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Wednesday, March 12, 2008



It has been said: "Beware of the Ides of March"...a time of impending doom.

On the national and state political scenes, the Ides of March have been a time of doom for some in political life; but of Hope for  better days for America and New York.

On the national scene, Hillary raised the issue of who is best qualified to be Commander In Chief?  She meant to promote herself over Obama. Her ploy backfired. It is clear that neither Hillary nor Obama are best qualified. Hillary's ploy made John McCain the instant frontrunner in the deciding issue of the 2008 elections.

The Democratic Party is like Humptey Dumptey, so fractured, that even all the King's men can't put it back together again. If Hillary can't be the nominee,  Obama maybe, but he won't win the Presidency.

Obama is style and no substance, lacking experience and judgment to be President in these perilous times, when the very survival of our nation is on the line. His wife, is not First Lady class, and a detriment to Obama's quest to be President.

John McCain appears to be close to choosing Mitt Romney as his VP running mate. A wise move.  There can be a division of labor between McCain and Mitt. McCain as Commander in Chief, with solid credentials,   can handle foreign affairs. Romney brings his economic skills/abilities and can be responsible for the homefront.

McCain, may not say much about the borders, or disavow his previous amnesty solution to the problem of tens of millions of illegal aliens who are already here. That can be addressed in 2009  and beyond.

One can not be an effective Commander In Chief in the War on Terror, while leaving  the borders porous, and allowing the Trojan Horse of illegal immigrants to remain within our borders. It is well known that many al Qaida operatives are posing as Mexicans, and other Latins.

From the economic and social welfare viewpoints, allowing largely unskilled illegals to remain here. will only make hard times worse for Americans, who will, out of necessity have to take jobs, now performed by the unskilled illegals. Having large numbers of unskilled, unemployed people, who are not proficient in English and who demonstrate a reluctance to be assimilated into American culture, creates  unneeded stress on our economy, social services, medical care, criminal justice, political and public education systems.  It further divides an already divided nation.

In New York State the Ides of March have brought both doom and hope.

Fare thee well to Eliot Spitzer, Silda and family.

On Day One everything in New York changed...but for the worse.

 Beware of those Presidential candidates who run on a theme of change, without offering any clear specifics as to the nature of that change.

March 17 offers Hope for better days in New York.  Governor Paterson and Lt. Governor/Senate Majority Leader Bruno can work together for better days in New York. Speaker Silver will fall in line. He can not afford to be the spoiler or obstructionist in the present political climate.

The viability of the two party system in New York will be maintained. That is good for Upstate and all New Yorkers.

Hope springs eternal from the Ides of March.

                                                                                   J P Sullivan


Thursday, March 6, 2008


Buckingham Pond/Crestwood Neighborhood News March/April 2008

J P Sullivan 438 5230

BPCNA Neighborhood bounds: (N) Western Av (S) NYS TW (E) S Manning (W) Rte 85

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH. All residents are watch members. Be alert. Observe and

report suspicious individuals/activities to APD 458-5660 and/or Anti-Terror Hotline at

1-866 SAFENYS (723 3697). Hard times are here and we can anticipate more crime,

particularly home break ins during the daytime hours and robberies at night. Schools,

synagogues, hospitals, gasoline stations, roads, bridges and utility lines are potential

terrorist targets. Terrorists and their domestic allies are lying in wait.

EMERGENCY/DISASTER PREPAREDNESS is the resposibility of every individual and

household. Don't look for government to save us. Local schools, churches, synagogues

have failed to prepare to serve as refuges. We are on our own! See your neighborhood

website for further information.

CITY PROPERTY TAX ASSESSMENT. Our homes are worth less, but our city and school

property taxes continue to increase every year. Be sure that you have filed for veterans,

senior and STAR exemptions. May 1, property tax rolls are open for inspection, and you

may challenge your assessments during that month. Contact the Albany City Assessors

office, City Hall 434 5155 for further details.

PLANT A TREE in your front yard, or curbside, this Spring. The City has a tree planting

program: call 434 7480. The Albany County Soil and Water Conservation District has

tree transplants/seedlings, shrubs and flowering plants for sale. You must order by

March 19. Call: 765 7923. Trees add to your property values, provide visual beauty,

shade and combat growing air pollution from increased vehicle traffic on local streets.

THE 2008 ELECTIONS are crucial to our personal survival and that of ournation. We are

in a stealth world war. The jihadists are sworn to destroy us. They are already among us

and have plenty of potential allies from among the tens of millions of illegal aliens and

native-born malcontents. Failure to secure our national borders has put us in grave danger.

The principal role of the next President, is that of Commander In Chief. National security

is the primier issue. All others pale in significance. This is no time for party politics as usual.

The next President and Vice-President must have military experience. Ideally, the same

holds true for the next Member of Congress to represent us in the 21st District. We are in

a war for our very survival. This is no time for on the job training or pandering to the

myopic views, and agendas, of the assorted special interest groups and media.

Voters have the ultimate challenge of casting informed votes for the best candidates to

lead our federal and state governments in these dark days. Gender, race, and party are

irrelevant. Choose carefully. Our individual and collective survival hangs in the balance!

For more, go to:


a block Captain, on a committee, or work on special assignments. Call 438 5230.

Pass the word.                                                                                                           Joe Sullivan

Saturday, March 1, 2008



The solution to tens of millions of illegal aliens in our midst, is for  federal and state governments to adopt the following policies:

No employment, social services, educational benefits, drivers licenses or voter registration without proof of U S citizenship.

Illegals will stop coming, and most already here will return to their country of origin, PRONTO.

Securing our borders, and resolving the problem of tens of millions of illegals ,within those borders, is as essential to our national security, as is combating terrorists in foreign lands.



                                                                                       J P Sullivan