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Wednesday, March 13, 2013



Patrick is the Patron Saint of

In America, we celebrate the
memory of Patrick, Irish culture/
heritage and the contributions of
the Irish to America.

Chief among these contributions
is taking up arms to fight for
liberty and oppose tyranny.

The Irish made up a significant
part of the continental army in
the War for Independence.

They fought in the War with

The Irish fought on the union
and confederate sides in the
Civil War.


google Wolfetones, You Tube Irish Brigade


They rode with the 7th Cavalry
and other units on the Western

Life, Liberty, opposition to
tyrants and tyranny are a part
of Irish heritage.

Amendment 8 to the Irish
Constitution recognizes that
Life begins at conception and
prohibits abortion from that point
except when the life of the mother
is at risk.

Politicians who support, or fail
to oppose, abortion and who do
not honor their oaths of office
to uphold the U S Constitution-
who trample the Second
Amendment rights of the people
offend decency when they march
in the Albany St Patrick's Parade.

Stand on the sidelines where
you belong!

You know who you are. So do

                         Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


            Joe Sullivan

Thursday, March 7, 2013


The NYS Safe Act does not
make New Yorkers safe.

In fact, it does the opposite
placing us at greater risk.

If  left to stand, the disarming
of law abiding gun owners
and the trahing of the Second
Amendment, will result in
much loss of life.

We are at war with Jihadists
who are sworn to destroy us.

Iran, North Korea and others
have the same objective:

New York is number one
terror attack target of our foe.

Disarming the law abiding
citizenry will make it only
more so.

When the attacks occur, civil
disorder will follow.

The state is a sanctuary for
untold millions of illegal
aliens, including OTM's.

Add to that, untold numbers
of gangbangers, drug dealers
and assorted anti-social
malcontents who inhabit
every urban, suburban and
rural community in the state.

The police will be unable
to contain civil disorder
following coordinated
terror attacks, as the state
reels in chaos.

The state government and
federal government won't
be able to save us.

If we are disarmed we won't
be able to save ourselves, our
loved ones and our unarmed
neighbors and friends.

Security is the priority issue
for the Nation and here in NY State.

Democratic adminstrations in
both are trashing the Constitution
placing us in grave peril by
neutering our navy and armed
forces and disarming the law
abiding Americans who are the
first line of defense in every
neighborhood and community.

*REPEAL the Safe Act immediately!

*Bring home the troops from
Afghanistan and deploy them
to secure our southern border.

*Deploy more naval, air and
  ground troops to Alaska.

Read the post below and
connect the dots.

Wake up! We ARE at war! Not
only with foreign foes but
internally as well.

Dumb politicians, and their
party faithfull, are destroying

The people must save themselves
their loved ones and our government.

Sadly, we do not have the likes
of General Patton ,Admirals
John Paul Jones, and"Bull" Halsey,
nor Presidents Washington, Jefferson
Jackson and Reagan when we need

Nor, do we have enough Americans
who recognize and comprehend the
fate that awaits us all, if we do not
wise up and pronto!

                                  Joe Sullivan



The regime change underway in
Venezuela provides the Obama
administration with a timely
rationale for renewing and
expanding the scope of the
Monroe Doctrine.

Renew the Monroe Doctrine
and expand it to include all
world powers including Iran
and China.

Why?  The primary obligation
of the federal government is
the security of America and
all Americans.

Obama is Commander in Chief
of the U S armed forces.

Iran, Russia and China have
been expanding their influence
into Venezuela and elsewhere
in the Western Hemisphere
including  Mexico and the
United States.

This influence includes not
only tapping resources but
setting the stage for future
military operations aimed
at the US and Canada. For
example, siting missle bases
im Venezuela"

and building an AK47 assaultweapons factory in Venezuela:

President Obama, Secretary of
State Kerry and Congress must

move quickly to provide for
security of America, Canada
and all the nations and peoples
of the Western Hemisphere.

1. Renew and Expand the
Monroe Doctrine.

2. Secure the borders and ports
of the U S. Bid Canada and all
nations in the Western Hemisphere
to do the same.

3. Mobilize the military, naval
and internal security forces of
all hemisphere nations to resist
any intervention/expansion of
influence, and threats, from
any nation elsewhere in the
world. In particular, Iran, Russia
and China.

4. Deal with Iran and North
Korea to avoid first strike options
by both.

Failure to act on the above
places America, all Americans
as well as all the nations and
peoples of the Western Hemisphere
in grave peril.

                         Joe Sullivan

Monday, March 4, 2013


Bakkan oil from North Dakota
is flowing through the Port of
Albany for trans-shipment to East
coast refineries.

The per gallon price of gasoline
is high for a number of reasons.
Note that NYS derives considerable
revenue fron the high price of gas-
the higher the better for NYS pols.
Build a refinery at the Port of Albany.
This will create jobs and tax revenue
for the ailing city budget, and lower
gas prices locally for consumers.
                                  Joe Sullivan

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Here is a list of public offices
up for election in Albany County:

Patriots are needed to challenge
every office where the incumbent
or replacement candidates, do not
support the Constitution and Bill
of Rights. In particular, the Second
Fourth and Tenth Amendments.

The Conservative Party will screen
prospective candidate in latter April.

Residents of the City of Albany
interested in citywide or ward races
are invited to contact me anytime
during March.

Thereafter, the Albany County
Conservative Committee ( R Stack
Chairman and screening committe)
will interview all candidates seeking
the Conservative Party endorsement
for offices in the City of Albany
and elsewhere in the county.

Petitioning to qualify for the ballot
will occur during June.

Taking back our government begins
with the 2013 local elections.

Next year, 2014, our focus will be
Congress and state offices.

Persons not interested in running
for office, but who wish to help
those that do, are invited to contact

Everyone has a stake in the outcome
of these elections. Everyone can play
a part, no matter how small.

Make every effort to become an
informed voter. Share what you learn
with family, neighbors and friends,

WGDJ Talk 1300 and WGY 810 AM
have excellent line ups of local, state
and national radio programs that offer
information and perspective that you
do not get from mainstream media.

Call in and participate where programs
afford you the opportunity to express
your views on issues vital to our survival
as a Nation and as individuals.

Support candidates who put America
before blind party allegiance. Candidates
who will uphold the Constitution and
represent the people rather than special

Our Liberty, the survival of America
and each and American, are on the line
in 2013 and 2014.

                                 Joe Sullivan