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Monday, February 28, 2011


The NYS Consitution provides that the
legislative power of the state shall be
vested in the senate and assembly.
(ART III, Sec 1)

The NYS Constitution further provides
that aliens (legal or illegal) not be counted
when apportioning population and drawing
district lines. (ART III, Secs 4 and 5-a)

The 2010 U S Census failed to determine
the citizenship of respondents to the census.

Therefore, pursuant to Art III, Sec 4 of the
NYS Constitution the state legislature  shall
provide for the necessary enumeration of
population (excluding aliens) required  to
draw district lines.

The Redistricting Reform Act of 2011
S3419/A5288  should be held in committee.

It is not plausible that a politically
appointed " Independent Redistricting
Commission", consisting of Democrats
and Republicans, only, and a federal
census that failed to exclude aliens from
enumeration, can be counted upon to
protect the public's interest in fair and
proper elections.

The senate and assembly should exercise
their Constitutional power to draw new
congressional and state legislative districts
based on a new state enumeration of
population that exludes aliens.

County, city,  town election district lines
and school district lines, should be drawn
on new enumerations of population that
exclude aliens, pursuant to the NYS

New York State is overrun with illegal
aliens who burden taxpayers with costs
for social services, education, medical care
law enforcement and prisons, as well as
depriving  New Yorkers who are legal
state residents ,and U S Citizens, of jobs.

The State Legislature should prohibit
sanctuary status for illegal aliens in
the state, and every political subdivision
thereof.  Any county, city, town, village
and school district failing to comply
should be denied any form of  federal
and state aid.

Such action would result in reducing
state spending on social services, mediacid
police and fire services, and prisons; reduce
the state budget gap and provide property
tax relief.

                                          Joe Sullivan

Monday, February 14, 2011


What is happening in Egypt, North Africa
and elsewhere in the Middle East, can be
understood in relation to this article on
the end to the era of cheap oil:

The end of the era of cheap oil, means
major changes for our way of life, including
an end to cheap food, commuting , urban
sprawl settlement, and an end to tourism
and travel,  as well as the ability to sustain
global military operations, including
aiding allies who come under attack.

The U S and Canada have large shale oil
deposits that must be conserved for the
long haul.

The U S has vast coal reserves which can
be brought into play more quickly and
more inexpensively than building nuclear
power plants. In addition, our neighbor
Canada, has huge hydro electric capability
which can be made available to the U S
if Canada is willing.

We also have large reserves of natural gas
which can be utilized, taking care to
protect aquifers and surface waters.

Drill for oil offshore, safely. It is foolish
for the U S government to have a
moratorium  on offshore oil drilling while
our enemies are drilling everywhere.

Green energy alternatives can play a
limited role in the future, but are very
expensive,  variable and  not able to
meet the energy needs of our huge metro

With the end of cheap oil goes the end
of the era of motor vehicle use for daily
commuting and transporting food, goods
and materials in commerce. Trans-
continental travel and transportation
by motor vehicle will be over. Intercity
bus transportation as well.

Forget about the mirage of high speed
rail. Instead, the nation, states  and
cities, must embark immediately on
efforts to rebuild and expand conventional
rail networks, including light rail to
connect populated suburbs, and rural
areas with cities.

Waterways, canals, ports and our merchant
marine  fleet must be rebuilt and used to
move bulk cargoes, freight and passengers.

Land use and settlement patterns will
change. People will move back to cities
and where the jobs are. Decaying urban
water/sewer systems will have to be
rebuilt. Old housing stock replaced.
Regional shopping centers will decline.

Cities will have to be rebuilt. Our
manufacturing base restored,

All these actions will create needed
jobs to put people back to work and
stimulate our economy.

The adaptations required are myriad
and will not happen overnight. But
they must begin, now!

We need political leaders with vision
and an informed electorate which
understand that their very survival
and way of life are on the line.

The mainstream media has a critical
role to play in saving America. Serving
as a political publicity arm for pc
"progressive" politicians must end.

The media holds the key to our
collective survival. It can and must
provide the education that our public
schools are failing to provide.

Our whole educational system is in
need of  reform from top to bottom.
Our schools are not turning out
graduates who are equipped to
comprehend and deal with their own
futures, nor to view their futures in
light of local, state national and world
realities and events.

The schools and media must end
their promotion of pc, partisan, political
agendas.  Focus on the dire need to truly
educate and inform the current electorate
and future generations, so that our
Republic and way of life survive the
changes and challenges we face in a
world which is rapidly spinning out
of control.

                                     Joe Sullivan

Thursday, February 10, 2011


The regime change underway in Egypt is
not about extending democracy to the

Events taking place in Egypt are the
playoffs in the coming Oil Super Bowl.

The Muslim Brotherhood will emerge
in control of Egypt and control the flow
of oil through the Suez Canal to Europe
and the United States.

Oil is the lifeblood of Europe and America.

Reduced oil flow will mean no economic

Higher oil prices, followed by scarcity
rationing and eventually no oil available
at any price, will bring Europe and
America to their knees.

Saudi Arabia and Iraq are the Mideast
Super Bowl. Regime changes there will
spell the end for Europe and America.

British PM Cameron has it right on
the threat of multiculturalism.

Europe and North America have allowed
the Trojan horse of Muslim immigration
to breech the walls of national security.

The rise of global Islamic dominance is
at hand.

The ultimate blame  for this and all that
is wrong in the U S today, lies with an
apathetic, uninformed electorate which
have allowed control of schools ,our
local, state and federal governments
media and their minds,  to wind up in
the hands of politically correct, self-styled

The progressives and  Islamists are
partners in a quest for global control.
But, only one will prevail. It will not
be the progressives!

When a singer can't sing the National
Anthem correctly at the Super Bowl
all the world can see that America
is ripe for the taking.

Barack Hussain Obama is no Charles
The Hammer. No one in Congresss
appears to have the courage to begin
Impeachment of a President and erstwhile
Commander in Chief who has failed
to uphold his Constitutional Oath to
defend America from all enemies
foreign, and, now, domestic.

Forget about 2012, gameover by then.

Muslims are the likely victors in this
current installment of a centuries old

No Miss America pagent likely next
year. Bikinis will, be out, Burkas in.

                                   Joe  Sullivan


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Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Obamacare unconstitutional, null, void
rules Justice Vinson.  Excellent ruling.

However, a different ruling can be
expected from the Supreme (Obama)

Governor Cuomo inspires hope for
New Yorkers in budget address.


President Mubarak announces he
will not seek re-election.

President Obama should do likewise.

Concentrate his efforts on keeping
America and Americans safe. Secure
our borders/ports. End sanctuary
status for illegals. No amnesty. No
benefits of any kind to those here
illegally. Embargo all transfers of
funds to, and trade with Mexico
until the Mexican government
cooperate  with U S to secure our
common border, ending illegal
migration and the drug trade.

No Iranian missles in Venezuela.

NATO should act to keep the
Suez Canal and Strait of Gibralter
open to ensure the flow of oil to
Western, Northern and Southern
Europe, as well as U.S.

Oil is the lifeblood of the economies
and ways of life in Europe and America.

Oil is essential for our common defense
and to conduct military/naval/air offensives
where  and when required.

World War III is underway. When we
deny this, and fail to act to defend our
homeland and overseas interests; we do
so at our own peril.

There will be no second chances.

                                     Joe Sullivan