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Thursday, December 22, 2005



for taking action to curb illegal gun traffic and increase penalties for those who use guns to shoot police officers.

In 2006 Session expand upon the this legislation to provide the same increased penalties for those who use guns to shoot any citizen, as well  those who use guns in robberies and home invasions.

It was heartening  to hear Governor Pataki's announcement , today, that funds were being allocated for increased police efforts to curb illegal gun trade and disarm criminals; and that State Police were being deployed to assist local police, in this effort,  in high gun violence communities (like Albany).

Don't forget disarming gangs.

Congrats to Mayor Jennings and Chief Tuffey on stepped up Operation Impact in Albany.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year to all.                                          J P Sullivan




Monday, December 19, 2005



Wednesday, Dec. 21 in Albany.  Proposed legislation to curb illegal guns, reinstitute death penalty for killing police officers.   Good moves, but not enough!

Use of guns, illegal or legal, to commit crimes including home invasions, robberies and violence is the problem. Killing or intentionally wounding anyone with gun needs to be met with severe penalties, sending a clear message to criminals, that there is zero tolerance in this city and state for these uses, and abuses, of guns.

Right now it is open season on law abiding citizens in Albany and elsewhere in New York State. The violent  crminals rule the streets . People are not safe on the streets or in there homes from these gun toting predators.

What to do?

1) greatly increase penalties for anyone using a gun  to perpetrate violence or death on another, to commit a crime including: robbery and home invasion.

2. reinstitute the death penalty for anyone who kills another with a gun intentionally.

3. provide funding to a) hire more police, particularly neighborhood foot patrols, b)  step up Operation Impact to disarm criminals and gangs in urban areas and c) to form, train and equip citizen neighborhood auxiliaries to supplement local police and fire fighters in times of  emergencies, disasters and terror attacks.

Set aside the intense partisanship that pervades government, at all levels, today, and do what is needed, and best, for the people.  Comprehensive action trumps piecemeal efforts every time. Time is short. Act now, while you have the chance.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Happy, Productive, Healthy New Year to all.











Best wishes to Albany's new Police Chief, James Tuffey. Good move by Mayor Jennings.

First order of business: install plexi glass windows in Mayor's home.

Next:   *  Sweep streets of Albany clean of anti-social, violent , disorderly rabble.

             *  Disarm criminals and gangs, who are eventual allies of foreign terrorists.

             *  Prepare a City Emergency/Disaster Plan that anticipates and prepares to  prevent/respond to the kinds of natural and man made disasters and terrorists attacks that may befall Albany in the days ahead.

Jim Tuffey with his 20 years experience with the APD and his service as SEMO Director for NYS, is the right man for the job, at the right time.





Wednesday, December 7, 2005



The 2005 city elections are history. I am over the disappointment and back in the saddle, with renewed determination.

There is much work to be done. No rest for the weary and the wicked.

1. On the City level, Jerry Jennings needs all the help, encouragement and cooperation to address the priority issues facing us:   * public safety/crime

                   * fixing the failing city schools

                   * creating a City Emergency/Disaster Plan

                   * creating a City Comprehensive Land Use Master plan and revised zoning code.

I will do all that I can to support Jerry Jennings and guide him to make the right choices and moves for the benefit of all city residents. He can count on me.


Nothing has changed. Jerry is still the Mayor. The Democratic Party in Albany is divided. The Lib-Dem -WFP Coalition made strides toward its goal of controlling city government, with the election of Morris as Council President and  the election or reelection of a number of Common Council Members.

The Albany Common Council remains a divided, ineffective, dysfunctional body as evidenced by the  current charade in progress over the rezoning of a 3.5 acre parcel on Holland Ave as "highway commercial" to allow construction of a big box store. A vote is scheduled for Dec 19. Christmastime and Hanukkah. So, what else is new, Standard Common Council practice for dealing with controversal issues.

Shawn Morris should demonstrate her leadership ability by:

1. as sponsor of the rezoning measure, withdrawing it from consideration ( at least until the new Council is seated  after January 1st.)

   Under no circumstances should they be let off the hook on this issue, nor should a lame duck Council with a number of retiring members be allowed to make such a crucial rezoning decision.

I will be watching for a press conference with Morris and the  WFP candidates and Party Leaders announcing the withdrawl of the Morris rezoning bill, before the Dec 19 meeting, and reaffirming the WFP Pre-Election Pledge opposing construction of big box stores in the City of Albany.

2. As Common Council President Elect, Morris should pledge to unite the Common Council and work with Mayor Jerry Jennings for the benefit of all the people of the City of Albany. Put aside internal divisiveness and political power struggle within the Democratic Party in Albany and focus on the 4 issues enumerated above.

3. Assuring the Mayor and people of this City that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (for whom her husband works) will play no role in the internal governmental affairs of the City of Albany.

The  Council Members who work for the State Assembly and those elected or relected with WFP Endorsement should join  Morris in  1,2 AND 3 above.

The Lone Ranger Blog will continue as a source of commentary on City of Albany politics and neighborhood issues.

I shall breathe renewed life and purpose into the City Republican Committee:

  see website/blog:   and

I shall improve the effectiveness of the Buckingham Pond/Crestwood Neighborhood Association:

  see website/blog 

Anyone who cares, can and should, consult this and those blog/websites periodically for latest news, views and activities.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and a Happy, Blessed, Safe, Healthy, Productive New Year to all.

                                                                          Joe Sullivan