lines. Sullivan received more than 37,000 votes, running with
no money.

Should he run for office this year, Sullivan would do so on the
Conservative ballot line and an Independent Liberty Party ballot
line to give electoral voice to the Tea Party Movement.

Sullivan would welcome the endorsement of the Independence Party
as well as the Republican Party, and conservative Democrats.

Sullivan would not seek endorsements of special interest groups.

For clear statements on issues relevant to both the 21st CD and 46th
SD races consult Sullivan's blogs:

Readers are urged to explore the archives of both blogs.