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Friday, May 22, 2009


Tuesday, May 26 at 7:15 pm The Albany
County Legislature will hold a public
hearing on Local Law A - legislation
that would regulate ammunition sales
in Albany County.

The County Legislature should defeat
this proposed Local Law which violates
the Second and Fourth Amendment
Rights of law abiding citizens and
compromises the ability of those citizens
to defend themselves, their loved ones
and their property in the civil disorder
and chaos can be expected to follow
terror attacks and/or natural disasters.

Recall Katrina?

The public should show up at this
hearing and demand that the Albany
County Legislature defeat proposed
Local Law A.

Joe Sullivan

Let's get our national, state and local
priorities straight.

We are at war. Foreign terrorists and
their domestic allies seek to destroy us
and our way of life.

National security and public safety
are our top priorities, if we are to

The economy, health care, gay marriage
ghost tickets and sundry other issues
that occupy media and public attention
won't matter when the next round of
coordinated, systematic terror attacks

Closing Gitmo is not the answer.
Nor, is transferring foreign terrorists
to our soil, for trials in our judicial
system and incarceration in our
prison system.

Perhaps, we should reverse the process
transferring all foreign and domestic
terrorist, in our juducial and prison
systems, as well as those arrested in
the future,to Gitmo for military trials
and incarceration.

Maybe, time to reestablish Devil's Island.

Diplomacy with and appeasement of
terrorists and national states that harbor
them, is equally futile.

Government can't save us. We must prepare
to save ouselves. Every individual, household
school, church and synagogue, as well as
businesses and health care providers, must
make serious emergency/disaster
preparedness a top priority.

Time is short. Our survival is on the line!

Joe Sullivan


Dredging of the Hudson River to "clean up"
PCB contamination has begun.

A major political blunder that will cost a
billion or more dollars, and only make matters

This mess can't be "cleaned up". Best to let the
PCB's in river bottom sediments alone.

Disturbing the PCB"s trapped in river sediments
will only cause more water pollution downstream
and add to air pollution in the Capitol District, as
sediments are placed on land, dry out and become

3 related articles illustrate the nature of the

*(article appeared next day after this post)


The billion or so, and six years make work jobs
would be better spent on rebuilding the aging water
and sewer sytems of Albany, Troy, Watervliet
Cohoes and other downstream cities.

When the gas becomes too expensive, or not
available at all, the ozone problem will be diminish.

Populations will be forced to return to the cities.
The cities must be prepared to accommodate
population growth in the coming decade.

Start now, by rebuilding water/sewer and other
urban infrastructure, as well as revitalizing
neighborhoods, that contain neighborhood
schools and churches.

Work with the Diocese of Albany to rescind church
and school closings in Albany, Troy, Watervliet and

Now, that is Smart Growth!

Joe Sullivan

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sullivan For Albany Common Council President

Democratic Primary, Tuesday, September 15 Noon- 9 pm

Leadership results as President of the Buckingham
Pond/Crestwood Neighborhood Association, 22 years.

SULLIVAN LEADERSHIP has contributed to:

* Restoration of Crestwood Plaza as a neighborhood retail-service plaza anchored by Crestwood Pharmacy (2005)
* Defeat of a proposed 12 story luxury apartment tower/parking garage comlex on a 7 acre steep-sloped, wooded ravine containing 2 small wetlands on Krum Kill Rd (2004)
* County clean-up of the "Boopsie" brownfield site, Whitehall at New Scotland Ave and defeat of 2 attempted commercial rezoning attempts for the three-quarter acre parcel (1994-2000)

* Advocating the 3/4 acre parcel become the Dan O'Connell Memorial Pocket Park.

* Halting County second round spraying in result to emergence of West Nile Virus in mosquitoes, Advocated use of biological controls (2000)
* Defeat of 2 attempts to build a huge megabox drug store at Krum Kill Rd and News Scotland Ave (1999-2000)
* Defeat of proposals to build a 3rd middle school at Whitehall Rd or on Krum Kill Rd (2000)
* Defeat of two attempts to rezone 635 New Scotland Ave (at South Manning Blvd) commercial (1997-98)
* Rezoning Albany Muni Golf Course and Hartmann Rd Community Garden site Land Conservation (1994) Defeat of luxury housing proposal on 60 acres of old back nine, which would have obscured views of Catskill Mt Three Sisters Peaks (1993)
* Rezoning Buckingham Pond and adjacent lands, Land Conservation resulting in creation of Buckingham Pond Park (1994)
* Defeat of proposal to convert Mercy convent, New Scotland Ave into office building (1994)
* Creation of permanent green spaces on New Scotland Ave at South Manning; and the conifer screened acre at Krum Kill Rd/ New Scotland Ave (1987)

* Promotion of senior housing construction on the 8-10 acres of woodland, Whitehall Rd and
News Scotland, so that long term neighborhood senior residents can transition from their
current single family homes and remain in the neighborhood.

* Promotion of a 23 acre neighborhood green belt bordered by Krum Kill Rd/ Crescent Dr
Rte 85 and NYS Thruway. See neighborhood website for details.

J P Sullivan