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Thursday, October 28, 2010


TU kind enough to note my write in candidacy
and my command of issues, particularly foreign

Vote incumbent Tonko out. Write me in.
Thank you.                            Joe Sullivan


Friday, October 15, 2010


The new voting systems in New York
give power to the people.

Write in voting is a viable alternative
to voting for candidates presented by
the various political parties.

When the Founders produced the
Constitution, they did not envision
or provide for political parties.

The write in option puts the voters
in charge of elections.

I ask voters of the 21st Congressional
District of New York, to write in
my name - Joe Sullivan -
for Representative in Congress.

When you write in (vote) for me
you are voting for the positions I
have taken on vital issues of the day.

New York State does not have initiative
and referenda - but a write in vote is
as close as a voter can get.

Of course, you will not agree 100%
with every position I have taken.

There is no such creature as a perfect
candidate...or a perfect voter, either.

We just do the best we can.

Study the posts on my web site:

Compare my web site posts on issues
vital to the survival of America, and
all Americans, with the issue positions
presented by Incumbent Paul Tonko
who has 3 ballot lines and Ted Danz
who has 2 ballot lines.

The posts on my web site are my own
thoughts, views and positions on the
vital issues at stake in this election
presented in my own words.

In contrast, the issues posts on the
Tonko and Danz web sites are the
work of political operatives, not
Tonko or Danz.

If you want term limits, substance
independence and campaign reform
and a Representative who will truly
represent you in Congress -
I am your man.

I am an Independent citizen
candidate who puts America
before blind allegiance to any
political party.

The survival of America, and all
Americans, are on the line in the
November 2 General Election.

This may be your last chance to
get it right.

A vote for Paul Tonko is a vote
for the Obama-Pelosi agenda to
radically transform America.

Democratic Party officeholders
and county party officials may
be prepared to blindly follow
Obama off the cliff, like Lemmings
on their way to their doom; but
I do not believe that rank and
file Democrats, who love their
country, and their way of life ,are
prepared to join the Lemmings.

A vote for Ted Danz is a vote for
a successful local small businessman
who is a sincere candidate, but who
lacks the perspective, knowledge
communication skills and message
required of one who would be an
independent leader, rather than
a  GOP party follower in the  U S
House of Representatives.

Being a successful small businessman
does not, in the case of Danz, translate 
into being an effective Representative
in Congress, at this critical time in
the history of our Nation.

We can not depend on the media to
let you know that I am a declared
write in candidate for Congress and
that I have a substantive web site.

It is up to you and to me to pass
the word, to all whom we know,
by telephone, internet and personal

The media pays lip service to campaign
reform, but is caught up in pay to play
relying on the cash  jackpots put up by
special interests  fund candidates, who
buy media air time and print.

The media will deny this, but the fact
is few newspapers, tv and radio stations
can survive without the annual infusions
of candidate and special interest cash.

Local landscapes are littered with signs
that have no message other than the
names of candidates and, sometimes,
the public offices they seek.

Most candidate web sites contain
pleas for cash, but very little
substance on vital issues.

The "debates" that appear on tv
and candidate voter guides that
appear in print  do not offer much

The internet puts you and me in

Pass the word to family, neighbors
and friends who are not connected
to the internet.

In conclusion, all or part of 7
counties: Albany, Schenectady
Schoharie, Montgomery, Fulton
Saratoga and Rensselaer are in
the 21st Congressional District.

Ballots in all of the above provide
a write in space at  the bottom of
the paper ballot and the bottom
of the column for Representative
in Congress.

Just write in (print) my name


taking care to stay within the
lines bordering the write in space.

In Albany and Schenectady Counties
voters have to fill in (darken) the oval
that appears in the write in space, in
order to cast a complete, valid write in

In the other counties,  just the write in
is all that is required.

I will be out and about the 21st District
meeting voters and emailing my message.

I am not asking you for a dime - just
pass the word about my write in candidacy
and web site, to all you know.

Together, we will make a major step
toward restoring the Constitutional
Representative form of government
we inherited from the Founders, and
which is essential to the our survival
our descendants  and future generations.

Pass the word to all you know.

Thank you.

                                       Joe Sullivan

                                       citizen write in
                                       candidate for
                                       Representative in
                                       Congress 21 CD NY

Thursday, October 14, 2010

2010 IS 1775

The peasantry is suffering excessive
taxation without representation.

Sir Sheldon, leader of the colonial
legislature says the landed peasantry
can wait for property tax relief until
a new colonial governor (Prince
Andrew ,or, maybe, Carl the Hammer?)
is installed, next year.

Tory Loyalist,  Squire McEneny,
Member of the colonial legislature
dances to the tunes played by Sir
Sheldon and King Obama.

The Squire supports Sir Sheldon's
sugar tax, Obamacare and King
Obama's agenda to radically
transform America.

The Squire mocks the peasantry
and declares they are not welcome
in the colonial Capitol:

Lord Tonko, Member of Parliament
is another Tory Loyalist who voted
for Obamacare, Cap and Trade and
reckless "stimulus" spending. Tonko
is a rubber stamp for King Obama's
agenda to radically transform America.

November 2 is Independence Day.

Time for the oppressed peasantry to
get out the pitchforks, rise up and
restore our Constitutional representative
form of government, which we have
inherited from the Founders and which
we are Honor Bound to uphold.

                                    Joe Sullivan

                                    citizen write in
                                    candidate for
                                    in Congress
                                    21 CD NY

Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Democrats in Congress and the
NY State Assembly have put off 
addressing  vital tax relief issues
until after the November 2
General Election.

Congressional Democrats have
failed to extend the Bush tax cuts
which benefit all taxpayers.
Extending these tax cuts is essential
to rejuvenating our consumer

NYS Assembly Democrats have failed
to provide real property tax relief  for
homeowners and businesses.

In the City of Albany, voters approved
a 3.9 school tax increase in May 2010.

City homeowners received school
property tax bills in late August
containing a 10 percent increase
payable by September 30.

Homeowners and businesses are facing
a combined city/county property tax
bill including a 22-14 percent increase
payable by January 31, 2011.

Democrats in Congress and the NYS
Assembly are playing politics with
people's lives,  letting taxpayers swing
in the wind.

Democrats in Congress and the NYS
Assembly will pay dearly for this at
the polls, November 2, 2010.

No tax relief. No vote!

                              Joe Sullivan

                              Citizen write in
                              candidate for
                              Congress, 21 CD NY


Good move. The people realize that when
the terror attacks begin, it will be the firemen
who come to save the people.


                                                                    Joe Sullivan

                                             Citizen write in
                                             candidate for
                                             Congress, 21 CD NY

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Thanks to voters in other states, it
is likely that the Democrats will
lose control of the House and Senate
November 2.

And so, they should because the
111th Congress has not represented
the will, or interests, of the people.

This Congress has been a rubber
stamp for the Obama-Pelosi-Reid
agenda to fundamentally (radically)
transform America.

Obamacare, reckless spending
failure to extend the "Bush" tax cuts
Cap and Trade legislation, Amnesty
for the tens of millions of illegal aliens
who have invaded our land, applauding
tin horn politicians like the Presidents
of Mexico and Iran, when they come
to America, and publicly deride America
and all Americans. The list goes on.

This Congress has allowed President
and the Courts to circumvent the
U S Constitution.

November 2 , American voters, will
restore Congress to it's proper
Constitutional role as the legislative
branch of our federal government.

What does this mean for New York?
Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand
will be minority Senators. Paul Tonko
and Scott Murphy will be House minority

Andrew Cuomo will be a minority

President Obama will be a lame duck
President, if he isn't impeached in

If New York voters were wise, they
would put aside their partyline voting
security blankets and follow the lead
of voters in the rest of America.

In sum, there is hope for the rest of
America, but the outlook fo the future
in New York is grim.

Perhaps, New York voters will realize
that government can't save them -
they must save themselves and the

                                    Joe Sullivan

                                    Citizen write in
                                    candidate for
                                    Congress, 21 CD NY

For Immediate Release 10/10/10
Contact: JPS 438 5230

Joseph P Sullivan, of Albany, independent citizen write in
candidate for Representative in Congress, 21st District
said, today, that the Democratic Congress has screwed
senior citizens once again - no social security COLA's for

Sullivan calls on Congress to exempt seniors from the annual
RMD (required minimum distributions) from their IRA's, or
in the alternative, exempt those RMD's from federal income
taxes, if those RMD's are used to pay property taxes.

In the City of Albany, seniors make up a large share of the
one-third of housing units that are owner occupied .

Albany seniors saw their school property tax bill, which was
due this past September 30, increase by 10 percent.
City and county property taxes are due in January 2011 and
together, are projected to increase by a combined 22 percent.

All these tax increases hit during the winter heating season.

Add to all this, Obamacare kicks in, with higher insurance
premiums, higher co pays, and other, yet to be realized
negative impacts on medicare.

Add to this that Congress has failed to extend the so called
"Bush" tax cuts, which benefit all taxpayers and are the
key to economic recovery.

How, are seniors on limited, fixed incomes, particularly those
who are homeowners, struggling to cope with skyrocketing
property tax bills and higher winter heating costs - to survive?
asks Sullivan?

Senior citizens throughout the 21st District, which includes all
or part of the counties of Albany, Montgomery, Schenectady
Schoharie, Saratoga, Fulton and Rennselaer are negatively
impacted by the failures of government at the local, state and
congressional levels, said Sullivan


Thursday, October 7, 2010


NY Governor Paterson and NYC Mayor
Bloomberg are on the right trail regarding
the food stamp program, but don't go far

How many of us stand in supermarket
checkout lines and witness blatant abuse
and misuse of the food stamp program.

Overweight women, wearing jewelry
with carts full of junk food paid for
with food stamps.

Outside the market they load up late
model vehicles and drive away.

Then, there are the abuses not so
easily observed- the use of food stamps
as underground currency to purchase
other goods and services, including
drugs, cars, illegal guns etc.

The food stamp recipients then go
to the local food pantries to obtain
free food.

The solution is to return to a commodity
based food program for low income

When I was a student, with a wife and
2 small children, attending the University
of Wisconsin, on the Korean  G I Bill, we
received a monthly box of surplus food
commodities including staples, like
butter, cheese, powdered milk, flour
dry beans and peas, rice and peanut butter.

We were glad to receive this monthly
box of staples because it allowed us to

Margaret learned to bake bread. We
thought we were living well.

Returning to a commodity staple food
distribution system for the poor will
benefit both the poor and local farmers
who provide the staples.

Include milk, potatoes, turnips, carrots
cabbage, apples, eggs in the program.

The poor will eat healthier and learn
to cook. Local farmers will be able to
continue and expand their farm operations
stay in production, preserving farms
farming and farmers to feed our growing
urban populations, now and in the future.

Reform abuses? Quiz.  How many 100
weights of  spuds are needed to buy
a caddy?

                                      Joe Sullivan

                                      Write in
                                      candidate for
                                      in Congress 21 CD NY

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


It is a gloomy, rainy day in New York
but the sun is shining elsewhere in

The political scene in New York is as
gloomy as the weather.

Mick , Paddy and me were pondering
options for voting on November 2.

For whom do we vote?

In the contest for Governor, Andrew
appears to have the edge, not because
of his enrollment or positions on issues
but because Carl Paladino is behaving
like Napoleon at Waterloo. 

Duke has lost it too, and is in rehab
undergoing anger management training.

Mick and Paddy are very wise creatures
with very forgiving natures. They don't
hate the Grand Ayatollah of  Iran for his
Dog Fatwah. Nor, have they written off
Carl for Governor.

Mick and Paddy are quite astute when
it comes to the political scene in New York
as well.

Here is their assessment:

Campaign 2010 is a train wreck in
New York.

Anyone who aspires to be Governor now
in New York has to be mad, or at the very
least delusional.

Neither Andrew, nor Carl, by themselves
can save New York, or us.

Andrew has a message but it is not
believable. More of the same old
sanctimonious rhetoric and pandering
to the party base.

Carl has no message other
than he is going to come to Albany
with a baseball bat, clean house and
take out the trash.

So, what are voters to do?

A vote for Andrew is a vote for more
of the same.

Andrew may be elected Governor
but he will come to wish he had run
for re-election as AG.

You know the old saying.."be careful
what you wish for  (aspire to)"...

So, voters are left with the option of
a protest vote. You know.. anybody but

Who then? The Ho, or others? No!

Reward,  Rino GOP and Conservative Party
leaders who conspired to promote Rick Lazio?

What then?

Support Carl Paladino and other candidates
who have the Independent Taxpayers ballot

This is a logical protest vote which sends
a message to politicians who survive the
November 2 elections- that

1. Property tax relief is the priority need
at the local and state levels. This need will
be met, not by a phoney tax cap, or a
circuit breaker, but by complete overhaul
of education in New York. Zero based
school budgets for the next three years.
Reductions in spending for education.
Consolidation of city schools with city
governments, establishment of one tax roll
payable once a year, to fund both; return
to K-8 neighborhood schools, and making
mayors/city councils responsible/accountable
for city the operation/performance of city

Completely overhauling and streamlining
the State Education Department, including
more local flexibility and control of school
curriculums which lead to graduating
students who are productive members of
society and informed citizen voters.

2. Sending a message to Congress:

a) Extend  all the so called "Bush" tax cuts
that benefitted all taxpayers and hold the
key to economic recovery at the local, state
and national levels.

b) No VAT tax.

Mick and Paddy have concluded that
despite the  hopelessness of the political
scene in New York - there is still hope.

Americans, in other states, will restore
our representative, Constitutional form
of government.

The Democrats will lose control of
Congress, derailing the Obama agenda
to radically transform America and the
Democrats will lose control of the
NY State Senate.

Balance will be restored to our national
and state governments.

Even if Andrew, Chuckie ,  Tonko and
some of the others survive - they will be
in the political minority.

So, it is up to the voters to take charge.

Dogs can't save the world.

Government can't save us. We must save
ourselves and our government.

In the end, America, all Americans
New York and all New Yorkers, will
be the better for this.

                                       Joe Sullivan

                                       Write in
                                       Candidate for
                                       in Congress
                                       21 CD NY

*  10/7  Carl to announce...what?

Monday, October 4, 2010

For Immediate Release: 10/4/10

Contact JPS 438 5230


Joseph P Sullivan, President of Albany's Buckingham Pond-
Crestwood Neighborhood Association, said, today, that he
opposes 11th Ward City Alderman, Anton Konev's, call to
sell the Albany Municipal Golf Course.

Sullivan, whose 1993 candidacy for 8th Ward Alderman
resulted in defeat of a proposal to build luxury housing on the
city golf course, as well as getting the city golf course, Hartman
Rd Community Garden site, and Buckingham Pond zoned
Land Conservation (LC) park land, said that even Borat
could come up with a better solution to Albany's property
tax and budget woes.

Sullivan offers alternative perspective and proposed actions
on his website:


Sunday, Oct 3, the Times Union ran a major
story on the property tax crisis and related
budget problems of the City of Albany.

George Marlin, a conservative investment
banker had a related article in the Sunday
NY Post:

Albany is going the way of Buffalo and
the South Bronx.

Gubernatorial candidates, as well as
candidates for State Comptroller  and
the State Legislature would do well to
focus on the condition of  Albany  in
the remaining 30 days before the
November 2 election.

The fate of Albany hangs in the balance.

Here are a ideas which all the candidates
should consider embracing:

1. Back off threats and plans to severely
trim the state work force.

The state workforce is to Albany, Troy
Schenectady and other Capital District
units of government, what the iron and
steel industry was to Buffalo.

2. Real Property tax relief will be achieved
through focusing, not on laying off state
workers, who make up a major share of
the property tax payers (state and municipal
government retirees, included); but focusing
on the costs and spending caused by supporting
a growing dependent population which can not
and does not pay for the costs of the services
that population demands and requires.

Those costs include schools, the myriad of social
services, including housing, HEAP, food stamps
day care, medicaid, police, fire, corrections and

Albany's plight is made worse by the facts that
about a third of housing units in the city are
owner occupied by an aging population on
fixed incomes' and that more than 75 percent
of the  growing city school population comes
from households that do not pay to support
city schools.

That school population continues to grow
because schools are now taking on the role
of day care centers with the introduction
of full day Kindergarten and, most recently
full day Pre-K.

Add to this that the Common Council has
proclaimed Albany a sanctuary city for
illegal aliens, whose  growing number
and need for services is an additional burden
on social services, schools and property tax
payers. Repeal Albany's sanctuary city

The City school district has adopted a policy
prohibiting inquiry as to the citizenship and
immigration status of children and their
parents. Repeal this policy.

The drop out rate in the Albany School
system is about 50 percent, while the cost
per pupil, per year is more than $20,000
among the highest in the state.

The dependent population resides in
dysfunctional households, creates
disruptive school environments which
creates  negative learning environments
for those students who value learning
and who want to learn.

Crime and anti-social behavior by the
dependent population creates a need for
more police and fire services, more court
cases, more jails and correctional services-
all of which are ultimately paid for , in large
part, through ever increasing property

3. Amend state law to provide for the
consolidation of city schools with city
government, establish one property tax
roll, with one annual payment date, to
fund both; return to K-8 neighborhood
schools, make the Mayor and Common
Council responsible/accountable for
the operation/performance of city schools.

In addition, revise school curriculums.
Focus on proficiency in English, critical
thinking, historical knowledge, basic
science and arithmetic,  and acquisition
of attitudes and behaviors that will
result in students being able to earn
a living, be productive contributors to
a better society, and informed citizen

4. Pressure candidates for U S Senate
and the House of Representatives to vote
to extend the so called "Bush tax cuts"
for all taxpayers, when the matter comes
up for a vote after the November 2 election.

5. Pressure state candidates to remove
the tax and regulatory burdens, and other
state mandates that are hampering
economic development in New York
at the state, and local levels.

More economic development means
more jobs, more homeowners and
property tax payers to fund schools
and city/state services.

Informed voters, demanding the above
and related actions,  from candidates for
federal and state offices, have the power
to  force property tax relief, improvement
of city schools, improvement of economic
conditions, creation of jobs and reduction
of urban crime. In short, a better life and
living conditions for all who so desire.

                                     Joe Sullivan