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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The homeland is becoming the front line
in the war of terror being waged against
us by the Jihadists who have legally and
illegally invaded America.

Their leaders have called for increased
terror attacks here.

The recent massacre at the shopping
mall in Kenya was a dry run for what
will occur here.  Jihadists holding
American citizenship were involved.

Consider Black Friday at the malls?

Huff Post reported today that the U S
State Department has renewed a global
terror alert for U S citizens.

Potential targets include sports events
shopping malls, restaurants, houses of
worship, schools and large gatherings
of Americans anywhere.

Albany Christians and Jews ought to
be on high alert because they are prime
targets of the radical Jihadists  as
evidenced by the burning of churches
and killings in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iraq
and elsewhere in the Muslim world.

Congress should immediately secure
our Southern border. Bring the troops
home from Afghanistan to do the job.

The tens of millions of illegal aliens who
have sneaked over our borders or stayed
here after their student, and other, visas
have expired, should be identified and
tracked down. Security risks deported.

A job for NSA , Homeland Security
and local law enforcement.

The U S Senate should vote down
the U N Small Arms Treaty signed
by Secretary of State Kerry.

Former Secretary Hillary Clinton
destabilized the whole Middle East
during her tenure.

She wants to be President in 2016?

The Community Organizer in Chief
brings us to the brink of world war
by wanting to bomb Syria.

Now, Kerry wants to disarm
Americans in violation of their
Second Amendment Constitutional
right to bear arms for self protection
when the Jihadists are stepping up
their terror attacks on the American
home land.

What are Americans, who slobber
over these three stooges, thinking?

They, and their minions in federal
state and local government are
destroying America.

Party line Lemming voters are enabling
this to happen by towing the party line
every election.

The majority of eligible voters who
stay home every election are equally
to blame.

The main stream media are complicit
in this treachery.

Wise up, before your country, life
liberty and pursuit of happiness
disappear under a blanket of
tyranny  and stifling control of
every aspect our beings.

The "progressives" and Jihadists
are all about control. In the end
the Jihadists will prevail and
the progressives promptly dispatched.

This is no time for petty political
campaigns involving "conversations"
and vague political speak with no
substantive position statements on
the issues vital to our survival as
a Nation, a State, and a City; and
the survival of each and everyone
of us.

Government can't save us. We must
save ourselves, our loved ones; our
City , State and Nation.

This begins with the people regaining
control of government, at all levels,
in 2013, 2014  and 2016 - restoring
our Constitutional Republic, by
electing public office holders that
will uphold the Constitution and
truly represent the people.

                                 Joseph P Sullivan

                                 For Albany Mayor
                                 Conservative Row C
                                 November 5.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Albany's A Team for 2014 and beyond -
Mayor Sullivan - Mayor Emeritus Jennings
Common Council President Marsolais.

All three have roots in the Albany Democratic
Party back to the O'Connell-Corning days.

Sullivan was appointed a Democratic Committee
Member in Ward 8 (then 9) by Dan O'Connell.
Sullivan worked for Governor Hugh Carey, was
a close confident of Assemblyman Richard
Conners and Charlie Ryan Sr. Sullivan served
as Chief of Staff to State Senator Howard Nolan.

Sullivan served as local campaign coordinator for
a number of  candidates including: Dick Conners
NYS Assembly second term, Charlie Ryan Sr for
Common Council President, Paul O Dwyer for
U S Senate, Ted Kennedy and Jerry Brown for
Erastus Corning and Polly Noonan were not
fans of Sullivan. But Governor Carey was, as
were Assembly Majority Leader Dan Walsh
Assemblyman Neil Kelliher, State Senator Joe
Bruno and many more.

Jerry Jennings was a young rebel Common
Council Member from Ward 11. He became
Mayor and served this city faithfully for 20

I spoke with Jerry in April and urged him to
run again, saying that if he didn't I would on
the Conservative ballot line Row C, Nov. 5.

Should I be elected Mayor, I will immediately
designate  Jerry Jennings as Mayor Emeritus
charged with the following tasks:

1. Liaison with the Governor and State
    Legislature - seeking state Pilots for
    the Harriman State Office Campus
    and other state occupied lands in the
    City of Albany; and seeking mandate
    relief for the City and city schools.

2. Liaison with the city schools -seeking
    consolidation of the city schools with
    city government, one property tax roll
    to finance both, return to a K-8 city
    neighborhood school system with the
    Mayor being responsible/accountable
    for operation/performance of the city

3. Liaison with the NY Congressional
    Delegation and NYS Education Dept.
    advocating more local control over
    city schools, in particular revising
    curricula to meet the needs of our
    urban youth, as well as expanded
    adult education.

4. Mayor Emeritus Jennings will
    continue to preside at most public
    events, including parades, Alive
    at Five concerts and continue his
    weekly radio show, Friday's on
    talk 1300.

4. Mayor Sullivan will rely on Mayor
    Emeritus Jennings as a trusted adviser
    and partner in governing the City of

I support John Marsolais for President
of the Common Council. John Marsolais
is superbly qualified to serve the
people of Albany in this capacity.

John is fully prepared to serve as
Common Council President, to be a
partner with the Mayor and Mayor
Emeritus in governing the city-
and to be a Mayor in waiting when
Sullivan leaves office.

John Marsolais  served in the office
of Mayor as an aide to three mayors
Corning- Whalen and Jennings.

John Marsolais was a city ward leader.

John served as City Clerk, and was
Clerk of the Common Council. He
knows the rules, records and procedures
of the Council. He is known and
respected by many incumbent Council

John Marsolais has the personality and
knowledge of Albany past and present
to be an outstanding President of the
Albany Common Council - and to one
day - assume the office/responsibilities
of Mayor of Albany.

City Council Members Lester Freeman
and Ron Bailey will serve as advisers
to Mayor Sullivan and coordinate city
efforts to revitalize Wards 1, 2, 3, 4
and 5. Their focus will be on reducing
crime and rebuilding housing, small
businesses and utility infrastructure
in those wards.

City Council Members Mike O'Brien
Frank Commisso Jr.,Jack Flynn, Joe
Igoe and Dan Herring
will serve as advisers to Mayor Sullivan
and coordinate city efforts to prevent
spread of blight uptown, keep the State
Office Campus as home to state
workers, resist any efforts to
privatize Capitol Hills golf course
and maintaining the residential
integrity and quality of life in the
Uptown wards including open space
protection, specifically improving
Buckingham Pond Park, completion
of the Dan O'Connell Memorial pocket
park (Whitehall at New Scotland) and
a 23 acre neighborhood greenbelt
surrounding Crescent Drive.

Mayor Sullivan?  He will work with
the APD and AFD on security/public
safety and emergency/disaster 

 Mayor Sullivan is a firm supporter 
of our Second Amendment rights
and will uphold the Constitution.

Mayor Sullivan will work on 
expanding availability/lowering cost
of energy, including natural gas
and hydro-power to benefit city
homeowners, businesses, schools
hospitals etc.

Mayor Sullivan supports drilling
for NY natural gas which will spur
the economic revival of Albany
the Erie canal corridor and Hudson
Valley. Natural gas will spur jobs
in energy, transportation, manufacturing
 agriculture, and tourism, lower energy
costs ,thereby creating an economic
boom for Upstate NY akin to the impact
of building the Erie canal in the early

Sullivan advocates a refinery at
the Port to refine Baakan oil
coming to the city via rail. This
will expand the city property tax
base, provide good paying jobs
and lower energy costs for local

Mayor Sullivan will also focus
on waterfront development 
tourism and revival of Hudson
River river boat service Albany
to NYC.

So, Albany voters -
Vote Conservative Row C Nov 5
Sullivan for Mayor - Marsolais for
President Common Council and
you get to keep Jennings as active
Mayor Emeritus.

CHANGE with continuity, stability
Liberty preserved. Future assured.

Remember the past. Live for the
present and look forward to the

                             Joe Sullivan

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Education( learning) is the key to a
better life for all who call Albany
home. Improved city schools are
the key to the survival of the City
of Albany.

Learning is a never ending process
of acquiring the knowledge, skills
perspective, values and behaviors
which enable us to earn a living and
to be  happy, productive members 
of society. Good citizens.

To become educated one must value
learning, make the effort to learn and
apply what is learned to everyday life.

Learning begins in the womb. Our 
parents are our teachers during our
first five formative years. What we
learn, or do not learn, from them
lays the foundation for our futures.

Schools should be places to learn, not
day care or community centers or 
feeding stations. 

Learning should not end when one
graduates (or drops out) from formal

We continue to learn til the day we
die...and maybe thereafter.

Here are some of my past posts on
learning and the city schools, found
in the archives of this website:

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Schools-Time for Change

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Schools. The Decisive Issue in
the 2009 City Elections

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In The Air

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If you elect me, you get to keep
Jerry Jennings as an active Mayor
Emeritus who I will designate as
City liaison charged with reforming
city schools.


Read Scott Waldman's report on
Fri Oct 4, 2013 TU: pD1

Study: Don't make vanishing an option

                         Joe Sullivan
                         For Mayor of Albany
                         Conservative Row C
                         Tuesday, November 5

Friday, September 13, 2013


Jordan Carleo-Evangelist, author of the
Albany Times Union Local Politics Blog
asked this question in a September 12

Have the Progressives finally taken control
of the City of Albany?

Not yet.

The Progressives gained control of the
Albany city schools/school board
several decades ago.

They used this base to groom candidates
for the city elections. Note how many
of the current candidates in the 2013
city election have roots in the city
school board farm team.

Kathy Sheehan's vote in the September
10 Democratic primary was the school
budget voters who dutifully vote "yes"
for every annual school budget increase.
(About 4,000), plus several thousand
single issue voters that are obsessed with
gender voting.

Darius and Sheehan's ward candidates
got essentially the same votes.

The September 10 Democratic primary
results for Sheehan  (8,000) reveals
the maximum Progressive vote that
can be expected November 5.

With the apparent emergence of
Theresa Portelli as Green party
candidate for Mayor, November 5.
A woman, progressive and former city
school board member -
the Progressive vote is split. 

Bad news for Kathy Sheehan
and her ward candidate allies.

Darius? What does he care? Since
there is no opponent on another
party line, November 5, Darius
is the Treasurer-elect.

Watch for his wife, Noel Kinsch
County Legislator, to challenge
Dan McCoy, next year. Expect
more women county legislator

The City in 2013. The County
in 2014. Women controlling
it all. The Progressive dream.

Control is the operative word
in this year's city election and
next years county/state and
House elections.

Who will Paul Tonko back?
Senator Gillibrand? Senator
Breslin? Assemblywoman Fahy?

 Keep in mind that 26,00 Democrats
did not vote in the primary. Mostly
Reagan-O'Connell Democrats and

In addition, 7,000 Independents
(not enrolled) and about another
3,000 enrolled in other parties
will have the opportunity to
help elect Albany's next Mayor
as well as 15 Members of the
Common Council.

The Reagan -O'Connell  and
Black Democrats, the 3,000
or so Democrats who did not
vote for Sheehan , in the primary
plus the Independents ( not enrolled)
enrolled Republicans and Conservatives
add up to about 39,000 voters.

These are the voters who will
decide who becomes Mayor
President of the Common Council
and who gets elected  to the Common
Council from the 15 city wards
on November 5th.

These voters do not want the
Progressives controlling the
Democratic and Republican parties
the Mayor's office and the Common 
Council, as well as every aspect of
our lives.

Liberty- not control is the choice
before Albany City voters, November 5.

                                  Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Short clip Sullivan positions
Albany Mayoral election
November 5.

* Build a refinery at Port
   of Albany. Increase city
   property tax base. Add
   good paying jobs. Lower
   prices for home heating
   oil and gasoline.

* Consolidate city schools
   with city government.
   One property tax roll
   to fund both. Make Mayor
   for operation/performance
   of city schools. Return to
   a K-8 neighborhood school

   YNN reporter-anchor
    Innae Park conducted
    the hour long interview.

   Perhaps, more will be
   aired, later on, as a wide
   array of issue positions
   and information was

                   Joe Sullivan

Radio interview with Cynthia
Pooler  9/11  Half hour.

Please share with all your contacts

                            Joe Sullivan

Later today, view YNN News for parts
of an hour long interview by YNN
reporter- news anchor  Innae Park.

Sullivan is the Conservative candidate
for Mayor of Albany in the November
5 General Election. John Marsolais
is his running mate for President of
the Common Council.

Sullivan correctly called the Democratic
Primary turnout numbers. ( see earlier
post this website). The Liberal Democrats
had their day, in the September Democratic

26,000 Democrats (Reagan Democrats
mostly), 7,000 non enrolled (Independents)
and 3,000, or so other political party
members - a total of 36,000 voters
will decide who becomes Albany's next
Mayor and Common Council President
on November 5th.

                                     Joe Sullivan



Sadly too many Americans have.

Look around Albany neighborhoods.
Where are the American flags?  Where
are the Bring Home the Troops, Now
lawn signs?

Never forget the 3,000, or more (all
the responders who inhaled the dust
and debris) who lost their lives, or
will have their lives shortened as a
result of the terror attack on the
NYC  twin towers.  Those who lost
their lives at the Pentagon. Those
brave souls who perished on the planes
that were used as weapons at NYC
Washington DC and Pennsylvania.

Never forget their loved ones who
survive them.

Never forget who the attackers
were, and who financed their acts.

The same al Qaida that  our hapless
President, former Secretary of State
Hillary, present Secretary of State
House Republican Leader Boehner
Senator McCain and others, who
have aided the al Qaida (rebels) in
Libya, Egypt and now Syria.

This bumbling gang that can't shoot 
straight wants to send missiles into 
Syria, igniting
a Mid East and, ultimately, world  war
that would likely spell death and
disaster for all the people and nations
of the Northern Hemisphere.

Russia's Vladmir  Putin  is the real 
statesman in this folly. He fully 
understands the consequences of a
U S missile strike on Syria.

Relieve our incompetent Community
Organizer in Chief now! Impeach him
for aiding our enemies, failing to secure
our borders, not enforcing our immigration
laws, destroying the finest health care
system in the world, by- passing Congress
issuing executive orders  as if he is a
dictator, rather than President, and
failing to uphold his oath of office to
keep America, and all Americans, safe
and failing uphold our Constitution.

Sadly, the inept crowd of would be
"leaders" that we have - haven't 
a clue.

The sooner that the American
people rise up and vote their kind
out of public office, at the federal
state and local levels, the safer we
will be.

                        Joe Sullivan

Monday, September 9, 2013


About 10,000 of Albany's
36,000 enrolled Democrats
will vote in the primary.

About 10 percent of the City

If  those Democrats that sit
out the primary (26,000)
decide to go to the polls and
do a write in vote for
Joseph P Sullivan for Mayor
the outcome of the 
Democratic primary could
be a suprise.

In any case, those 26,000
Democrats, who are likely
to sit out the primary, can
join the 7,000 independents
(non enrolled voters) and
3,000 voters of the other
political parties, to decide
the next Mayor of Albany
in the November 5 General
Election. That's a possible
total of 36,000 voters.

So, contrary to local media
pundits, the Democratic
primary will not be the
definitive contest in the
Albany Mayor's race. 

The November 5 General
Election will be.

Joseph P Sullivan, for Mayor
John Marsolais, for President
of the Common Council and
a slate of 8 ward candidates
for Common Council, present
all Albany voters with a viable
 alternative to the
"progressive left wing
candidates"  presented to
Democratic primary voters.


The future of Albany, 
America, and the futures
of each and every resident
of the City of Albany, are
on the line in November.

The November 5 General
Election is when all City
voters will  elect  a Mayor
President of the Common
Council and 15 Members 
of the Council, thereby
making a major course
correction for the City of
Albany, which will benefit
all who call Albany home.

                Joe Sullivan

Saturday, September 7, 2013


    Tues. September 10   Noon - 9 PM

    You have another choice other than
     Sheehan or Ellis -

    In the write in space on your ballot

    print........... Joseph P Sullivan

    be sure to fill in the oval         Thank you.

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                                                 Joe Sullivan


Thursday, September 5, 2013


The U S House of Representatives is the
last hope for America.

Say "NO" to a military strike on Syria.

Uphold and restore our Constitutional
Republic. Uphold the rule of law.

1. Repeal/Defund Obamacre
2. Secure our National borders
3. Use the power of the purse
    to reign in tyranny on the
    part of President Obama,
    his administration/agencies
    as well as the Supreme and
    all federal courts.

                               Joe Sullivan

Monday, September 2, 2013



President Obama wisely punted on his
foolhardy pledge to intervene militarily
in Syria.

Now, Congress has the ball, and the
opportunity to restore our Constitutional
Republic. Will Congress do so, or will
Congress once again cave into a
despotic President who is sworn to
fundamentally (radically) transform

In reality the American voters have
the ball. Voters have to bring all the
pressure they can muster on Members
of the House of Representatives and
Senators who must stand for re-election
in 2014.

Locally, Congressman Chris Gibson
took the lead in opposing a U S military
strike on Syria. Congressman Paul Tonko
deserves credit for declaring he opposes
a military strike on Syria.

U S Senators from NY, Schumer and
Gillibrand need to declare their opposition
to a U S miltary strike on Syria.

So, does the entire NY Congressional

Here is what the American people 
and Congress can do to restore our
Constitutional Republic:

1. Oppose a U S military strike on

2. Repeal/Defund Obamacare

3. End government spying on
    law abiding U S citizens

4. Congress must stop passing
    "comprehensive omnibus
     bills" that no one reads, nor

5. Secure our borders.

6. No amnesty for illegal aliens.
    No jobs , educational, social
    services benefits either. Require
    all illegals, including those who
    have violated the terms of their 
    visas, to immediately register
    with local law enforcement.
    Assist those who voluntarily
    wish to return to their countries
    of origin.

7. Congress must reign in executive
    agencies who have been delegated
    too much authority in loosely, poorly
    crafted legislation. More Congressional
    oversight of rules and regulations issued
    by government agencies.

8. A Constitutional amendment by
    by the states, using Article 5, reigning
    in courts, from the Supreme Court
    down to lower courts,  prohibtitng
    justices from legislating from the
    bench. Restricting their roles to
    ruling on the Constitutionality of
    laws enacted by the Congress, state]
    legislatures, local governments and
    voters in referenda.

9. Do not allow the President or any
    Governor to exceed their Constitutional
    discretion by means of executives
    orders, decrees and so forth.

10. The House of Representatives has
     the sole power of the purse. Use it!

The American people and Congress can
not fumble. Their futures, and the future of
America are at stake.

                                Joe Sullivan