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Saturday, August 27, 2016


My father, Joseph Patrick, would
say that August was the most eventful
month of his life. 

The 112th anniversary of his birth
was this past August 25.

His father. my grandfather Michael J
was born in August 1873 and died in
August 1908 in the Nevada gold mining
camp of Rhyolite on the edge of Death Valley.

Mike's brother, Black Jim, who ran a
saloon on the Anaconda Road, "Doublin
Gulch" and my grandmother Julia's
brother John, a Butte miner brought
Mike's body back from Nevada to
Butte, for burial in St Patrick's  Cemetery
and rescued grandmother Julia's and her
four surviving children, including my father
to Butte. Julia was near death with typhoid
all the children very ill with scarlet fever.

No welfare then. People took care of their

Julia's father, Sean Harrington A Buaile 
(Sean of the Field), my great grandfather
also a Butte miner, died and was buried
in St Patrick's that same August week in

Grandmother Julia , a widow, ran a boarding
house for Beara miners on the Anaconda Road
across from Black Jim's saloon, until August
1913 when she took the family back to Beara.

She, Rob, George and Liz went to the Killaugh
farm of her uncle, Paddy Owen O Sullivan

My father went to the Inchinteskin farm of
his father's aging parents, Sean Mhichil Anna
O Sullivan and Johanna O Sullivan Shearhig.

He said those years were the best of his life.

In August 1925 he left that Inchinteskin farm
and sailed for Boston,  nevermore to return.

Neighbors said his faithful dog kept a futile
vigil at the cross roads for many weeks awaiting
Dad's return. 

Uncle Rob, Dad's eldest brother, proud of being
born in the Cripple Creek, Colorado gold district
died in Long Island City, August 1974.

That was the last old time Irish wake I attended.
Old Beara relations came from Boston, Fall river
Jersey and Pennsylvania to say good bye to Rob.

Bridie (Murphy-Allihies) Rob's wife had me
sleep in Uncle Rob's bed that sweltering August
night. Thunderstorms and lightning raged all
night long.

Son, Tim's birthday is in August. My father would
always ask: "how's Tim?"

So, tonight, I will play Dad's NY Lotto numbers
in his memory.  Those numbers never came in.

But, he was a winner in his own way.

I have felt his presence very much this August
although 32  Augusts have drifted by since he
walked this earth.    

Yesterday,  son, the Colonel, called to say he had
received word that he received dna test results
that our male Y Dna terminal SNP is R- L -270
the same as Florence O Sullivan Beare
Castletownbere (1815) Philip O Sullivan Beare
b 1353  Dunboy Castle. and
Teige O Sullivan Beare b 1397.

Not suprising because we carry the  dna of
a number of O Sullivan ancestors including
the  Shearhigs, Sounish's  Ni Hurrigs, Rabachs
and Keagh's

The Shearhigs intermarried with the O Connells
of Kerry across Kenmare Bay from Coulagh.

Riobard O Dwyer says that Shearhig means "of

The O Connell's married in with the
FitzGeoffreys (Normans) who displaced the
O Sullivans from their ancient seat at Knockgraffen
Tipperary after 1192.

Geoffrey O Connell was ancestor of Dan O'Connell.

O Sullivan Mor went to Kerry. O Sullivan Beare
to the Beara Peninsula of Cork-Kerry.

When Cromwell came to Ireland he destroyed 
the old Gaelic order of West Cork.


After the fall of Dunboy Castle 1602
O Sullivans scattered the world over.
Some were transported as slaves to 
Barbados and other Caribbean Islands.

Prenders 1659 Census of Bantry-Beara
shows the population was reduced to 
about 1,300.

Many went to fight in regiments 
for Austria, Spain, Bavaria, France 
and other European countries.

Others went to sea.

The Ardea castle branch came to 
America ca 1650
Owen O Sullivan to Maine, father
of General John of the American
Revolution. Donal Cron and some
from Eyeries went to Virginia.
 Sea Captain Florence O Sullivan
brought the first ship load of Irish to
Charleston, South Carolina, by way
 of Barbados. Sullivan's Island lies
 in the harbor.

Most of the Sullivans of the Southern
states to Texas are the descendants of 
the latter two., including those of
the infamous Sullivans' Hollow Mississippi.

My mother's mtdna is U5ala,  descended
from the prehistoric hunter- gathers that
roamed Europe 35 -50,000 years ago before
during and after the ice ages.  Today less than
10 percent of this haplogroup survives among 
the populations of Europe and America.


                                                   Joe Sullivan



Thursday, August 25, 2016

U S SENATE 2017?

Regardless of who is elected
President, control of the U S
Senate will be crucial regarding
the fate of any Supreme Court

24 senate seats are up for
election November 8, 2016.

If the current 4 - 4 composition
of the Supreme Court remains
because of lack of senate 
confirmation of any new nominees
decisions of district federal courts
will decide the fate of  major issues
that are adjudicated.

The current make up of the U S
Senate is 54 Republicans and 45
Democrats (including 1 independent).

Voters in states where Senate seats
are up for election will determine
the composition and control of the
U S Senate in 2017. 

Voters in the battleground states
pay close attention. Your votes are
twice as important.

                              Joe Sullivan

Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday, August 22, 2016


Every election, tens of millions
of Americans are NEVER VOTERS

November 8, 2016  YOUR VOTES
will determine the future of America
and all Americans. 

The survival of America, all Americans
you and your loved ones depend on
you going to the polls and casting
informed votes.

                                 Joe Sullivan

Thousands of relations from the
Western and Northern parishes
of the Beara Peninsula of West
Cork went to Butte, Montana.

Grand Uncle Black Jim Sullivan
ran a saloon on the Anaconda Road
in "Doublin Gulch".

4 Sullivan brothers from Inchinteskin
went to Butte: Mike, Black Jim , Black
Tim and Johnny.

Grandmother Julia Harrington
Sullivan, widow of my grandfather
Michael J Sullivan, ran a boarding
house across from Black Jim's saloon.

Grandfather Mike died in the Rhyolite
Nevada gold camp.

Julia's father, my great grandfather
Sean Harrington A Buaile ( Sean of the
Field)  Julia and her brothers John
Dan, Jeremiah all went to Butte from
Allihies mines, Beara.

Grandmother Julia brought her 4
surviving children back to Beara in
1913. They went to my grand uncle
and her uncle, Paddy Owen O Sullivan
Sounish's farm in Killaugh.

My father Joe, went to the farm of
his aging grandparents Sean Mhichil Anna
O Sullivan and Johanna O Sullivan Shearhig
in Inchinteskin.

Grand Uncle Black Jim returned in 1917.

                                   Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


The Constitution and Supreme Court
are on the line in the November 8
2016 General Election.

Read and reflect:

                                        Joe Sullivan

Friday, August 12, 2016


The winning hand in
the November 8, 2016
General Election?

Seen any polls of non-
citizens who are likely 

Who will they vote for?


                          Joe Sullivan

Friday, August 5, 2016


State of the Union August 2016

Voter response November 8, 2016?

                                    Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Stop tripping on your tongue.
Reign in your ego!

Time to take a vacation.

You need a break. We all do!

Spend August relaxing, reflecting
doing your homework, learning self
discipline. Surround yourself with
the best advisors and heed their advice.

Reappear in September. Focused. Stay
on message.

This election is not about you or
it is about  our country, our Liberty 
our security, our economy and our 
way of life.

You won the nomination. Now, you
have to win the November 8 election!

Do it!

                                      Joe Sullivan

Monday, August 1, 2016

America's Poor today
live high on the hog

Read/reflect on this:

                                       Joe Sullivan