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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Beara ancestors fought
in Irish regiments of
France, Spain, Austria
Germany, Poland, Russia
and other European
countries during the
1600's and 1700's.

There are remarkable
records kept regarding
Irish troops, which were
in high demand because
of their, height, strength
builds and daring in battle.


Our own Morty Oge O Sullivan
of Coulagh was among them:'sullivan+oge+austrian+army&source=bl&ots=rUtN2kEy9m&sig=Vd

Many Beara men went to
the American colonies, serving
in the French and Indian War
and Washington's Revolutionary
army. Many went to sea.

Sullivan's were numerous in
the Civil War. 15,000 fought
for the North, 5,000 for the

The Wild Geese never forgot
the lassies they left behind.
This song was sung around many
a campfire down through the

                        Joe Sullivan



It was too distressful to watch
or listen to.

The President, Congress, Courts
and bureaucrats are not honoring
their oaths of office to uphold the

The media shills for a President
who divides our nation, tramples
the Constitution and casts aside
the rule of law.

Those present, applaud like
trained seals.

The Founders feared that one
day, the federal government
would descend into tyranny.

That day is here.

Any thoughtful observer can
see that America's  days as a
Constitutional Republic are

Our monetary system and
economy teeter on the verge
of collapse. Irresponsible
government spending is not
sustainable. Government
interference, mandates and
regulations are smothering
our economy.

Nowhere in the enumerated
powers of the Constitution
does the federal government
have the authority to nationalize
health care, health insurance
and education.

The behavior of "progressives"
who have gained power in states
like New York, is nothing less
than tyrannical. Passage of
the so called Safe Act is clearly
unconstitutional. Don't expect
politically appointed judges to
so rule.

Failure of the federal government
to secure our borders and granting
tens of millions of illegal aliens
amnesty, will seal our fate as a

Political and economic collapse
civil disorder, chaos, anarchy
armed rebellion and civil war are
just over the horizon.

Do not allow this to happen!

Do your part to restore our
Constitutional Republic  by
casting informed votes and
insisting that the media stop
aiding and abetting those
political tyrants who are
destroying our Nation and
way of life.

Persons who understand
what is at stake, and who
will uphold the Constitution
need to present themselves
as candidates for election
at federal, state and local

The elections of 2014, 2015 and 
are crucial to America's survival
as well as  to the  Liberty and
survival of every American.

                      Joe Sullivan


Tuesday, January 28, 2014



Mayor Sheehan is correct to request 
that NYS pay an annual 11 million dollar 
PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) for
the Harriman State Office Campus, to
the City of Albany.

Keeping the campus as home to state
agencies/workers reduces traffic flows
on major city roads, including Western
Washington, New Scotland, Whitehall,
South Manning, Hackett and Delaware
thereby improving neighborhood resi-
dential integrity, qualty of life and
property values, which, in turn, improves
the city tax base.

Have NYS assume  costs of security
and clean up when large groups come 
to the Capitol and Empire State Plaza
for rallys, to lobby or for entertainment
events. This will be of immense benefit
to the city budget.

Build a refinery at the Port of Albany
to add to the city tax base, provide good
paying jobs, to lower costs of gasoline
and home heating oil.

Tap into the 765 Kv Quebec to NYC
hydropower line that is scheduled to
be built through Albany, providing
clean, safe, reliable less expensive
power that will benefit homes
businesses, hospitals, colleges and
universities and stimulate economic
development in the City of Albany.

Bulldoze those 800-1,000 vacant
properties, sell the land to developers
who will build new housing and
manufacturing plants to provide
jobs for residents who can walk
or bike to work.

Finally, NYS should approve
drilling for ny natural gas in the
Southern Tier, making more
natural gas available, at lower
costs.   Doing so, will stimulate
economic revival in agriculture
manufacturing and transportation
in the Erie Canal-Hudson Valley
corridor, that will be akin to
the result of building the Erie
Canal in the early 1800's.

The City of Albany can wean
itself off dependency on state
aid, by aggressively promoting
these initiatives, while preserving
independence and Liberty for
City residents.

Albany voters should vote for
congressional. state and local
office holders/candidates who
on the above.

                 Joe Sullivan

Monday, January 27, 2014


Oil from the Baakan oil field
is flowing through the Port of
Albany via rail, transported
downriver, and by sea, to
St Johns, New Brunswick
where it is refined.

This is happening because
President Obama is blocking
construction of the Keystone
pipeline, that would send oil
from the Baakan and Alberta
oil fields to refineries on the
Gulf coast of the U.S.

The City of Albany is said
to be facing a 16 million dollar
budget gap. The city school
district is said to need more

Solution? Build a refinery at
the Port of Albany to refine
Baakan oil.

This will  (1)expand the City
property tax base, (2) create
good paying jobs, (3) lower
costs of gasoline and heating
oil locally, both of which are
above the national average.

Economic expansion and
property tax relief, in Albany
will follow.

                     Joe Sullivan

Saturday, January 25, 2014


If the City of Albany bows to
this - the city property tax base
will be destroyed.
More people will flee the city.
Only the poor and aged will
be left.
There will be little or no wealth
left to redistribute.
No one to pay for city government
or city schools.
Albany will become Detroit.
                                Joe Sullivan

Friday, January 24, 2014


The Governor proposes a 2 billion
dollar education bond act to be
voted upon at the November
election- when he is on the ballot
for re-election. Coincidence?

What happens if he is re-elected
but voters reject the bond act?

If he is not, and the bond act fails? 


NYS does not mandate Kindergarten.

Why Pre-K?  Are government schools
to become high priced day care centers 
after school hang outs and soup kitchens?

Schools are failing because of students
and parents who do not value education.

Throwing more and more money into
failing schools is futile without attitude
behavior and motivational changes on 
the part of those who do not value education.

Nor, are pre- K, longer school days/years
nor common core standards and teacher
evaluations, based on standardized test
scores, the answer.

New York already spends too much
per pupil on education with dismal

Albany City schools are exhibit A.

The big losers from all this are
property taxpayers who will only
see their school property taxes
rise because of these proposals.

Just say "No", in the 2014
primaries and General Election,
to Common Core, Pre-K,  the
2 billion dollar education bond act
and teacher evaluations based
on standardized test performance
of students - and -  "No" to those 
incumbents, and challengers, who
advocate, and vote for, any and
all of the above.

Get smart voters, who pay property

Merge the city schools with city
government, with one property
tax roll to finance both. 

Read, become informed and
consider numerous posts on
this website, related to learning
education and city schools:

                      Joe Sullivan

Thursday, January 23, 2014


The President, Congress and Courts
no longer function as 3 branches of
government, with specific powers
and checks and balances on those
powers, as set forth in the U S

We have a President who by passes
Congress, a divided Congress, with
a Senate which is a pawn of the
President, a House which fails to
exert it's Constitutional responsibilities
and Courts which legislate through
rulings which often override the intent
of the Constitution or set aside the
will of the people, of states as voted
upon in referenda.

Clearly, the President, Members of
Congress and the Judiciary have
failed to uphold the Constitution or
have failed to honor their oaths of
office, to do so.

What recourse do citizens have?
Elections. Vote out incumbents
who do not follow the Constitution.
Vote in true representatives, who
will. This is easier said than done.

Article 5 of the Constitution which
allows for the states to reign in the
President, Congress and Courts
was included in the Constitution
by Founders who foresaw that
one day, we might have a tyrannical
federal government, and that the
states would have a peaceful option
to restoring our Republic, rather
than resorting to armed rebellion.


The state convention process has
gotten underway:

Go to

This process will take time. We
have so little time.

Therefore, the best hope is that
the public becomes informed
and restores our Constitutional
Republic through the electoral

The Democratic and Republican 
voters must take back their parties
from the "progressives" who now
control both.

In New York, voters have an
established third party - the
Conservative Party , Row C
on the ballot, which is true 
to the Constitution and
Bill of Rights.

If the Conservative Party of
New York fields a full slate
of congressional and state
candidates in the 2014
elections- and - New York
voters- cast informed rather
than party line, ballots -VOTERS
can put the state, and Nation
back on a true Constitutional
course, which can be fully
achieved with the 2016 elections
for President, Congress and
state offices.

A tall order. The survival of
our Constitutional Republic 
and the survival of every
American are on the line. 

Attend the NYS Conservative
Party Convention in Albany
January 26 and 27.

                     Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, January 22, 2014



Some would say that screaming 
"you don't need 10 rounds to
kill a deer" is extreme.

Others would say failing to uphold
the Constitution and Bill of Rights
and one's oath of office, to do so -
is extreme.

More would say that elected officials
behaving as our rulers, rather than
our representatives, and trashing
the Constitution and Bill of Rights
is extreme behavior.

Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives
and Independents support  our Constitution
our Republic, are Pro life
Pro Second Amendment  and 
Pro traditional marriage.

Any public official who
treads on citizens who hold these
beliefs and who put America and
New York First before
allegiance to any political party 
does not merit reelection.

Such behavior is suicide by 
ballot box. Extremely stupid.

While, enrolled Democrats and
Republicans  struggle with
the so called "Progressives" 
who control their political
parties - there is one political
party in New York that
does not waiver with regard
to questions of Life, Liberty
the Constitution and Bill of Rights
and  traditional marriage - the
Conservative Party of New York.

I invite all citizens, who share
these beliefs , to participate
and support Conservative 
candidates for Congress, State
Senate and Assembly to represent
all the voters and stand up for
all who believe in God, Country
Life, Liberty and the Family.

The 2014 elections are the
remedy for putting America
and New York on a Constitutional
course, as the Founders intended.

                               Joe Sullivan

                               Conservative Party
                               Chair - City of Albany, NY


Sunday, January 19, 2014


Good links:

                                        Joe Sullivan

Friday, January 17, 2014


Hearty people dwelt  here and in
nearby mountain glens for centuries.

Before 1600, these mountains were
covered with oak forests, inhabited
by wild boars, wildcats, elk and more.

Glenbeg is in the Eyeries Parish
Cork, while Glanmore is in the
Tuosist Parish in Kerry.

The forests were cut down by the
English. The timber used in 
shipbuilding,to fuel the industrial
revolution and to deny rebels and 
raparees refuges.

Thousands left Tuosist, during and
after Famine times by means of the
Lansdowne Emigration scheme
which removed them from their
ancestral homes. Most wound up
in the Five Points of New York's
Bowery. Many fought and died for
Lincoln in the Civil War. Some 
joined the infamous Gangs of 
New York.
Others became policemen, dock
workers. Still others took control
of Tammany Hall.

They founded the Emigrant Savings

What is called poverty in America today
is a far cry from that of the Lansdowne

Beware, we may all suffer this fate if we
do not rise up,  and cast informed votes
to restore our Constitutional Republic.
Casting  out incompetent, self styled
"progressive politicians". Tyrants all!
Who are destroying our economy and
depriving us of  our Liberty.

There will be no Landsdowne scheme.
for us. No other place to go.

America is a lifeboat adrift in a raging
sea of world poverty.

Those politicians who are dividing
our Nation and destroying our economy-


Those politicians who espouse amnesty
for the 30 million or more illegal aliens
who have invaded our land -

will cause lifeboat America to be swamped.

There will be few survivors and their
lot will be as pitiful as that of the
Lansdowne emigrants.  

For us, there will be no place left to go.

Do your part to save America before
it is too late. Begin by becoming informed
and casting informed votes in the 2014
congressional and state elections.

                                   Joe Sullivan


Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The State Conservative Party
will hold it's annual Albany
Convention January 26-27.

For details, reservations
Shaun Marie  
518 356 7882 

                    Joe Sullivan

Friday, January 10, 2014


No cost of living increase for vets.

Yet, President, Congress and IRS
refuse to require applicants for
earned income, child tax credits
to present verifiable social security

This allows illegal aliens to file
income tax returns using only a
taxpayer ID number - thereby
allowing illegals to scam billions
of dollars in earned income and
child care benefits  which are
subsidized by U S citizen taxpayers.

                                Joe Sullivan 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014



2014  A new plow- plows clean?

Mayor Sheehan and City DGS are making
headway with improved snow plowing/removal.

Observed the Mayor and City DGS at
work clearing away dirty,  heavy salt laden snow
sludge from curb  parking lanes , New Scotland
Ave, between Krum Kill and Buckingham Dr.

No need to do this in future snow storms
if the City DGS  begins to plow New Scotland
Ave,  in successive, tandem plow sweeps
outbound and inbound, as soon as snow begins
 to accumulate. Mayor Whalen did this very
well, using graders- which I am told the City
no longer owns?
 No problem, 2 or 3 truck plows, operating
 in tandem, at low speed. Ideally, 2 big truck
plows and a smaller  pick up truck plow -
can keep the Avenue clean, while not
allowing snow to accumulate in the curb
parking lanes, then having a speeding plow 
send a tsunami wave of heavy snow-salt
sludge over curb islands,  shoveled walks
and blocking shoveled driveways.

This will improve traffic/pedestrian safety
on New Scotland Avenue, a major commuter
route, while improving residential quality 
of life for the largely elderly homeowners
living along the Avenue.

                                         Joe Sullivan