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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The 2010 elections are unlike any other in
our lifestime.

The survival of America, and all Americans
are on the line.

Put America First,  before blind political party

Cast informed votes for the candidates who
offer the most promise for restoring our
Constitutional Representative form of
government in Congress and in New York

The September 14 party primaries are the
first step. Polls are open Noon - 9 pm.

Primaries afford party members to decide
who shall have ballot lines in the November
2 General Election.

Vote, and learn how to use the new voting

The November 2 General Election is D Day
for taking back Congress and State Government.

I don't want your money. I ask for your votes
and will do my best to represent you in Congress.

Read my substantive blog. Compare what is
presented herein, with what Incumbent Tonko
and Ted Danz have written. ( I write my own posts
no ghost writers).

My campaign is your campaign.

Write in Joe Sullivan  for Representative in Congress
21st CD NY, November 2. Polls open 6 am - 6 pm.

Thank you.

                                              Joe Sullivan

For Immediate Release: 8/31/10
Contact: JPS 438 5230

Joe Sullivan, of Albany, an enrolled Conservative Party voter and
Independent write in candidate in the November 2 General Election
for Representative in Congress, 21st District of New York announced
his support of Ralph Lorigo, for Governor in the September 14, 2010
Conservative Party Primary, and Carl Paladino in the Republican
Party Primary for Governor.

The Conservative Party Primary for Governor is a struggle for the
heart and soul of the Conservative Party, said Sullivan.

Ralph Lorigo is a real Conservative and Conservative Party leader
in Western New York.

Sullivan challenges Republican candidate Ted Danz to tell voters
who Danz supports in both primaries.

Danz, and his GOP allies, knocked Sullivan off the Conservative
Party ballot line through legal challenges to Sullivan's designating

Sullivan had the support of the Albany County Conservative
Committee and Conservatives in the City of Troy.

State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long, promoted Rick
Lazio and Danz, both enrolled Republicans, for Governor and

Nonetheless, Sullivan is continuing his Congressional campaign
as an Independent write in candidate for Representative in Congress
21st District in the November 2 General Election.

Sullivan notes that the new voting systems which will be used in
the November 2 Election, make write in voting a viable option for
voters who want alternatives to party nominated candidates.

Sullivan has Tea Party support in Schoharie and Albany counties.
and has been endorsed by Veterans For A Strong America.

Sullivan is a truly, independent, citizen candidate for Congress.

He is not asking any one for money. Sullivan believes his message
and positions on issues vital to the survival of America , and all
Americans, presented on his widely read blog, will eventually be
picked up by the media and embraced by voters of the 21st
Congressional District.


The 21st Congressional District includes all of 4 counties: Albany
Schenectady, Montgomery and Schoharie; the Cities of Johnstown
and Gloversville and Town of Johnstown in Fulton County; Waterford
in Saratoga County; the cities of Troy and Rensselaer, Towns of North
Greenbush, East Greenbush and Schodack in Rensselaer County.


Monday, August 30, 2010


Party primaries will be held in two

Voters enrolled in political parties
should vote in those party primaries
Tuesday, September 14 , Noon - 9 PM.

Why? To determine the primary
outcomes, and to learn how to vote on
the new voting systems.  Both will
impact the November 2 General

Democrats  have primaries for -

1. U S Senator (2 year term)
    incumbent Gillibrand v
    challenger Goode

2. A 5 way contest for NYS
    Attorney General - no
    incumbent.   Sean Coffey

3.  NYS Senate  46 SD (Albany County)
     Breslin v Martland.

3. Albany County Surrogate Judge
    incumbent Kate Doyle and 2

Republicans have primaries for -

1. Governor - Lazio v Paladino

2. Lt Governor- Edwards v Ognibene

3. U S Senator (full 6 year term)
    Berntsen v   Townsend

4. U S Senator  (2 year term)
    A 3 way contest: DioGuardi
    Malpass, Blakeman

5. NYS Assembly  105  AD
    Amedore v Parisi

6. NYS Assembly  109 AD
    A 3 way contest: Jennifer Whalen
    James Whalen Craig Hayner

Conservative Party Primaries for-

1. Governor- Republican Lazio
    v Conservative Lorigo

2. NYS Senate  44 SD
    Farley v Opportunity to ballot
    (Democrat Susan Savage)

3. NYS Assembly   109 AD

    A 3 way contest among 3
    Republicans,  Craig Hayner
    Jennifer Whalen, James Whalen

I have underlined my choices in
the above primaries.

For Governor

Republican (and former conservative
Democrat) Paladino  being from Upstate
will be a more formidable in November.

Carl needs to shape up his message and
improve his performance in  media

Read the recently released biography of
Governor Hugh Carey and how he dealt
with the fiscal crisis of 1975.

Lorigo is an enrolled Conservative
and real Conservative who should lead
that party line Nov. 2
Lazio, an enrolled Republican is NOT
a conservative.

Where is Ralph Lorigo? What is his

U S Senator (6 year term)

Republican Gary Berntsen has CIA
experience in Afghanistan and significant
foreign relations experience. Chuck Schumer
does not have these critical experiences.


Democrat Sean Coffey is a U. S Navy
Veteran, graduate of Georgetown Law
School and has significant experience as
an Assistant US Attorney, Southern
District working with law enforcement
as well as private practice experience
in civil and corporate matters.

For NYS Senator, 46th SD

The divil ye know is better than the one
you don't. ( an old Irish proverb)

In this case, we have two progressives who
differ little on the issues.

Therefore, the primary choice comes down
to the progressive you know rather than the
one you don't.

The November 2 General Election may present
a different choice.

Progressivism has destroyed the Democratic
Party and is destroying America.

May Neil come to recognize this, return
to the values of his parents and make
appropriate political course corrections.

For Albany County Surrogate Judge

Democrat Kate Doyle is the experienced
incumbent for the past 10 years. Surrogate
Court is where estate and guardianship
decisions are made. I know of no reason
why Judge Doyle should not be re-elected.

Note: There is no party primary for
Representative in Congress, 21st CD NY.

In the November 2d General Election
voters can choose to vote for incumbent
Paul Tonko (D-I-WFP), challenger Ted
Danz (R-C) or cast a write in vote for
Independent-Conservative Joe Sullivan.

Pass the word to all you know. The new
voting systems make write in voting a
real option.

                                             Joe Sullivan

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Thanks to readers around the world
including: London, Paris, Moscow,
Torino, Dublin and Cork; Riyadh
Jiddah, Gabarone, Mumbai, New
Delhi, and many other places.

Thanks to readers in the USA
Long Island, NYC, Hudson Valley
The Capitol District, Syracuse,
Rochester, Buffalo and Jamestown.

Readers are picking up in Schoharie
The Mohawk Valley, Schenectady
Albany City and County. Troy and
East Greenbush.

Please pass the word and link to
this blog to all you know who live
and vote in the 21st Congressional
District - all of the counties of
Albany, Schenectady, Montgomery
and Schoharie; the cities of Johnstown
and Gloversville, and Town of
Johnstown in Fulton County;
Waterford in Saratoga County; the
cities of Troy and Rensselaer amd
Towns of North Greenbush. East
Greenbush and Schodack in
Rensselaer County.

There are more than a half million
voters in the 21 CD, less than 300,000
generally vote.

This election  is vital to the survival
of America, and the survival of each
of us, and our loved ones.

The people must take back Congress
this year to derail the Obama agenda
of radically transforming America
and preventing him and his lackeys
in Congress (Tonko and Murphy
and the others in Congress, who
are Obama compliant) from
circumventing the Constitution
and destroying our American economy
and  our way of life.

Security is the priority. Our borders
must be secured. No amnesty for illegal
aliens who have invaded our land. No
cap and trade. No unilateral disarmament.
No bowing to our foes; no applauding tin
horn presidentes who insult American
and all Americans.

Repeal Obamacare which is bad medicine.
Extend the so called "Bush" tax cuts which
benefit all Americans who pay taxes. 
No value added (VAT) tax.

Restore social security COLA's for seniors
and suspend the minimum required IRA
distributions for seniors.

End all foreign aid, except where vital
to our national security interests: reallocate 
the billions of dollars to rebuild and expand
our conventional railroad networks and
develop use of our vast coal reserves
employing clean coal technology.

Restore our Constitutional form of
government, including a Congress that
is not a rubber stamp for a President
gone wild, and a Judiciary that interprets
laws made by Congress, rather than
legislating from the bench.

Vote out Tonko, Murphy and the other
Obama followers. Impeach Obama  and
remove him from office, before he does
irreparable harm to America.

Put America First before blind
allegiance to any political party.

Uphold the Constitution , particularly
the First, Second and Tenth Amendments.

Cast informed votes November 2
as if your lives depend on so doing-
because they do!

Pass the word - write in  Joe Sullivan
for Representative in Congress, 21 CD NY
Tuesday, November 2, 2010.

Thank you.

                                        Joe Sullivan

Friday, August 27, 2010


Race to the top? Sounds racist?

New York will be recipient of $700 million
of federal grant money (our tax dollars).

The State Education  Department will skim
off $350 million. The rest will be divided
among certain school districts.

Give the money back to the property
taxpayers who are in desperate need of
property tax relief.

Here in the City of Albany  property owners
will soon receive their school tax bills with
another 4 per cent increase included.

The per pupil cost of "educating" students
in Albany is about $25,000 annually. The
drop out rate in Albany High is about 50%.

Not a good return.

Three seats on the city school board are
up for election, Nov 2.

Does anyone know who the candidates
are? What they stand for? What they will
do to provide homeowners and businesses
with property tax relief? What they will
do to improve educational standards and
performance in the city schools?

Higher taxes and more spending will not
cure the ills of the dysfunctional city schools.

Consolidation of the city schools with city
government, establishing one property tax
roll to fund both,  returning to K-8
neighborhood schools;  making the Mayor
and Common Council responsible and
accountable for the operation/ performance
of the city schools , would be a major step
toward providing property tax relief and
improving education in the city schools.

Candidates for the State Senate and
Assembly have the ability to sponsor the
required legislation to amend state law to
provide for these changes. Will they
promise to do so, if elected, or re-elected?

None of the incumbents have?  Will Andrew
Cuomo, the champion of consolidation of
local governmental units
(except for school districts)
now embrace this idea as candidate for

How about those seeking State Senate and
Assembly seats this year?

Property tax cap proposals are not the way to
go, because caps guarantee annual property
tax increases, and remove the decisions on
school budgets and property tax increases
from  local control of resident voters.

Albany has a shrinking base of homeowner
property taxpayers, who face higher and
higher property taxes every year, to finance
city schools where 70 percent, or more, of
the school population, comes from households
that do not pay property taxes, to support
those schools,

Worse yet, the school population includes
far too many who do not value the education
offered to them, and paid for by property
taxpayers. The 50 percent drop out rate
and poor student performance /behavior
is clear evidence to support this conclusion.

This situation is not sustainable.
As, homeowners with children flee the city
Albany is becoming the home of the elderly
and poor. Who, then, will pay to support
city schools, city services and city

The end is in sight. Will the candidates for
state offices, this November 2, present viable
legislative proposals to address this situation?
Will the voters demand that the candidates do?

                                                    Joe Sullivan

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Incumbent Paul Tonko (D-I-WFP) has
3  ballot lines and the wrong message.
Tonko is a rubber stamp for the Obama-
Pelosi agenda to radically transform

Challenger Ted Danz (R-C) has 2 ballot
lines but is a weak candidate with no
message. His paid supporters were
recently standing at  the intersection
of Rte 155 and Western Ave waving his
signs to passing traffic. No one honked
in support.   Why should they?

Family Tonko-Danz are both party hacks.

I can't wait until there are some debates
between Tonko and Danz. Tonko will talk
circles around the hapless, clueless Danz.

But ,Tonko will go easy on Danz, because
he is the straw GOP candidate chosen to
take the count in the November 2 General
Election giving Tonko a sure path to a
second term.

There is a third option for Representative
in Congress, 21 CD NY -  my write in

Write in - Joe Sullivan for Representative
in Congress, 21st CD.

Local media and debate sponsors will not
mention my name, or my very substantive
blog or include me in any debates, because
I have no ballot line.

Additionally, I am not asking anyone for
money , so the local media won't get any
infusion of cash from me for mindless ads.

The irony is that I am the strongest
candidate with the clearest message, who
puts the futures of America, and all
Americans before political party.

Campaign reform? Term limits?  I am
these things, and more.

My campaign is your campaign. It is
up to the citizen voters to pass the word.

This is America and a write in successful
write in campaign can happen where the
candidate has a message that is right for
the time.

This is the situation in the 21st Congresssional
District of New York.

Pass the word to all you know.

Learn how to do a write in on your November
2 ballots. Then, do it!

Thank you.

                                     Joe Sullivan

                                     Write in candidate
                                     Congress 21 CD NY


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It is a cool, damp overcast day in Albany.
Mick and Paddy are out in the backyard
sniffing the air and looking at the sky.

They know another summer of their lives
is on the wane. Soon the leaves will turn
brilliant colors as the nights get cooler.

They are cool weather dogs having been
born in the Fall. Nine years ago they were
pups frolicking in the frosty Autumn air
beneath the White Pine and chasing one
another around the spruces and cedars.

They love the snow and winter. I know
they are looking forward to our winter
walks in the woods on the nearby mountain.

They tolerate living in the city, but they
are happiest running loose in the fields
and meadows.

The backyard is quiet this day. No bees at
work around the flowers. No birds chirping
in the trees. No squirrels trying to raid the
bird feeder.

Paddy and Mick sense that change is in
the air. In their behavior and eyes I know
that they are thinking about the mystery
of life and how they seasons of our lives
quickly pass by.

102 years ago this day, Grandfather Mike
drew his last breaths, at age 34, in the hot
dry desert air of the Nevada gold mining
camp of Rhyolite, near Death Valley.
Grandmother Julia was near death with
typhoid. My father, Rob, George and Lizzie
all had scarlet fever.

Many miles to the North in the bustling
mining town of Butte, Montana, 
Grand Uncle Black Jim was tending bar
in his saloon on the Anaconda Road in
Dublin Gulch. Bridie Soonish and her
husband were doing the same at the
Five Mile House, near St Patrick's
Many others were going down in the
mine shafts to dig copper.

Great grandfather Sean Harrington
A Buaile (Sean of the Field) breathed
his last, at age 67, his lungs ravaged
by the quartz dust of the mines. The
fate of all miners.

Pats Cohou lived to his  late eighties.
Pats  told me, he was wise enough to get
out the mines as quickly as he could.
Pats worked in the Butte brewery

Miners con they called it.

Sean  lived many years longer than
most of the relations who went mining
in Butte. Most died in their twenties
and thirties. Sean did not emigrate from
Beara until he was in his fifties. So, his
lungs were clear from breathing the sea
air that blows in from the Atlantic over
the mountains and glens of the Beara

Sean lived longer than two of his sons
who emigrated with him. Both died
in their early twenties.

Around late August 1968, I was in Butte
and met Nellie O Sullivan A Buig, who
was in her late 8o's. Nellie was a relation
from the next farm in Inchinteskin. Her
mind was clear as the mountain air.

Nellie knew my grandfather Mike and
all that family well.

In 1904, Nellie went first to relations in
the copper mining area of   Upper Michigan.
Black Jim, paid her way to Butte, where
she lived out her days.

Nellie and my father's sister Liz could
have been twins. Same stature, looks
lilting speech, eyes and demeanor.

Nellie told me of life in Butte. The
thick smog from the mines and smelters.
Mines being worked around the clock.
Three 12 hour shifts. Mine and train 
whistles, noise, dust, moments of joy
and more of sadness.

Yet, Nellie loved Butte, and said she
wouldn't live anywhere else. Hundreds
and hundreds of relations were there
over the years to keep her company,
if only for a while.

Nellie lived on with her memories. She
was kind enough to allow me to record
a few.

Hard rock mining was a hard life, indeed.

                                            Joe Sullivan

Monday, August 23, 2010


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created
equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain
unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the
 pursuit of Happiness.

From the American Declaration of Independence

Islam, the politically correct progressives
(Democrat and Republican) who control
government at the federal, state and local
levels, labor unions, such as the United
Teachers and SEIU, and those who run
the Capital District Community Gardens
share a common goal - subjugation and
control of the masses, for our own good
and the greater good of all. (So they say)

Tyranny is still tyranny, no matter how
well tyrants try to spin it.

The challenge before Americans in 2010
is to renew our unalienable Rights of Life
Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness as
expressed in the Declaration of Independence
by the Founders of our Nation.

We will not be subjugated to Islam and
Sharia law.

The Constitution does not say that we have
to be doormats for those who are out to
subjugate or destroy us, be they foreign
or domestic.

Nor, will we be subjugated by politically
correct progressive politicians who take
from those that have, and who have earned
what they have;  to redistribute that wealth
to those who have not, and who contribute
not to the betterment of society.

We will take back Congress and government
at the state and local levels beginning with the
November 2d General Election and subsequent

We will reclaim the White House and
Washington from a President, Congress
and Administration that is set on
fundamentally (radically) transforming
America,  bowing to and appeasing our foes
unilaterly disarming our military , and
circumventing our Constitution.

We will restore our Constitutional
Representative form of government, which we
inherited from the Founders, and which has
been paid for over and over again, by those who
have served, and do serve, in our armed forces.

Government can't save us. We must save
ourselves, our government and our country.

If the American voters fail to do these things
by casting informed votes,  November 2
predicated on putting America First, before
political party and politically correct 
progressive political ideology, we will lose
America, and we shall lose our Life
Liberty and the pursuit of  Happiness.

We will have failed the Founders, and all
who have gone before us, ourselves and
all who come after after us.

                                                 Joe Sullivan

Sunday, August 22, 2010


A good friend sent this response to the
previous post:

Thanks for the family history, Joy, it's a treasure.

Over the years while being admonished to be this and do that for the good of my soul and so that I could go to heaven (in the future, of course) I struggled with my inner self to formulate some few words to answer the question of my belief. The following is the best that I have been able to do:

That which is divine, is divine and wants no mere human sanction, as it has been generously shown that it transcends as such comprehension.

Anything that is created, divine or otherwise, whether a garden or a world is done so by act of love, and is cherished by its creator for all that it is, or is not, and for all it can become.

Therefore be joyful for everything that is and for everything that you are, even so that you must suffer the worst of it to know the best of it.

                                                                       Joe Sullivan

There is a little church in Kilcatherine
RC not Church of England. As I recall
it, the Church of St Catherine is in a
small village consisting of the church
a post office, three pubs and about a
dozen or so houses.

My father went to Mass at St Catherine's
his father, grandfathers and great grand-
fathers before him.

Great grandfather, Michil Anna  O' Sullivan
had a row there, in the 1800's, with the P.P.
(Parish Priest) when the P.P. read Michil
Anna's name from the altar to shame him
for not  making the customary Christmas

In my father's day, the West Cork IRA
flying column hid their rifles and ammo
in that church above the altar. The
Black and Tan's never knew.

When in Eyeries, I stayed on the Strand
Road with relations Noreen and Joe (The
Post) O Sullivan. St. Catherine's Holy
Well, a popular place in the 1800's is
in a shed at the back of the house.

Mish Kish Mountain lies to the North.
Since medieval times, it has served as
the commons were the sheep of local
farmers mingle together in summer.

Coulagh Ard (The High Field) and
the home place of my great-great
grandparents John O'Sullivan (Shearhig)
and Mary Murphy, is on the West
slope facing the Atlantic off in the

Below is Inchinteskin , the home
place of my grandfather Michael J
and his parents, Sean Michil Anna
O Sullivan and Johanna O Sullivan
Shearhig.  Before them it was the
home farm of  Michil Anna O Sullivan
who came over from Adrigole ca
early 1800's and his wife  Sile
O' Sullivan, Ni Hurrig of Cahirkeem.
Michil Anna was a block of a man, with
raven black hair and dark eyes. Sile
was 6 foot 1 in her bare feet .

Down the Strand Road from Noreen
and Joe's, lies Coulagh Bay and the
ruins of the home of Murthy Oge
O'Sullivan, a soldier of fortune  in
the 1700's ,who held a Commission in
the Austrian Army of Maria Theresa,
who fought in France and at Culloden
Moor with Bonnie Prince Charlie.
Murthy Oge was also a smuggler and

Murthy Oge's sloop would quietly drop
anchor in Coulagh Bay, laden with
French wines, brandys and silks. Fires
were lit on the beach and the boyos
came down from the surrounding
mountains and glens to enjoy the
hogsheads of brandy.

When they awoke, they were at sea
on their way to fight in the armies of

As late as the 1980's, Cousin Mary Stephen
Paddy O, who , with tumbler of Irish
whiskey in hand, in O Neill's Pub, sang
to me in the Irish.

After, I rode out to Urhan, with Cousin Big
Michael Hanley, Mary Stephen Paddy
O and some of the others. The women
bid Michael pause at the Gortnabulliga
graveyard, just West of the High Cross.

As we sat there, Mary Stephen Paddy
O, and the other old women, began to
lament for their husbands who lay at
rest in the graveyard.

Then, they took up a lament for  all
our ancestors who had been impressed
by Murthy Oge, 200 years before. They
concluded by cursing the memory of
Murthy Oge (The Impressor).

Many times I stopped at St Catherine's
Church to say a prayer, and also
visited Cousin Donal Harrington's Pub
across the street, just opposite the
front door of the Church. Also, O Shea's
 Pub, at the back of the church, just beyond
the  old village water pump, where my relations
Paddy Houlihan Suvane, the Harringtons of
Kilcatherine, Murphy Maheesh of Inchinteskin
and the Harrington's of Goulane would gather.
Or O'Neill's Pub  across the street from
the church, where Big Michael and
Paddy Suvane , the Cronins, Michael
Crowley, of Urhan, Con O Sullivan  of
Filedarrig, and more relations would gather
for the customary sing song on Saturday
evenings after the vigil Mass.

Safe to say,  the number of pints of  Guinness
consumed, and songs sung, far exceeded the
number of prayers said.

One day long ago, the Parish Priest
was giving a sermon about the joys of

Murphy and some of the other men
were standing in the back of the church
as was their custom.

The priest asked for a show of hands -
who was ready to go to heaven?  Almost
everyone in the church raised their
hands, except for Murphy.

The priest repeated his question and
still Murphy did not raise his hand.

The priest said: Murphy, - is it so, you
don't want to go to heaven?

Murphy paused for a moment and
replied, sure and I do, Father,  but I thought
you were leaving now. Not now, for me

We can agree with those who believe in
Islam- God is Great. But we have different
views of Heaven, what it is like, who gets
to go there, and what they must do to get

Islam, Christianity, and our Constitutional
Republican form of government  here in
America, are simply, not compatible.

Nor, is Islam compatible with the way of
life in Beara.

Like Murphy, heaven may be a wonderful
place, but many of us like our lives here on
earth and are not in a hurry to go just now.

There is a line in the Irish ballad Galway
Bay that goes..."The women in the uplands
speak a language that the strangers do not
know. They came and tried to change us, but
they may as well try to light a penny candle
from a star".

So, it is with those who follow Islam.

Leave us be as we are. Don't come, and don't
try to change us. If you can't live here in peace
and assimilate into our way of life - leave.

For those Americans who mistakenly believe
that the the furor over the siting a mosque in
the shadow of Ground Zero, is about religious
freedom and First Amendment Rights - it is
not.  Those who believe this, do not know the
true nature of Islam.

                                           Joe Sullivan

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Many thanks, Schoharie Patriots!

----- Original Message -----


Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2010 11:48 PM

Subject: [SPAM] Ted Danz, Tea Party Persona non grata

Ted Danz, Tea Party Persona non grata

Much as we hate to admit it, Ted Danz is not a friend to the Tea Party. Recent published reports on his GOP ties and issues with the "all to familiar" antics of the ingrained Two Party system have made Danz an insider, not the outsider he claims to be.

We find no difference between the "way" Danz does business than the way Tonko does business. A wink here, a nod there , a backroom deal here and slap on the back there, Danz has shown himself to be just another political party hack willing to make deals for the office. Danz is Chairman of the Guilderland Republican Committee and Vice-Chairman of the Albany County Republican Committee I'm at a loss as to how he can portray himself as an "outsider". His attempt to align himself with the Tea Party is only smoke and mirrors. The only thing the Tea Party means to him is votes. What the Tea Party stands for and what the Tea Party wants will fall on deaf ears if he is elected.

Ted Danz running for the 21st Congressional Seat is a lesson to be learned in "politics as usual" whether it's the GOP or Democrats his actions to lock out any third party candidates is typical "business as usual". Although we seem to associate ourselves more with the GOP and a "conservative" approach, the Tea Party has to remain independent of the two political "factions" and his actions speak louder than words.

We received a call from people supporting Danz and the call was an attempt to "bully" the Tea Party and "strong arm" what we say, what we do and who we can support and not support. It was a blatant attempt to make the Tea Party "tow the line". Fortunately they ran straight into Mimi who, if you haven't figured it out yet, doesn't like being bullied or strong armed.

I placed a call to the person representing Danz's who made the call to Mimi. Our conversation was amicable and he admitted he was the one who challenged Joe Sullivan's signatures to stop him from "taking votes away from Danz", in essence it was political hardball from the Albany GOP. Everyone surrounding Danz is part of the GOP/Republican party and from my conversation all they do is present Danz as a grassroots conservative when he is around the Tea Party and behind close doors in Albany he is just part of the same old GOP/Republican machine.

Although we won't endorse candidates, we do let our members know who is running. We feel a vote for Danz is no better than a vote for Tonko. We need change not a Democratic Hack or a another GOP Hack. So far the only candidate that has shown a true grassroots campaign is Joe Sullivan.

As we conclude our vetting on possible candidates, we'll keep all the members informed.

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Do not tread on Schoharie Patriots.

In colonial days, and the first half of the
19th Century,  the people of Schoharie
and Albany Hill Towns fought the rent
wars , against the tyranny of landlords.

In 1845, they elected  a Representative to

They can do it again!

Today, Schoharie and Hill Town Patriots
are leading the way in restoring our
Constitutional Republic.

AMERICA FIRST before any political

Listen carefully and you will hear the
sound of drums along Schoharie Creek
the Mohawk, and along the Hudson.

Free Soil and free America from the
tyranny of the Obama-Pelosi-Tonko
agenda of radically transforming America
and the lives of all Americans.

 Right on!  Write in  ....   Joe Sullivan

                                           for Representative
                                           in Congress, 21CD NY

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am delighted to report that this blog
is being read widely around New York
State, The United States, Canada, Europe
Russia, The Middle East, Africa and
South America.

Now, if only we can get it more widely
read in the 21st Congressional District
of New York, we can pull off a suprise
in the November 2 General Election.

Send the link to Lonerangeralbany to
10 others in the 21st CD. Ask them to
do the same, and keep the word going.

Share what you read here with all whom
you know,  particularly those not
connected to the internet, and ask them
to do the same.

Together, we can defeat the Obama-Pelosi
Tonko agenda of radically transforming

Right on! Write (print) me in November 2
as your Representative in Congress, 21st
Congressional District, New York.

First order of business: vote out Pelosi as
House Speaker. Next, Impeach Obama
before he can do more harm to America.

Secure our borders and ports.

End all trade, tourism with Mexico and
embargo any transfers of money from
the U S , by banks and individuals, until
the Mexican government puts an end to
the drug cartels, drug trade and illegal
immigration from the Mexican side of
the border.

Deport the illegal aliens incarcerated
in U S prisons and jails, which amount
to a third or more of the U S prison

No amnesty, jobs or benefits for the  tens of
millions of  illegal aliens who have invaded
or land.

Declare all terrorists, foreign and domestic
to be enemy combatants. No civil trials. Try
them in military tribunals.

Repeal, or do not fund, Obamacare.
Obamacare is bad medicine.

Extend the so called "Bush Tax cuts" which
have benefitted all Americans who pay taxes.

Conduct a thorough review of the billions
of dollars in foreign aid. End all but what
is essential for our national security purposes.
Reallocate funds to benefit our own Nation
and citizens.

Import more hydropower from Canada.
Develop America's vast coal reserves and
clean coal technology, while safely tapping
domestic natural gas and oil resources.

We must prepare now for the day when
oil is too scarce and expensive, and eventually
not available at any price.

In the 21st Congressional District, expand
local agriculture to produce food for the
Capital District, as well as for processing
and export.

Restore our regional manufacturing base
including food processing, transportation
equipment and machinery and consumer

Rebuild and expand our conventional
rail network, including light rail to
connect urban places with suburbs and
rural areas, and restore trolley systems
in urban places.

Restore the Erie Canal and Hudson
River waterways to move heavy freight.

End the Hudson River PCB dredging
boondoggle and reallocate the money and
jobs to rebuilding the aging water-sewer
systems in Troy, Cohoes, Watervliet
Waterford, Rensselaer, Albany  and

Finally, if you want campaign reform
and  term  limits.......
I am your man.

Right on! Vote Tonko out! Write me
in November 2nd.   Pass the Word.

Thank you.

                                      Joe Sullivan

                                      write in candidate
                                      Representative in
                                      Congress, 21 CD NY

Sunday, August 15, 2010



To vote the incumbents out - you can
now write-in qualified citizen candidates
who have a clear message and specific
stated positions on issues vital the the
survival of America and all Americans.

This information is posted on the
candidate websites.

My campaign is unique in that I am
relying on the internet to post my
message, and issue positions...and
I am relying on you to pass the word
to all that you know.

Send them the link to my website:

or download it and share it with those
not connected to the internet

or simply talk with them and ask them
to vote for me, explain why, and how.

I am asking no one for money. I will not
beseige you with  expensive media ads
litter your doorsteps with literature or
litter the landscape of the  21st Congressional
District with lawn signs, billboards etc.

If you want to elect a genuine, independent
citizen Representative in Congress from the
21st Congressional District - it will be up
to you. You will have to do more than simply
vote in the September 14 party primaries
and November 2 General Election.

You will have to make the effort to inform
yourself and actively participate in the
elections by utilizing the internet as well
as the more traditional methods of word
of mouth.

Local and national talk radio afford you
a superb way to become informed, as well
as  participate in campaign 2010.

My campaign is your campaign. When
you vote for me, you are voting for what
I stand for -

*opposition to the Obama-Pelosi-Tonko
agenda of radically transforming America

* putting  America First over political party

and most, if not all, of the clear positions I
have posted on Lonerangeralbany pertaining
to the issues vital to the survival of America
and each of us.

I am doing my part. I challenge you to do

Thank you.

                                 Joe Sullivan

                                 Independent Write in
                                 Candidate for
                                 Representative in
                                 Congress, 21 CD NY