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Friday, August 31, 2012


NYS ASSEMBLY, District 109
Thurdsay, September 13 Noon- 9 pm

SULLIVAN v GOP Rubber Stamp

Joseph P Sullivan, an enrolled Conservative, a real Conservative
and Member of the Albany County Conservative Committee
representing the City of Albany W14 ED3 is the designated and
endorsed candidate of the Albany County Conservative Party.

Sullivan is being challenged by a GOP rubber stamp - Ted Danz
the GOP candidate for this Assembly seat. Danz, aided by an
assortment of local and state GOP operatives and plants in the
Schenectady and Albany County Conservative Committees, is
attempting to pirate the Conservative ballot line for the November
6 General Election, and ultimately gain control of the Albany
County Conservative Committee for the 2012 local elections.

This motley crew is taking advantage of relaxed absentee ballot
application rules, going around to GOP "sleepers" enrolled as
Conservatives, as well as genuine, unsuspecting Conservatives
who are asleep and not paying attention to what is going on.

Rubber stamps bearing the name of Danz are being used to
"write in" his name on the absentee ballot, where only Sullivan's
name appears because Sullivan is a real Conservative and the
designated, endorsed candidate of the Albany County Conservative

The Albany TU editorial of August 3rd called for third parties to
run their own candidates in elections, concluding that one ballot
line per candidate was sufficient.

Sullivan wrote a letter supporting that editorial which was printed
in TU letters, August 24.

Sullivan has a website that contains 7 years of posting on issues
vital to the survival of America and all Americans. This website is
read locally, statewide, nationally and worldwide"

Danz is also attempting to gain the Independence line in the
September 13 primary, where his name does appear on the
 ballot, because the local  Independence party so authorized it.

One ballot line is enough!

The 109th AD Conservative primary is the only contest in town, so all the GOP operatives can pile on in this effort to
elect a rubber stamp.

Enrolled Conservatives in the 109th AD (City of Albany,
Towns ofBethlehem, Guilderland and New Scotland) have
a clear choice in the September 13 Conservative Party -

Sullivan, a real Conservative with a Message that
all voters in the 109Th should have the opportunity
to vote on November 6


A GOP rubber stamp

The election  district vote talleys of those that vote in t
the September 13 Conservative Party Primary, 109th AD
will decide this question, as well as reveal who the GOP
sleepers in the Albany County Conservative Party are.

The OTB petition circulated to force this primary already
provided insights:

                                                               Joe Sullivan

VOTE 2012

Thursday, September 13  Noon - 9 pm

Your country, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are on the line


          NYS ASSEMBLY District 109

                 Albany Bethlehem Guilderland New Scotland


Pass the Word. Thank you.

                                                                    Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Not by family and veterans who
have served America!

Bring our troops home from
Afghanistan. Deploy them to
the Mexican border without
any pc rules of engagement.
                         Joe Sullivan

More opportunities for election fraud:

"Statewide 2010 census data shows nearly
19.5 million New Yorkers, 5.5 million of
them whose primary language wasn't
English. About 45 percent didn't speak
English well."

What percentage of  New York voters
who bother to vote, cast informed votes?

Perhaps, the AG should require educators
as well as translators, at all polls?

                                Jose Patrick Sullivan

Sunday, August 19, 2012


The Times Union reported that
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver
has introduced a bill to give
government financial aid to
illegal aliens to attend college
in New York:

Here are the Assembly
release and full
text of the Silver bill:

Joseph P Sullivan, Conservative Party
candidate for NYS Assembly, District 109
which includes the City of Albany and
Towns of Bethlehem, Guilderland and
New Scotland, said he will vote against
the Silver bill, if he wins the Conservative
Primary on Thursday, September 13
and is  elected to the State Assembly in
the November 6 General Election.

Sullivan has challenged the
Albany Common Council to repeal
Sanctuary status in the City of Albany
for illegal aliens, which the Council
passed by a 14-0 vote in 2009.

The Albany County Legislature
should pass a resolution declaring
that Albany County is not a sanctuary
for illegal aliens,  and review social
service rolls and county jail rosters to
determine how many illegal aliens are
included, Sullivan added.

The Albany City School District and
colleges and universities in Albany
County should be required, by the
County Legislature to disclose how
many illegal aliens are among the
student bodies of these institutions.

Sullivan said he would sponsor a bill
along the lines of Arizona Governor
Jan Brewer's executive order denying
driver's licenses and other public
benefits to illegal aliens who are
authorized to work under the
Obama executive order which went
into effect, last week.

Sullivan said he would also sponsor
legislation requiring photo voter ID's
and that all county boards of elections
take steps to ensure that only  U S
citizens, who are legal residents of
NY State, are listed on voter rolls
and that proof of citizenship and
legal residence be required for all
new voter registrations.

Silver was quoted as saying: "we
don't have enough engineers and
scientists in this country"

We are not going to find them
among the tens of millions of
illegals who have unlawfully
invaded our land, said Sullivan.

Most illegals are uneducated
unskilled. Those that work off
the books, don't pay taxes.
Many are driving without
valid driver's licenses and
insurance. Many are engaged
in gangs, the drug trade and
other criminal activities.

The rule of law must prevail
in America, and violations
of the law must not be rewarded
if America is to remain a Nation.

Illegal immigration is a real
threat to survival of nations.

Consider Greece:
                                   Joe Sullivan

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Currently, we have a Campaigner in Chief
who is AWOL, allowing  our troops to be
picked off every day, by a cowardly foe, now
posing as our ally.

Biden is not fit to assume this role. He
is somewhere back in the 19th and 20th
Centuries....on the plantation, maybe?

Hillary has left the Mid East on fire in
Egypt, Libya, and now Syria. A failure
as Secretary of State. It would mean
certain defeat for Obama to dump Biden
and tap Hillary for VP.

Where have all the "Bring Home the
Troops- Now" lawn signs gone?

Romney is running for CEO. Ryan as
assistant CEO.

While the economy is on the verge of
collapse,  Israel struggles to survive
surrounded by millions of Jihadists
and Iran developing nuclear capability.

When  full scale war breaks out in the
Mid East, we will suffer severe losses
among troops on the ground and our
naval carrier task forces, which are
sitting ducks in an inland sea.

At the same time, the U S and Canada
will be helpless to repel the human
waves surging over the Yukon, The
Columbia-Snake, Yellowstone and
Missouri Rivers, in their conquest of
the timber, shale oil and coal resources
of the West, the agricultural resources
of the Great Plains and Corn Belt.

To ignore Afghanistan and foreign policy
issues  is a tragic blunder for this duo.

Take some time off, boys,  go to Afghanistan
before the upcoming  GOP convention, or
perhaps, while the Democrats hold their
convention in early September.

Fast foreward to the 21st Century
Bubba.   It's Security, Stupid! Without it
there won't be an economy!

This is no time for politics as usual. To
fail to take strong positions on security
defense, military and foreign policy issues
as well as failure to secure our borders
and root out the terrorists who dwell
among us, puts America, and all Americans
in grave peril.

                                       Joe Sullivan



What safe guards, if any, to ensure
that only bonafide U S citizens and
NYS residents  register and vote in
the 13 September primaries and Nov
6 General Election?

New York State is sanctuary to untold
numbers of illegal aliens. The same is
true for Albany  City and County.

Proof of citizenship, residency and
a photo ID are essential to having
honest elections this year.

Why wasn't this provision  included
and required?

Makes one suspect. No? Si?

                                 Joe Sullivan

                                 NYS Assembly
                                 District  109

Go to

or click on:
Thanks to the LWV for providing
this voters guide.
                            Joe Sullivan

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Our electric power grid is essential
to our way of life.

State Homeland Security is on the
ball to attempt to address the issue
of power grid vulnerability:

Earthquakes may pose a risk to the
power grid, but there are other real
and ,perhaps, more immediate concerns
relating to terrorism.

The Jihadists have brought their war
of terror to our land. The home front
is now the front line. They have sworn
to destroy us.

Our borders are wide open and they
are already among us - plotting and
waiting to strike.

The power grid can be shut down
indefinitely by a cyber attack or
by a high altitude nuclear explosion
delivered by a missle, or concealed
aboard a commercial airplane.

In the latter scenario, most vehicles
would be useless as well because
their computers would be down.

Imagine this occurring during a
bitter Northeast winter.

Government can't save us. We
must be prepared to save ourselves
and the government.

Individuals and households would
be wise to consider what can go
wrong in our way of life and what
we must do to prepare to survive
such events.

Begin here:

                            Joe Sullivan

Invite Chick -fil A  to move into former

                            Joe Sullivan

Read Sullivan Energy positions (Aug 1)

                                                       Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The headline of this story is prophetic,
despite not having any plausible link
with what follows in the body of the

For regime, substitute Obama for Assad.
Substitute Chicago for Pretoria.

The Obama regime has destabilized the
entire Mid East: Egypt, Libya and now
Syria. Hillary is the face and folly of the
Obama regime's failed foreign policies.

Mistake number one: Hillary as
Secretary of State. No one with the
least bit of understanding of the
mindset of the Arab world would
send a female to do a man's work
in a male dominated culture, and
expect to have any success.

This is akin to having women
serve in combat or aboard men o war
at sea.

On the home front, the Obama regime's
failed domestic policies have brought
the U S to the brink of destruction.

So, here we have a main stream media
story about Hillary on Safari, and
a story headline that bears no apparent
relationship to the story.

Why?  What is the discerning reader
to conclude?

Could the desperate Obama regime
sensing that it will not survive the
November elections, be turning to
Hillary for VP as a last ditch move?

It will not work!  Hillary and Obama
have been a disaster on the world
stage, as well as on the home front.

The mainstream media, acting as
public relation flacks for this duo
have duped the American public.

Ordinary Democrats hold the
key to saving America , their
party , themselves and us.

Will they wise up? Will they
put America before blind party

(The current local Democratic
candidates for state senate and
assembly included)

If not, America will not

Begin by rejecting Obama, Hillary
and the party leadership/policies
that systematically destroyed the
America we have known and loved.

Nothing less than full, legal
citizen voter participation in the
13 September primaries and
November 6 General Election
will suffice.

                          Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Tonight,  local neighborhoods will be
holding  National Night Out events to
raise public awareness of the need for
the public to be involved in combating
growing crime in neighborhoods.

While admirable, the focus of National
is Night Out is too narrow.

Raise your sights to consider other
crimes that have a potentially greater
impact on our Constitutional rights
to pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

Q1 Why are our borders, in particular
the border with Mexico, not secured?

Q2 Why has the President circumvented
Congress and violated his Oath of Office
by means of multiple Executive Orders
such as the one granting blanket amnesty
to millions of illegal aliens? Dreamers?

Q3 Why is no action being taken by local
politicians, and officials, to safeguard our
electoral process, from being compromised
by illegals voting,  by students voting
twice:  locally,and again , in their home
communities, and why are so many other
fraudulent violations of the voting process
permitted to continue?

Q4  Why has the Albany Common Council
not rescinded Sanctuary City status for the
City of Albany, which they voted for 14-0
in 2009?

Q5  How many illegal aliens are working
locally and not paying taxes? How many
are attending schools supported by local
citizen taxpayers? How many are receiving
social services, health and other benefits?
How many are driving illegally, with no
licenses, no insurance? How many commit
crimes or are incarcerated?
    Why is the Albany County Legislature
not addressing these questions?

Q6 What about emergency/disaster
preparedness? Are political jurisdictions
ready? Are neighborhoods and households

Consider this commentary by the President
of Sage College:

Government can't save us. We must save
ourselves and the government.

We live in perilous times. In 2012 elections
our very survival as a Nation, and as citizens
are on the line.

Where there is no security, and the
Constitution is not upheld, there will be
no economy. Our way of life is on the line.

So, as you consume your ice cream tonight
pause to raise your sights on becoming
an informed voter in the 2012 elections.

This is no time for politics as usual with
complacency, apathy, indifference and
pure ignorance.

                                        Joe Sullivan

Sunday, August 5, 2012


The Old Man, my brother Mick and meself
were sitting around the radio listening to
Proud to Be Irish on the Siena radio station
88.3 FM as we usually do every Sunday

The Old Man uncorks a bottle of Hennessey
brandy. I knew that something was up. He
offered some to us, but we just looked away.
It isn't our favorite drink. We would prefer
water or buttermilk.

From listening to stories about the Old
Country, Mick and me immediately knew
that this session was about matchmaking.

The men of the family made the matches.
Love had nothing to do with it, and the
females had nothing to say in the matter.

But, Mick and me are a bit more docile
because the Aussie before us was a one
man dog that kept the woman of the house
in line.

She was determined that never again
would she be terrorized by the likes of

She took to dog training as pups. I got
a star place on my forehead at graduation.
But, Mick was jealous and ate it off.

The woman of the house went wild
when the Old Man brought the two
of us into the house as pups.

But, it all worked well and we have
had many good times together.

We have especially enjoyed running
free in the Helderbergs or on the
land in Delaware County and on
the Albany Muni Golf course in
winter when the ticks are few.

Summers, we have to be content
with walks around the hood.

We went to the beach on Long
Island once. I was very wary of
the vastness of the ocean as
compared to the pond we swim
in on the land. Mick was his
usual bold self, running into the
water and tasting it.

We had a nice run on the beach
but soon found ourselves being
pursed by law enforcement on
dune buggies.

It seems dogs are banned from
beaches there.

We escaped. But, have never
gone back to such an unfriendly

So, at the Old Man's proding I  seek  a
young, Australian female farm dog ,of fine
stock, for the purposes of making a match.
We have to meet the parents to determine
that they are of good temperment, health
and possess excellent genes.

Mick and me passed our annual vet exams
with flying colors, in July. And why  not?
Good genes. Good food, lamb and rice,
spuds, flax, extra virgin olive oil, buttermilk
and fresh eggs.

I am likely the largest Austrialian you will
ever see. A fine specimen. A block of a dog
with a barrel chest, green eyes and of very
good temperment. I weigh in at about 78
pounds. My coat is a thick auburn red.
I have a white bib and collar and Irish socks.

I have never been matched before. The Old
Man never neuters his dogs. So, I am ready.

Forget about love. This is strictly a business
venture, I do the job and the Old Man gets
the pick of the litter.

Mick complained bitterly. What about me.
Well, Mick is a fine dog too. He takes after
his father Merlin and is a spotted red merle.
Mick is extremely clever and intelligent. He
knows how to lower the rear window when
we go for a ride. I think he is endowed with
ESP and is skilled at mind reading. But, he
talks a lot and is a bit of a rake.

Mick is always ready for a match. But, not
very selective. Any four legged creature will

I take after my mother Cheyenne who was
a large red and white of very good temperment.

Mick and me were born to a litter of 9 in
Washington  County, a decade ago. It was
our mother's third litter.

Mick inherits his travelling people
demeanor from his father. Both, are
great kissers. In the ear.

The farmer was named McCarthy, he
had come to Washington County from
Texas, bringing our parents with him.
They are of  fine Aussie stock, used for herding
cattle and horses on the Texas High Plains.

Coincidentally, the McCarthy's and
O'Sullivan's joined up to defeat the
Norman advance into what is now  West
Cork and Kerry, a thousand years ago.

So,  how do you find me?  Go to Jim
Coyne's house on New Scotland Ave
at Buckingham and Lenox (the one with
4 Coyne lawn signs out ...2 on Buckingham
and 2 on New Scotland, at the point
where New Scotland and Buckingham
meet. They will tell you where I live.

We are in a witness protection program
because of the letter we wrote to the

Jim Coyne has a couple of Shelties.
He is in the September 13 Democratic

The Old Man is waiting in the wings
to take on the winner of the Democratic
primary, but, first the Old Man must
win the Conservative primary, Thursday
September 13, Noon to 9 pm.

The Old Man is only doing what is
in his genes.

Something about liberty and saving
our Constitutional Republic.

              Red Paddy  O'Sullivan

PS  You can get a look at Mick
       and me - our photo is to the
       upper right of the screen.

      We are not illegals. And in
       Albany, we vote.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sullivan on Education. 

Positions on Learning/Education

Politics permeates education at the local, state
and federal levels and is predicated on the false
premise that more and more spending will
produce better educational outcomes.

The City of Albany School District, with a 50
percent drop out rate, is exhibit A - of that
false premise.

The NYS Constitution provides that the State
Legislature is responsible for the public schools.
Not the federal government, Not the Governor.
Not the courts.

1. Education is a local-state responsibily, not
the responsibility of the federal government.

a. Abolish the federal education department
b. End No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and
Race to the Top.

2. At the state level
a. Scale back the state education department
    return more control of curriculums and
    schools to local districts.
b. Remove unfunded state mandates on schools
    including the teacher evaluation mandate
    passed by the State Legislature and signed
    into law by Governor Cuomo, who promoted
    that mandate.
c. Retain teacher tenure and local control of it.
d. Elect school superintendents, subject to recall.
e. Index property tax rates to school
    performance and drop out rates.
f. Hold school budget votes at November
g. No revotes when budgets are rejected
    by voters.
h. Completely evaluate and revise special
i) Earmark monthly SSI (crazy money)
   payments per child, to go, not to parents
   but to the schools to help pay the local 
   costs of special education.
j) I oppose consolidation of school
    in the Towns of Guilderland, New
    Scotland and Bethlehem
    with the Albany City School District.
k) I support making all schools in the
     City of Albany Charter Schools.
     Charter schools educate students
     at a cost of about $12,000 per student
     per year.
     The City of Albany School District
     receives about $21,000  per pupil per
     year from a combination local
     property taxes, state and federal aid.

     In the City of Albany, about 1/3 of
     homes are owner occupied. 
     The majority of the owner
     occupied homes consist of elderly
     residents on fixed incomes.

     The majority of the city  the
     public school population
     comes from households that do
     not pay for the support of the
     public schools. Many of these
     students come from dysfunctional
     households and neighborhoods
     where a single parent is
     a social services recipient with
     multiple children.

     Property tax relief is a priority
     issue in the City of Albany, where
     school taxes constitute 60 percent
     of the total property tax paid by
     the declining base of elderly
     homeowners who
     have no children in school.

     Public schools have always
     relied on the present population
     to pay the costs of educating
     the next generation.  This pattern
     is coming to an end because the
     next generation will not able
     to pay the costs of education for
     succeeding generations.

     When the current population
      of elderly homeowners is driven
     from their homes by excessive
     property taxes, moves, sells out
     or passes on - who will pay the
     property taxes to  fund city schools
     and city government?

      As the populations of the Towns
      age, the suburbs will
      face the same question.

      Expect the Governor's
      Commission on Education
      which is to report it's
      recommendations for  a 
      "blue print" for education
      Dec. 1, 2012 (after election day)
      to include a  consolidation of city
      and town school districts 

       This may be a short term fix for
       city schools that passes the buck
       to town populations to keep city
       schools operational.
       This is not the answer to the
       problem of city schools.

        Changes in attitude and behavior
        and a love  and respect for learning
        are required. These cannot be legislated.

        Dysfunctional households and
        neighborhoods,  particularly that rely
        on public assistance as
        a way of life, will have to shape up.

        The public assistance railway is
        not sustainable.

Search this Lonerangeralbany site
using the terms
Learning, Education and
Albany City Schools.  You
will read 7 years of posting
on these subjects.

                                          Joe Sullivan



1 August 2012
Contact JPS 438 5230


1. Support expanded shale natural gas drilling in NYS provided
groundwater, wells, reservoirs are protected and monitored.

Have drillers contribute to a fund to provide remediation/compensation
in the event of accidents.

Earmark use/sale of extracted natural gas for New York, New England
and Canada. No exports to China.

Tapping New York's vast gas resources will stimulate an economic
boom and jobs akin to that produced by building the Erie Canal in the
early 1800's.

It is essential to conserve natural gas resources for domestic use
as a security issue for now and the future.

Northeast winters are cold and survival here impossible without
a reliable source of home heating.

2. Support the 765 kv Quebec to NYC hydro power line provided Albany
Bethlehem, Guilderland and New Scotland can tap into this line to
lower local electric rates and provide reliable, clean electric power
upon which our way of life depends.

3, Support shutting down the twin Indian Point nuclear power plants.

These nuclear plants sit astride the Ramapo geologic fault. Spent
rods are stored, in water, below the plants because there is no
other place to safely dispose of them.

The nuclear disaster in Japan was a natural and man made event.

We should learn from that and not repeat it here.

20 million people live in the shadow of the Indian Point nuclear plants.

The NYC metro area and Hudson Valley could be devestated by a
natural or man made disaster involving the Indian Point nuclear plants

Keep in mind that NYC (and the Indian Point Plants) are a number
one target of the Jihadists who sworn to destroy us, and who have
made the homefront the front line in their war of terror.

4. Support building the Keystone pipeline from Canada to the Gulf
states and a second pipeline to Buffalo. Build more refineries in
both locations. Canada is our ally. We share a common culture
and heritage and our future fates are interdependent.

President Obama's refusual to approve the Keystone pipeline
is a major blunder. He has kept gas and food prices high as
result. And, now, China is gaining control of Canadian shale
oil - a major strategic security blunder by Obama!

President Obama's policies relating to oil drilling in the Gulf of
Mexico and Anwar have produced similar results, inhibting our
economic recovery and creating a perilous security risk for