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Wednesday, February 22, 2006



Last week's windstorm caused downed trees, power lines and power outages for our neighbors to the North and West. We were lucky this time. Next time???

Imagine having no power for months, no utilities, sewer and water systems destroyed, out of control fires with no water to put them out, police cars, garbage trucks and emergency vehicles without fuel, food scarce or not available because farmers can't plant, tend or harvest crops and livestock and our transportation network destroyed, hospitals and health care system not functioning, prescription drugs unavailable to those who depend on them.

Imagine chaos and civil disorder as people in every corner of our state and nation struggle to survive without the water, food, health care and medicines, and utilities and transportation we all take for granted. No telephones, no radio or tv, no weather reports becauses the towers and lines are down.

Imagine what would happen if seniors didn't get their social security and welfare people didn't get their welfare benefits because the systems were destroyed.

Simultaneous, coordinated terror attacks, large and small, could plunge every corner of our country into a desperate struggle for survival.

Imagine containerized WMD's being delivered to our major ports under management by foreign interests. Pick a date. July 4 maybe?

Could you ever imagine that with our nation in chaos at home, our ports destroyed , that our military and naval units deployed around the world would be on their own? They would soon run out of food, water, medical care and ammo because we could not supply them?  Well...imagine it! It could be for real!

We are in WWIII but our politicians, media and most of our neighbors don't get it. It is a war unlike any other that we have faced.

Look at the political campaigns underway in New York and nationally this year. Look at City Government in Albany -what "issues" are being bandied about.

Look at the federal government's failure to secure out borders and ports. It isn't only the President. Both parties are at fault because they are letting happen! We have a leadership crisis at all levels of government in America.

We have no Patton or MacArthurto save us. We must save ourselves.

Ultimately, the people have let it come to this, by blind partyline voting, or by not paying attention or voting at all.

Where is the emergency/disaster preparedness in our city, out neighborhoods and our own homes? It isn't there!

For the past 4 or more years I have been prodding neighborhood churches, synagogues, schools, and businesses to make emergency/disaster plans to be able to provide water, food, blankets, emergency power and shelter. No response! Prayers will be too late!

The media is no better. Survival shows are carried on tv for entertainment.

How many of those reading this have emergency water, food, fuel, and plans for their households and their loved ones? How many have guns and ammo to protect against pillaging and plundering mobs where local law enforcement has broken down?

To paraphrase the U S Department of Homeland Security..."Are You Ready?"

The Answer.....NO!  Too bad for you, yours, me and mine!

                                                                                       J P Sullivan






Another year of politics and business as usual, as our world crumbles around us.

Who would ever believe that America would come to this point.  We have entrusted our fate to elected officials who are unwilling and unable to serve our best interests as a nation, and who are leading us down a path to oblivion.

Worse, still We the People are allowing it to happen.

Prayer? By all means. But, in the end, the old saw will hold true: "God helps those who help themselves".                        

Get ready , as best you can, for what is coming our way.        J P Sullivan

Tuesday, February 21, 2006



Eliot Spitzer receiving much media coverage of  late accepting endorsements of NOW, NAARL, PLANNED PARENTHOOD and other feminist proponents of the culture of death. Today we learn from the Times Union that Eliot Spitzer supports the "morning after pill" being available without a prescription.

Very disappointing and totally unnecessary. Those groups were in his corner anyway (unless they would endorse the likes of William Weld). The result of all this is to turn off conservative Democrats, Republicans and Independents who might otherwise have supported Spitzer in his bid for Governor. (Maybe his advisors believe Eliot doesn't need those votes)

Worse yet, the apparent focus on cultivating a pro-abortion image raises the question of what are the priorities of Eliot Spitzer as a potential Governor?

Where is he on the vital issues of the day? Protecting New Yorkers from the next terrorist attacks, emergency/disaster preapredness, fixing the failing public schools, combatting crime, disarming criminals and gangs, making sure New Yorkers are safe in their homes and anywhere in public, revitalizing the agricultural and manufacturing sectors of New York's economy, promoting wise land use and open space planning, abuses of eminent domain to confisgate private property, securing our borders, halting illegal immigration, the insane idea of allowing an Arab company to manage the Port of New York and other major U. S. ports?

As one who knows and admires Eliot Spitzer, and one who likely would have worked for him and voted for him, I am profoundly disappointed with the poor start to his campaign to be the next Governor of New York.

Looks like another low turnout election, because the majority of voters who stay home, are indicating their displeasure with both major political parties and their alienation from the political process. This does not bode well for those who win offices with smaller and smaller turnouts. Nor, do these trends bode well for the future survival of our form of government, particularly in times of crisis.

                                                                                           J P Sullivan


Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Holland Ave Spot Zoning Blunder  Retrospect and Prospect 

In retrospect: the rezoning of 3.5 acres of  land on Holland Ave at Hackett Blvd should never have happened. It would not have, had the sponsor of the zoning change measure, Shawn Morris, then Ward 7 Alderwoman and Common Council President, had withdrawn the resolution as advocated by Lonerangeralbany during last years city elections, and just prior to it's passage at the December 19, 2005 Council meeting. (See numerous posts this blog).

Shawn Morris and the Council Members elected with Working Family Party endorsement bear the burden of this blunder. It is politically damaging to the WFP-Liberal Democrat Coalition. 

The Albany Common Council remains an ineffective, divided legislative body that represents, on the one hand, allies of the Mayor, and on the other, the WFP-Liberal Democrats who sought to unseat the Mayor last year, and to gain control of the Council. The Coalition has failed on both counts and has failed the citizens of this city.

The Prospect?

Albany needs a Comprehensive Land Use Master Plan. Unfortunately  both factions of the Albany Common Council , by their eleventh hour passage of what is clearly Exhibit A as a worst case of Spot Zoning ( Highway Commercial on a major emergency vehicle routeway to Albany Medical Center - and one that will result in a big box retail drug outfit undercutting and driving  existing neighborhood pharmacies out of business) have shown themselves to lack credibility to devise such a plan.

Who can trust them to develop and enact a Comprehensive City Land Use Plan and a revised City Zoning Code that will truly benefit remaining residential city neighborhoods, particularly those neighborhoods that pay the lion's share of the property taxes that support city government and the city schools?

Shawn Morris and the new Council Majority Leader, McLaughlin, have shown they lack the judgment and ability to lead the Common Council. (McLaughlin voted for the rezoning).

So, as Bill O'Reilly often asks: "who's looking out for us" (In Albany). The answer is NO ONE.  Four more years of more of the same politics as usual.

 Can the WFP-Liberal Democrat Coalition muster the 12 of 15 votes to rescind therezoning. Highly unlikely!

The end result? No confidence in the Coalition! No confidence in the Albany Common Council!

                                                                                           J P Sullivan

    * See TU, today page B1