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Monday, December 31, 2012


The mass migration of  political Lemmings
over the cliff has occurred as expected. A
mad  partyline rush to the cliff.

Drowning in a sea of debt.

No leaders exist. All are followers. This
includes those elected to public office
and those who elected them November
6, 2012.

Resolve not to be a political Lemming
in 2013. Resist tyranny. Stand up for

Your survival, the survival of your
loved ones, the survival of America
and all Americans are at stake in the
New Year.

God Bless America and all Americans
in 2013.

                             Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Are you ready for winter? Do you have emergency food, water
medications enough to last for a month or more? Have you
thought about how you would survive loss of utilities and gasoline
for an extended period of time?

Have your churches, synagogues, schools made preparations to
to serve as emergency shelters offering food, water and heated
shelter for an extended period of time?

For emergency heating and cooking have you set aside firewood
charcoal, propane? Be sure to use proper safety precautions.

Have you considered how you would deal with garbage if
municipal/private picks ups were suspended?

Do you have a communication plan that includes alternatives
in the event cell phones become inoperative?

Do you have an emergency plan for yourself, your household
your family?

How will you protect yourself, your family, your pets, your
property in the event of a major emergency/disaster or
terror attack followed by civil disorder?

In Albany many of the police and firemen live outside
the city. Recall what happened to New Orleans in

Storm Sandy had a devastating impact on downstate coastal areas.

Upstate will be on it's own in a winter emergency/disaster.

We must be prepared to make it on our own.

Consider what we must do locally to prepare to survive
during winter weather/storms. Anticpate worst case scenarios
and prepare as best you can.

Government can't save us. We must save ourselves, our
government and Albany.

For starters begin by going to: for more.

The President, Congress and NYS Legislature are too
busy playing politics as usual. They haven't a clue .

Incompetence reigns supreme.

Governor Cuomo has shown that he comprehends
our vulnerability. That comprehension must translate
to real action.

The Governor and State Legislature should get
together and expand/ reorganize the NY Guard
(The State Militia) into Companies focusing on
security, construction-heavy equipment, supply
communications and emergency assistance
positioned to provide these functions in
specific regions/locations in NYS to respond
to emergencies/disasters. Recruit able bodied
men and womem to serve, particularly youth
and experienced adults with skills to serve
as commissioned officers and non-coms, to
lead and train inexperience youths.

Coordinate these efforts with state and local police
fire and EMT's as well as the Red Cross
and other emergency assistance organizations.

Members of the NY Guard should be given
appropriate training to perform the above
tasks. They will learn skills to enable them
to get private sector jobs and develop their
leadership/citizenship skills. Homeowners
can be compensated with property tax
breaks for service. Others can receive
educational benefits to attend state and
community colleges.

When the NY Army National Guard is
activated to federal service, the role
of the NY Guard is to serve as the home
guard to perform the functions the
National Guard provides in emergencies
and disasters.

We are at war. Our Nation is teetering
of the brink of economic collapse, chaos
and civil disorder.

Our elected officials appear oblivious to
this. It would be a fatal mistake to look
to them for the leadership and actions
to assist us to survive whatever comes
our way today, tomorrow and in the

We are on our own!

                                 Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ALBANY 2013.

The 2013 Albany City
elections are underway.

The leftists who have taken
control of the Albany City
Schools now seek to gain
control of city government
in 2013.

All those who call Albany
home, have a stake in being
informed participants in the
2013 city elections.

As a longtime city resident
who has participated in city
local and state politics, as
well as neighborhood issues
for the past 40 years, I intend
to continue doing so in 2013.

To begin with, here are a few

1. Mayor Jennings has served
Albany for 20 years. He should
seek re-election in 2013 because
he is the person best qualified
to be Mayor at this critical time
in the history of the City of Albany.

2. The Common Council should
remain at 15 members. Keeping
the existing ward system offers
the best option for ordinary citizens
to participate in the electoral process.

Reducing the number of Council
seats would increase the role of
special interests in governing the

3. Do not privatize the State Office
Campus. The SOC should remain
and be improved a the local hub
for state workers and agencies.

Having fewer state workers in
downtown would decrease traffic
congestion and parking problems
in downtown, and reduce commuter
traffic through city residential

Rebuild blighted neighborhoods
rather than spreading blight to the
SOC and adjacent residential
neighborhoods of the 12, 13, 14
15th wards.

4. Resist any efforts to privatize
Albany Municipal Golf Course.

The golf course is a multiple use
public facility which provides
walking and winter recreational
activities including skiing and
sledding, as well as scenic open
spaces and magnificent views of
 the Catskills and Helderberg

The golf course is also home
for the popular Hartman Road
Community Garden site.

People and their canine pals may
enjoy the outdoors here.

However, irresponsible dog owners
threaten to ruin this privilege for
all, by not picking up after their

5. Buckingham Pond Park needs
work, including shoreline stabilization
removal of dead trees and vines,
woodland management including
planting of replacement trees and
resurfacing the pathways with coarse
crushed bluestone. (Not powdered
which compacts and becomes
slippery when wet because it does
not drain).

6. Support the 765 KV hydropower
line from Quebec to NYC, provided
Albany can tap into this power to
reduce electricity costs for home
heating, businesses and expansion
of traditional manufacturing.

7. Rescind sanctuary status of the
city for illegal aliens, which was enacted
in 2007 by the Common Council.

8. Build a refinery at the Port of Albany
to refine oil shipped from the Dakota
Montana oil fields via rail. Expand this
to include oil shipped via pipeline and
or rail, from Alberta, .

9. Support drilling for natural gas in
New York. This will provide clean
energy and lead to economic rebirth
and jobs for Upstate New York in
21st Century, which will equal
or exceed the impact of the building
of the Erie Canal in the early 1800's.

10. Consolidate the city school district
with the city government, with the
mayor and common council accountable
for management and performance of
city schools, one property tax roll to
fund both , return to K-8 neighborhood
schools, and more local control over
the curriculums, including special

UPDATE 12/4/12

Times Union reports that a new high school
proposal is being planned:

Retain Albany High at it's present location
which is near the Center Station of the APD
making it more accessible to the police
presence required when school lets out.
The present high school was built in 1974.
Rehab the existing building as needed.
Returning to a system of K-8 neighborhood
schools will eliminate the need for middle
Consolidate the city school district with
city government. Abolish the elected
school board.. Abolish the superintendent
position and trim the top heavy school
administration. Hire more teachers and
give them a greater role in managing the
schools as well as setting curriculums.
Students who, by 8th grade show that
they do not value learning, are not
academically inclined, and/or behave
in ways that disrupt the learning
environment , for students who value
education and want to learn, should
not be admitted to high school where
the focus is on academics.
They should be channeled into
training programs that will prepare
them to be gainfully employed
good citizens.  Boot camp programs
for those that are discipline cases.
The drop out rate is about 50 percent.
No new high school campus is required.
Keep it where it is.
To propose an expensive new high school
building and claim that it " will change the
educational outcomes for thousands of students"
is absurd and an affront to the intelligence of
the homeowner and business property tax-
payers who would be saddled with a huge
property tax increase to pay for this proposed
This shows how insensitive leftists are to
the present day economic realities and
the huge tax increases and more joblessness
coming our way after January 1, 2013 and
Property taxpayers just say NO! to this
dumb proposal.
11. End the annual assault with road
salt that local and state governments
as well as shopping centers dump
on the local environment. This "white
death" destroys our roads, bridges
buildings and our vehicles. Kills
street trees. Pollutes the air we
breathe and increases health problems.

Environmentalists... forget about
climate change. You can't control that
but you can do something about the
more immediate problem of road
salt..."The White Death".

12. Emergency/Disaster Preparedness.
Anticipate and prepare to survive
whatever may come our way today
tomorrow and in the year ahead.

Government can't save us. We must
save Albany, our government and

These are a few ideas for starters.

Stay tuned.

                                Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


                                                   Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, November 20, 2012



Democrats voted the partyline in 2012.

Too Bad for America, the Democrats
and all Americans, who will suffer the

                                     Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, October 2, 2012



Go to:



MORE ABOUT EACH.   has been read statewide
nationally and worldwide for  7 years.

The websites of Fahy and Danz are vague and shallow on the
issues vital to our survival. These sites lack the substance and
historical depth of lonerangeralbany.


                                                    Joe Sullivan

Monday, October 1, 2012


We have a Commander in Chief
who is not.
Obama's Afghanistan policy
is a failure. Obama has failed our
troops and our country (us).

Voters must relieve Obama of
command. November 6.

read post below:





Victory in Afghanistan is not
possible as long as Pakistan
provides safehaven for al Qaida
and Taliban, and because of
cultural, historical factors.

Afghanistan is a tribal region
not a nation.

We have trained and armed
hundreds of thousands of Afghan
Army-Police who are killing our
troops a few at a time. It is only
a matter of time until they turn
and annihilate our remaining
68,000 troops who are being left
behind after this month's draw

Winter is coming just as
it did in 1842.

De Ja Vu! This happened to
an entire British Army in
Afghanistan in the 19th Century.

Search Afghanistan/Commander
In Chief posts this site.

We have a would be Commander
in Chief, who is not looking out for
our troops or our country. Obama
is guilty of dereliction of duty. His
Afghanistan policy is a failure.

Obama is a failure and must be
relieved of command. November 6.

How? When? By you the American
voters! November 6th. Vote Obama

Where have all those Bring Home
the Troops Now,  lawn signs disappeared

Bring the troops home now, before they
get wiped out in a full blown green
on blue atrocity.

Their blood will be on the hands of
Obama and those partyline Lemmings
who support him!

                                   Joe Sullivan

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Your country, life, liberty
and pursuit of happiness
are on the line

NYS Assembly 109 AD

Conservative   Row C

        - pass the word -

Friday, September 14, 2012

ON TO NOVEMBER 6    (With Updates)

The primaries are over. The progressives
have had their day and chosen their
standard bearers for the November 6
general election.

The contest for the 109th Assembly
District was intense.

Patricia Fahy emerged the nominee
of the Democrats. No suprise, a woman
in a field of 4 men. Pat got the votes of
the same crowd that votes approval of
the Albany City School District budget.
Her vote was enhanced by collaborating
with the campaigns of Senator Breslin
and DA Soares.

In round numbers Pat received 5,000
of the approximate 13,000 votes cast
in the Democratic primary in the 109 AD.

The Democratic candidates spent
a huge sum of cash in that primary.

On the issues, they differed little.

Compare Fahy and Sullivan responses
to questions- TU Voter Guide:

Disregard TU error in spelling of
Joseph and omission of photo.

So, now it is on to November 6 when
the rest of the 109 AD's 98,000 voters
will have their chance to choose who
shall represent them in the NYS
Assembly, 109th District.

The dilemma for Pat Fahy is
does she run with or away from
Barack Hussain Obama? Being
a partyline Democrat, we know
what she will do.

Gas is above four dollars a gallon.
Food prices are high and will go
still higher. People are out of
work. Prospects for jobs are
bleak. The number on food stamps
is at a record high.

This President has failed to secure
our borders allowing tens of
millions of illegal aliens to run
amok in America, among them
jihadists who are sworn to destroy

Our entire electoral system is
at risk. Millions of illegals will
be voting November 6 and the
votes will be counted electronically
by a George Soros firm in Spain.

Our Nation is deeply divided by
a President who set out to radically
transform America . A President
whose divide and conquer strategy
has brought America to the brink
of disaster.

The Muslim world is afire because
of the foreign policy blunders and
perceived weakness of President
Obama and his Secretary of State

This election is about the survival
of America, our Constitutional
Republic, our way of life, and the
survival of each and every American.

Our life, liberty and pursuit of
happiness, as well as our security
economy and way of life are on the line.

There will be no second chances.
November 6 is D Day for America.

Enrolled Democrats are the
majority in the 109th AD as well
as in New York State.

Our fate, and theirs, will be
determined by how they vote
November 6. 

Will they put the survival of
America, and their own survival
above blind partyline voting?

Will the local media do the same?

We shall know the answer in
five weeks time.

This is no election to behave
like a Lemming.

                       Joe Sullivan

                       Candidate Row C
                       NYS Assembly
                       District 109

Where I stand on the issues:

1. SECURITY is the priority. Without
it our  Liberty, way of life and economy
are done.

The home front has become the front
line in the war of terror by those who
are sworn to destroy us.

NYC is a major terror target. The NYPD
is doing it's best to safeguard the city.

Upstate police and fire agencies must do
the same.

Osama most recently directed his minions
to hit soft targets where security is lax.

Locally, that means The Capitol city
the port and the electric power grid
among other targets.

Governor Cuomo should expand, train
and arm the NY Guard, the state defense
force, to assist with security, particularly
when the NY National Guard is activated
for duty elsewhere in the nation or over

All citizens have a security role to play.
Keep and eye on your neighborhood
where you work, go to school and your

Report any suspect activities to:
APD  458 5660
Anti-Terror Hotline-
1 866 SAFE NYS (723-3697)


This means every individual, households
neighborhoods, schools, churches
synagogues, businesses.

Go to:      and

Search related posts this site.

3. ENERGY is essential to our way
of life,  for expanding traditional
manufacturing / agriculture and
for transportation.  Energy
development is the basis for jobs
and economic recovery. Tap
natural gas and 765 KV Quebec
to NYC hydropower line for
home heating, manufacturing
agriculture and transportation.

Rebuild conventional rail road net
to move freight/people. Build light
rail to connect cities, suburbs and
rural areas.

Search energy/transportation posts
this site.

ENERGY development is the key
to putting 23 million plus unemployed
back to work.

More people working is essential to
preserving social security and medicare.


1. Support expanded shale natural gas drilling in NYS provided
groundwater, wells, reservoirs are protected and monitored.

Have drillers contribute to a fund to provide remediation/compensation
in the event of accidents.

Earmark use/sale of extracted natural gas for New York, New England
and Canada. No exports to China.

Tapping New York's vast gas resources will stimulate an economic
boom and jobs akin to that produced by building the Erie Canal in the
early 1800's.

It is essential to conserve natural gas resources for domestic use
as a security issue for now and the future.

Northeast winters are cold and survival here impossible without
a reliable source of home heating.

2. Support the 765 kv Quebec to NYC hydro power line provided Albany
Bethlehem, Guilderland and New Scotland can tap into this line to
lower local electric rates and provide reliable, clean electric power
upon which our way of life depends.

3, Support shutting down the twin Indian Point nuclear power plants.

These nuclear plants sit astride the Ramapo geologic fault. Spent
rods are stored, in water, below the plants because there is no
other place to safely dispose of them.

The nuclear disaster in Japan was a natural and man made event.
We should learn from that and not repeat it here.

20 million people live in the shadow of the Indian Point nuclear plants.

The NYC metro area and Hudson Valley could be devastated by a
natural or man made disaster involving the Indian Point nuclear plants

Keep in mind that NYC (and the Indian Point Plants) are a number
one target of the Jihadists who sworn to destroy us, and who have
made the homefront the front line in their war of terror.

4. Support building the Keystone pipeline from Canada to the Gulf
states and a second pipeline to Buffalo. Build more refineries in
both locations. Canada is our ally. We share a common culture
and heritage and our future fates are interdependent.

President Obama's refusual to approve the Keystone pipeline
is a major blunder. He has kept gas and food prices high as
result. And, now, China is gaining control of Canadian shale
oil - a major strategic security blunder by Obama!

President Obama's policies relating to oil drilling in the Gulf of
Mexico and Anwar have produced similar results, inhibting our
economic recovery and creating a perilous security risk for

5. Grow corn for food and feed, not to produce biofuels.

Ethanol is bad for engines, particularly small engines like
lawn mowers and snowblowers.

Food prices are poised to rise out of sight, after the November
election, because of the drought that has devastated America's
corn and wheat breadbasket regions.

Growing corn to produce ethanol will rapidly deplete soils
that should be conserved to grow food and feed in a system
of crop/field rotation that rests and replentishes the land.

46 million Americans now rely on food stamps. Food stamps
will be worthless without soils, farms and farmers to produce

6. Support clean coal technology. America has the largest
coal reserves of any nation- enough to continue our way of
life for centuries.

Coal produces most of the electric power that our way of
life depends upon.

Do not export coal to China. Conserve it and use it for our
own economic needs long term.


Recall that gas was less than two
dollars a gallon before Obama took

  4. Education and Learning

More money is not the way to
better educational outcomes.

Get the federal government out
of education. End NCLB and
Race To The Top. Scale back
State Ed Dept. More local
control over curriculum and
special education.

In Albany, merge city schools
with city government with the
Mayor responsible and accountable
for school performance. Return to
a K-8 neighborhood school system.
One property tax roll to support
both schools and city government.

Oppose consolidation of city school
district with town school districts.

This recommendation may appear
Dec 1, after election, when Governor's
Education Task Force reports on plans
to completely revamp education in NY.

Attitude/behavior adjustments
on the part of learners/parents


Search  Education/Schools posts
this site.


Extend so called Bush Tax Rates
for all, before they expire Dec 31.
Provide real property tax relief
particularly school property tax
relief in the 2013 state legislative


6. UPHOLD the U S and NYS

Every public official takes an
oath to do so, but many violate
or fail to honor that oath.

No circumventing Congress
and the State Legislature by
Executive Orders or judicial

Support the First, Second and
Tenth Amendments to the

Return to strict interpretation
of the Tenth Amendment where
the federal government is limited
to enumerated powers and all
else the domain of the States.

This is essential for true unfunded
mandate relief.

7.  ENGLISH is our official
language. Make it so in education
business and elections.

Glorification of diversity divides
rather than unites our Nation.

We are a Nation of legal immigrants!

Secure borders are essential for
the survival of our Nation.


Require photo voter ID's be
presented when voting, and
that all  county boards of
elections  ascertain that all
existing voters are living,
are bonafide residents and
U S Citizens. Require similar
proofs of all new voters.

Verify that college students
registering to vote locally
are not registered to vote
in their home counties.



Victory in Afghanistan is not
possible as long as Pakistan
provides safehaven for al Qaida
and Taliban, and because of
cultural,  historical factors.

Afghanistan is a tribal region
not a nation.

We have trained  and armed
hundreds of thousands of Afghan
Army-Police who are killing our
troops a few at a time.  It is only
a matter of time until they turn
and annihilate our remaining
68,000 troops who are being left
behind after this month's draw
down. Winter is coming just as
it did in 1842.

De Ja Vu! This happened to
an entire British Army in
Afghanistan in the 19th Century.

Search Afghanistan/Commander
In Chief posts this site.

We have a would be Commander
in Chief, who is not looking out for
our troops or our country. Obama
is guilty of dereliction of duty. His
Afghanistan policy is a failure.
Obama is a failure and must be
relieved of command.

How? When? By you the American
voters! November 6th. Vote Obama

Where have all those Bring Home
the Troops Now lawn signs disappeared

Bring them home now, before they
get wiped out in a full blown green
on blue atrocity.

informed votes are the key to the
survival of our Constitutional
Republic, to the Life, Liberty and
Pursuit of Happiness of all.

Do not be brainwashed by a media
that is determined to maintain the
established political regime at the
federal, state and local levels.

Observe. Read. Exchange information
with your peers. Learn. Evaluate. Analyze.

Hard work? Yes, but it is your duty
as an American citizen.

Your survival, depends on it. Do it!

Government can't save us. We must
save America, our government and

                                       Joe Sullivan

Conservative for NYS Assembly
109 District. Vote Row C  November 6


In memory of the Late, Great Dick
Conners Assemblyman and Chair
of the Assembly Veterans Committe.

It was my pleasure to be a close ally
of Dick Conners in those days.


Dogs are the finest creatures to walk
the earth.

Those that hold dogs in low regard
and abuse them, do not know them
and never experience the loyalty of
God's magnificent creation.


                                            Joe Sullivan

Thursday, September 6, 2012




SECURITY is the priority issue in
the 2012 elections. Without it our
way of life and economy are done.

Afghanistan is a tribal wasteland
that can not be secured as long as
Pakistan offers safehaven to the
Taliban and Al Qaida, and as long
as our troops are being killed by
those Afghans we are attempting
to train so that they might secure
their own land.

This training effort has cost us 22
billion dollars and the lives of our
valiant troops. For what?

President Obama has announced
the date for our military to withdraw.

Our troops, bound by pc rules of
engagement, are sitting ducks, being
picked off by a cowardly foe.

While they are putting their lives
on  the line, most won't have their
right to vote in the 2012 election
which, in part, is a referendum on
Commander In Chief as well as
Congress and the State Legislature.

That individual has failed to secure
our borders, and by fiat, circumvented
the Congress and U S Constitution to
allow untold numbers of illegal aliens
to vote in the 2012 elections to benefit
his reelection, and the reelection of
those that support him, like our own
Representative in Congress, Paul Tonko
our U S Senators and candidates for
state office here in New York.

The Commander and Chief and his
minions have all violated their oaths of

Our troops and all legal American
voters need to know where you stand
on these and related matters of national
security...Mr Romney because the most
important job of the President is being
Commander In Chief is defending America
and all Americans (including the rabid
leftist partisans on display this week on
television for all the nation and world
to see).

You are not running for CEO!

The 2012 elections are the defining elections
of our lifetimes.

The survival of America, our
Constitutional Republic, Life, Liberty
Pursuit of Happiness, our way of life
and, and of all Americans are on the

What should you be saying? For
starters - bring our troops home
from Afghanistan - now! Deploy them
to secure the Mexican border.

Rebuild our Navy and declare
that the Monroe Doctrine will be
strictly enforced.

Declare that you will uphold
the U S Constitution and will require
that candidates for public office
and appointments, including
the U S Supreme Court, do the same.

President Obama is NOT a nice

In the forthcoming debate will
you will have the opportunity
to address these and other issues
vital to our survival. What you
say, or do not say, will determine
your fate, that of America, and
all Americans.

Hint, put your political hack
advisors out to pasture.

Do a little study of General
George Patton.

No more pussy footing and
political tap dancing!

God help you, America and
all Americans.

                         Joe Sullivan


Compare Sullivan responses to 4 questions
with those of other candidates in the 109 AD

Also view LWV Voter Guide for 109 AD:

Read entries this blog  April - September
2012, and search topics of interest by
entering search word(s) to view 7 years
of  my posts/positions regarding issues
vital to the survival of America and all

                                    Joe Sullivan



Friday, August 31, 2012


NYS ASSEMBLY, District 109
Thurdsay, September 13 Noon- 9 pm

SULLIVAN v GOP Rubber Stamp

Joseph P Sullivan, an enrolled Conservative, a real Conservative
and Member of the Albany County Conservative Committee
representing the City of Albany W14 ED3 is the designated and
endorsed candidate of the Albany County Conservative Party.

Sullivan is being challenged by a GOP rubber stamp - Ted Danz
the GOP candidate for this Assembly seat. Danz, aided by an
assortment of local and state GOP operatives and plants in the
Schenectady and Albany County Conservative Committees, is
attempting to pirate the Conservative ballot line for the November
6 General Election, and ultimately gain control of the Albany
County Conservative Committee for the 2012 local elections.

This motley crew is taking advantage of relaxed absentee ballot
application rules, going around to GOP "sleepers" enrolled as
Conservatives, as well as genuine, unsuspecting Conservatives
who are asleep and not paying attention to what is going on.

Rubber stamps bearing the name of Danz are being used to
"write in" his name on the absentee ballot, where only Sullivan's
name appears because Sullivan is a real Conservative and the
designated, endorsed candidate of the Albany County Conservative

The Albany TU editorial of August 3rd called for third parties to
run their own candidates in elections, concluding that one ballot
line per candidate was sufficient.

Sullivan wrote a letter supporting that editorial which was printed
in TU letters, August 24.

Sullivan has a website that contains 7 years of posting on issues
vital to the survival of America and all Americans. This website is
read locally, statewide, nationally and worldwide"

Danz is also attempting to gain the Independence line in the
September 13 primary, where his name does appear on the
 ballot, because the local  Independence party so authorized it.

One ballot line is enough!

The 109th AD Conservative primary is the only contest in town, so all the GOP operatives can pile on in this effort to
elect a rubber stamp.

Enrolled Conservatives in the 109th AD (City of Albany,
Towns ofBethlehem, Guilderland and New Scotland) have
a clear choice in the September 13 Conservative Party -

Sullivan, a real Conservative with a Message that
all voters in the 109Th should have the opportunity
to vote on November 6


A GOP rubber stamp

The election  district vote talleys of those that vote in t
the September 13 Conservative Party Primary, 109th AD
will decide this question, as well as reveal who the GOP
sleepers in the Albany County Conservative Party are.

The OTB petition circulated to force this primary already
provided insights:

                                                               Joe Sullivan

VOTE 2012

Thursday, September 13  Noon - 9 pm

Your country, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are on the line


          NYS ASSEMBLY District 109

                 Albany Bethlehem Guilderland New Scotland


Pass the Word. Thank you.

                                                                    Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Not by family and veterans who
have served America!

Bring our troops home from
Afghanistan. Deploy them to
the Mexican border without
any pc rules of engagement.
                         Joe Sullivan

More opportunities for election fraud:

"Statewide 2010 census data shows nearly
19.5 million New Yorkers, 5.5 million of
them whose primary language wasn't
English. About 45 percent didn't speak
English well."

What percentage of  New York voters
who bother to vote, cast informed votes?

Perhaps, the AG should require educators
as well as translators, at all polls?

                                Jose Patrick Sullivan

Sunday, August 19, 2012


The Times Union reported that
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver
has introduced a bill to give
government financial aid to
illegal aliens to attend college
in New York:

Here are the Assembly
release and full
text of the Silver bill:

Joseph P Sullivan, Conservative Party
candidate for NYS Assembly, District 109
which includes the City of Albany and
Towns of Bethlehem, Guilderland and
New Scotland, said he will vote against
the Silver bill, if he wins the Conservative
Primary on Thursday, September 13
and is  elected to the State Assembly in
the November 6 General Election.

Sullivan has challenged the
Albany Common Council to repeal
Sanctuary status in the City of Albany
for illegal aliens, which the Council
passed by a 14-0 vote in 2009.

The Albany County Legislature
should pass a resolution declaring
that Albany County is not a sanctuary
for illegal aliens,  and review social
service rolls and county jail rosters to
determine how many illegal aliens are
included, Sullivan added.

The Albany City School District and
colleges and universities in Albany
County should be required, by the
County Legislature to disclose how
many illegal aliens are among the
student bodies of these institutions.

Sullivan said he would sponsor a bill
along the lines of Arizona Governor
Jan Brewer's executive order denying
driver's licenses and other public
benefits to illegal aliens who are
authorized to work under the
Obama executive order which went
into effect, last week.

Sullivan said he would also sponsor
legislation requiring photo voter ID's
and that all county boards of elections
take steps to ensure that only  U S
citizens, who are legal residents of
NY State, are listed on voter rolls
and that proof of citizenship and
legal residence be required for all
new voter registrations.

Silver was quoted as saying: "we
don't have enough engineers and
scientists in this country"

We are not going to find them
among the tens of millions of
illegals who have unlawfully
invaded our land, said Sullivan.

Most illegals are uneducated
unskilled. Those that work off
the books, don't pay taxes.
Many are driving without
valid driver's licenses and
insurance. Many are engaged
in gangs, the drug trade and
other criminal activities.

The rule of law must prevail
in America, and violations
of the law must not be rewarded
if America is to remain a Nation.

Illegal immigration is a real
threat to survival of nations.

Consider Greece:
                                   Joe Sullivan

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Currently, we have a Campaigner in Chief
who is AWOL, allowing  our troops to be
picked off every day, by a cowardly foe, now
posing as our ally.

Biden is not fit to assume this role. He
is somewhere back in the 19th and 20th
Centuries....on the plantation, maybe?

Hillary has left the Mid East on fire in
Egypt, Libya, and now Syria. A failure
as Secretary of State. It would mean
certain defeat for Obama to dump Biden
and tap Hillary for VP.

Where have all the "Bring Home the
Troops- Now" lawn signs gone?

Romney is running for CEO. Ryan as
assistant CEO.

While the economy is on the verge of
collapse,  Israel struggles to survive
surrounded by millions of Jihadists
and Iran developing nuclear capability.

When  full scale war breaks out in the
Mid East, we will suffer severe losses
among troops on the ground and our
naval carrier task forces, which are
sitting ducks in an inland sea.

At the same time, the U S and Canada
will be helpless to repel the human
waves surging over the Yukon, The
Columbia-Snake, Yellowstone and
Missouri Rivers, in their conquest of
the timber, shale oil and coal resources
of the West, the agricultural resources
of the Great Plains and Corn Belt.

To ignore Afghanistan and foreign policy
issues  is a tragic blunder for this duo.

Take some time off, boys,  go to Afghanistan
before the upcoming  GOP convention, or
perhaps, while the Democrats hold their
convention in early September.

Fast foreward to the 21st Century
Bubba.   It's Security, Stupid! Without it
there won't be an economy!

This is no time for politics as usual. To
fail to take strong positions on security
defense, military and foreign policy issues
as well as failure to secure our borders
and root out the terrorists who dwell
among us, puts America, and all Americans
in grave peril.

                                       Joe Sullivan



What safe guards, if any, to ensure
that only bonafide U S citizens and
NYS residents  register and vote in
the 13 September primaries and Nov
6 General Election?

New York State is sanctuary to untold
numbers of illegal aliens. The same is
true for Albany  City and County.

Proof of citizenship, residency and
a photo ID are essential to having
honest elections this year.

Why wasn't this provision  included
and required?

Makes one suspect. No? Si?

                                 Joe Sullivan

                                 NYS Assembly
                                 District  109

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                            Joe Sullivan