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Tuesday, December 29, 2009



A complete Obama makeover is essential
for the President. His political , and our,
very survival depend on this happening
at the dawning of 2010.

Some suggestions:

1. Complete house cleaning of all current
advisors, appointees and staff

2. Get rid of the teleprompters and stay
away from the media.

3. Security at the national, state and local
levels is the PRIORITY

a. Keep Gitmo open.

b. Do not try 9-11 co-conspirators, and
any other enemy combatants, be
they foreign or domestic, in civil
courts in NYC, or anywhere else
in the U.S. Military tribunals are
the correct venue.

c. Secure our national borders, ports
airports, and other vulnerable targets

d. Forget about a path to citizenship for
the tens of millions of illegals - show
them the path out of the U. S.

e.Require proof of U S citizenship, or
legal status, to get a job or qualify for
any health, education and social
service benefits.

f. Direct that the 2010 U.S. Census
determine the citizenship of every
individual currently in the country.

g. Do not permit illegals to post or
wire money from the U.S. to other

4. Invite any dissidents who hate America
and our culture, to leave and return to
their lands/places of origin. This includes
native born anti-social malcontents.

5. Scrap your mad rush to reform health
care in America. Your proposed cure is
many times worse than any ills in the
current health care system.

6. Likewise, scrap your cap and trade
initiatives, and pledge to give billions
of dollars to Third World countries.

7. To the contrary, you should take
action to restore American manufacturing
rebuild our transportation infrastructure
including our merchant marine, thereby
putting Americans back to work and
stimulating economic recovery of America.

Nothing less than the above should be presented
to the Nation in the 2010 State of the Nation
Address - otherwise, skip it.

Joe Sullivan


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


No, not Somali pirates, but our domestic variety of thieves.Read:

NA Presidents and addressees, we have had 5 reported burglaries in the Pine Hills college area in the last 2 days. The burglars appear to be targeting unoccupied student homes and the method of entry has been through the rear doors. While these burglaries have occurred in close proximity to each other. We are asking that even if they don’t appear to be occurring in your area, you follow the below listed Burglary prevention tips and read the attached flyer.

In addition we would appreciate you helping us get the word out to your neighbors. Please remind them “If You See Something, Say Something” call 518-438-4000 Non-Emergency to report suspicious activity and 911 for Emergencies. We are still offering home and business security surveys. Please take advantage of this service and call or email our office 518-458-5668 (Janet) or 518-458-5669 (Rick) to set up an appointment. Thank you, RickInc

# Location Day Date Time reported Method of Entry Property Stolen09475252 211 Ontario Mon 12-28-09 2:29am Forced entry rear door Electronics09475989 209 Ontario Mon 12-28-09 1:00 PM Forced entry rear door unknown 09475820 207 Ontario Mon 12-28-09 2:44PM Unlocked rear door Electronics 09476371 447 Hamilton Mon 12-28-09 11:52PM Forced entry rear door unknown09476462 449 Hamilton Mon 12-28-09 1:39AM Forced Entry rear door Electronics.

Burglary Prevention Tips: ü Keep your doors locked when you’re home and when you’re not. Burglaries don’t just occur at night. Almost half of all residential burglaries occur from thieves gaining entry through unlocked doors or windows.ü Use deadbolt locks with at least a one inch throw on exterior doorsü Keep all exterior lights on at nightü Keep shrubs/trees clear from windows area as they could provide concealment to a would be burglar.ü When out of town cancel newspapers and mailü When out of town arrange for someone to shovel your sidewalk and walkwaysü Call police about any suspicious persons or activity in your neighborhood.

Police Officer Rick Romand Community Services Unit District 1536 Western Ave.Albany NY 12203 518-458-5669______________________________

It is important to nail perps like these before they become allies of the foreign terrorists, who seek to destroy us.Vigilance is the price of security and freedom, and should be at the top of our New Years Resolutions.

Survival in our dangerous world is a cooperative venture.

Get with the program.
Joe Sullivan

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*original post on: our
Buckingham Pond/Crestwood NA site.

Monday, December 28, 2009


#2. SECURITY is the PRIORITY at the
National, State and Local levels.

If we are not secure, nothing else will

At the national level, it is imperative
that our borders and ports be secure.

English is our national language.

Amend our immigration policy to not
admit those who will not respect, and
adopt our language, customs, beliefs and

Those, already here, legally, or illegally
who refuse to assimmilate with our
culture, should return to their places
of origin. Illegals, must not be eligible
for any benefits, including health
education and social service benefits
nor allowed to post or wire income
earned in the United States, to their
places of origin. This will facilitate
their voluntary return to their

Terrorists, foreign and native born
who are enemy combatants , in the
war on terror, must be tried in
U S military courts, not U S civil courts.
Gitmo must remain open.

At the State Level security of likely
targets, including power plants, the
power grid, water supplies, natural
gas pipelines, fuel supply, ports and
airports, also railroads, subways
highways,bridges and tunnels, as
well as our food supply, must
be increased.

Under no circumstances should the
9-11 co-conspirator trials be held in
New York City.

Any Member of the State Senate or
Assembly, or Member of Congress in the
New York Delegation
including our 2 U S Senators, who do
not vigorously oppose and resist trying
foreign terrorists in civil courts in NYC
should be summarily voted out of office
in the 2010 primaries and general elections.

Locally, Albany, the State Capitol, is a
symbolic, soft target, very vulnerable
to terror attacks, particularly the Capitol
building, the Port of Albany and the City
water supply. Security must be increased
and citizens be alert to any suspicious
individuals, groups and activities.

No county, city, town or village in this state
should serve as a sanctuary for illegal aliens.
Local government officials who do not support
public policies to this end, must be voted out
of office.

We are engaged in a war with those
foreign terrorists who seek to destroy us
and our way of life. Because of failure
to secure our borders, the enemy dwells
among us, biding their time. They are
enlisting native born, anti-social mal-
contents to their cause.

Our Home Land is soon to become
the front line in this war on terror.

Anyone, who thinks otherwise, is in
denial of reality.

Joe Sullivan

Saturday, December 26, 2009


#1. 2010 is the year to reform the
Albany City schools -

* trim spending.
* no increases in school budgets.
* no school property tax increases.
* return to a K-8 neighborhood
school system, which is best
for kids, parents and neighborhoods
eliminates fuel, vehicle, personnel
and related transportation costs.
* merge city schools with city government
have ONE property tax roll to fund both
eliminate the school board, mid year school
budgets and votes: make the Mayor
and Common Council responsible/
accountable for the operation and
performance of city schools.

A recent audit by the State Comptroller
found waste and misuse of taxpayer

This must end!

How will the above school reforms occur?

By citizens pressuring the Mayor, Common
Council, State Legislators, and Governor
who purport to represent us - to make the
necessary changes in state law.

1. The Albany Common Council sends a
Home Rule Message to the State Legislature
requesting the above changes.

2. Members of the State Assembly and Senate
representing The City of Albany, introduce
the necessary legislation, and move it to the
floors of both houses for a favorable vote.

3. The Governor signs the legislation into law

This must and can be done before the current
schedule of May school budget votes occur.

Democrats control the state and city governments.
They have the power to improve city schools and
at the same time, provide property tax relief to
homeowners and businesses in the City of Albany.

Do not expect leadership from incumbents.
The people have the power of the vote, this year,
to encourage our elected representatives to make
these needed city school reforms.

In 2010, The Governor, State Assembly and Senate
both U S Senators from New York, and the entire
Congressional Delegation are up for election.

They can run, but not hide from the issues.

Joe Sullivan

Thursday, December 24, 2009

to all.

The cares of tomorrow will
wait til this day is done.

Joe Sullivan

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Contrast what you read on the link below
with reading, in a dull, measured cadence
and no eye contact with his audience, from
a teleprompter, words prepared by others:

Go to -

Commander in Chief? America needs one in
the image of General Patton, not one who has
never served America in the military, not one
who bows to foreign leaders and apologizes
for America, not one whose life experience
consists of being a community organizer; and
not one who reads the words of others from
teleprompters, without looking his audiences
in the eye, not speaking his own words from
his heart.

America needs another Patton as Commander
in Chief, to inspire our troops to victory over
the Jihadists who are sworn to destroy us.
( Europe needs another Charles The Hammer
as well)

America needs a Commander in Chief who
will secure our nation's borders and ports. One
who would not give foreign enemy combatants
a world media stage, putting them on trial in
NYC civil court, thereby placing the city, suburbs
upstate and all New Yorkers in grave danger of
suffering the mother of all terror attacks followed
much suffering, chaos, civil disorder and
economic collapse.

Why are those who purport to lead us, in state
and local government, and those who purport
to represent us in the state congressional
delegation, not actively seeking a court order
to block the civil trials of terrorists in NYC?

Answer: there is no Patton among them!

Maybe, there is no Patton in the Judiciary

Remember this when incumbent politicians
slink around seeking your votes for federal
and state public offices in the coming 2010
election cycle.

2010 will only be the beginning of renewing

When, and if, 2012 arrives, and America
is still standing, we will elect a President
and Congress, worthy of the challenges of
keeping America, our Homeland, and all
American's, safe. Upholding our
Constitution and leading us back to
economic prosperity.

God Bless and help America, and us all.

Joe Sullivan

ps: this post was inspired a dear friend's
e mail of a rendition of Patton's famous
speech to the troops. After, reading it
and the above link, I exercised my First
Amendment rights, my love for America
my admiration for all who have, now do
and will serve America, in uniform ,and
because it is the duty of every American
to protect our nation from all enemies
foreign, and domestic. I am doing my part.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Putting admitted foreign terrorist war criminals
on trial in civil court in NYC, putting New York
and all New Yorkers in grave danger. Inviting
the mother of all terror strikes.

Now, his West Point teleprompter reading showing
his hand to al Qaida and the Tal lee ban hiding out
in Pock is tawn.

For two spot on opinions read:,1518,664753,00.html


Next a speech by Bin Laden outling the strategy of
al Qaida, Taliban and assorted foreign terrorist
groups, and their domestic native born allies, bent
on destruction of America?

Let us know when, how and where they will strike
the American Homeland.

PS: They have no exit strategy, at least for a 1,000
years or more.

Joe Sullivan

Friday, November 20, 2009


The Obama Administration is dead set on
trying KSM and other 9-11 co-conspirators
in NYC.

This move is foolhardy in so may ways. Most
importantly it puts New York City as a bigger
target of Jihadists.

Iran is hard at work building it's nuclear
weapons capacity. It is not unreasonable to
assume that building suitcase dirty bombs
is on their agenda.

Just as Iran is furnishing weapons to the
Jihadists to kill and maim our troops in
Iraq and Afghanistan, we can anticipate
that Iran will supply Jihadists with
suitcase dirty bombs for use in attacks
on major American cities, and other
facilities, in the not too distant future.

With the failure of our government to
secure our nation's borders and ports
all Americans are at grave risk.

When New York City is at risk, so are
the suburbs and Upstate.

The current budget problems of New
York pale in significance to the prospects
for complete economic and social chaos
that will follow an attack on NYC by
Jihadists using nuclear or biochemical
weapons of mass destruction.

Albany, the State Capitol, is a symbolic
soft target for Jihadists. So are the New
York State power grid and the NYC water
supply, among others.

This noon, Mayor Jenings is hosting a
500 dollar a plate lunchoen for Attorney
General Cuomo at the FT Orange Club.
Will the menu include chicken?

According to the polls, Andrew has a
huge lead in a race for Governor in 2010.
It has been reported that President Obama
is supportive of a Cuomo gurbernatorial run.

Andrew has done an outstanding job as
Attorney General of New York.

He has been a critic of the public safety
hazard of theIndian Point nuclear facility
which sits astride geologic fault lines.
24 million people live in the shadow of
Indian Point. Andrew has advocated closing
it down.

The silence of our aggressive public defender
regarding the Obama Administration's
decision to try the 9-11 Jihadists in NYC is

Whether he runs for re-election as AG or
runs for Governor in 2010, Andrew has
an obligation to take a stand on the Obama
Administration's move to try enemy
combatants in civil court in NYC because
of the public safety risk to New York
all New Yorkers, our economy and our
way of life. It also, puts our entire nation
at greater risk.

As AG, Andrew has the ability to take
legal action to block holding 9-11
Jihadists civil trials in NYC. Will he?

Crossing swords with Obama poses a
political risk to Andrew, but in the final
analysis, if Andrew puts the safety and future
of New York, and all New Yorkers, above
party politics, Andrew will be the winner
and we will be safer.

Andrew will have a clear political road
to reelction as AG, or the governorship
and, yes, even the Presidency of the
United States.

Joe Sullivan

Monday, November 16, 2009


Holding civil trials for 9-11 Jihadists in New
York City puts the city, suburbs, state and
all New Yorkers at unnecessary risk.

New York is marked for terror attacks by
the Jihadists. Putting 9-11 Jihadists on
civil trial in NYC only invites the mother
of all terror attacks.

New York City has suffered two terror
attacks by Jihadists. A third terror strike
could be fatal.

AG Holder claims responsibility for the
decision to try the Jihadists in civil court
in NYC, but the ultimate responsibilty rests
with President Obama.

Governor Paterson is to be commended
for speaking out against this foolhardy
decision by Obama, et al. But, much
more is required.

Immediate legal action is required to block
civil trials for Jihadists in New York City.

1. The Governor, Two U.S. Senators,
the entire State Congressional Delegation
and State Legislature should join in legal
action seeking a Court Order to block the
NYC Jihadist civil trials on the grounds that
such trials place the city, suburbs, state and
all New Yorkers at undue risk for more and
worse terror attacks by Jihadists, whose goal
is our ultimate destruction.

Congress must act to save America.

1. U S Senators Schumer and Gillibrand
and the entire New York Congressional
Delegation should sponsor , and vigorously
lobby their congressional colleagues to
pass, without delay, legislation requiring
President Obama to keep Gitmo open, try
Jihadists as enemy combatants in military
tribunals, and not bring them to American
shores for incarceration and civil trials.

3. The New York Congressional Delegation
should initiate efforts to Impeach, and
remove from office, President Obama on
the grounds that by his behavior in office
these past 11 months, at home and abroad,
he has shown himself to be incompetent
and not fit to serve as Commander In Chief
and President of these United States.

New Yorkers, and all Americans, bear the
ultimate responsibility to send a "shout out"
that will be heard, and acted upon, by those
who purport to represent us.

Partisan politics must be put aside. Our
survival , that of our loved ones, our nation
and our way of life are on the line.

National Security is the paramount issue.
If we are not secure, there will be no economy
and no health care, no nothing.

Joe Sullivan

Friday, October 2, 2009



Joe Sullivan

Saturday, September 26, 2009



Bring a #2 pencil with you to the poll
for the purpose of your write in vote.
Pens often fail when writing on a
horizontal, hard surface.

Before you enter the voting booth:

1. Study a copy of the machine ballot
posted on the polling place wall

2. Review the posted instructions
on how to do a write in vote on
the voting machine

3. Request assistance from Poll
Inspectors on how to do a write in
if you need further help

Enter the voting booth

I. close the curtain by shifting the
lever to the right

2. press and HOLD the silver button at
the top of the left column of slots

3. open the slot opposite
Member Common Council, Ward 14

4. Write in (print) JOE SULLIVAN

5. release the silver button and complete
voting for the other offices on the ballot.

6. Shift the lever to the left, which records
your votes, and opens the booth curtain.

in Joe Sullivan for Member, Common Council
Ward 14, in the appropriate space on the ballot.
See instructions at top of paper ballot.

Thank you for your write in votes for
Member, Common Council Ward 14

Your write in vote for SULLIVAN sends a clear
message to politicians that you want:

1. More police presence, in ward 14, to deter
crime and control speeding traffic.

2. Emergency/disaster preparedness by
households , schools, churches, synagogues
gas stations, food and drug stores.

3. Property tax relief and improved city schools
through consolidation of schools with city
government, creation of ONE property tax roll
to support both
and return to a K-8 neighborhood
school system which is best for kids, parents
taxpayers and neighborhoods.

4. Major improvements to Buckingham Pond

5. No urban blight, groupies, slum lords or
Section 8 housing in our ward/neighborhood.

6. Respect/defend seniors and veterans.
* Restore social security cola's
* No denials or rationing of health care
* No hastening end of life

7. Uphold the U S Constitution, particularly
the First and Second Amendments

Ideally, Sullivan will win. Regardless, your
vote is not wasted.

Your Sullivan write in, together with those
of other voters, sends a strong, clear message
to politicians - this is what we want you to do!

Power to the People!

Joe Sullivan

PS Be sure scroll back through this
Lonerangeralbany website

and to visit the Buckingham Pond
Crestwood Neighborhood website

for more information about
Sullivan neighborhood actions
and positions on issues vital to
our futures.

Note: This is the last election that
the old, grey Shoup mechanical
voting machines will be used in
the City of Albany.



In our form of government, we, the people
elect officeholders to represent us.

We are not their servants. They are elected
to serve us.

When government fails us, it is our
responsibility to correct those failures
through the electoral process,

We do this by casting informed votes
in elections.

In primaries, parties and special interests
rule. Challengers seldom prevail.

In a one party city, like Albany, the
primary winners are the defacto winners
in the November General Election.

Those who vote in the General Election
get what is left after poltical parties have
made their choices of candidates, with
or without primaries.

Our Founding Fathers did not provide
for political parties when creating our
form of government.

Political parties evolved later. Parties
represent special interests and exist to
control the government. Our two party
system was meant to provide a system
of checks and balances ao that the
party in power does not go astray.

We have reached a point in our national
history where one party dominance has
resulted in government, at all levels, that
has gone astray.

There is little discernable difference
between the two major political parties
Democrat or Republican. The minor parties:
Independence, Conservative and Working
Families parties, are largely, adjuncts of the
two major parties. The latter seldom field
their own candidates. The minor parties
generally endorse major party candidates.

Forget about, party priniciples - all that
really governs this arrangement is the quest
for political power, control and patronage.

In essence, political parties are merely
ballot lines.

Yet, there exists a safety valve for the
people to have their say in the November 3rd
General Election - the write in vote.

The write in vote is, in effect, a referenda
in a state where referendum and initiative
do not exist.

In order for the write in option to work -
the following conditions must exist:

1. a write in candidate, with a message
must work to get his/her message to
the voters

2. the voters must be paying attention
comprehend that message and compare
it with the messages of other candidates
for the same office

3. the voters must vote and cast informed

4. the media must explain the write in
voting procedures, on voting machines
and paper ballots, to the voters and inform
voters of write in candidates who have

5. the Board of Elections must make certain
that voting machines are mechanically
prepared for write in voting, that paper rolls
are installed, that the paper rolls are
safeguarded, and correctly counted when
voting machines are canvassed after election.

6. absentee and 603 paper ballots provide
space(s) for write in votes, and that such
paper ballots be safeguarded and duly

7. Election Inspectors have to recognize that
their obligation is to run a fair election at
the polling place where they are assigned.
Their obligation is to the people, not the
party that appoints them.

Election Inspectors must make sure that
the write in function of the voting machines
work, and instruct voters, who request
assistance , on how to do a write in on a
voting machine.

Joe Sullivan

Thursday, September 24, 2009


For Immediate Release- 25 Sept 09
Contact: JPS


Joseph P Sullivan announced today he is a write in
candidate for Albany City Common Council Ward 14.

More than 500 Democrats voted for Sullivan in the
September 15 Democratic Primary. Sullivan was
counting on the votes of the nearly 2,000 Democrats
who did not show in the primary.

November 3rd, those 500+ Democrats who voted for
Sullivan in the primary may do so again. The 2,000
Democrats who did not vote in the primary and the
700, or more, Not Enrolled voters (blanks) may vote
for Sullivan on November 3rd as well. Together
those voters are double the number who voted for
the incumbent in the Democratic Primary

Sullivan says his 22 year record of solid leadership
as President, Buckingham Pond/Crestwood Neighbor-
hood Association improving/ maintaining neighborhood
residential integrity and quality of life is on the line
November in the November 3rd election.

The future of America is on the line as well, November 3
and with the Congressional and state elections in 2010.

Although this is a lowly Common Council race-

When people vote for Joe Sullivan, they are sending
a message to political leaders that they want:

1.More police presence to deter crime, control speeding
2. Major improvements to Buckingham Pond Park
3. No urban blight, groupies, slum lords, Section 8 housing
in Ward 14
4. Property Tax Relief/Improved City Schools through merger
with city government, creation of One property tax roll to
fund both and a return to K-8 neighborhood schools
5. Emergency/Disaster Preparedness by homes apartments
schools, churches, synagogues, gas stations, food and drug
6. Respect for Seniors/Veterans - Restore Social Security COLA'S
*no denial/rationing of health care * no hastening end of life
7. Uphold the U S Constitution - First/Second Amendments

Sullivan is a U S Navy Veteran, Geographer, Senior Citizen
with a BS, Wisconsin (Korean GI Bill) and MA, Minnesota
(National Fellowhip).

Go to:
and for much more

Joe Sulivan

438 5230

Wednesday, September 23, 2009



Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, September 22, 2009



We have been at war since 9-11-01.
The enemy does not wear uniforms.
Terror is their weapon. They bide their
time and wait for the signals to strike.

The Home Front has become the front line in
this terror war. 9-11 was only the first strike.
There will be more, much more.

The federal government has failed to secure our
borders and ports. Cities have become sanctuary
cities for illegals and those who will harm us.

The foreign terrorists have allied with domestic
anti-social malcontents, gangbangers and the
like- providing drugs, money, weapons, training
and indoctrination of domestic malcontents who
already hate their government, the police, and
their fellow citizens.

Consider this recent warning about mass
transit terror strikes.

Think also, about churches, synagogues,schools
large public gatherings at sporting/entertainment
events, government buildings, utility lines, sewer
systems, chemical plants, rail lines, bridges, tunnels.

Hunting season is soon upon us. A perfect time for
camoflauged individuals and groups, bearing arms
to move about the land and highways, hunting
targets of opportunity, instead of game.

The targets are unlimited. Security depends
on each of us. Be alert, sharpen your observation
skills. Anticipate. Act.

Call the Albany Police and/or Anti-terror hotline when
you observe suspicious individuals, groups, activities:

Center Square Station APD - 458 5660

Anti-Terror Hotline- 1 866 SAFE NYS (723 3697)

Do not depend on government to save you, when
disasters/terror attacks occur, and the ensuing
civil disorder follows.

Be prepared to save yourselves. Set aside water
food, medicines, alternate sources of light/heat.

Exercise your Second Amendment Right to bear
arms to protect yourselves, your loved ones, your

Consider that, New Orleans, during Katrina, most
of the police and firemen lived outside the city and
did not report to work. They remained at home
protecting their loved ones- their first responsibilty.

The same scenario can be expected in Albany
where most of the police and firemen, live outside
the city.

You, and your neighbors ,will be on your own.
Network for mutual assistance.

Can you fight fires without water? Keep your auto
gas tank full at all times because you can't pump
gas when their is no electricity. Your cell phones
will not work if the towers are down.

Have a household disaster/emergency plan. Keep
go bags of essential supplies in your vehicles, in
case you have to evacuate the city immediately.
Have an escape route selected. Have a rendezvous
location set where all family members can make
their way to.

Churches, synagogues, schools, senior housing
and other apartments must get on the ball
without delay, prepare to serve as emergency

Well stocked kitchens, water, electric
generators etc
should be available. Increase security.

Know basic First Aid and have First Aid supplies
on hand.

Have the Red Cross show your how to prepare,
before disasters/terror attacks occur. The Red
Cross will be overwhelmed when they do.

This is not a drill. Those who fail to prepare
now, will not survive.

Joe Sullivan

Monday, September 21, 2009


Since the peasantry (Capital District Voters) are
not invited to see and hear the President at HVCC
today, and
because the Capital District media will give much
coverage of the event -
would some courageous media person tell the
President, on behalf of all senior citizens, to restore
Social Security cost of living increases (COLA'S).

The Obama Administration has suspended
Social Security COLA'S for the next two years.

The funding to restore Social Security COLA'S
could be achieved by cancelling 2 billion dollars
U S aid to Brazil's national oil company, to drill
for oil off the coast of Rio
as well as cancelling funding for ACORN and
any similar groups, including the President's
proposed civilian defense force which will
according to the President, will be larger, more
powerful and better funded than the U S military.

You might ask him ,also, is it true that military
reenlistment bonuses will be abolished?

Joe Sullivan

Thursday, September 17, 2009


How could I NOT WIN the Democratic Primary for
Member of Common Council Ward 14?

A) A 22 year record of neighborhood leadership
as President of the Buckingham Pond/Crestwood
Neighborhood with real achievements including:

(1) creation of Buckingham Pond Park (1994) our
neighborhood jewel enjoyed by so many local
(2) creation of the permanent green spaces on
New Scotland Avenue at S Manning Blvd and
the conifer screened acre bordering Buckingham
Mews at the corner of Krum Kill Rd. (1983/1987)

(3) clean up and demolition of the infamous
derelict gas station site at Whitehall and New
Scotland which is to become the Daniel P.
O'Connell Memorial Pocket Park (2000-2009)

(4) defeat of of a city plan to build luxury
housing at Albany Municipal Golf Course
which would have blocked the view of the
Catskill three sister peaks (1994)

(5) defeat of the proposed 12 story apartment
tower and 3 story parking garage in the 7 acre
wooded ravine, which contains 2 small wetlands
opposite Ohav Shalom on Krum Kill Rd.
(my primary opponent, incumbent Joe Igoe
sponsored the rezoning measure in the Common
Council) (2003-04)

(6) defeat of a plan to concert Mercy Convent
into office space (1998)

(7) defeat of a plan to build a 3rd middle
school at Whitehall and New Scotland (1999)

(8) defeat of two attempts to build a big box
retail store at Krum Kill and New Scotland
(1999 and 2000).

There is so much more. You get it.

A real 22 year record of leadership
maintaining and improving neighborhood
residential integrity and quality of life
-vs- Joe Igoe's 12 year non-record as
Ward 14 Alderman.

(B) A U S Navy veteran, the only military
veteran running for re-election or election
in the 2009 Albany City Democratic Primary
-vs- Joe Igoe, who never served.

(C) A real message of positions on issues
vital to the futures of all who call this
neighborhood, ward and city, home.

A vote for me would send a message that
ward residents want:

1. Increased police presence to deter crime
and the growing volumes of speeding traffic
on neighborhood residential streets

2. Emergency/disaster preparedness by
households, churches, synagogues, schools
and neigborhood businesses

3. Property tax relief and improvement of
city schools through consolidating city schools
with city government, creating one property
tax roll to fund both and returning to K-8
neighborhood schools

4. Calling for restoration of social security
COLA's and opposing elements of Obamacare
that would deny care to seniors and veterans
and promote assisted suicide of those groups.

5. Upholding the U S Constitution , in
particular, the First and Second Amendments.

6. Putting America before political party.

7. A genuine independent who would owe
his loyalty to the people.

I worked like hell, qualifying for the ballot
and handdelivering my message on foot and
bike, and U S Mail, to the 3.500 ward Democrats
who had the opportunity and responsibility to
vote in the September 15 Democratic Primary..

Well then, how can the Democratic Primary
results for Member of Common Council
Ward 14 be explained?

Does it mean that ward 14 Democrats do
not want a vigorous, independent
representative with clear stands on vital
issues, who puts America before party?

Does it mean that Ward 14 residents don't
want increased police presence, they don't
see the need for emergency/disaster prepar-
edness, they don't want property tax relief
or improved city schools, that they don't
uphold the U S Constitution, that they do
not support the First and Second Amendments.

That, they would reject a candidate who has
such a strong record of effective, independent
neighborhood leadership, in favor of a lackluster
go along get along guy with no real record of
neighborhood achievements to show for his 12
years on the Common Council?

That they support seniors not getting their
social security COLA's , not defending seniors
and veteran's from the negative impacts that
are part of the proposed Obamacare?

You be the judge.

Joe Igoe is a nice guy. A 12 year incumbent
who had the backing of the ward leader,
city committee members, county chairman
and most important Mayor Jennings.

Joe goes along to get along. He is rarely
seen on neighborhood streets except
every four years when he is up for election.

Joe knows who his base voters, the 1,000
party loyalists are, and they could be counted
upon to go to the polls and vote for Joe- with
a little (maybe a lot) of proding.

500 or so of Ward 14 Democrats voted for me
or rather what I stand for.

But we are a minority in this Ward.

2000 Ward Democrats stayed home. Either
too apathetic, too busy or too jaded to
participate in our political process.

The blind partyline lackeys are what they
are. Their votes are and were predictable.

The key to winning this primary was in
getting the 2,000 non primary voters to

They are beyond hope.

They along with non voters, everywhere
are the reason why the Democratic Party
remains firmly in control of the political
leftists who are destroying America in
their quest for control and power, whether
it be the City of Albany, New York State
or the United States.

Earlier this year I came to the conclusion
that the way to get the Democratic Party
back on track, was through the Primary

However, based on my experience in this
primary, and observing the primary
campaigns and results in other wards
as well as citywide, I have had to rethink
my conclusion.

As long as money buys ballot position
and elections, as long as the media goes
along with the game, as long as leftists
control the primaries and the vast majority
of party members do not vote in primaries,
it is like pissing in the wind for a more
traditional, conservative, old-time Democrat
to prevail in a Democratic primary - ever

The Democratic Party of Dan O Connell
in Albany is no more.

The leftist gained control of the schools
and now the Common Council and city
fiscal offices. Next time out -it will be the
mayor's office.

As the Times Union opines today, Mayor
Jennings will have a more difficult time
governing than ever before.

In the final analysis it is Jerry's own doing.
The large vote for Ellis was , in reality, an
anti Jerry vote, not a pro Ellis vote.

Whether or not Jerry realizes it, he
is but a figurehead mayor,]; unless he can
use his last term to do what must be done
in this city:

1. provide real public safety, everywhere in
the city, clearing the streets of criminals
gangbangers, thieves and assorted anti-social
malcontents and disarming them

2. promote emergency/disaster preparedness
by the city governments and neighborhoods

3. provide the necessary property tax relief
and improved city schools, through consolidation
of city schools with city government and return
to K-8 neighborhood schools.

Being Mayor without providing real leadership
relegates the position to just another photo op
a paycheck, and a bigger pension.

There is no future in that for Jerry , the City of
Albany, or for us, who call Albany home.

My effectiveness as a neighborhood leader has
been, in large part , because of my participation
in the political process, which has pressured
those in political power to do the right thing.

Participating in primaries where the party is
controlled by leftists, is an exercise in futility.

Therefore, I have decided to change my party
enrolment to Conservative.

The 2010 political battle grounds will be the
state and congressional elections. The outcomes
of those elections will determine the future
of America, our state and our own futures.

I invite any of my supporters, over the years
to join me in the Conservative Party.
Together, we can wage the battles to put
America First, once again.

Enrollment changes made in the next
two weeks, or so, will take effect the day
after the November 3 General Election.

The campaigns for Congress and State
Legislature in 2010 have already begun.

President Obama is coming to HVCC for
that very reason. To shore up Congressmen
Murphy and Tonko as well the campaign of
Acorn supporter Senator Gillibrand, and
his own eroding political base.

The late, great President Ronald Reagan
once a Democrat, said he did not leave the
Democratic Party - the party left him.

So, it is with many traditional Democrats.

The answer is not to be found in not
voting or dropping out of the political

Nor, is there a need to create an alternative
third party, for those who value America.
That party already has official ballot status
in New York - the Conservative Party.

Make your enrolment change today.

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Joe Sullivan