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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Violence is rampant in our society.

The issue has been framed as gun violence.
Gun control portrayed as the solution.

Pastor Charlie of Albany's Victory Church
appeared on Al Roney's WGY morning talk
show today, and said that he is not seeking
to punish disarm law abiding citizens. He
just wants solutions to the gun violence

Al Roney correctly observed that violence
is the problem.

So, what are the solutions to the violence
problem in our society?

1. Do not dismantle the U.S. Constitution
and deprive law abiding citizens of their
Second Amendment right to bear arms to
protect themselves.

To deprive law abiding citizens of the
ability to defend themselves in an out
of control society invites unimaginable

Legislation doing just that is being acted
upon by local and state governments.

2. Analyze who are the violent perps. Why
are they violent?

Violence is a literacy problem. Those who
resort to violence lack language
communication skills.

Those who come from dysfunctional
households and neighborhoods where
there is no family and community structure
are prone to violence.

Violent individuals lack self control.

Violent behavior is widespread among those
who lack self-esteem , view themselves as
victims and those who have not learned to
take personal responsibility for their own

Violence is glorified on tv, in the lyrics of
rap"music" and in video games.

Violence is promoted by acceptance and
promotion of violence against the unborn
(abortion) and violence against the elderly

Violence, and other bad behaviors, are
promoted and rewarded by the social services
and educational systems.

3. At an early age, develop literacy
communication and analytical thinking skills.
Promote self control and personal responsibility.

4. Zero tolerance for violent, anti-social
behaviors in schools and on city streets.

5. Real and severe penalties for violent

6. Changing the social services system which
promote and reward bad behaviors, in partic-
ular, the epidemic of unwed teenage births.

End the "crazy money" SSI scam in schools.
Do not reward unwed teen age pregnancies
with social services benefits and free college

Replace the current food stamp and food pantry
systems with monthly distributions of staple
agricultural products like peanut butter, flour, oats
dried peas and beans, powdered milk and cheese.

7. Not condoning abortion and euthanasia as
government policy and law.

Respect for life is a prequisite to violence

These are but a few of the "solutions" that clergy
like Pastor Charlie, concerned parents and citizens
should be promoting.

It is unlikely that you will hear such solutions
proposed by current or aspiring political office
holders because they lack the courage.

So, in the end, it is up to the people to insist upon
defining he violence problem correctly, setting
behavioral and educational standards that are
based on communication skills, self control, self
analysis, exercise of personal responsibility ; and
reform of the social services system to not enable
and reward violence and other anti-social behaviors.

Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Joe Sullivan

Monday, April 20, 2009







* U.S. Navy Veteran

* BS, Geography, U. Wisconsin
* MA, Geography, U. Minnesota

* Many years college/university

* Many years particpation in local
and state government

* 22 years as President of the
Buckingham Pond/Crestwood
Neighborhood Association, Albany.
with a record of leadership that
has resulted in maintaining/improving
neighborhood residential integrity and
quality of life.




Ward Leaders, Members of the Albany
City Democratic Committee, from the
wards and election districts in the city
enrolled Democratic voters, and notaries
who support my candidacy, are invited
to contact me. 438 5230

Petitioning to qualify for the primary ballot
begins June 9. A minimum of 1,200 valid
signatures of enrolled Democrats will be
needed to qualify.

A valid signature is one timely affixed
to a designating petition, by an enrolled
Democrat resident in the City of Albany
who has NOT signed the petition of
another candidate for the Office of
President of the Common Council.

The Witness to the signature must be
an enrolled Democrat, eligible to vote
in the Albany City Democratic Primary
or a Notary Public/ Commissioner of


Here are excerpts from my presentation
to the Albany City Democratic Committee
on Saturday, April 18:

President of the Common Council is a very
important office. The Common Council
President assumes the Office of Mayor, if
that office becomes vacant for any reason.
(See City Charter Sec 403 and NY Second
Class Cities Law).

The Common Council President must be a
leader, able to shape public policy, work
closely with the Mayor and Council Members
and be able to spur the Council to action on
issues vital to the people, and City of Albany.

Accordingly, the Common Council President
must be able to understand, and articulate
clear positions on those vital issues.

The Issues:

(1) Public Safety/Security:

(A) People must be safe in their homes
neighborhoods, city streets and public places.
Step up Operation Impact to combat muggers
robbers, gangbangers, drug dealers, vandals
and assorted anti-social malcontents.

Support and work with the Albany Police.

The Common Council should forget the
Bullseye BS and focus on these vital issues.

Council Members should clean up the crime
and blight in their own wards before attempting
to run for citywide office.

(B)Support Second Amendment right of law abiding
citizens to bear arms. Oppose any county, state or
federal government legislation that would infringe
upon those Second Amendment rights.

(C) Emergency/Disaster Preparedness by
individuals, households, schools, churches
synagogues and neighborhoods is vital to
survival in a dangerous world.

People can not count on government to save
them; they must act to save themselves when
disasters or terror attacks occur.

Nevertheless, the city government, and elected
officials, must develop a comprehensive
Emergency/Disaster Plan that coordinates
city government preparations and responses
with those of individuals, households and
neighborhoods, as well as businesses and

Given the threats of terrorism that hang over
us like a dark cloud, Emergency/Disaster
Preparedness takes precedence to development
of a comprehensive city land use plan.

Security at the Port of Albany ,our water/sewer
system, power grid, natural gas pipelines, rail lines
petroleum and home heating oil storage/distribution
system are all essential.

(2) Consolidation of City Schools with City

Consolidate city schools with city government
create ONE property tax roll to finance both
return to a K-8 neighborhood neighborhood
school system, with the Mayor and Common
Council responsible and accountable for those
city schools.

This action will benefit kids, parents ,property
taxpyers and help reduce the flight of city families
to the suburbs, thereby stabilizing the city property
tax base.

Neighborhood schools are essential
to neighborhoods.

(3) Property Tax Relief for Homeowners
and businesses.

School taxes account for about 60 percent
of property taxes. The growing dependent
population accounts for the majority of
school populations, yet pay no property
taxes to support the public schools. This
must change.

In Albany the annual cost of keeping a
pupil in school, amounts to near $20,000
dollars. This is among the highest in the

All students and parents must assume
accountibility for student performance
and assume responsibility for some of
the costs of becoming educated.

(4) Neighborhood /City Revitalization:

As oil/gasoline become more costly
and scarce; prepare for a return of
population to Albany, and other
Capital District cities.

Make Albany more liveable for those
who live here now, as well as those who
will choose to live here in the near future.

Rebuild housing stock and the aging
water/sewer system. Embark on a
vigorous urban reforestation effort.
Provide for more neighborhood
business/service zones.

The closing of RC churches and schools
will only contribute to further neighborhood
destruction and blight. Work with the RC
Diocese to reverse their plans to close
churches/schools, including: St Teresa's
Holy Cross, St James and others.

Develop an efficient citywide transpor-
tation system. Build a light rail system linking
urban, suburban and rural areas.

Rebuild railroads, the Erie Canal and
Hudson River waterway to move freight
and passengers.

Create jobs in trades, manufacturing
transportation, education, tourism and

(5) Uphold the United States Constitution
and Bill of Rights, in particular the
First, Second and Tenth Amendments.

In short, to proceed with politics as usual
is to do so at our own peril.

More is required of those who seek office
and those who elect them.

Joe Sullivan

Friday, April 17, 2009



The Tea Parties were very inspirational.

Now, what?

Informed political participation to put
New York and America back on course.


2009 is a local election year.

Party primaries to select party candidates
are held in September. Primaries have very
low turnouts ( 3 to 20 percent of eligible
party members.)

1. Become informed and be sure to vote
in your political party primary.

This is when the enrolled members of a
political party nominate the candidate(s)
who will have that party ballot line in the
November General Election.

You are an Independent or Non-enrolled
voter (blank)? Sorry, you get what is left
after the party primaries. You only get to
vote in November.

Tea Party participants and supporters
as well as other voters, who may be on
Janet Nepolitano's Department of Homeland
Security Right Wing Extremist Watch List -

like veterans , pro-lifers, Americans who want
our national borders secured and the issues
surrounding 30 million, or more, illegal aliens
present in America, resolved; those who want
English recognized and required as our national
language and Americans Citizens who
want the Constitution, particularly the First
Second and Tenth Amendments, and the Bill
of Rights, upheld by our elected officials at the
local, state and national levels---

can support candidates who do, or become
party primary candidates themselves.

To do this, prospective candidates must
circulate Party Designating Petitions between
June 9 and July 13, 2009, which are signed
and witnessed by party members.

Primary campaigns occur from July through
September 15-Primary Day. Polls are open
Noon to 9 pm.

The General Election is November 3, 2009.
Polls are open 6 am to 9 pm.



2010 , in New York, we elect state and federal
officeholders, including Governor, Comptroller
Attorney General, a Member of Congress and
Two U.S. Senators.

2010 is the year when New Yorkers can regain
control of state government and play a major
role in taking back Congress from the Leftist
"progressives" who now control the Democratic
Party .

Congress, is supposed to represent the people
not to serve one political party or to be a rubber
stamp for policies advocated by the President.

The political reality is that one party is in power
in New York and Washington- the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party is controlled by "Progressives"
or Leftists, who select the same as elected officials.

Many Tea Party suporters are calling for a Third
Party movement.

That is not the way to go here in New York.

The Republican Party and other minor parties
in New York are toast.

The action and control is in the Democratic Party.

So, the best strategy in a one party dominated
political scene is - to join that party and elect
party and public officials who will put that
party back on course.

Thusly, I urge all New York voters to enrol
in the Democratic Party this year.

Execute and file your party enrolment
change (this includes Independents) any
time between now and September.

Your Democratic Party enrolment will
take effect the day after Election Day
November 3, 2009.

You can then participate and vote in
the 2010 Democratic Party Primaries
for party positions and public offices.

I will be happy to advise and otherwise
assist any New York residents, who fit
the profile of
Janet Nepolitano's DHS Right Wing
Extremists List who wish to become
candidates of the Democratic Party for
public offices in 2009 and 2010, and
for party positions in 2010.

As a U S Navy Veteran, I took an oath to
uphold the Constitution of the United
States and to defend the United States
from all enemies, domestic and foreign.

I honor that oath today.

To paraphrase Pogo, we have met the
domestic enemies and they are
Janet Nepolitano ,and a number of
others, in the current administrations in
Washington and and Albany.

Exercise your Constitutional responsibility
to be an informed citizen participant in
the political process established by the
U S Constitution and NYS Constitution.

Joe Sullivan

438 5230

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



A great success! Many thousands more
listened in via radio.

Today's Times Union Editorial derided
the event as "pulling the Republican
Party out of its slump, under the guise
of patriotism and hyperbolic talk of
socialism and tyranny."

The editorial went on to say: " This
manufactured movement has been
provided a sense of legitimacy
and momentum by Fox News and
other media organs of the right
hyped by infotainers like Glenn Beck
and Laura Ingraham.."

The editorial concludes: "A protest
like this, coming barely three months
into the administration of a new president
who won decisively last year and is
doing exactly what he promised to do
should be seen for what it is - a last
gasp of Campaign 2008 or, like, it or not
one of many preludes to Election 2012."

The Times Union could not be more wrong.

1. The Albany Tea Party was not a partisan
event to shore up the Republican Party.

It was a gathering of American citizens
exercising their First Amendment Rights
of freely gathering and speaking their
concerns about the tyranny of excessive
government spending and taxation, and
the tyranny of disregard for the Constitution
and Bill of Rights by elected representatives
at all levels of government in America.

2. It is amusing to read the TU editorial
decry Fox News, Glenn Beck and Laura
Ingraham as media organs of the right.

The TU, and most of the other media
except for talk radio, were, and remain
shills for the Far Left.

If it were not for Fox News and talk radio
American citizens would be completely
brainwashed by the mainstream media.

The new administration intends to enact
the "Fairness Doctrine" as a means of
stifling the First Amendment Rights of
radio stations, talk radio hosts and
ordinary citizens.

3. It is equally amusing to read the TU
decrying "a protest like the last
gasp of Campaign 2008..."

Obviously, the TU has failed to notice
that President Obama is still on the
campaign trail. He is everywhere in
the mainstream media, nearly every
day. Recently, he campaigned in
Europe, Turkey and Iraq. Next, it
will be in Latin America at the coming
Western Hemisphere Summit.

Not to worry, President Obama will
keep his campaign pledge to visit all
57 of these United States.

4. The Times Union is wrong to state
that Obama "won decisively last year.."

Voter turnout was about 60 percent
Obama won with the votes of about
a third of the eligible voters. This means
that 70 percent of the American voters
DID NOT vote for Obama.

Furthermore, President Obama is NOT
doing exactly as he promised with
regard to Iraq. The troops are not
coming home. They are being redeployed
to Afghanistan and probably soon to

Where have all those "bring home the
troops-NOW" lawn signs gone?

President Obama has come to realize
that, for better or worse, the U S must
maintain ground, air and naval forces
in the volatile Middle East, and elsewhere
in the world, for a long time to come.

Given that reality, one wonders how
President Obama can keep America
safe, by cutting the defense budget
failing to secure our borders and
failing to require proof of U S citizenship
for jobs, medical care, social services and
educational benefits.

American citizens are concerned that the change
Mr Obama promised, and the changes he has
made in less than 3 months in office, are
taking America down the wrong road to
socioeconomic and political disaster.

That is why the Tea Parties are being held

American citizens are rightly concerned for
their futures , as well as the futures of their
loved ones, and the future of America.

These Tea Party supporters want government
spending and taxation brought under control.
They want the Constitition, particularly the
First, Second and Tenth Amendments ; and
The Bill of Rights upheld by government at
all levels.

Finally, the Times Union is almost correct
in stating that this, and other Tea Parties
are "preludes to Election 2012".

More accurately, these Tea Parties are
preludes to American Citizens taking back
their governments at all levels, beginning
with the local elections this year; and
moving on to the state and congressional
elections of 2010.

Smart voters realize that regaining local
control, this year, is a prerequisite to
regaining control of New York State
government and Congress in 2010.

The reality is that we have one party
control at the local, state and federal
levels. Worse yet, that is Leftist
One Party Control.

The Republican and minor political
parties are toast in New York.

The best way for citizens to regain
control of local government this year
is for independent Democrats to run for
or, at the very least, become informed
and vote in the September Democratic

As for 2010, state and congressional
races, the best tactic is for all voters
in New York , particularly Upstate and
on Long Island to enrol as Democrats
now, and participate in the 2010
Democratic Primaries for State Assembly
and Senate, Congress and the U. S Senate.

Enrolment changes made now, become
effective, in New York, the day after the
November 2009 General Election.

The Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller
and all Members of the state Assembly/Senate
plus, Members of Congress and both Senators
from New York are up for nomination (election)
in the 2010 Democratic Primaries.

If there were ever opportunities for CHANGE
2009 and 2010 offer American Citizens the
opportunities to put local, state and federal
governments on the RIGHT COURSE.



Joe Sullivan

Monday, April 13, 2009


The Albany Police are getting some
new vehicles to round up and transport

Don't stop here. Albany needs a full
court press with Operation Impact to
make city streets and neighborhoods
safe for law abiding residents.

How about, more mounted officers
motorcycle, bike and foot patrols and
more k-9 dogs.

A few tanks and drones would also
be of use.

Send a clear message to gangbangers
drug dealers, muggers and assorted
anti-social malcontents that city
streets, neighborhoods, homes and
public places belong to the law abiding

The Albany Common Council should
can their Bullseye BS and focus on
combating crime in Albany, particularly
violent crimes using guns, knives and
other weapons. Focus on stiffer penalties
for offenders.

Joe Sullivan

Well Done USN SEALS!

U S Navy SEALS rescued
American merchant ship
Captain, Richard Phillips
from Somali pirates.

This is not the first time the United
States has had to confront Muslim

See the First and Second Barberry
Pirate Wars:

The modern day pirates must be dealt
with as acts of war. It is only a matter
of time until similar pirate incidents
occur elsewhere on the High Seas and
in vital shipping lanes, like the Strait
of Hermuz or other oil shipping lanes
ports and refineries.

Just when you thought gasoline and
home heating oil were back to affordable
prices....think again and recognize how
this temporary respite could evaporate
at any time:

Don't close those RC churches and schools
in Albany, Troy, Schenectady, Cohoes and
Watervliet just yet. People will have to return
from the suburbs and countryside to the cities
because gasoline will not be affordable or
available at any price.

A priority challenge facing the above cities
in this 2009 election year is: restoring urban
neighborhoods, housing, water and sewer
infrastructure to accommodate the return
of people to the cities.

Joe Sullivan

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Albany City Schools
Should be Run by
City Government

The Albany City School Board has wisely
submitted a proposed school budget with
a 2.2 percent increase, rather than the 15
percent increase first proposed.

The Board is to be commended.

Perhaps, their action was motivated to
defuse the city schools as a central
campaign issue. For after all, the Board
and District are run by allies of Leftist
Mayoral candidate Shawn Morris, and
that faction of the Albany Common
Council, leaving them off the hook?

Given the dysfunction of the city
schools, and massive amounts of state
aid and federal stimulus money, zero
increase, and perhaps, even a decrease
in the proposed school budget is in order.

The good news on the school budget
is great for this year...election year when
the Leftists are trying to gain control
of city government.

But, what about next year? The stimulus
money, and even state aid may be gone
and Albany property taxpayers will be
facing a HUGE school property tax

The solution?

Fix the problem this year, while the
state legislature is in session.

Merge the city schools with the city
government making the Mayor and
Common Council resposible and
accountable for the operation and
performance of the city schools.

Create one property tax base to
finance both city schools and city
government .

Return to a K-8 neighborhood school
system which is best for kids, parents
and revitalizing neighborhoods.

A Home Rule Request from the Common
Council is required , as well as sponsorship
of appreopriate state legislation, to make
the necessary amendments to State Law.
The Council is Democratically controlled.

Will the Common Council sponsor and
approve a timely Home Rule request so
it can be acted upon this session?

Will Assemblymen McEneny and
Cannestrai, and Senator Breslin sponsor
the necessary legislation? All are Democrats
and the Democratically controlled state
legislature should pass the reforms with
ease. Governor Paterson could quickly
sign the merger into law.

The State Legislators and Governor Paterson
are up for election next year.

State AG Cuomo, and State Comptroller
Di Napoli both advocate local government
consolidation. It follows that both should
enthusiastically support merging the city
school district with city government.

Both of these are up for election in 2010
as well.

Freshman Congressman Paul Tonko is
up for re-election in 2010 also. He is
a great advocate for the middle class
taxpayers, as should readily support
the merger of city schools and city
government as a prudent fiscal move.

Senators Chuckie and Gillibrand are
both up for election in 2010, too. Do
you suposse they would champion this
action? Both claim to be champions of
the downtrodden middle class taxpayer.

The School Board has craftily defused
the issue by lowering this year's
school budget increase, so turnout at
the May school budget vote can be
expected to be the usual 10 percent
of eligible school voters.

No use putting the ballot questions
I proposed in my earlier post (this blog)
on the school budget vote ballot
because, with 90 percent of the eligible
voters staying home, an accurate guage
of public support for the merger would
not be possible.

So, the ball is in the court of the city
candidates for election this year, and
the federal and state candidates for
election next year.

Who, among the candidates this
year will promote the consolidation
of the city schools with city government.

Who, among, next year's candidates
will get on board this year?

If nothing happens, this year expect
the mother of all school property tax
increases next year, whe the federal
stimulus, and state aid money is not

Consolidation of the Albany City
schools with city government remains
a key election year issue, in 2009 and
in 2010.

Joe Sullivan

Monday, April 6, 2009

President Obama campaigns
for President of the world

Projects weakness inviting scorn and
the testing that VP Biden warned of
in October 08.

Appeasement, apologies and pandering
erode confidence of allies in America.

Can Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, and
others, believe that America will stand
by them, if they reject Al Qaeda, and Iran?

Gen Petraeus, warned Congress last week
be prepared for Israel to launch a pre-
emptive strike against Iranian nuclear

NYPD is preparing to defend synagogues
from retaliatory attacks that would follow
such a move by Israel.

Meanwhile, Obama plans to make cuts
in defense spending/operations: eliminating
missle defense programs and decreasing the
number of Navy carrier battle groups.

Barack Hussain Obama, as he referred to
himself , on his inaugration and
on his overseas venture , has not yet been
in office 100 days, and he is
singlehandedly destroying the economy
dismantling the U S Constitution and
Bill of Rights, failing to secure our borders,
neutering our military, and leaving America
wide open for devestating attacks by Jihadists
and their domestic allies.

The $7 billion dollar Give Act, for mandatory
national service won't save us or America.

Change he has surely wrought; but change
for the worse.

Osama, and our detractors around the world
including Russia, China and North Korea
must be squealing with delight.

Obama, in Turkey, proclaims that America
"is not and never will be a war with Islam".
Yet, radical Islamists have made war on us.

A small group, using press credentials
planned to assassinate our President, but
Turkish authorities foiled the planned attack.

Americans should be very alert and wary as
they celebrate Passover and Easter.

I'll bet you can't wait to see what President
Obama says and does at next weeks Summit
of the America's involving the Organization
of American States (OAS), as his campaign
moves to the Western Hemisphere.

We know what Lulu of Brazil and Chavez
of Venezuela will say and do.

You can bet that President Obama will
not call for renewal and enforcement of
the Monroe Doctrine.

Nor will the OAS.

Open borders, amnesty for illegals
Latin languages, culture, food, music
dance and sombreros will be in, along
with Russian and Iranian missles in
Venezuela, and the Chinese doing
lateral oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
Mexico will reassert claims to Texas
New Mexico, Arizona, California and

Sarah P should keep a sharp eye out
the Russians or Chinese making a move
on Alaska.

Gringos , English, stetsons, square
dancing ,country music , and maybe
the dollar, will be out.

A Blessed Easter and Passover to all.

God Bless us and America. Prayer
can still result in miracles.

Maybe, we can survive til the 2010
prmaries and elections. If so, it will
be up to the American voters the
make a course correction that will
be back on the course the Founding
Fathers set for America in the U S
Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Joe Sullivan




Holy Week has begun.

Radical Islamists are still waging a "Holy War"
against Western Civilization. The Obama
policy is to "talk" with those who want to
kill us , destroy our nation and way of
life. Today's TU cartoon has it right.

President Obama apologizes to Europe and
the world for the arrogance of America, but
neglects to pay homage to the American dead
lying in the cemeteries of Normandy, and
throughout the world. These veterans gave
their lives so that we, Europeans, Japanese
Koreans, Iraqis ,and others, might live in
freedom. Ingrates in Europe have forgotten.

Obama did not bring the troops home as
he promised. He is just shifting them to
Afghanistan and likely Africa, not to
combat terror, but to engage in a
"contingency" operation.

Where have all the "Bring Home to Troops
Now" lawn signs gone?

One party control in Albany and Washington
is destroying America.

Leftist Albany mayoral contenders, and
their TU mouthpiece, are focused on
bulls eye BS, distracting voters from vital issues
like gun violence and an upcoming Albany
May school budget vote that will contain a huge
property tax increase, despite the city schools
receiving large amounts of federal stimulus and
state aid, while failing the students, parents and
taxpayers. (See March post, this site, city schools
the major issue in 2009 Albany City elections).

The RC Diocese of Albany is closing scores of
churches and schools in Albany, Troy, Cohoes
Watervliet and Schenectady. The unintended
consequence of this short sighted action is
the poliferation of urban decay and blight.
The politicians and flock stand silently by
with nary a bleat. (See March post this site)

The one party (NYC Democrat) state budget
eliminates the STAR rebate program, as seniors
and other homeowners have suffered significant
losses in their retirement savings because of a
failed government policy that extended "don't
ask, don't tell" mortgages to people who had
no financial ability or history to pay those
mortgages. Realtors, bankers, lawyers, and
others, all cashed in on record high inflated
home prices.

Smart meters, that will allow the government
through utility companies, to control your
home thermostat settings, are coming. Does
freshman Congressman Paul Tonko support
this? Scott Murphy? Chuckie Shumer?
Kirsten Gillebrand?

We do not need smart meters, we need
smart voters.

The 2010 federal, state, and local Democratic
primaries and November elections afford
smart voters an opportunity to regain control
of government.

Governor Paterson appears to be a goner.
Gillebrand is tied to him. Her advocacy of
the Dream Act, affording college tuition
to illegal aliens, coupled with her shift
on Second Amendment Rights of law
abiding citizens, erases Upstate and
suburban support she needs to survive
a likely primary in 2010.

Governor Paterson intends to lay off
nearly 9,000 state workers, American
citizens, to deal with a 16 billion dollar
state budget deficit. Yet, he signs a
2009 budget that increases state spending.

He and the members of his party that
control state and federal government
do nothing to secure our borders, end
sanctuary status for illegal aliens and
do nothing end the financial drain on
federal, state and local budgets caused
by tens of millions of illegals working
off the books, and receiving educational
medical and social service benefits; not
to mention the costs of crime and law

Chuckie, Gillebrand and the entire New
York Congressional Delegation are up for
primary and election in 2010.

All should be polled on their positions
regarding: (1) The Dream Act (2) Second
Amendment Rights (3) smart meters
(4) securing our borders (5) ending
New York's status as a sanctuary for
illegal aliens and (6) requiring valid
U S Citizenship to work, attend school
or receive any social service benefits.

Smart voters can put New York and
America, BACK ON TRACK IN 2010.

Indifference, apathy, ignorance , celebrity
worship, beguiling politicians, vast amounts
of cash and greed, blind partyline voting and
media complicity have brought us to where
we are now.

Conservative Democrats and Republicans
start your engines! Get ready to mount
aggressive primaries and elections in 2010.

Time to take New York and America back!

America needs Resurrection!

Joe Sullivan