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Friday, May 28, 2010


Give up the ghost, EPA.
Dredging is only redistributing the PCB's
causing more harm than good.

Reallocate the billion or so dollars, and
jobs, to rebuilding the aging water/sewer
systems of downriver cities, including
Troy, Cohoes, Watervliet, Albany and

See post archives for earlier statements
relating to Hudson River PCB dredging.

Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Both seek to fundamentally (radically)
transform America. Both are out to
destroy America as we know and love it.

Andrew McCarthy says two things stand
in their way: (1) Our Constitution and
(2) Our concept of Liberty.

I listened to McCarthy on Sean Hannity's
radio show yesterday. McCarthy presented
a most lucid analysis of the relationship
between Islamists and American progressives
who dominate government at the federal
state and local levels.

McCarthy's book "The Grand Jihad" should
be required reading for every true American

To save America from this destructive duo:

1.American progressive politicians must defeated
in September party primaries and the November
2 General Election.

2. Terrorist civil trials must not be held in NYC, or
anywhere else in the United States. Terrorists are
enemy combatants and shall be tried by military

3. Gitmo shall remain open. No terrorists shall be
incarcerated in American prisons.

4. Building a 13 story mosque at the NYC WTC site
shall be denied.

5. No amnesty for the tens of millions of illegal
aliens to have invaded our land.

6. Muslim immigration to America shall be ended.

7. Muslims already here can chose to become
Americans, adopt our culture and live by our laws
or leave.

We have been attacked, and invaded, by a foe
that is conducting a Jihad, both by violent and
stealth means. Either way, the end result is
destruction our Constitutional Republic and
loss of individual liberty.

Americam progressive politicians, and their
supporters, are aiding and abetting this Jihad
whether by intent, or through ignorance. They
must be driven from public office.

The Tea Party Movement must create an
independent Liberty Party line, in New York
for the November 2nd General Election, and
support patriots as candidates, on that ballot
line ,for U.S. Senate, Congress, Governor
State Senate and Assembly.

Liberty is the essence of the Declaration
of Independence, The Constitution, and
the Tea Party Movement.

The survival of America, and all Americans
are on the line in the 2010 elections.

Security, national defense, emergency/disaster
preparedness are the priorities. We are not safe.
We are not ready. Far too many Americans do
not comprehend what is at stake. That includes
the mainstream media.

Joe Sullivan


Obama bows to our enemies and permits
Tin Horn Presidente Calderon to insult
America ,and all Americans, at the White


Impeach Obama before he ruins America!

Presidente Calderon goes before Congress
demeans America and gets polite applause.

Congressman Paul Tonko does not stand
up for America. Vote Tonko out of Congress
on November 2nd!

Joe Sullivan

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Look for Governor Paterson's bill
Monday, May 24; and Legislature's

Joe Sullivan

It is a citizen movement larger than anyone
person. The following article and comments
provide insights explaining the Tea Party

Loyalty to America transcends loyalty to
any political party.

Political parties exist to gain control of
government. They go by different names
at different times, in different places, but
there is very little difference between them.

There are really only two parties: those in
power and those who seek to be in power.

Reduced to their essence, political parties
today, are largely ballot lines.

The Democratic and Republican parties
have strayed far from their origins. Of
the minor parties, the Working Families
Party is the extreme union, left of the
Democratic party.

The Independence and Conservative
parties have the potential to make a
major difference this critical election
year in New York - if they run candidates
who are truly independent and conservative
who understand the challenges we face
and who present the right message to
deal with those challenges.

2010 is the most critical election facing
American voters since the Revolution
and founding of our Constitutional

The survival of America and New York
State, as well as all Americans and all
New Yorkers, are on the line in 2010.

The mainstream media are no more
than cheerleaders for the Democratic
administrations that control all
branches of the federal and New York
State governments.

An informed citizenry, fully participating
in 2010 party primaries and the November
2 General Election is our only hope to
combat the tyranny of those who have
highjacked the Democratic Party , America
and New York State.

The first order of business is to qualify
candidates for the ballot that meet the
aforementioned criteria.

This is done by signing designating petitions
starting June 8, and continuing during
the remainder of June, so that these
candidates obtain the required number
of valid signatures to be on the ballot.

A voter's signature on a designating petition
amounts to a vote that the candidates signed
for have a message that the voters agree with.

Incumbents can be sent a clear message by
voters NOT signing the designating petitions
of those incumbents, who have failed to
represent the needs and views of their

Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Two Presidentes are meeting in Washington DC.

One has an agenda of fundamentally (radically)
transforming America. The other is a key partner
in that agenda.

Neither is serving the best interests of America
nor Mexico.

Presidente Obama is no Gringo. He and
Presidente Calderon are amigoes who are
playing the race card to the detriment of the
peoples of both nations.

The Heritage Foundation frames the key issues
involving both the U S and Mexico in this report:

Presidents Calderón and Obama have a duty to their citizens to advance a responsible neighbor policy focused on security and law enforcement cooperation, the legal movements of migrants and temporary workers, and mutually beneficial trade and investment ties founded on transparency, rule of law, and respect for national sovereignty.

If Presidente Obama were a Gringo, he would
announce an embargo of Mexico. No U.S.
tourism to Mexico, freezing transfer of money
from the U S to Mexico and halting trade with
Mexico; until Presidente Calderon ,and the
Mexican government ,seal their border with
the United States and bring an end to the
drug trade and illegal immigration into the
United States, from Mexico.

If Mexico applied it's harsh treatment of
persons illegally entering Mexico to those
engaged in the drug trade and associated
violence, and those illegally entering the
U.S., both problems would be quickly

Calderon should be sent high tailing it for
the Mexican border.

As for Presidente Obama, American voters
must send him a clear message in 2010.

*Secure our National borders and ports.

*No Amnesty for the tens of millions of
illegal aliens who have invaded our land.

*No jobs, or public benefits, of any kind
for illegals.

*Immediate deportation of all illegals in
U S prisons and jails to their countries of

*No U.S. state or local government
sanctuary policies regarding illegals will
be tolerated.

Presidente Obama should also be sent
high tailing for Mexico, if he fails to adopt
these policies. He would find out, first hand
how Mexico treats illegal aliens who
violate Mexico's borders.

Presidente Calderon should concentrate
on reforming his corrupt government, at
all levels; and providing for the development
of a safe, properous nation, free of drug
violence. A nation whose citizens do not
have to sneak across the border to find a
better life.

Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, May 18, 2010



In the more remote parts of West Cork
and Kerry, locals practice a form of
mountain commons grazing or
transhumance that dates back to medieval

Why not apply this practice to Thacher
Park to keep the fields and grass areas
trim and tidy?

Albany County Executive Michael Breslin
said while the county doesn't have money
for the parks, he will work with organizations
to reopen Thacher and other sites in the county.
Read more:

Reach out to local farmers to put sheep and goats
to graze Thacher during the summer months.
Border Collies and Australian Shepherds can
keep an eye on the stock as they graze, keeping
the grass well trimmed. The herds can move
from one part of the park, to another, so that
overgrazing does not occur.

Cornell Coopertive Extension of Albany County
could coordinate this effort, with local farmers.

As for rest rooms, how about the Plumbers and
Steamfitters Union volunteers getting the rest
rooms up and running? Other volunteers could
keep them clean and tidy.

Parking lots can be maintained by volunteers
from city, town and county street and highway

Prisoners from the county jail could assist under
supervision of guards, in any or all of the above
chores. Prisioners will earn their room and board
while doing a public service. They, and the guards
will benefit from getting some fresh air and sunshine.

Various organizations could adopt specific parts
of the park, hold volunteer working picnics to
keep those parts of the park operational and in
good form.

Law and order, and security, could be kept by
volunteers from state, city, town law enforcement
agencies. City and volunteer fire departments
and local hospitals could provide volunteers
for EMT and emergency service.

Volunteers from county, city and town water
and health departments could make sure that
the park water supply is functional and safe

Need more volunteers? Where are the many
thousands of Thacher supporters who signed
petitions on Facebook?

Need to raise money? How about some groups
holding a few concerts on summers evenings
at Thacher?

Come on people - use your imagination. Do
your part to transform America back to the
way it was in days gone by.

Joe Sullivan

Monday, May 17, 2010




Locally, we have school budget votes. Are
property owners, in particular senior
citizens, who are getting no social security
cola's for two years, going to vote for or
against school school budgets that increase
spending and property taxes? Will they
turn out to vote at all?

On the national political scene, there are
a number of House and Senate party
primaries that may provide some indication
of what voters may do in the November 2
General Elections.

Of most note is that the Tea Party Movement
is only identified as a factor in one contest -
the GOP primary for U S Senate in Kentucky.
And it that contest, the involvement constitutes
"endorsement". Anything else?

The Tea Party Movement does not appear to
be a factor in the Democratic primaries in
Pennsylvania and Arkansas.

One might argue that the Tea Party Movement
will have most impact in the November 2
General Elections. Maybe. Maybe not.

Here in New York, particularly in the Capital
District, one must note that the Tea Party
Movement has, yet, to embrace announced
candidates, or field candidates of their own
for most State Senate, Assembly and
Congressional seats in the November 2
General Election

Debbie Busch GOP candidate for NYS Assembly
104 District and Chris Gibson GOP candidate
for Congress 20th District have support of Tea
Party groups.

However, if the Tea Party Movement is to be
a successful force in the November 2 General
Elections, the Tea Party Movement has to
get behind announced candidates for state
legislature, particularly the State Senate
where control of that body and maintaining
a balance of power are key issues; and
congressional races in every district, where
repealing Obamacare, and opposing the
Obama-Pelosi agenda of fundamentally
(radically) transforming America are at stake.

The First day to circulate, sign and witness
party designating petitions, June 8, is fast

The Tea Party Movement has to get on the
November 2 General Election train, now, or
be left behind on the train station platform.

Time for speeches, meet ups, rallys, protests
are over. The name of the game, now, is
action to support candidates to qualify for
the November 2 General Election ballot. In
a word petitioning. This requires organized
effort to get the requisite number of valid
signatures of enrolled party members on
particular party designating petitions during
the month of June. No small endeavor.

Joe Sullivan

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Governor Paterson has ordered the park closed.

Read story and reactions of people: and

Thacher Park can be kept open, with a bit
of creativity.

The grass can be kept trimmed by herds of
goats and sheep grazing the fields.

Prisoners from the Albany County jail can
maintain the rest rooms and parking lots.
It will be good for prisoners and guards
to get out in the fresh air and sunshine.

Local Boy Scout/ Girl Scout and Cub Scout
troops can adopt parts of the park , where
they can hold camp outs and do needed

Tea Party folks can also adopt and maintain
parts of the park, in coordination with the
thousands who have signed up on facebook
save the park sites.

The people must rise to the challenge and
not submit to gubernatorial tyranny.

PS : Read the Thacher Park deed carefully.
Does the family bequest contain a clause
that the park reverts back to family owner-
ship? If so, heirs could decide to sell off
the present park lands for condos and
other development.

Governor Paterson must rescind closing
Thacher Park, without delay!

Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Barack Hussain Obama and his lackey
Paul Tonko (CD21) tout green energy and
green jobs.

They are just blowing smoke.

Their policies will cause huge increases
in electricity costs for consumers and
increase unemployment far beyond
the current 10 percent.


America is blest with huge coal reserves.

To survive the energy crisis we are going
to have to promote use of clean coal for
power plants to supply us with constant
affordable electricity , to heat our homes
and, yes, to run our improved rail system
to move both freight and passengers.

Obama and Tonko are leading America
down the wrong road.

2010 and 2012 elections offer American
voters a last chance to avoid America
becoming a trainwreck.

Joe Sullivan

TU Washington Bu Chief, R. Dunham, has
informative article:

Why? Obama's agenda to fundamentally
(radically) transform America. Obamacare
followed by amnesty for tens of millions
of illegals, which will open door to tens
of millions more of their relations to come
to U.S. Add to that cap and trade bill and
appointment of numerous czars, bypassing

Paul Tonko (21st Congressional District)
and Scott Murphy (20th Congressional
District) support Obama and Pelosi in
the move to radically transform America.

Bye, bye Tonko and Murphy, November 2.

Joe Sullivan

Conservative for
Congress, CD 21

Monday, May 10, 2010


New York has a budget crisis that is the
result of the State Legislature and Governor
spending too much. Last year they approved
a 9 billion dollar spending increase. It is not
suprising that the state has a similar budget
shortfall now.

Holding state workers hostage is not the
answer. State workers have homes, families
and are faced with rising property taxes and
rising costs for food, medical care and other
life essentials.

The Governor's furlough plan, unfairly singles
out state workers, for what amounts to a 20
percent cut in pay, at a time of economic
hardship for all capital district residents.

If implemented, this wage cut will negatively
impact spending in malls, further reducing
sales tax revenues for local counties, which
are used, in large part ,to pay for medicaid,
social services, jails and other programs.
How will counties make up lost revenues?

Meanwhile, almost all local school districts
have presented school budget increases
that are to be voted on May 18. These
budgets invariably translate into property
tax increases of 4 percent ,or more, at a time
when homeowners and businesses are
struggling to stay afloat.

City school districts in Albany, Troy and
Schenectady, in particular, have high
drop out /low graduation rates. Taxpayers
are not getting a fair return on their ever
rising costs of financing these schools.

How about the Governor and State Legislature
furloughing school administrators, and
teachers too? Why no effort to limit school
spending, so that there are zero property tax
increases this year?

Keep in mind the high rate of unemployment
and spectre of more housing foreclosures.

Maybe property taxes should be indexed
to school performance and the level of
drop outs?

Why are the Governor and State Legislature
not enacting changes in state law to permit
cities like Albany, Schenectady and Troy
consolidate city schools with city governments
create one property tax roll to support both
return to K-8 neighborhood schools, and
make the mayors and city councils responsible
and accountable for the performance of
city schools?

City schools are dysfunctional, in large part
because far too many pupils come from
broken, dysfunctional homes. Neither those
pupils, nor their parent(s) have any respect
for learning.

The Governor and State Legislature have
to make changes in social services programs
and, the federal government must make
changes in the monthly social security
("crazy money") payments that reward bad
behavior and bad attitudes of pupils and
their parent(s).

The County of Albany, and other counties
can no longer serve as dispensers of
social servives to a growing population
of recipients. This is unsustrainable.

In the current economic climate - climate
change is necessary.

In sum, holding state workers hostage with
an ill concieved furlough program is not
the answer. It will only result in more
economic hardship for, them and for the
rest of us.

Joe Sullivan


Thacher, and other state parks, and historical
sites are not out of the woods, yet. Keep up the
pressure on your State Senators and Assembly
Members! Governor Paterson, too! Don't forget
Congressional Representatives Tonko and
Murphy as well!

Joe Sullivan

Sunday, May 9, 2010



Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The State Senate passed legislation raising
the cap on charter schools. The Assembly
appears likely to block this bill because
the powerful teachers unions give lots of
money to Assembly candidates.

The Albany City School District/Board
has approved a budget larger than last
year and a 4 per cent property tax

Remember the Comptroller's December
2009 Audit which found significant waste
in the Albany City Schools?

What about the 50 percent, dropout rate?

Students, their parents and city homeowners
and businesses , who pay ever increasing property
tax increases ,are not getting a sound return on
their investment.

Perhaps, time has come to make all city schools
charter schools? Offer all high paid senior
teachers and administrators an early retirement
deal. Enact a residency requirement that all
new teacher hires live in the City of Albany.
Return to K-8 neighborhood schools. Eliminate
wasteful busing expenses. Merge city schools
with city government. Create one property tax
roll to finance both. Make the Mayor and Common
Council accountable/responsible for operation
and performance of city schools.

Making all city schools charter schools will
permit curriculum changes to tailor urban
education to turnout responsible, productive
citizens who contribute to society and improve
their station in life.

Put these questions on the May 18 school
budget ballot. Let's see how the property
taxpayers, parents and students respond.

Are any Assembly incumbents or challengers
bold enough to embrace the above changes
and push for the necessary amendments to
state law?

Joe Sullivan


End the PCB Hudson River PCB dredging
boondoggle now! Dredging up sediments
from the river bottom only increases the
amount and downstream distribution of
waterborne PCB's.

Leave the sediments be. Don't waste
another dime on a futile "clean up" project.

Reallocate the half billion, or more, dollars
and all the labor/effort, to rebuilding and
improving the aging water/sewer systems
of downstream cities like, Troy, Cohoes,
Watervliet, Albany and Rensselaer.

See numerous identical posts on this site
archives - over several years time.

EPA cannot be trusted. Look at how many
days (12) passed before EPA Director Lisa
Jackson addressed the Gulf oil rig disaster.

Joe Sullivan

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday, May 03, 2010



Joe Sullivan