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Sunday, February 24, 2008



Change is coming, no thanks to any politician or candidate. It is wise to be ready.

ROAD SALT -  Tons of salt have been dumped on us this winter. On a clear, dry day, with a bit of wind, take a deep breath of air. It will burn your nasal passages and lungs. Excessive amounts of road salt are a health problem, that is yet to be recognized. It kills street trees, causes deterioration of roads, bridges, and building exteriors. See earlier postings on this site for more details.

Call City Hall and your elected Assembly and State Senate Members. Tell them to take action to reduce excessive salt dumping on local streets and highways: and to promote less damaging alternatives. Lastly, drivers should slow down and adapt their driving to road and weather conditions.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH    Remember, every resident is a watch member. Keep a close eye on your block. and be watchful as you travel through the neighborhood and city.  Report any suspicious activities to the APD  462 8049/ 458 5660.

TERRORISM  is an ongoing real threat. Be alert, anticipate, observe and report any possible terrorist activities to the APD and to the NYS Anti-Terror Hotline:  1-866 SAFE NYS (723 3697).

No terror targets in our neighborhood? Think again! Churches, synagogues, schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, water, sewer, natural gas and electric lines.

EMERGENCY/DISASTER PREPAREDNESS.   You and your loved ones are on their own. It is your responsibility to be come informed, to anticipate what might go wrong, and be ready to survive whatever occurs. Do not look to your neighborhood schools, churches or synagogues for refuge. Despite numerous pleas, they are not ready. Nor are local and state governments going to be able to save you.  Plenty of resources are listed in prior postings on this site. You can begin with: . For a checklist of emergency supplies you should have on hand, go to:

BUCKINGHAM POND PARK   We need a comprehensive park plan for the coming months. Right now, brush and vines should be cleared away to allow young trees to surivive and mature. More plantings are needed. Consult earlier entries for details of what needs to be done.

LAWN CHEMICALS AND PESTICIDES.  Many local homeowner have a chemical addiction. Careless, excessive applications of fertilizers and lawn chemicals pose a health problem for adults, children and pets; and are contributing to he death of Buckingham Pond.  Find out how to wean yourselves off lawn chemicals. Contact Cornell Coop Extension, Albany County at 765 3500.

PLANT A TREE this Spring on your front lawn, to increase your property values, provide shade, visual beauty and to combat growing air pollution.  Call the City of Albany  434 CITY or Cooperative Extension 765 3500.

CAMPAIGN 2008 will have many twists and turns in the long road to November. Anything can and will happen. There are no sure things any more since 9-11.  If we are devestated with coordinated, multiple terrors attacks, the elections would be cancelled and martial law put into place.  Change you can trust has come. Politics as usual can not prepare us for what we face. There are no sure things in politics or life.

To paraphrase the New Hampshire license plate: "live free or die"; our license plates should bear the inscription: "Be ready or die".


                                                               J P Sullivan

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008



* Maintain U S military, naval, air presence in  Iraq, Afghanistan . Necessary to keep Iran from taking control of Mid East oil fields.

Bringing troops home now would create a vacuum for Iran to take over Mid East oil fields. Oil would become many more times expensive, scarce or unavailable to Americans. Our economy and way of life would crash.

*Increase the size and capabilities of our army, navy, marines, airforce and coast guard, so that we may deter China, Russia and others who pose real threats to our security and survival.

* Immediately secure U S borders and ports.

* Aggressively deal with the problem of tens of millions of Illegal Aliens present in America and Canada. Track down foreign terrorist cells and their allies among the Illegal Aliens and native born malcontents. Deport them without delay.

* Provide that to obtain work, medical care, educational benefits, social services, driver's licenses and vote, one must furnish proof of U S  birth/citizenship. Those who can not do so, will voluntarily return to their countries of origin, in short order.

* Institute universal military training for all young Americans, male and female. Service limited to initial boot camp training , 6 months active duty, followed by  on call service on the Home Front, guarding infrastructure, including bridges, tunnels, utility grids, power plants, chemical plants, rail lines, highways., as well as back up for local police, in an aggressive effort to create safe streets and schools.

* Promote Emergency/Disaster Preparedness by individuals, households, schools, religious and other institutions, local and state governments. Recognize that individual responsibility and action is essential to surviving emergencies and disasters, natural and man-made.

* Reform the current welfare/social services/educational systems which encourage and reward dependency, dysfunctional behaviors and place an increasing tax burden on the rest of society.

These are but a few ofthe steps necessary to assure the life, liberty and continued well being of all Americans.

Act now. Time is short.

                                                                    J P Sullivan



Monday, February 11, 2008


A resolution opposing the war in Iraq and calling for an immediate withdrawl of U.S. troops is on the Albany County Legislature meeting agenda for 6 pm today.

The resolution is co- sponsored by county legislators Steck and Bullock, and perhaps others. 

Democrat Steck is an announced candidate seeking the 21st Congressional District seat of retiring Congressman Mike McNulty.

Steck and Bullock have it all wrong. They should be sponsoring a resolution calling on Osama Bin Laden, and other Jihadists, to end their War on Terror against the Western World; and to withdraw their terror cells from the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Austrailia, New Zealand and elsewhere in the world.

Steck should withdraw his candidacy for the 21st Congressional District. We need a conservative Democrat to represent the 21st District, not one who would aid and abet those who seek to destroy us.

Albany County Legislators should  vote this resolution down, in a slow roll call vote, letting voters know where each stands on this matter.

The resolution is out of order because it exceeds the purview of the county legislature, and more importantly, the resolution is an affront to those who have given their lives, those whose lives are on the line now, and their families.

                                                                                         J P Sullivan




READY NEW YORK A Household Prepareness Guide

NYC   very useful

                                                                               J P Sullivan

Friday, February 8, 2008



America is at war..a war with no end in sight. The principal role of the next U S President will be that of Commander In Chief.

It follows that the next President ought to have some military experience, but there is much more required:

* being physically , psychologically and tempermentally fit

* sound judgment     * trustworthiness  

 * being forthright/honest.

The Presidential Campaign should take a summer break. Those seeking he job should spend 6 weeks with the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, followed by 2 weeks on the U S Southern border.

The candidates should report to the American people in September, telling us their plans with regard to Iraq, Afghanistan and the larger global terror war; and what, precisely, they will do to secure our borders and ports and how they will, specifically, deal with the tens of millions of illegal immigrants now in country.

Those seeking the Vice -Presidency should do the same.

All the other issues, including: the economy, health care, energy, etc,, pale in significance to prosecuting the global war on terror, while keeping the homeland secure and safe.

The home land is not secure and safe until our borders and ports are secure and the question of what to do with the tens of millions of illegal immigrants is addressed without further delay. No doubt, many of those illegals are members of terror cells intent on striking fatal blows in our homeland. Many more illegals, as well as native born, urban malcontents, gang bangers, and other anti-social actors, are the natural allies and foot soldiers of the foreign terrorists who seek our destruction.

Campaign 2008 is not politics as usual. Our very survival is at stake. The next President of the United States may well be our last.

Take a good long, hard look at the narrowed field of contenders. How does each measure up to the challenge at hand? Who can you believe? Trust? Who has the leadership ability to lead and inspire America? Who has the physical stamina and psycholgical stabilty? Who would you trust with your life, and the lives of those you love? Who would you trust to have the nuclear button in hand?

Are there other Americans, not currently in the field of candidates, who are better equipped to be President in these perilous times?

Voters, you ultimately have the say in selecting a President and Vice President, as well as Members of Congress, who are best qualified to protect, our lives, the lives of our loved ones, all Americans, and to protect our home land.

Nothing else, being talked about in the current campaign will matter if we make the wrong choices , now, and in November.


                                                                          J P Sullivan




Saturday, February 2, 2008



Weatherwise a grim day. No shadows to be seen here.


Will you see your shadow?

Undoubtly one of the most crucial votes each of us will ever cast.

Our individual and national survival are at stake.

Clinton and Obama are wrong on Iraq. McCain is right.

All three are wrong on immigration, and the economy.

Juan McCain has vowed to track Osama to the gates of hell. No need for this. McCain would continue the failed open borders policy of Presidente George W. If Osama isn't already here, he may soon be.

Illegal immigration is the Trojan Horse that can destroy America.

Failure to strengthen our resource and manufacturing base, leaves us unable to meet our overseas obligations and to defend our home land.

America is in great peril.  The home land is not secure.



Yes! Close the three middle schools. Return to a K- 8 neighborhood school system.



Yes! But, secure uptown residential neighborhoods at the same time as focusing on blighted downtown neighborhoods.

                                                                                       J P Sullivan