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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Chocolate City. One year later

A Chocolate City. One year later. A Nation on the Brink.

New Orleans, Louisiana - flood prone bottom land, inhabited by bottom feeders and governed by an inept, racist mayor and incompetent female  state governor.

America beware. Katrina is a disaster, but only one. Consider the chaos, unbeliveable hardship and civil disorder that would result if America expiriences simultaneous, multiple natural and man made disasters, including a West Coast quake along the San Andreas fault line, a major Atlantic hurricane making landfall on the densely populated South Shore of  Long Island, followed by a severe, frigid Northeast winter with blizzard snowfalls. Couple these events with simultaneous, coordinated terrorist attacks on our nation's electrical grid, oil and gas supply lines and nuclear plants.

Never happen, you say? Well, what if it did? Katrina would pale in comparison. America would be in ruins and might never recover.

The Southern border would continue to be overrun by hoardes of Mexicans and OTM's, while the inner city welfare recipients would plunder and pillage because the terrorists also destroyed the welfare delivery system.

Government, at every level, would be in disarray. We would be on our own with slim chances of survival.

Meanwhile, most of our fellow citizens are in denial of 9-11 and it's consequences. State and national politicians, both, in office, and those who are seeking election or re-election, are running meaningless, politics as usual campaigns. Those in office lack the ability to lead and do what must be done now. Those seeking election or re-election have no answers; they are avoiding the priority issues of home land security/defense and emergency/disaster preparedness. The media is cashing in on these meaningless political campaigns, as usual.

We live in perilous times. It may well be the End Time for America and us all.  Silent, empty sky scrapers  tombstones,amid the rubble and debris of abandoned, once great cities ,may stand on the landscape ,like the long ago abandoned urban cliff dwellings of the American Southwest. Vistors from outer space may view these ruins and wonder what happened to the people who used to live and thrive here?

This doesn't have to be! Real Leadership ,rejection of racism, by people of color and whites; rejection of mindless liberalism , the politics of appeasement and political correctness and the resurrection of an America with traditional values, under God, with liberty and justice for all,;but with zero tolerance for those who would destroy us, from within and without, is what is required.

Do we have the will, and ability, to do what must be done, now, to save our nation, our way of life and ourselves? The answer will probably be known in our life time.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Campaign2006 and Policing Albany City

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