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Thursday, June 26, 2008


26 JUNE 2008
Contact:  JPS 438 5230
Joseph P. Sullivan, of Albany, Democratic candidate for Congress, 21st
District, N.Y., hailed today's U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding the
constitutional right of law abiding citizens to keep guns in their homes
for self-defense.
Gang related gun violence has escalated rapidly in urban places like
Albany, Schenectady and Troy. It is only a matter of time until this trend
impacts the suburbs of these cities, Sullivan said.
It is imperative that law abiding citizens are able to bear arms to protect
themselves, their families, their homes and property, particularly in the
age of terrorism where gangbangers and other anti-social malcontents
are the  likely domestic allies of the foreign terrorists, who seek to destroy
us and our way of life, said Sullivan.
Sullivan reminds voters that, while oil and the economy have center stage
now, we must remember that our nation is under an elevated or significant
risk of terror attack(s) warning. When, not if, those attacks, come,  oil won't
be available at any price, and the economy will falter.
Having arms will enable law abiding citizens to survive the ensuing urban
chaos and civil disorder which will follow. Sullivan said.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


SULLIVAN for CONGRESS  21st District, New York
17 June 2008
Contact JPS 438 5230
Joseph P Sullivan, of Albany, Democratic candidate for Congress, 21st District, said today, that
Governor Paterson's  proposal is not property tax relief.
The proposal, prepared by the commission appointed by former Governor Spitzer, provides for a 4 percent "cap" on annual school property tax increases. If a school district increases taxes 1 percent, it can roll over the 3 percent credit to the next year, thus raising school property taxes 7 percent in that year.
This is not property tax relief, said Sullivan. The state is simply , in effect, mandating tax increases that can be rolled over to succeeding years. This acts like compound interest, because the tax base continues to grow each year. The Governor's proposal takes away school budget increase determinations from district voters, in effect, taking away local fiscal checks and balances.
The state could provide real property tax relief for homeowners and businesses, by passing legislation that dissolves local school districts and boards, creating one property tax roll and vesting control and accountability for school performance and budgets with local city and town
elected officials., Sullivan said.
Local voters should retain the right to vote down a school budget proposal and the state law must be amended to provide that all votes are final and reruns! The last year's budget simply carry's over.
Sullivan said the recent Siena College poll finding that 76 percent of those polled want school property tax relief .. but,  does not mean that the respondents want the plan proposed by the Governor.
Voters want school property tax relief, but let the state get it right before passing more legislation that only aggravates the problem, said Sullivan.


18 June 2008
Contact: JPS (518) 438 5230
Joseph P Sullivan, of Albany, Democratic candidate for Congress, 21st District
supports the truckers Capitol convoy which will arrive at the State Capitol on
Thursday, June 19 at about 10 AM.
The purpose of the convoy is to motivate state legislators to provide fuel tax and NYS Thruway toll relief to truckers.
If the state legislature grants truckers fuel tax and toll relief, this will keep trucks rolling and result in lower food prices at local markets, said Sullivan.
New York State and Federal governments, have experienced a fuel tax windfall as a result of the rapid escalation of fuel costs. Both governments can, and should, provide fuel tax relief to truckers, which translates into food cost relief for all, Sullivan said.
                                                                               J P Sullivan
                                                                               438 5230

Monday, June 16, 2008


Our survival as individuals, families and a nation is on the line in the 2008 elections.

Who you elect President and Vice-President, and to represent you in Congress will determine whether we survive or not.





are the priority issues in campaign 2008

If we are not safe, none of the other domestic and social issues will matter.

Individuals, churches, synagogues and schools must  prepare for emergencies and disasters, including terrorist attacks.

Do not look to government to save us..

We must act to save ourselves!

Oil is the lifeblood of our economy and way of life.

Oil is becoming costly.

Soon it will be rationed and then not available at any price.

The United States must maintain military, naval and air forces in world oil producing regions , and on the seas to ensure a steady flow of oil to the Homeland.

The troops are not coming home! Get over it!

We must adapt our economy and way of life toward to the day when oil is scarce.

1. Secure our borders and ports

2. deal with the presence of tens of millions of poor, uneducated unskilled, non- English speaking illegal aliens who have invaded our country

3. combat terrorism and terrorists , at home and abroad

4. make emergency/disaster preparedness a priority

5. uphold 2d Amendment Right of law abiding citizens to bear arms

6. keep our national strategic oil reserve FULL

7. Drill for oil whereever it exists.

8. Develop alternative energy sources including coal,

shale oil, water power, solar and wind.

9. Farmers and farmland must grow food.

Corn for oil depletes the soil and causes steep increases in food prices.

10. Restore the Erie Canal-Hudson River waterway to move freight.

The Erie Canal made New York the Empire State. The Erie Canal will once again play a vital role in a world where oil is scarce.

11. Rebuild our railroads to move freight and passengers.

Connect urban places, suburbs and rural areas with light rail passenger lines.

12. Rebuild our central cities. Make them more livable.

Restore law and order to urban streets and schools.

Return to K-8 neighborhood schools.

13. Congress should immediately act to require

domestic and foreign vehicle manufacturers, to produce vehicles for our U. S market  that get 40-50 MPG

I reaffirm my belief in the sanctity of life and

suppport English as our national language.

I support Virginia Senator Jim Webb, a naval academy  graduate, combat decorated Marine and former Secretary of the Navy

 for Vice President.

Being Commander In Chief is the principal role of the next President.

Senator Webb brings the military experience  and credentials, to the Democratic ticket

that Barack Obama lacks.

Being an American transcends ethnic and racial  diversity, gender, religion, political party and sexual orientation.

Homeland (National) Security is the PRIORITY ISSUE

in 2008 and beyond.

If we are not safe, and we can not, in the short run,

ensure the availabilty of affordably priced oil;

our economy will crumble, our way of life will disappear

and our country will cease to exist.

Go to my website for more

(lonerangeralbany at


Anti Terror Hotline is 1 866 SAFE NYS ( 723 3697)

For emergency/disaster preparedness information

go to

                                                                    J P Sullivan

Friday, June 13, 2008


SULLIVAN FOR CONGRESS  21st District, New York   
June 14, 2008
Contact: JPS 438 5230
Joseph P Sullivan, of Albany, Democratic candidate for Congress said, today, that the Diocese of Albany should not close the 3 Irish parish churches in Troy.
It was reported in the media,  that St. Paul the Apostle and St Peter's would be closed this year, followed by St. Patrick's next year.
Sullivan said as oil becomes too expensive , rationed, and unavialable at any price , suburban Catholics  commuters  will   return to Troy, Albany, Schenectady, Watervliet, Cohoes, Rensselaer and Green Island.
Churches and neighborhood schools are essential to the maintenance and revitalization of urban neighborhoods, Sullivan said.
In addition, legal Latin American and Asian immigrants, many of whom are Catholic, are moving into these cities, Also, new condo housing is being built which is attracting new residents from downstate  New York , many of whom are also Catholic.
It is shortsighted to close and lose these solidly built churches, when an urban renaissance  is just around the corner, Sullivan said.
The Irish, Italian, German and Polish parishes of these cities, were home to generations of hard working immigrants who built this country. Their parish churches should remain open out of respect to their memory, said Sullivan.
In Europe churches remain open for centuries. For example, Sullivan said that St Catherine's Church in Eyeries Village on the Beara Peninsula,in West Cork Ireland is the same church that his father, grandfather, great grandfather and great-great grandfather attended.
Most of the local population emigrated to the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and England, but the church remains open and a cornerstone of local life, even with a much smaller population today.
Sullivan urges the Bishop to reconsider and keep the Troy parishes open, as well as to review closings  that are planned, or that have already occurred, in Troy, Schenectady, Albany, Watervliet, Cohoes, Rensselaer, and Green Island.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008



The oil crisis is real and it will get worse. Oil is the lifeblood of our economy and way of life.

Politicians in Washington and Albany are posturing, but doing little or nothing to provide the public with relief from the rapidly escalating costs of gasoline, diesel, home heating oil, natural gas and electricity.

These politicians have failed to take effective, immediate short run, and long term steps to deal with our energy crisis.

In the short term the public is on it's own. We must adapt our way of life to use less fuel, and other forms of energy. Driving less, car pooling, driving at slower speeds, keeping on vehicles in peak performance, lowering the thermostat in winter, insulating our homes, keep thermostats down in work places, schools and other public buildings, using less lighting in homes, shopping plazas  and public places and so. In a word conservation.

Transportation for organized sports at schools, colleges and  for professional sports will have to be curtailed or eliminated altogether.

At the same time we must demand that the Congress and state government stop the partisan posturing on the energy crisis and enact immediate, short term relief. at at the same time, take action to provide long term relief.

Short term, federal and state governments, must suspend collection of federal and state taxes on gasoline, diesel and home heating oil.

Congress and the state legislature must not adjourn this year without passing concrete legislation aimed at long term solutions to the energy crisis.

Congress should:

1. Authorize drilling for oil in Anwar and in offshore U.S waters,

2. Authorize rapid expansion of alternative energy production, including coal, water power and wind turbines, recognizing that it may be a decade or more before these alternative energy sources are on line.

2. Mandate that automakers make a crash program to produce vehicles that get 40 to 50, or more miles per gallon of gasoline. Note that electric or battery powered vehicles have a short range and may be an option in urban areas, but, in the vastness of our country, more MPG is the immediate need.

3. Improve repair and expansion of rail road building. Rail will eventually replace long haul trucking as a means of moving freight and automobiles for commuting to and from work.

4. Reform and shorten Congressional sessions and travel by adopting telecommuting as an alternative. Stream line legislative calendars, eliminate dead end legislation that is going nowhere, and amounts to political partisan grandstanding or posturing.

New York State should:

1. Take steps to expnad and improve railroads for movement of freight and passengers.

2. Move quickly to restore the Erie Canal and Hudson River ( and port facilties) as  highways for transporting heavy freight. The building of the Erie Canal , put lots of people to work, and made New York The Empire State. 80 per cent of the state's population still resides along the Erie Canal-Hudson River corridor.

3. Reform and streamline the state legislature by adopting telecommuting, reduce needless and expensive travel and per diems, and limiting the length of sessions, introduction of legislation  and legislative session agendas to only meaningful bills that have sponsorship in both houses.

The above are but a few of the steps that should be considered for action, now, buy individuals, families, groups, institutions, state government and Congress.

Let's get cracking!

                                                                  J P Sullivan





Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Campaign Reform and Peak Oil, Let Them Telecommute.
The theme that dominated the 2008 Democratic primaries was change. Change is coming regardless of who is elected President. It has been said that the 9-11 attack changed our lives forever, and nothing will be the same again in our lives. So it is.
Oil is the lifeblood of our nation  and way of life. In our rush to progress we have used too much oil too fast, in a wasteful manner. Now, we have entered the stage of what some refer to has peak oil.
The U S and now China, Japan, India and others are consuming oil at a rate that exceeds the supply.  Oil reserves are being depleted rapidly. Alternative energy sources and conservation are touted as cures. But they are decades away from realization, because governments have failed to act to implement viable alternatives. Energy independence is a myth.
Life after oil will be very different. The transition will not be easy. Oil has become very costly. Soon it will be rationed and, then, not available at any price. The implications for our way of life and the survival of our nation are frightening to contemplate. The stage has been set for wars over oil. Enormous personal hardships will result for all. Chaos, civil disorder and violence will follow.
To survive the change wrought by peak oil, we will have to adapt in every way we can. There will be life after the motor vehicles, planes, airports, suburban sprawl, collegiate and professional sports and of so many other facets of contemporary life that we take for granted. But that life will be very different and hard. We will be back to subsistence level living.
The politicians that are promising health  care for all,  energy independence, fixing social security and better days ahead for all, are either ignorant of what lies ahead, or they are lying just to get elected.
The 2008 elections for President, Vice President and Congress are crucial to our collective survival and the survival of our nation. All of the candidates have shortcomings. Votersmust choose very carefully. This could be the last hurrah for America and all of us.
We can no longer afford to have many hundreds of congress  and senate members flying to and from Washington DC two, or more times weekly. The same is true of hundreds of state legislators
traveling to and from Albany. We are not safe.
Spending hundreds of millions, if not billions, to get elected to public office must end.
Legislative calendars cluttered with thousands of poorly crafted bills that are going nowhere, must end.
The voting public has to pay close attention to elections, now that it is clear, that our very survival is on the line.
The media holds the key to campaign reform. It will be difficult to set limits on air/print time, shorten campaign publicity windows, provide equal time and space to all bonafide  candidates and reject the cash windfalls that accrue to media outlets with every campaign season. But, after all, if we do not survive as a nation, neither will the media.
America is not safe with all these politicians in the air, on the air and on the nations highways.
Political adaptation to the peak oil can begin with   politicians staying home and TELECOMMUTING. Only going to the national and state capitols several times a year, when meaningful, productive legislative sessions are scheduled.  Most of the year they should be hard at work in their own districts.               
                                                                                                         J P Sullivan

Monday, June 9, 2008


 It was nice to listen to you on 1300 Talk Radio this afternoon.
You did ramble on, but made some thought provoking points while I waited patiently, on the phone, for 45 minutes, after the screener asked me my name and what I wanted to comment on. I told him that I had a response to caller Norman's
solution of more youth programs as a deterrent to the graffiti mania which seems to be sweeping Albany and the Capitol District.
Unfortunately someone hung up the phone. A technical problem no doubt. Not to worry, I will post what I had to say, so that you can read it.
1. Norman's call for more youth programs to deter youthful graffiti artists.
    I have a great government program: apprehension and lengthy sentences of hard labor, removing graffiti wherever it is found, painting houses in blighted neighborhoods as well as nicer neighborhoods where graffiti artists strike.
2. Your discussion of Barak Obama's shift on his pledge to adhere to public financing limits in the General Election.
    He raised more than $265 million, that we know of, and had plenty of face time on tv during the Democratic primary. How much more money and media coverage does he need?  Well, maybe it is to tell the voters what change he has in store for all?
    I agree with your conclusion that there will be talk about campaign finance reform but most politicians will not walk the walk.
    After all money is the oil of political campaigns.
    Yet here is hope, yes hope that campaign finance reform will occur. The Media
     and the voters hold the key:
     Voters have to pay attention to political campaigns, particularly what candidates
say and do. Voters have to make the effort to become informed and look beyond the security blanket of party.
     The  media can voluntarily restrict campaign coverage to shorter campaign times, with fewer commercial ads, that are screened for accuracy of content. The media can also provide more time and space for all bonafide candidates to present their views and priorities, in their own words. Refrain from endorsements and coverage that amounts to editorializing by reporters. Just give voters the facts.
      Then let the people decide.
      There are signs that the media is driving campaign reform. For example, we have talk radio programs that afford time to candidates. CBS6 Albany will have candidate biographies and short candidate videos on line soon. The Times Union and other local print media are affording candidates limited space to present their priorities and positions regarding issues. This often appears in the form of voter guides. These are all hopeful signs that campaign finance reform is coming.
       Just don't look for politicians to drive the train.
        All that is needed now, is for the voters to make the effort to become informed and to take an active role in political campaigns. This means more than simply voting or giving cash to candidates.
          As for other alternatives to the motor vehicle, once oil becomes to costly,
rationed and ultimately not available at any price-
          Let's get cracking on rebuilding the rail roads and Erie Canal that spurred the first boom in our nation, and gave you grandfather, and some of my ancestors, a steady job, with good retirement. Don't forget restoring the Hudson River and river port facilities as well.
          What about the masses?   Rebuild our cities, make them more livable, clear
the criminal malcontents from the streets and return to K-8 neighborhood schools
which are best for kids, parents and neighborhoods.
          Getting around?  Walk, bike, take a trolley and other light rail. Of course the
Amish and the Irish have the best replacement for the motor vehicle:
         * the horse and buggy        and     * the pony and trap
Spoken words blow away in the wind. But, the written words remain to be pondered.
Regards Dan. Get the phone company to  check out your phone line.
                                                                                             J P Sullivan



Times are tough and they will get much worse, sooner than the public realizes.

We can not have tens of millions of  uneducated, poor, non-English speaking illegal aliens violating our national sovereignty, and placing a burden on our law enforcement,  health care system, schools, prisions and social services. Many are out on the highways and city streets of America, driving unlicensed and uninsured, causing fatal accidents.

We are being held hostage by oil producing parts of the world, most of whom are hostile to us and who wish to see lifeboat America capsize. Not only is oil growing more costly, soon it will be rationed and then maybe not available at any price. When this happens, our economy and way of life will crumble.

Chaos, turmoil , violence and civil disorder will follow. Martial Law will be decreed.

Competition for work, fuel, food and other necesseties of life will be intense.

Americans who once turned their backs on menial jobs, laboring and farm work, will seek out that work as they and their families struggle to survive.

So, the illegals must go home, now. The Congress must act to provide that no one works, votes, or receives any form of social servive, medical and educational benefits without proof of U S citizenship. Illegals would soon voluntarily go home.

One third of the U S prison population is made up of illegal aliens. They should be deported without delay.

The very survival of our nation is on the line. We can not tolerate the Trojan Horse of illegal immigration to hasten our demise. Sure, some illegals are simply here looking for a better life. Far too many others are not. Included in this surge of illegals are many OTM's (other than Mexicans) who are the foot soldiers of the foreign terrorists who are sworn to our destruction.

It follows that our national borders and ports must be secured without delay. Failure to do this has been one of the greatest failures of the Bush Administration, and the Clinton Administration before that.

Politicians running for President and Congress, in 2008 must stop pandering to Latinos and other 3rd world immigrants, legal and illegal, just to get votes. Those who came here legally,and who have become Americans, do not want to see America destroyed by tens of millions of poor, uneducated 3rd world illegal aliens. So wise up politicians!

Ponder George Carlin's proposed solution to the problem:

> George Carlin's
> Solution to Save Gasoline
> Bush wants us to
> cut the amount of gas we use.....
> The best way to
> stop using so much gas is to deport 11-20 million illegal immigrants!
> That would be 11-20
> million less people using our gas. The price of gas would come
> down.....
> Bring our troops
> home from Iraq to guard the Border.....
> When they catch an
> illegal immigrant crossing the border, hand him a canteen, rifle and
> some ammo and ship him to Iraq ...
> Tell him if he
> wants to come to America then he must serve a tour in the military....
> Give him a
> soldier's pay while he's there and tax him on it.....
> After his tour, he
> will be allowed to become a citizen since he de fended this
> country.....
> He will also be
> registered to be taxed and be a legal patriot.....
> This option will
> probably deter illegal immigration and provide a solution for the
> troops in Iraq and the aliens trying to make a better life for
> themselves.. ....
> If they refuse to
> serve, ship them to Iraq anyway, without the canteen, rifle or
> ammo.....
> Problem
> solved.....
> If you
> think this is a good solution to both the problems, forward it to your

> friends. ...........

                                                                                 J P Sullivan



Saturday, June 7, 2008


SULLIVAN for CONGRESS  21st District, New York
7 June 2008
Contact: JPS 438 5230
                                SULLIVAN CAMPAIGN FOR CONGRESS
                          21st DISTRICT GOES ON LINE
Albany, NY.     Joseph P Sullivan  Albany Democratic candidate for Congress, 21st District launched his  on line petitioning campaign to qualify for the September 9, 2008 Democrat Primary ballot.
The 21st District includes the cities of Albany, Amsterdam, Cohoes Gloversville,  Johnstown, Rensselaer, Schenectady, Troy and Watervliet and
the farmland, and rural small towns, in between, where, according to  Barack
Obama,  dwell angry, bitter people, who cling to their religions and guns.
 Sullivan launched this campaign to enable enrolled Democrats resident anywhere
  in the 21st Congressional District to participate in his campaign.
  2,000 valid signatures of enrolled Democats are required to qualify for the ballot.
  no easy task..even for Lonerangeralbany. His petition must be filed with the State
  Board of Elections, no later than July 10.
   Sullivan is not seeking or receiving the support of any Democratic organizations,
   unions or special interests. Sullivan has no paid volunteers as do several of his
   well financed competitors.
               Sullivan's campaign theme is    My Campaign Is Your Campaign
   To see where Sullivan stands on the issues, and what his priorities are
     To request a petition and instructions e mail:
    Sullivan's priorities are (1) Homeland Security   (2) Emergency/Disaster Preparedness
    (3) restoring our rail, Erie canal and Hudson River transportation infrastructure.
     Contrary to what Barack Obama and, the  Sullivan's Democratic competitors in the
     21st CD are saying,
    Sullivan says the troops are not coming home. so long as oil is the lifeblood
    of our economy and way of life. 
    The oil producing regions, shipping lanes pipelines, refineries and off shore
     oil rigs must be safeguarded to ensure a steady flow of affordably priced
     oil to the U.S. and other consumers worldwide, said Sullivan.
    Under no circumstances can the U.S allow oil producing regions, like
    Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Venezuela to fall into the hands of those
     who seek to destroy us, said Sullivan.
    Sullivan has called for Obama to choose  JIm Webb (D) Virginia as his
    Vice Presidential running mate.  Webb is a graduate of the U S Naval
    Academy, a highly decorated Marine combat veteran and former
    Secretary of the Navy.
   Jim Webb provides the military experience and credentials Obama lacks.
   Webb would also appeal to those angry, bitter people in Appalachia
   and elsewhere in rural America, as well as working class Democrats
   who did not vote for Obama in the Democratic primaries, said Sullivan.
   Sullivan said, in the final analysis, the most important function of the
   next President of the United States will be to be an effective Commander
   In Chief.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


SULLIVAN FOR CONGRESS 21st  District of New York
June 5, 2008
Albany New York
Contact: JP Sullivan 518 438 5230
      Sullivan calls for truckers to police June 19 Capitol Convoy
Albany resident, Joseph P Sullivan, and Democratic candidate for Congress
21st District calls on truckers who are organizing a big rig  protest convoy to converge on the state capitol in Albany, June 19, to police the convoy participants, to make certain that none of the participating rigs contain harmful,  toxic chemicals or explosives.
In the post 9-11 world, our lives have changed forever. It is imperative to anticipate how and where terrorists may strike, as well as to take steps to block such attacks.
The truckers are seeking to force the state's Democratic Governor and Assembly to enact a gas holiday measure, already passed by the State Senate, as well as to provide other relief regarding the price of fuel and NYS Thruway tolls.
Sullivan supports the truckers right to protest, but warns that they must police theJune 19 convoy in order to make certain that big rigs , and other participating vehicles are free of explosives, chemicals, nuclear devices and other WMD's.
Vehicles should not be allowed to join the convoy at any point along the route .
The City of Albany has a day time population of more than 250,000. It is not difficult to imagine the potential risk to that population, and ensuing chaos, if a chemical or other explosive device were to be detonated in downtown Albany, in a congested setting ,unable to be reached by emergency vehicles and workers.
Those who exercise their First Amendment rights have a responsibility to anticipate unintended consequences of that exercise, said Sullivan.
Governor Paterson, and the State Assembly, could avoid placing the City of Albany and its' population, at risk, by meeting with representatives of the truckers, and providing the relief they seek with regard to costs of fuel and fuel taxes, said Sullivan.
For further details go to   and click on Mark Williams.



SULLIVAN  DEMOCRAT for CONGRESS   21st District, New York
Albany, NY
June 4, 2008
Contact: J P Sullivan  (518) 438 5230
            Sullivan Says Obama Should Choose Webb for Veep
Joseph P Sullivan of Albany, Democratic candidate for Congress, 21st District, New York, said today, that Barack Obama should choose Virginia Senator Jim Webb as his Vice-Presidential
running mate.
Webb a graduate of the U S Naval Academy, and a decorated Marine combat veteran is just
what Obama needs to compensate for the Obamas lack of military experience and credentials.
Sullivan said that the principal function of the next President will be serving a Commander in Chief, responsible for keeping the  U S Homeland safe, while deploying U.S. military, naval and air forces to the oil producing parts of the world, to ensure the continued flow of oil, the lifeblood of our economy and way of life.
                                                               # 30#