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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Three candidates have filed petitions
to be on the ballot in New York's 21st
Congressional District.

Incumbent Paul Tonko, Democrat has
filed Democratic, Independence and
Working Families Party petitions.

Theodore Danz Jr, Republican, has
filed Republican and Conservative

Yours truly, Joe Sullivan , Conservative
filed only for the Conservative ballot

When a candidate is not an enrolled
member of the political party or parties
for which petitions are filed. That
candidate must file a Certificate of
Acceptance and the political party(s)

must file a Certificate of Authorization
(Wilson-Pakula) which permits
candidates, not enrolled in that party
to have that ballot line in an election.

Accordingly, Democrat Tonko  and
Republican Danz file certificates of
acceptance for the third party ballot
lines they are seeking. The parties
filed the required certificates of

As a result of the above, one party
primary would result in the
Conservative Party, September 14.

Danz, and his GOP mentors, were
not content to let Conservative Party
members decide if they wanted as
their candidate, fellow Conservative
Party member, Sullivan, or Republican

Rarely, do any of the minor political
parties in New York present one of
their own members as a candidate.
Usually, third party ballot lines go
to either a Democrat or Republican.

Conventional political wisdom is that
Incumbent Tonko would benefit from
having two challengers split opposition
votes in the November 2 General

That is not the case in the contest for
the 21st Congressional District.

Danz is the weaker of the two Tonko
challengers. He does not know the issues
and does not write or speak well. Danz
has presented no sound rationale why
he is a candidate. Nor has Danz clearly
indicated how he would vote and what
alternative options to the Obama agenda
to radically transform America, Danz

Sullivan is clearly the most able
prepared, conservative and independent.

Compare the websites of   Sullivan
( which
is written by himself and contains much
more substance and more specific stands
on a larger variety of vital issues, than
the Danz website which is written and
arranged by GOP puppetmasters and
and very vague on a few issues that are
feeble attempts to match what appears
on this website.

Danz would be no match for Tonko in
a forum or debate.

Why does Danz want the Conservative
ballot line? Why is he not content to
have the Republican line and make
his case on that ballot line? Why doesn't
Danz own up to the fact that he is by
far the weaker and least skilled and
least prepared , of the two Tonko
challengers, to take on Tonko?  Ask
Danz that question.

Tonko would prefer to have Danz as
his sole challenger because Danz is
an easy mark.

The 21st District is a predominantly
Democratic district, with Albany County
as it's geographic and political center.
The Democratic base is conservative but
doesn't vote in primaries. Thus, left wing
Democrats are more numerous in public

Tonko hails from the far reaches of
the district. Tonko made the fatal mistake
of endorsing Mayor Jennings' challenger
fellow leftist, Shawn Morris, in the 2009
Albany mayoral race.

Tonko is a rubber stamp for the Obama
Pelosi agenda of radically transforming
America. As a result he is not popular.
In addition, he has not represented the
people of the 21st district well in his
freshman term.

Sullivan being on the Conservative ballot
line is more likely to draw votes of the
more numerous Democrats in the 21st
District, than Danz on the Republican
line, November 2.

Let's get back to the immediate purpose
of this post. Let the people decide from
among the three candidates who have
filed petitions for the 21st Congressional

Danz , and his GOP handlers, have filed
objections arguing that the Sullivan petition
should be declared invalid and Sullivan
denied the opportunity to be in this race
on the grounds that of not having sufficient
signatures to qualify for the ballot.

Danz, and his GOP handlers, have brought
a court action in Supreme Court asking for
the Court to make this finding and to restrain
the State Board of Elections Commissioners
from placing Sullivan's name on the ballot.

This case is scheduled for August 3rd.
Sullivan has requested that it be adjourned
until the Commisioner's at the State Board
have made their determination.

The Sullivan petition is the only one of
the would be candidates in the 21st District
to correctly identify the public office -
Representative In Congress, based on the
Supreme law of our land, Art 1, Sections 1, 2
3 and 4.; and on the websites of the State
Board and Albany County, Boards of Elections
which correctly identify that to be the title
of the public office in question.

Sullivan, is withholding legal action pending
the State Election Commissioners' decisions
regarding all petitions submitted.

The Courts are already overloaded . The
outcome of competing court actions could
be that Danz and Sullivan are knocked off
the ballot and Tonko is left standing
minus the Democratic and Independence
lines and with only the Working Families
Party line. This would result in Tonko
being reelected by default and would
provide voters of the 21st Congressional
District no choice on November 2nd.

It might be said that all the petitions submitted
in this district contest are flawed in one way
or another.

The intent of the State Election Law is to
provide an organized method of ballot access.
Not to deny candidates ballot access. Thus,
Commissioners are to liberally construe the
law, and petitions are presumptively, on
their face, valid .

Should those who, in good faith, signed and
witnessed these designating petitions be
denied the right to choose, in the September
Conservative Party Primary and November
2 General Election, who those voters want
to be their Representative in Congress?

I say, let the people decide!

The solution is simple.

Let all objectors withdraw their objections
and so stiplulate. This would leave the
Commissioners of the State Elections Board

to liberally construe the Election Law as
that law provides, on the presumption that
all the petitions, in question, are valid on
their face.

The voters of the 21st Congressional District
could then make the ultimate decision as
to which of the candidates will be their
Representative in Congress.

Since Danz, and his GOP handlers, have
created this dilemma, the ball is now in
their court. They bear the responsibility
for the outcome of this donnybrook.

As Sean Thornton ( John Wayne) and
Squire Danaher (Victor McLaughlin)
shared an adversarial pint in the pub in
the classic film "The Quiet Man";  Sean
Thornton  turned and asked a supporter
What time is it?..... before delivering the
knock out punch to the squire.

What time is it Squire Danz? Your call.

                                        Joe Sullivan

31 July 2010

Pass the word( forward this e mail post)
to 10 voters in the 21st CD, ask them to
forward it to 10 more who, in turn
forward it to 10 get the idea.

Thank you.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Heavily engaged with enemy forces.

Outnumbered. Out gunned. No relief
column in sight.

Filed my Conservative Petition for
Representative in Congress with the
NYS Board of Elections in Albany.

General and Specific objections were
filed by Republican Party operatives
seeking to have the Board  knock me
off the ballot on the grounds that my
petition does not contain the required
number of valid signatures.  The GOP
followed up with an Order to Show Cause
returnable in State Supreme Court  on
August 3, asking the court to compell the
State Board of Elections to declare my
petition invalid. 

I filed counter objections calling for the
Board to invalidate the petitions of GOP
candidate Danz, an enrolled Republican
who is also seeking to have the Conservative
ballot line.

My Objections have disappered off the
radar screen, because they are based
on the fact that the petitions of Danz for
the GOP and Conservative ballot lines,
and those of  Incumbent Tonko for the
Democratic and Independence Party
do not correctly identify the public
office they seek -  Representative in
Congress, 21st Congressional District
New York.

My authority for this objection is the
U S Constitution - the supreme law of
our land, in particular,  Art 1, Sections
1, 2, 3 and 4 .

Sec. 1 provides that there shall be a
legislative, known as Congress, composed
of 2 houses. The Senate and House of

Sec. 2 Those elected to the House of
Representatives are Representatives.

Sec. 3 Those elected to the Senate are

Sec. 4 says that elections for Senators
and Representatives "shall be prescribed
in each State by the Legislature thereof.."

The websites of the NYS Board of Elections
correctly identify the public office I seek
as - Representative in Congress, 21st
Congressional District, NY.

Danzs' Republican and Conservative
party petitions and Tonkos' Democratic
and Independence Party petitions state
they are candidates for Member of Congress.

Congress is not a political country club
for the likes of Incumbent Tonko, or wanna
be member Danz, who show no clear
understanding of the public office they
hold or seek.

Representative in Congress has clear
meaning. A Representative is elected
by the people of a specific Congressional
District in a specific State, to represent
the people of that district.

I objected to the Conservative and
Independence Party Wilsion Pakula
Certificates of Authorization for Danz
and Tonko, on the same grounds.

I have date/time stamped copies of
all of the objections I have filed with
the State Board of Elections, which I
shall present before the Court August

I did not object to the Working Families
Party petition designating Paul Tonko
as their candidate. WFP is Acorn -
is Obama and is where Tonko belongs.

I believe that Americans who support
Obama, Tonko and Acorn should have
the opportunity to vote for that team.

I also believe, that Americans who
identify and support what I represent
should have the opportunity to vote
for me as Conservative candidate to
represent  them as Representative in

That decision now rests with the
Commissioners of the State Board of
Elections who must decide whether
or not I will be on the Conservative
ballot for Congress, and the State
Supreme Court.

There is not a lawyer in sight  who
will step in and represent me.  The
cost factor has kicked in. I can not
afford the price of a lawyer qualified
and comptent to take on this case.

There are few lawyers that can afford
to put their careers on the line by
taking a case that pits them against
the powerful political forces that feed

It will be interesting to see which Judge
gets this case, and how that Judge rules.

For after all,  Judges (members) of
the judiciary are also creatures of the
political powers that be.

I am an enrolled Conservative
backed by Richie Stack and the Albany
County Conservative Party organization.

However, the State Conservative Party
Leader Mike Long, aligned with a guy
named Big Al, a former U S Senator
and now bigtime  lobbyist in Washington
and Albany, is backing Rick Lazio and

Long and the GOP are seeking to knock
out Stack as well. They challenged his
slate of 21st Congressional District
Conservative Party State Committee

Stack opposed the State Party giving
the Conservative nod to Rick Lazio at
the party convention in June.

Stack backed Conservative leader Ralph
Lorigo, of Western New York, who is
aligned with Carl Paladino.

Lorigo received enough votes at the
Conservative convention to qualify for
the September 14 Conservative Party
primary for Governor, without having
to petition to get on the ballot.

So,  September 14th,  Lorigo,  a real
Conservative faces Lazio, a Rhino who
has made millions as a lobbyist. And
will make millions more after he takes
the count in November - that is if Lazio
is not beaten by Paladino in the GOP
primary, and by Lorigo, in the Conservative
primary, September 14.

Lazio and Danz, among others have
been selected by puppetmaster Big Al
to run a pretend election, while Big Al
is banking on Andrew to win the
Governor's contest, November 2. Al
figures he will cash in on this deal.
Lazio and Danz  will be taken care of.

As I have said many times, the futures
of America, and all Americans are on the
line this election year of 2010.

We are beset by foreign and domestic
enemies who seek to control us and take
away our liberties,

The American public is largely apathetic.
Those that care feel helpless to change the
course of events. Many are indifferent or
without hope. Many are blissfully unaware
of the dire straits that America, and all
Americans, are in.

When the ship goes down, all hands will
go with it.

I am gratified that this blog is being read
widely in many states of these United States
and many nations round the world, including
Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina
Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and

Sadly, it is not paid much heed to by the
local media and virtually unknown or unread
by the people of the 21st Congressional District.

When I was a young lad of 17, I asked my
father to sign me into the Navy so I could
serve my Country. Now, more than the
a half century later, I am now, what some
would say, and old man; but I am still ready
and willing to serve my Country as
Representative in Congress, 21st Congressional
District, New York.

Will I get the chance?  My fate, and that of
America, is in God's Hands.

PS. To the media. There are still about 2 weeks
left to get an Independent candidate on the ballot
for Congress. 3,500 valid signatures of voters
resident in the 21st Congressional District are
required. A tall order for one man. But, there
are nearly a half million voters in the 21st

I am petitioning for the  Independent Taxpayer
Party ballot line Party. If I obtain the required
3,500 signatures in the next two weeks, I would
be on the November 2nd ballot.

This is not for me. This is for America, and you.

                                                   Joe Sullivan

Monday, July 26, 2010


Maureen Callahan's NY Post Op Ed
piece, Sunday, July 25  "Who can
capture the Tea Party vote?" provides
more evidence that points to the Tea
Party Movement in New York being
impotent because of a lack of leadership.

Despite all the rehetoric of those who
present themselves as the coordinators
facilitators, organizers and voices of
the Tea Party Movement,  the
Movement lacks the ability to translate
rhetoric into effective political action.

Reason? Those who profess to speak
for the Tea Party Movement lack the
leadership ability and wisdom of the
Founders of this Nation.

There would have been no Revolution
no Constitution and our present
Constitutional Republic without the
leadership of the Founders including
Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison
Patrick Henry and participation of a long
list of others right down to the ordinary
Patriots and footsoldiers of Washingtons'
army who walked the walk and fought
the fight.

Talk is cheap. Action gets the job done.

On July 12, this blog raised the
question: "Whither The Tea Party?
Political force or incapable of even
delivering a pizza?

Thus, far the Tea Party Movement
in New York has lacked the leadership
focus and ability to deliver in the
electoral process- in particular
qualifying candidates for the ballot
who put the survival of  America
and all Americans first and foremost.

The Independent Taxpayer Party of
Carl Paladino is the test of the effectiveness
or the ineffectiveness of the Tea Party
Movement in New York.

To be effective, the Tea Party
Movement must have it's own ballot
line and qualify like- minded candidates
for the November 2 ballot.

21 Days remain to get the necessary
valid signatures of registered New
York voters,  to qualify Tea Party
Movement candidates for the ballot. 

In the Capitol District this means
3,500 signatures for Representative
in Congress, 21st Congressional
District; 3,000 for a State Senate
District and 1,500 for a State
Assembly District.

Time for those Americans who
identify with the concept of the
Tea Party Movement and the
Second American Revolution
to reclaim our government
from the tyranny of those
incumbents who support the
Obama agenda of radically
transforming America, to rise
to positions of leadership and
to participate in the petitioning

Time to deliver or just shut up!

                            Joe Sullivan

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Compare the campaign finance statements
of 2 of the 3 candidates for Representative
in Congress, 21st District:

Go to:

For Paul Tonko, click on the PAC link
to see details of the, more than, quarter
million dollars PAC money  Tonko has

With more than a half million dollars
of contributions in his kitty, is it safe
to conclude that Paul Tonko is the
best representative that the special
interests can buy?

Who is your Representative in Congress?

As for Ted Danz, the Republican
candidate - why isn't he satisfied to
make his case for election on that ballot

Why did Danzs' GOP handlers conspire
with Schenectady County Demoservatives
to file a Conservative Party petition for
T Danz. And more importantly, why did
State Conservative Chair Mike Long
issue a Wilson Pakula authorization for
T Danz, who is NOT an enrolled
Conservative Party member, to run in
the September 14 Conservative Primary
for Congress, 21st  District?

Ask Al D'Amato, former GOP US Senator
and now big time lobbyist, and Andrew
backer. Al may have the answer.

The  U S Constitution provides for a House
of Representatives made up of  Representatives
of the people, elected by the people, for the
people - NOT for members bought and owned
by the special interests.

In the September 14 Conservative Party
primary, enrolled Conservative voters in the
21st Congressional District can vote for a
an enrolled Conservative, who is a real
conservative, with clear stands on the issues
vital to the survival of America, and ALL
Americans (leftists included) or  Ted Danz
another fall guy, chosen by the political
power brokers who manipulate our electoral
process  for their own personal power and
monetary gain.

Assuming that Conservative Party members
are, for the most part, real Conservatives
and they bother to vote, the outcome of the
September 14 primary will afford all  21st
Congressional District voters, the chance
on November 2, to elect a Representative
who will represent them. A Representative
who puts America before for political party
and one who puts the survival of  all the
people before the self interests of the
special interests.

                                                Joe Sullivan

                                                Conservative for
                                                Congress CD21-NY

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I do not support the Obama-Pelosi-Tonko
agenda to radically transform America.

My objectives  are:
(1) to win the 21st District
Congressional seat, November 2
(2) to vote out Nancy Pelosi as
House Speaker
(3) vote to Impeach you
(4) vote to repeal Obamacare

and vote No on -

a) cap and trade
b) amnesty for illegal aliens
c) a VAT tax

(5) to vote for and support:

(a)  securing our borders/ports
(b) extending the so called
"Bush Tax cuts"
(c) rebuilding and expanding our
 conventional rail system, including
 light rail, to move
 freight and passengers
(d) rebuilding our domestic
manufacturing capacity
(e) expanding agricultural
production and food processing
for both domestic and export
(f) developing clean coal energy to
meet future residential, commercial
and transportation needs when oil
becomes no longer affordable or
available at any price
(g) rebuilding our merchant fleet
ports and waterways.

All of these initiatives will create
real jobs, putting Americans back
to work and reinvigorate our economy.

I support the U.S. Constitution and a
Congress that is not a rubber stamp
for you, or any other President.

I support a strong national defense
and restoring NASA.

                                Joe Sullivan

                                Conservative for Congress
                                21st District  New York

Friday, July 16, 2010


An informed electorate holds the key
to the survival of America and all Americans
which are at stake in the 2010 party primaries
and November 2 General Election.

Voting out incumbents sounds good. But
there have to be viable alternatives who
offer us real choices

Check out the candidates for Congress and
state offices. Can you identify challengers
in each contest, who articulate your views?

If so, great! If not, there is about a month's
time remaining to qualify Independent
candidates for the November 2 ballot.

Act now, or lament and pay later.

                                             Joe Sullivan

Today's Capitol Confidential reads
like an episode of cash gone wild.

Are public offices and public office
holders for sale?

How does a struggling electorate
react to this focus on how much cash
each candidate has amassed?

How about these candidates contributing
all their cash to help close the budget
deficits in Washington and Albany?

How about the media focusing on
informing the electorate on where the
candidates stand on the issues vital
to the survival of America and all
Americans, so that voters may make
informed votes in the September 14
party primaries and November 2
General Election?

That would be real campaign reform!

                                             Joe Sullivan

-to those who carried and signed my
Conservative Party designating petition
enabling me to qualify for the ballot.

- to Richie Stack and the Albany County
Conservative Party for endorsing and
supporting me. Richie, despite being
hobbled with a broken ankle, delivered.

- to other supporters who do not wish
to be named. I know who you are and
sincerely value your confidence and support.

- to the Founders of our Nation from
whom we have inherited our Constitution
and form of government,  which allows
humble citizens to step forward to serve
America and Americans in public office.

- to the Veterans For A Strong America
who have endorsed my campaign and to
all who have served, and continue to
serve,  in our Nation's military, so that
we may live in freedom.

I am thankful and proud to be an
American, to be a U S Navy veteran
to be an enrolled Conservative Party
member,  to be a true Conservative
and to have this opportunity to serve
you in this most crucial of elections
when the survival of America, and
all Americans, are on the line.

                                       Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


July 14, 2010, 5:51 PM
(Comment awaiting moderation)


Tonko’s amendments are meaningless political speak.

Photo of Paul at microphone a good promo for wind
power. But, he doesn;t generate enough to make the
TU presses run.

The United States has huge coal reserves that we
will need to tap, to run our railroads, factories
and heat our homes when oil becomes to costly or
not available at any price. That day is fast
approaching and could occur even sooner, if war
breaks out in the Middle East, interrupting the
crucial flow of oil to the U S. Major coordinated
terror attacks on the U S homeland could trigger
the same result.

President Obama and Paul promote battery operated
cars and trucks. This will require huge amounts of
coal for power plants to provide power to recharge
all those batteries.

At the same time Paul Tonko supports the Obama
cap and trade legislation that will result in huge
increases in electricity production costs which
will be passed along to consumers in their electric

The Obama-Tonko energy policies are convoluted and
not grounded in reality.


Joe Sullivan

Conservative for
Congress District 21 NY

Monday, July 12, 2010


In the 1700's the culprits were the
English Crown and Parliament.

Today, the culprits are  President
Obama and the spineless members
of Congress who rubber stamp the
Obama agenda of fundamentally
(radically) transforming America
which translates into destroying

If Congress does not live up to
it's role of being an independent
third branch of our government
all Americans will be subject to
unbearable taxation and intolerable
acts beyond belief.



Where is the respect? Where is the

Where is the spirit and survival
instinct of Americans?

In 1775 the shots at Lexington and
Concord were heard round the world.

On November 2, 2010 will informed
American voters send a message that
will be heard round the world - that
America, and our system of government
which we inherited, from the Founders
are alive and well?

Or will the 2010 elections being the
whimper of a dying nation?

Only informed American voters can
save America!

                                     Joe Sullivan

Political force or incapable of
even delivering a pizza?


                                                                  Joe Sullivan

                                            Conservative for
                                            Congress  NY 21


                                           Joe Sullivan

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I support extending the so called Bush
tax cuts which expire at the end of this

These tax cuts benefitted anyone who
pays taxes.


The Obama administration is going to
slam taxpayers with numerous tax
increases next year. That is, if voters
do not vote out incumbent Democrats
in Congress, November 2.
Huge tax increases on the horizon.
Another reason to  VOTE THEM OUT!
                                   Joe Sullivan

Friday, July 9, 2010


Read latest Freedom Paper #3:

                                Joe Sullivan

Monday, July 5, 2010


Allowing building a mosque at the WTC
attack site amounts to this.

Consider this:  NY Post reports that
NY Gubernatorial candidates are taking
stands for or against allowing the mosque
to be built near ground Zero.

Carl Paladino opposes. Cuomo supports
according to the NY Post.

Paladino is spot on! No mosque!

I concur and add: no civil trials for
enemy combatants in NYC, or anywhere
else in the U. S.  Try them before military

Foreign terrorists, and their domestic
allies, are at war with America and all

Keep Gitmo open. Secure our borders
and ports. No federal aid to any state
city or community that offers illegal
invaders sanctuary.

Release our military and police from
pc rules of engagement that are getting
them killed.

                                             Joe Sullivan

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Today we celebrate our  Independence
from the tyranny of the English crown.

We honor the Founders of our Nation who
authored  the Declaration of Independence
Bill of Rights and Constitution.

We honor those veterans who served in the
Revolutionary War, and all subsequent wars
that we might live in freedom.

We think of those Americans who serve in
Iraq, Afghanistan, and places around the
world, at sea, and in the air, safeguarding
America and each of us.

As we celebrate and remember, we must
also ponder what the future holds for
America and each of us.

Today, we face the tryanny of our own
government, at the federal, state and local

President Obama has clearly stated that
his agenda is to fundamentally (radically)
transform America.  Obamacare, failure
to secure our borders and ports, granting
amnesty to the tens of millions of illegal aliens
who have invaded our land, cap and trade
legislation, dismantling our economy
compromising our national security and defense
appeasing and bowing to our enemies, abandoning
the space program and missle defense systems,
reckless government spending, and eroding the
balance of power in the Congress and Supreme
Court, are all policies to achieve that fundamental
transformation of America.

Transforming America to what end?  Perhaps
President Obama's real objective is the
destruction of America?  If this be so, he shares
a common goal with the Islamic jihadists.

President Obama could not be realizing his
agenda without the support of the Democratic
majority in Congress. They march in lock step
with Obama.

These Senators and Representatives no longer
represent the will of the people.

President Obama and the Democratic majorities
in the Senate and House have become tyrants.

The 2010 elections are crucial to ending this
tyranny. The voters have the power to remove
the Democratic incumbents from office in both
the Senate and House.

If the voters fail to do this,  they will fail America
and themselves.

Here in New York, enrolled Democrats must
ask themselves, do they put blind party loyalty
above the future of America, and all Americans
themselves included?

We shall learn the answer on November 2nd.

                                           Joe Sullivan