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Saturday, March 31, 2012



Is the Albany Common Council
going to vote yes on Monday
night, April 2 on bonding to
extend the life of the Albany
landfill for about 10 years?

At least 3 Council Members
are playing irresponsible
political games.

Any Council Member who
votes "NO" on the landfill
bonding resolutions is not
looking out for the well being
of the City, city residents
and city workers.

Read the excellent Times
Union coverage by Jordan
Carleo-Evangelist to
understand the need for
a "YES" vote on the bonding
Monday night.

Pay particular attention
to the statements by Mayor
Jennings and City Treasurer
Kathy Sheehan, which explain
why approval of the landfill
bonding is the right vote.

10 of the 15 Common Council
Members must vote "YES"
on the bonding resolutions
Monday night.

Call/visit your Common
Council Member  ASAP.
Tell him/ her to vote "Yes".

Those that vote "No"
will be put out with the
trash in 2013, when they
stand for re-election!

                        Joe Sullivan

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our Best Pals
                                              Joe Sullivan

In the past few weeks 16 NATO
soldiers have been  shot and killed
by Afghan army and police "allies".

Guardian Angels are now
assigned to watch over our
troops while they sleep and
go about daily activities:
All the valiant U S and other
NATO troops serving in
Afghanistan are sitting ducks
for attacks by  Taliban and
Al Qaida operatives who
have infiltrated the ranks
of Afghan soldiers and police
who we are training and
who are supposed to be our
Worse still, our troops in
large concentrations on
fixed bases are prime
targets for Iranian missles.
This is a no win situation.
Time to withdraw and
redeploy our troops to
the Mexican border and
End all assistance to
Afghans and Pakistan.
We cannot trust either.
India can deal with
Pakistan and replace
NATO in Afghanistan.
America needs a Guardian
Angel as Commander in Chief.
Time to relieve the current
imposter of command.
He has failed to secure our
borders and ports.
Tens of millions of illegal
aliens, among the Al Qiada
and assorted Jihadists have
invaded our homeland and
are running amok, plotting
our demise.
Leftist, progressive, politically
correct Democratic Governors
and elected officials at county
and city/town levels afford
these illegals sancutary status
placing us all at greater risk.
The illegal alien problem is
a trojan horse that can bring
America down.
U S Immigration policy has
to be revised. No admittance
from countries that spawn
Their American born offsprings
are often "citizen Jihadists".
Other native born anti-social
malcontents, including
gangbangers and the like, are
natural allies of the Jihadists.
A terrorist is just a terrorist
whether foreign or native
The local Democratic organization
met tonight. Viewing the tv
coverage, one can not but conclude
that these people have not a clue
of what grave danger we are all
They are sure to trip over
themselves supporting the
Imposter in Chief for reelection.
The media will promote it
all, reaping a windfall of
campaign cash that keeps
them in print and on the air.
Partyline lemmings all!
We have no General
George Patton
to save America.
Save yourselves, if you can.
                                 Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, March 27, 2012



Our personal health care and
liberty, the health of our Nation
and our Constitution are before
the Supreme Court.

Obamacare is bad medicine.
It undermines our liberty and
is a major step toward  President
Obama's goal of fundamentally
(radically) transforming America.

President Obama has an ally in
20th CD Congressman Paul Tonko
who voted for Obamacare in a
partyline vote , along with his
Democratic colleagues in Congress.

Will the U S Supreme Court uphold
the Constitution or will the Court
be complicit in fundamentally
(radically) transforming America?

Our personal health and liberty as
well as, the health and future of
America are at stake.

Pay close attention.

                                Joe Sullivan


Congressman Paul Tonko has
a profile:

and a record :

Homeland Security, health care
the economy, immigration and
upholding the Constitution
are priority issues in the 2012

Tonko on homeland security:

Tonko has an announced
challenger who is petitioning
to get on the Republican and
Conservative ballot lines for
the June 26  congressional
primaries.. Bob Dieterich.

Dieterich has the support
of most 20th CD Republican
and Conservative county

This means Dieterich will
likely emerge with the
Republican and Conservative
ballot lines  June 26
unless another candidate
submits valid petitions by
April 16, to qualify for the

Dieterich is an enrolled
Republican  who qualifies
for that ballot line June 26
so long as he submits the
requisite number of valid
petition signatures - 938.

To qualify for the Conservative
ballot line, Dieterich must
obtain at the valid signatures
of at least 3.75 percent of
the active enrolled Conservative
voters in the new 20th CD
which includes all of
Albany and Schenectady
counties, and parts of Saratoga
Rennselaer and Montgomery

In addition, the State Conservative
Party organization must issue
a certificate permitting Dieterich
to appear on the June 26 primary

A primary would occur if an
enrolled Conservative were to
submit the the required number
of valid petition signatures by
April 16.

No authorization of the state
Conservative Party organization
would be needed since the
petitioner is an enrolled

Bob Dieterich is a nice guy
a military veteran, a family
man and a banker.

How does Bob measure up
in comparison to Paul Tonko
in terms of profile and most
importantly on key issues
in the most important election
of our time.. when the survival
of America, and all Americans
are on the line?

Judge for yourselves:

Now, there is an enrolled
Conservative, who is not such
a nice guy, but, who has  a
record and very clear stands
on key issues of the day.

If he could qualify for the
Conservative ballot line
and obtain some financial
support, he would be a
formidable challenger
to Tonko.

Hint: Hi Ho Silver.
Read: lonerangeralbany
and judge for yourselves.

It is up to enrolled Conservatives
in the CD. If they want
one of their own to carry the
Conservative Party ballot line
in the June 26th primary and
November 6 General Election
they can make it happen.

Or will Conservatives be content
to be simply an adjunct ,of one
or the other, of the two major
political parties?

If not, yours truly will have
to be content with doing his
part in state and city politics.

C'est la vie.
                        Joe Sullivan

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Took a ramble around the
pond park this morning.

The pond park is on
life support.

Now is a fine time for
taking a photographic
inventory of the pond
park, highlighting assets
and identifying issues/
 problems that need
to be addressed.

Water quality is poor.
The result of a number
of factors including
but not limited to:

1. The pond is shallow
2.  Siltation is occurring
     at a rapid rate because
     of bank/shore erosion
3.  Excessive use of lawn
     chemicals and road salt
     on lawns and roads
     in the pond watershed
4.  Presence of invasive

Remedies include: 
dredging, stabilizing bank
shore erosion by planting
trees/shrubs that tolerate
wet sites, reducing and
eliminating excessive use
of lawn chemicals and road
salt in the pond watershed
and control of invasive

The pond park needs of a
short and long term
reforestation plan.

1. Take a complete inventory
     of existing woodlands, trees
     and shrubs.

2.  Using a system of colored
      ribbons, identify:
      a) vines to cut from trees
         particularly in  wooded
         areas of the south and
         west of the park

      b) trees that contain dead
           branches that overhang
           pathways, picnic and
           play areas, and which
           present safety hazards

      c) dead trees that present
          similar hazards

      d) varieties of mature and
           young trees that should
           be protected/ nurtured

      e)  sites for planting
           a greater diversity of
           young trees and shrubs
           for the future.

           Suitable varieties of
            low cost young trees/
            shrubs can be obtained
            now from local county
            soil and water districts

      f) areas where underbrush
         and dumped yard wastes
         should be removed
 Pathways need a top dressing
 of  coarse blue stone. The
powered blue stone surfaces
do not drain well, become
slippery when wet.

Red Osier Dogwoods should
be planted the length of the
recently installed crushed
stone path, south side park
between Euclid and Lenox.

Big rocks or a guard rail
need to be installed at the
foot of Lenox, south side
to prevent pedestrians on
the park path below, from
being hit by vehicles who
fail to make the right turn.

The dead tree overhanging
the path at that location
needs to be removed before
someone is injured.

Many more improvements
are needed. See numerous
earlier posts in archives

The City of Albany can
make some of these

Citizen groups like the
Buckingham Pond
Conservancy and others
can handle many of
these improvements.

                     Joe Sullivan


Sunday, March 18, 2012


Our troops in Afghanistan can't trust
those that we are training to take over
Afghan security.

Time to go home. Now!  Let Afghans
fend for themselves, as they have for

Our troop concentrations are sitting
ducks for Iranian missles, which if
they come into play, will cause huge

Leave now, while there is time to
avoid this scenario.

Back on the home front, which has
become the front line in the war
on is also an issue.

Because of failure of of federal
and state governments to secure
our borders and deal with the
security threat that is a result
of millions of illegal aliens
invading our land; as well as
many  legal immigrants and
their American born offspring
who are sleeper terrorists...
plotting and planning our

We are at risk from attack
from within.

Our foes are circling us
like sharks.

Iran is collaborating with
Venezueala to build missle
launching sites capable of
reaching cities in the U S
and Canada.

The Mexican government
is collaborating with China.

North Korea and Pakistan
are two unstable nations
with nukes.

Iran will soon have nuclear
weapons capability, if not
already having it.

China is building it's navy
while our navy is in decline.

Who is tracking Chinese
submarines and surface
ships capable to launching
missles at North American
cities and targets?

America and all Americans
are in grave danger.

Leftist politicians, their media
allies and their Lemming like
followers/supporters are blind
to the risks we face.

So - who are we to trust here
on the homefront/frontline?
The politicians? The media?
College/university faculty?
Public school teachers?

Those who have come to our
shores legally and illegally
from lands and cultures that
condone Jihad?

Make no mistake. Security
is the paramount issue in
the 2012 elections.

Existing politicians are
unwilling/unable to ensure
our security. Most of those
who seek to be elected this
year, are no better.

Success in the business world
alone, does not translate to being
an effective political leader
at this time, when the survival
of America and all Americans
are at stake.

Wise up people! This is no
time for politics as usual, nor
for political correctness that
is blind to these realities.

Take a hard look at the
incumbents and challengers.
Do any make you feel safe?

Who among them has a
clear understanding of
what is at stake? Who
has the ability to lead
us to security, to restore
our Constitutional
Republic and to restore
our economy?

Who do you trust?

                      Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


As another Patrick's Day is
nearing a dawn in America
my thoughts drift over the
Atlantic to the Beara Peninsula
of West Cork.

My roots run deep in Beara
and I am fortunate to have
many relations there.

O Sullivan ancestors and relations
include following branches of the
clan:  Sounish (Killaugh - Western
Parish), Shearhig,-Coulagh Ard
Sean Vil Anna -Inchinteskin, Cohu
in Faunkill, Ni Hurrig-Cahirkeem
all in the Northern (Eyeries) Parish
Mhicil Anna Boy -Downey in
Adrigole, Keach and Raibach in
the Tuosist (Kerry) Parish.

Harrington ancestors and relations
include: The Caobachs of  Goulane
Uxside, Derrivore, Kilcatherine
all in the Eyeries Parish, and the
Causkey's of Allihies and Dursey-
Western Parish; and Eyeries Parish.

Then there are the Murphy-
Maheesh in Inchinteskin-
Coulagh Ard.

Not to forget the Crowleys' Hanley's
Hartnett's, Powers, Houlihans,
McCarthy's, Dennehy's, Kellys
Cronins and Lowneys.

Needless to say, I am very proud
of them all, as well of those who
were among the "Wild Geese"
who fought in the armies of
Europe at places like Fontenoy
and Culloden, or the Regiments
of England the world over as
well the French and Indian
Revolutionary, Mexican and
Civil Wars in America as
well as the Great War, WWII
Burma, Korea and Vietnam.

Those who went down to the
sea in ships.

Those who went to Australia
New Zealand, Africa, South
America , The Middle East
South and East Asia.

Those who went to the mining
camps of the American West
including, Virginia City, the
Washoe, Cripple Creek, Butte
Tonopah, Rhyolite and the Yukon.

Those who went ranching in
Nebraska, South Dakota and
Montana, or sheep herding in

Those who went mining copper
in the UP Michigan or farming
in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa 
or digging canals and building

Those that landed in places
like Boston, Fall River, The
Five Points/Bowery of New
York, Quebec, Ontario, St Johns
Spokane, Portland, Seattle
Chicago, San Francisco and LA.

Those who went to fight for

Those who landed in Charleston
by way of Barbados and the
Caribbean Islands, or New Orleans
and fanned out to Tennessee
Kentucky, the Great Lakes
region,  Texas and the frontier
where many served in the
U S Cavalry as well as the CSA.

Thanks be to God that their
bloods flow in my veins.

May those who are gone never
be forgotten. May those who
carry on, live up to their
tradition and fight for liberty
whereever they be.

A Blessed Patrick's Day to all.

                  Joe Sullivan

OH, Paddy dear! and did ye hear
the news that's going round?...

How's poor old Amerikay and
how does she stand?

She's the most distressful country..
being fundamentally transformed.

The Constitution being trod under
foot. Our survival and liberty on
the line.

A divided nation with an apathetic
uniformed electorate which has
allowed the election of tyrants
to public office at every level of
government and a despot to the

The flag of red, white and blue
will soon turn to China's red and
the Wearin' o the Green will
ne'r be seen,nor heard agae.

The future of America and
all Americans, will be
determined by the outcome
of the 2012 elections.

Go to:

Click on music and read
the words...

                   Joe Sullivan

Monday, March 12, 2012


The Governor and Cardinal
appeared on the Fred Dicker
Show, Talk 1300 radio today.

Listening to both brought to
to mind The Fox and Crow

                           Joe Sullivan



It is a sure sign that America
is heading for oblivion, when
contraception becomes more
important than conception
and upholding the Constitution.

                          Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

COMPARE 2010/2012

Friday, June 4, 2010



Joseph P Sullivan of Albany is the

announced Conservative candidate

for Congress 21st District.

Sullivan is an enrolled Conservative

and a true Conservative.

Sullivan opposes the Obama-Pelosi-Tonko

agenda to fundamentally (radically) transform


Sullivan says security, at the national, state

and local levels ,is our top priority.

When we are not safe, nothing else will matter.

Sullivan is a strong advocate of emergency/

disaster preparedness by individuals, households

schools, churches, synagogues, our health care

system, businesses and public utilities.

Sullivan will vote to repeal Obamacare, which is

bad medicine; vote against amnesty for illegal aliens

against cap and trade, and against imposition of a

VAT tax.

Sullivan opposes foreign terrorists, and their

domestic allies in civil trials in NYC, or anywhere

else in the United States. They are enemy

combatants to be tried by military tribunals.

Keep GITMO open.

Sullivan will vote to Impeach

Barack Hussain Obama, to extend

the Bush tax cuts, to secure our national

borders and ports, and to

exempt seniors, over 701/2 from the

annual minimum IRA distribution

requirement for the next 5 years

Sullivan has called for abandonment

of the the Hudson River PCB dredging project

and reallocation of the nearly billion dollars to

rebuilding the aging water-sewer systems of

down river cities, including Troy, Cohoes,

Watervliet, Rensselaer and Albany.

This is a real jobs plan that will help prepare

the above cities for the return of population

that will occur as oil becomes too expensive

and, eventually, not available at any price.

Sullivan opposes high speed rail advocated

by Tonko. High speed rail is a pipe dream that

would cost billions of dollars to build, and require

billions more, in government subsidies to keep

such a network operational.

Instead, Sullivan advocates investing in the

upgrade of our rail roads to move freight and

passengers, building of light rail lines to connect

rural areas and suburbs with cities - looking

toward the day when oil is too expensive, or no

longer available to sustain current commuting


Sullivan advocates restoration of the Erie Canal

and Hudson River waterway and ports to move

freight, for the same reason.

Sullivan advocates restoring our manufacturing

base and maintaining/expanding agricultural

production for local food supply as well as for

processing and export.

Go to Sullivan's very complete and detailed

website for more:

                                           Joe Sullivan


The 20th Congressional District
2012 priorities include:

1. Relieving the inept Commander
in Chief of command

2. Repealing Obama care

3. Sending Paul Tonko into a
    well deserved retirement

4. Securing the Mexican

5. Immediate withdrawal
    of our troops from

    It is a tribal area, not
    a nation. We can not
    trust those Afghans
    we a training to take
    over their own security.

    As long as Pakistan
    harbors Taliban and
    Al Qaida we are wasting
    lives and spending huge
    sums of money for naught.

    Our rationale for being
    in Afghanistan was and
    is to deny the above a
    training ground.

   Ironically, by remaining
   there, we're providing
   them with lots of training.

   Failure to secure our
   borders has resulted
   in the U S A now being
   the prime terrorist
   training ground for
   our foes who have
   invaded our land and
   dwell among us
   planning and plotting
   our demise.

   The Homefront has
   become the front line
   in the war of terror.

   Bring the troops home
   and put them to work
   securing the Mexican

6. Increase the size and
    capability of our Navy
    and Air Force.

    Like the Slater our
    Navy will soon be
    designated historical
    unless we act now.

7. Security is the Priority
    issue at the national
    state and local levels.

    When we are not safe
     there will be no
     economy or economic

8. Emergency/Disaster
    Preparedness is a
    priority for all.

    Save yourselves.
    Government can't
    and won't.

9. Oil is the lifeblood
    of our economy and
    way of life.

    Build the  Keystone
    pipeline to bring oil
    from Canada!

10. As back up
    develop natural
    gas and clean coal

11. Build light rail
     lines to connect
     Saratoga with
     the Cities of
     Albany, Troy
     Schenectady, so
     people will be
     able to commute
     when oil becomes
     too expensive, or
     not available at
     any price.

12. Can the Hudson
      River PCB dredging

      Reallocate the
      money and
      manpower to
      rebuilding aging
      water/sewer systems
      in Albany, Troy
      Watervliet, Cohoes.

13. Tap into the 765
       KV power line
       that will bring
       Quebec hydro
       electric power
       to NYC.

      Use this electricity
      to promote economic
      development and
      jobs, as well as for
      home heating.

14. Safeguard our local
      reservoirs and acquifers.

15. Overhaul the whole
      food stamp program.
      Phase out EBT cards
      limit purchases to
      basic foods essential
      to survival.

      Return to a monthly
      distribution of surplus
      commodities including
      milk, cheese, butter
      oatmeal, flour, peanut
      butter, potatoes, carrots
      turnips, rice  etc.

      Farmers, not grocery
      chains will be kept in

      If there are no farms
      or farmers, there will
      be no food.

      Obesity will cease
      to be a concern.

16.  Reduce government

17.  End government
       of our lives and

18.  Uphold the U S and
        NYS Constitutions.

19.  Iran must not get
       nuclear weapons.

       Nor, should Iran
       be allowed to put
       missles in Venezuela
       within easy reach of
       cities in U S & Canada.

20.  Save Social Security
       and Medicare for those
       who pay into it during
       their working years.

       By rebuilding our
       cities, transportation
       and utility infrastructures
       and our manufacturing
       and agricultural bases
       more people will have
       jobs and there will be
       more people paying
       into these programs
       sustaining them

Scroll through past years
of lonerangeralbany blog
entries for much more.

Please disregard posting
problems that result from
google blogger interface

The above is a clear agenda.

Now, all you need is a
candidate who will act on

Petitioning to qualify for
the ballot begins March
20. Filing date is April 10.

Call me at 438 5230 if
you wish to participate.
Petition witnesses must be
enrolled Conservatives
or Notary Publics/
Commissioners of Deeds.

Time is short. Our futures
and that of our Nation
hinge on the outcome of
the 2012 election.

There won't be any
second chances.

We need people in
office who put America
and their constituents
before political party
and political power.

                    Joe Sullivan


The 20th CD lines are taking shape:

A GOP contender, Robert Dietrich
has surfaced:
No website to reveal where he
stands on vital issues of the day.
No history of speaking out on
those issues.
Conservative?   Jim Burhrmaster
Chair of Schenectady County GOP
says Bob is "very conservative".
We shall see.
Chairman Burhmaster also observes
correctly, "For anybody on the
Republican side running against
Paul Tonko, ..the biggest challenge
.. Albany...particularly the city..
is a formidable challenge."
Albany is the geographic center
of the congressional district.
Albany Democrats are more
likely to vote for a Conservative
than a Republican, and more
likely to vote for a candidate
who is well known to them and
who lives in Albany.
The congressional seat has
traditionally been held by
a resident of Albany County.
Joe Sullivan, a resident of
Albany, an enrolled Conservative
received honorable mention
as a write in candidate for
the seat in 2010, with regard
to his "command of the issues
particularly on foreign affairs"
Sullivan is author of a widely
read blog which contains years
of posts on issues relevant to
serving in Congress:
Sullivan  stands ready, able
and willing to be the Conservative
candidate for Congress 20th
District, NY in 2012.
The survival of America and
all Americans is on the line
in the 2012 election.
                                 Joe Sullivan