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Friday, May 30, 2008

SULLIVAN for CONGRESS 21st District

Joseph P Sullivan, Albany City Democrat, announced. today, that he will run for Congress in the 21st District, as a Conservative Democrat, in the September 9, 2008 Democratic Primary. Polls open Noon -9 pm.
To qualify for the ballot, requires obtaining 2,000, or more, valid signatures of enrolled Democrats, resident in the 21st Congressional District. Petitioning begins June 3 and petitions must be filed by July 10, 2008.
The 21st Congressional District spans 7 counties, including the cities of Albany, Amsterdam, Cohoes, Gloversville, Johnstown, Rensselaer, Schenectady, Troy and Watervliet, as well as the rural farmlands and small towns, in between, where it has been said, that angry, bitter people, who cling to their religions, and guns, do dwell.
Sullivan's campaign priorities  are: (1) national security, (2) emergency/disaster preparedness, (3) securing our national borders, (4) dealing with the issue of tens of millions of illegal aliens who have violated our national sovereignty,  (5) combatting terrorism overseas and at home, (6) safeguarding the Second Amendment Rights of law abiding Americans, (7) restoring law and order to urban streets, (8) rebuilding our cities and making them more livable, (9) returning to K- 8 urban neighborhood schools, (10) protecting family farms and viable farmlands, (11) promoting restoration of railroads, the Erie Canal, and Hudson River transportation infrastructure, (12) promoting use of coal, water, natural gas and wind energy resources to meet local needs, (13) promoting vehicle manufacturers producing vehicles with greatly improved miles per gallon gasoline capacities, (14) promoting redevelopment of  the district manufacturing base, (15) expanding our military, naval and air capabilities to meet homeland security needs and overseas missions,  which have become critical as a result of the War on Terror, and the need to ensure that sufficient, affordably priced oil be available to maintain our economy and way of life.
Sullivan reaffirms his belief in the sanctity of life. Sullivan supports English as the language of America. Being a loyal American transcends cultural diversity, race, ethnicity, religion, gender and sexual orientation issues which appear to have taken center stage in contests for public office, at all levels, in America today.
National security is the priority issue. If we are not safe, and if we cannot assure the continued availability of affordably priced oil, our economy will collapse , our way of life will disappear and our country will cease to exist. All the other issues being focused on in various  local, state and national elections won't matter.
Refer to Sullivan's blog, March 2005 to present, for postings of his views:
Enrolled Democrats or notaries, who are available to gather and witness Democratic Designating Petitions , anywhere in the 21st Congressional District, starting, June 3, 2008 and continuing through June 30, please respond to:   or call: 438 5230.
Sullivan,   is retired and would rather stay home with his two, Australian Shepherds, Red Paddy and Spotted Mick. However, duty calls.
Sullivan is a U S Navy Veteran. Sullivan has a BS Degree  in Geography(Wisconsin) attended on Korean GI Bill, and an MA Degree in Geography ( Minnesota) attended on a National Fellowship.
Sullivan and his wife, Margaret, live in Albany. They  have four adult children: Joseph, Maureen, Timothy and Colleen. Joseph served a tour with Special Forces in Afghanistan, where he earned a Bronze Star, and other combat decorations. Timothy is a M/ Sgt, NYS Police, Maureen is a homemaker and mother of 3 boys. Colleen is in education.
If a qualified, conservative Democrat, who is a military veteran, wounded warrior, or widow or parent thereof, who shares Sullivan's views and priorities, emerges as a candidate in the 21st District, Sullivan would gladly step aside and support that candidate.
Refer to political: calendar:
                                                                                                      J P Sullivan
                                                                                                       438 5230

Thursday, May 15, 2008



Our survival as a nation depends, in large part, who is elected President, Vice President and  to Congress in November 2008.

The  candidates for Congress in the 21st District fall far short of what we need. The eight, or so, Democrats are cut from the same liberal/progressive cloth. They present the partyline game plan that calls for bringing home the troops and focusing on the usual domestic issues like universal health care, gay marriage, etc. Race and gender take precedence in their campaigns.

Of all the hundreds of thousands of enrolled voters in the 21st CD, is there not one veteran, wounded warrior, widow or parent who will step forward as a candidate for Congress and address the realties of the what we must face?

That national security is the priority issue. If we are not safe, none of the domestic issues will matter.

That national security involves combatting terrorism abroad and at home, as well as securing our national borders and dealing aggressively with the presence of millions of potential undocumented (alien) hostiles and their native-born, anti-social, malcontent allies in our midst.

That America, and our way of life, is dependent on a continued flow of affordably priced oil.

That the long term  U.S. military, air and naval presence, in the oil producing regions of the world is essential to ensuring that flow of oil. In short, the troops aren't coming home.

That drilling for oil, keeping the national petroleum reserve full, moving quickly to utilize our vast coal reserves, rebuilding our rail system and restoring our manufacturing base are all essential to our survival.

Petitioning to qualify for the ballot begins June 3. Petitions must be filed by July 10.

Will this conservative candidate please step forward and will voters  resident in the 21st District, step forward to help that candidate gather the necessary number of valid, enrolled  21st CD  resident voter signatures to qualify for the ballot?

                                                                      Joe Sullivan





It is May once more, and with it comes yet another Albany City School property tax increase. When will it end?

More money does not translate into improved  school performance.

The Albany City schools are exhibit A for the maxim: MORE IS LESS. Annual per capital pupil costs are among the highest in the state, while academic performance ranks among the lowest. Albany High has a drop out rate in excess of 50 percent.

School property taxes account for about 60 percent of property tax bills for homeowners in the City of Albany. They pay the freight and get little or nothing in return. The majority of the city school student population comes from homes that pay little or no property taxes.

Sadly, far too many students do not want or try to learn in school. Their behavior, and lack of discipline, creates a environment that is detrimental to those students who want, and try, to learn.

Only about a third of the city's housing is owner occupied. The city homeowner population is a mix of the elderly, on fixed incomes; and a growing number of single professionals. Both groups have no children in the school system, but are forced to pay for it.

Homeowners ,with  children, send their children, to private or parochial schools, if they can afford to. More often, than not, families with young children, sell their homes and move out of the city, rather than face the prospect of sending their children to the Albany City schools.

The future of Albany depends on aggressively dealing with two interrelated conditions: (1) the growing crime and anti-social street behavior, and (2) the failure of the Albany City schools.

As for city schools-  costs can be reigned in and performance improved by:

1. Disbanding the city school district and school board; merging the city schools with city government. Create one, NOT TWO, property tax rolls. Make the Mayor and Common Council responsible and accountable for the administration, financing and performance of the city schools.

This will require a Home Rule Request to the state legislature and sponsorship of the necessary legislation by the Members of the State Senate and Assembly who represent the City of Albany.

The proposition should be placed on the November 2008 election ballot, when two school board seats are up for election in the City of Albany.

2. Return to a K-8 neighborhood school system in the City of Albany. Neighborhood schools are best for kids, parents and the revitilization of city neighborhoods. Student performance/behavior can be more easily monitored. Parents can more involved in the education of their children, when all attend the same school. Neighborhood schools are essential to maintaining the stability of and  revitalizing city neighborhoods .

Elimination of school bussing would conserve fuel, lower school budgets and result in healthier, less overweight children.

The above should also appear as a November 2008 ballot question in the City of Albany.  

3. Adopt and enforce a strict code of conduct and discipline for students in schools, and on city streets when traveling to and from schools. Replace gang colors/insignia with school uniforms. 

4. Trim top heavy school adminstrations. Make teachers responsible and accountable for city schools.

More can be done, but the above is a good start.

                                                           J P Sullivan



Friday, May 9, 2008


The New Scotland Town Board wisely voted, unanimously, for Local Law D, the 6 month moratorium. (see entry below). Congratulations!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Hon. Thomas Dolin, Supervisor
and Members of The Town Board    
Town of New Scotland, N.Y.
                                                                            Statement for Entry into
                                                                            May 7, 2008 Public Hearing Record
This statement is made in support of proposed Local Law D - a moratorium pertaining to large scale commercial development,
and in opposition to the proposed big box store and regional shopping center on the former Bender melon farm at the junction of Rtes 85 and 85A, Town of New Scotland.
The moratorium is a prudent action to provide Town residents and Town government time to review and revise
land use planning and zoning in response to changing local, state, national economic  and demographic conditions.
The rising price of gasoline is not a temporary event. Rationing and unavailability of gasoline and fuel oil (at any price) may not be far off.
The rise in oil prices has triggered significant price increases for food and the basics of 
We are on the cusp of a major change in our way of life and standard of living.
It makes no sense to approve building another big box store and regional shopping center at this place at this time. It will destroy viable farm land that may be needed for local food production in the near future.
The land in question should be rezoned from commercial to agricultural. Locally produced food will be necessary to offset costs and unavailability of food produced and transported from the far corners of the country.
There are more than enough big box stores and commercial plazas already in existence in the Capital District. Without gasoline, how will people go shopping or commute to work? How will commercial locations be supplied?  It is not hard to envision a landscape littered with abandoned big box stores and shopping plazas....just like the ghost towns found in the American West.
Municipal services, snow plowing, garbage pick up, police/fire protection and school bussing are also at risk.
More attention should be given to reestablishment of rail transport to Albany and other  local cities,
After 9-11, life as we knew it has changed forever. To survive, we must change our thinking and our ways.
                                                                    Joseph P. Sullivan, President
                                                                    Buckingham Pond/Crestwood
                                                                    Neighborhood Association, Albany.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Governor Paterson signed Grannny's Law 5/2/08

This law increases the penalty for assaulting a person 65 years, or older, to a Class D Felony, punishable by up to 7 years prison time, where the perpetrator is more than 10 years younger than the victim.

Questions - what if there are multiple perpetrators?  Is that gang assault? Is the penalty the same or greater?  What if  the perpetrator(s) are juveniles?

 Does Granny's law need to be amended to address the penalties when multiple perpetrators are involved, and/or they are juveniles?

                                                                                   J P Sullivan