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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4 Polls open 6 am - 9 pm

WRITE-IN (PRINT) JOSEPH P SULLIVAN for Congress 21st District

HOW? Read October 21st statement (below) and click on link which explains how.

WHY? Read the October 21st statement, scroll down and read my responses to the TU voters guide and compare those to the responses of
Paul Tonko and Jim Buhrmaster in the TU Voter Guide for Nov 4.

Compare our responses to the Spotlight Newspapers voter guide for the
September 9 primaries. (Click on link)

Scroll to earler posts , listen to and compare our radio interviews with
Bob Cudmore (click on link)

Compare the websites of Tonko and Buhrmaster with my mine. I trust
you will conclude that I offer more substantive, precise stands on issues
vital to our mutual and national survival.

If you concur, write in (print) JOSEPH P SULLIVAN by lifting the
slide, either to the left, or above the column for Member of Congress(depending on which voting machine
is at your poll) and printing my name. Use a number 2 pencil because
pens tend to skip or not write when held horizontally. Bring a pencil
with you to the polls.

Write in voting puts you in charge. What could be more democratic?

Thank you.

Joseph P Sullivan


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Albany, New York
21 October 2008

To The Voters, 21st Congressional District,

We may be living through the last days of America. Our mutual
and national survival hinge on who we elect to the Presidency
Vice- Presidency and Congress on November 4.

Make the effort to become as fully , and accurately, informed as
possible before you cast your decisive votes.

The dust of the past party primary season has settled. We
know who the party nominees are. Beyond that we must sort
through all the rhetoric, hype and spin, in an effort to
determine which candidates offer the best hope for our survival
in a troubled world and troubled times.

We must look closely at the candidates to judge whether or not
they measure up to dealing effectively with the challenges we face.
Sadly, most contests for political office, come down to choosing
the divil you know, rather than the one you don't. One thing for
sure, this is no time for on the job training.

The economy has taken center stage in the closing weeks of
campaign 2008. However, national security remains the priority
issue and principle responsiblity of the next President
Vice President and Congress.

If we are not secure, the economy will collapse, civil disorder and
anarchy will follow, and America ,as we have known it, will cease
to exist.

Our enemies are circling us like sharks in the water. Radical
Jihadists have come to dwell amongst us, and are waiting to strike.
We have failed to secure our borders, ports and nation.

Iran is continuing to acquire nuclear weapons and is poised to
take over the Mid East oil fields when, and if, the U S military and
naval forces withdraw. The U S can not withdraw so long as
imported oil is the lifeblood of our economy. Russia is holding
Europe hostage to oil and natural gas, while building air defense
capability for Iran.

Russia and Iran have allied with Chavez of Venezuela and have
the ability to place conventional missles there, that can reach
any city in the U S and Canada

For the past weeks, since the September 9 primary, I have spent
most of my time working in the garden, walking Mick and Paddy,
observing the change from summer to fall, and reflecting on life.
Change happens and we adapt to survive.

All the while, I have kept an eye on what the party nominees for
Congress in the 21st Congressional District have done or not done
said or not said.

I analyzed the primary results. Paul Tonko won the five way
Democratic Primary with 38 percent of the vote. About 24 per
cent of eligible Democrats voted. 76 percent did not.

Congressional Quarterly rates the 21st District as a safe
Democratic seat because of the party enrolment edge.
CQ notes that 21st District Democrats are largely
conservative. There are 174,000 Democrats in the
21st Congressional District.

However, there are more than 400,000 voters in the 21st
Congressional District who are eligible to vote in the
November 4 General Election.

Paul Tonko, the Democratic Party nominee, has ,thus far
gotten 9 percent of that eligible district vote. Paul has not
changed his tune on any issues since the primary. Look at his
website . Do you agree with his issue priorities and stands?

It is obvious that Paul is the candidate of special interests
and party partisans; that he is coasting toward a November 4
win based on keeping a low profile and relying on a Democratic
Partyline vote .

The circumstances and challenges we face call for putting
America first before political party on November 4.

Therefore, I make myself available as a write in candidate for
Congress 21st District, thereby giving all 400,000 plus 21st
District voters an alternative candidate to vote for.

All that is necessary, is for each of you to study the 3 years of
postings on my
compare it with the websites of Paul Tonko and Jim Buhrmaster
for Congress, in terms of priorities and stands on issues, and
cast your votes.

Casting a write in vote is easy.
See: . When you go to your
polling place, study the posted election ballot and instructions.
If you need assistance, ask the election inspectors to show you how
to do a write in vote. Fear not, this is America, still, the election
inspectors are there, not to represent parties, but to insure fair

Be sure to take a number 2 pencil to the poll, and to make sure
that you lift the slide and write in (print) my name
.... JOSEPH P SULLIVAN... in the
correct column for Congress. NOTE: some polls have Shoup
voting machines with vertical columns, like the City of Albany.
The write in slots are to the left side of the machine. Other polls
have AVM voting machines, where the write
in slots are at the top .

Absentee and Military ballots provide for write in votes also.

When you write in my name, you are sending a message that you
support the positions I have taken on the priority issues in
campaign 2008.

We win when we help to shape the thoughts , outlooks and
actions of those who purport to represent us in government.

Thank you.

Joseph P. Sullivan

Friday, October 10, 2008



My entire AOL Journal (2005-2008) has been imported to this site
where it archived.

Watch this site for future postings regarding local, state and
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