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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Today's (yesterday's) News

Glen Beck reported on his morning radio show
that the FBI Director, today, issued a warning
that American cities are at risk for terror attacks.

This news does not appear to be widely broadcast
by mainstream media.

Nonetheless, any informed person knows this
is coming, and when it does, there will be
economic, political and social chaos to follow.

Wouldn't we all feel safer, if the President
addressed this topic tonight, telling the
American people, and the world, what he
and Congress will do to counter these
terrorist threats.

Like: (1) securing our borders, ports
railroads, pipelines, oil refineries
food processing plants, power plants
and grids (2) rooting out all terror cells
and training camps on American soil
(3) disarming the gangbangers,
drug dealers and other anti-social
malcontents, who are the natural allies
of the foreign terrorists
(4) securing our borders, ports, power
plants/grids, dams, transportation
infrastucture, including roads, bridges
tunnels, railroads, oil refineries, natural
gas pipelines, water supplies, sewer
systems and food production/processing
(5) Not closing Gitmo until a new policy
of taking no prisioners in War on Terror
is in place.
(6) Not trying terrorists in the American
court system.

Terrorists are vile subhumans
who have no constitutional, civil, or Geneva
Convention rights or protections.

(7) Not allowing suspected terrorists or
their sympathizers to travel by air or sea
to the United States from countries that
serve as sanctuaries for terrorists.
(8) Ending sanctuary status/policies of
American states, cities and law enforcement
that allow illegal aliens remain here.
(9) Prohibiting illegal aliens from getting
jobs, schooling, healthcare, medicaid
social security, welfare, food stamps, HEAP
public housing and any other social service
benefit. This will result in such illegals
voluntarily returning to their countries
of origin and will deter other illegals from
trying to sneak into the U.S.
(10) Immediately deporting the illegal
alien populations of our prisons and jails.
Doing likewise with their gangbanger and
drug dealer allies.

These may sound like harsh measures,
but they will pale in significance to the
social chaos, civil disorder and hardships
that will follow the coming terror attacks
on the U.S., and the martial law measures
that will occur as a response.

As this blog has repeatedly warned:
Home land security is the most pressing
concern. If America is not secure, and we
are not safe...nothing else will matter...
not the economy, not health care, not
the banks, not gay marriage ... ......
not the fairness doctrine and not civil
rights....because under martial law there
won't be any.

Homeland security should be the major
concern of the President, Congress, state
and local governments, every candidate
for election to public office, at every level
this year, and every citizen/voter.

The mainstream media avoids this issue
at its', and, our peril.

Joe Sullivan

TODAY'S NEWS...not much that is new

It's going to get worse: TU 2/24/09 pA1...As long as
President Obama, and his allies in the media, keep
trumpeting this message of gloom, doom and fear
the economy will get worse.


Obama vows to reduce mounting U.S. deficit, TU
2/24.09 pA7.
Hard to believe! Obama and the Far Left
Democratically controlled Congress just added
1.5 Trillion dollars national debt with the "stimulus"
spending package which rewards supporters and
is essentially a financial plan to re-elect Democrats
to Congress in 2010 and 2012, as well as Obama in

President Obama's vow would be more believable
if he significantly trimmed the waste from the
787 billion dollar stimulus package.

In addition, please stop addressing the nation
and grabbing media face time. The campaign is
over! Get to work. Do your job.


Road crews asked to cut salt, aid environment
Tu 2/24/09 pA3, by Brian Nearing.

The Adirondack Council called for state and
local governments to wean themselves, and the
public, off excessive dependency on winter
applications of road salt because, it is harmful
to the environment.

THE WHITE DEATH, as posted on this blog
for years, harms more than the environment
of the Adirondacks.

Excessive road salt dumping destroys trans-
portation infrastructure, including roads
bridges and rail lines.

It rots our expensive vehicles and tires.
Creates air pollution, when it dries and
becomes airborne. March winds carrying
road salt debris sandblast the exteriors
of our homes and buildings necessitating
more costly painting and repairs.

Humans, and their pets, breathe the salt
contaminated air, which contributes to
growing health problems, including high
blood pressure, asthma and more.

What is the synergistic effect of road salt
and vehicle exhausts blended together and

We can get a clue of the answer when we
look at the declining life spans of urban
street trees.

Urban street trees are vital to urban
quality of life because trees emit oxygen
to combat air pollution, as well as serving
as windbreaks, providing air conditioning
and visual beauty.


Better uses than convention center..a letter
by Betsy Mergcogliano calling for scrapping
the convention center plan and building
"true family housing-2-,3 and 4-bedroom
housing-subsidized ".

BM is correct on the folly of spending millions
on a convention center, but she is way off base
in calling for subsidized housing for families
in downtown.

Housing is needed downtown, but it should
be upscale housing primarily for professionals
students, seniors and other singles who can
support the existing downtown entertainment
financial character.

Adjacent neighborhood family housing develop-
ment would attract state and other office workers
who want to live near their work, eliminating the
increasingly costly commute from the suburbs,

But, before that can occur, adjacent city neighbor-
hoods must be cleaned up. Rid them of blight and

The waterfront has a huge potential for upscale
housing, to attract residents, with good incomes
and job skills, from downstate, as well as retirees
from the Capital District area.


Common Council hopefuls get in line, TU 2/24/09
pB3, by Tim O'Brien.

We learn that current Common Council President
Shawn Morris is not going to run for re-election.
Instead she is going to run for mayor. Council
Majority Leader Carolyn McLaughlin, says she
will run for Council President.

Having an all female citywide ticket : Morris,
McLaughlin and Sheehan, is not a winner, even
if city males are a whipped lot.

Citizen Tim Carney wants to run for Council
President so he can eliminate the Council
President's position and cut the size of the
Council in half.

Well, Tim, you can begin by not running at

The article informs us that "The council
leaders post, which pays $30,938 a year, is
largely ceremonial. The council leader runs
meetings but only votes to break a tie, a
rarity on a 15-member body."

In reality, the Common Council President's
job has much more significance. Under the
state's small cities law, the Council President
becomes mayor, and serves out the remainder
of a term, should the mayor's office become
vacant for any reason.

The Council President's job is to be a mayor
in training, a leader, who works, with, not
against, the mayor, to make Albany a better
place to live.

That does not mean the Council President
is a puppet of the mayor.

The Council President can work with the
Mayor, but also be a leader, in his or
her own right, leading the Council Members
to perform more effectively, and pointing
the way to actions that improve the
quality of life in Albany.

Shawn Morris has failed to demonstrate
that she has this ability. She doesn't
deserve re-election, let alone being elected
as mayor.

Morris lacks the experience, record, ideas
speaking ability, leadership and physical
stamina required to be mayor.

Being a Far Left and a woman are simply
not enough.

Her claim to fame is being the Spot
Zoning Queen, whose legislation led to
rezoning 3 acres of land "Highway
Commercial" on Holland Ave, a major
emergency routeway to Albany Med.
This measure was rammed through the
waning hours of a lame duck council in
December 2005.

It never would have passed if Morris
had withdrawn her sponsorship of
the resolution. She did not.

After passage, she and her successor
Kathy Fahey, duped 7th Ward residents
into contributing money to a legal
defense fund to get the rezoning

Is this not a scam?

Mayor Jennings is far and away the best
candidate for another term as Mayor of

Change? Look what change has wrought
at the state and federal levels.

Think long and hard Albany voters.

The old Irish saying: "the divil ye know
is better than the one ye don't", applies
to the 2009 city election.

Current Council Members should
clean up their own wards before aspiring
to be Mayor or Common Council President.

Joe Sullivan

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Holder:Americans are cowardly on
matters of race TU 2/19/09 pA4

This AP article informs the reader that
Eric Holder, "the nation's first black
attorney general, said Wednesday that
the United States was a 'nation of cowards"
on matters of race, with most Americans
avoiding candid discussions of racial issues".

Holder went on to say: "If we are ever going
to make progress, we're going to have the guts,
we have to have the determination, to be
honest with each other".

OK Eric let's be honest with each other.

You are a racial bomb thrower who has one
huge chip on your shoulder. You lit the fuse
and held on too long.

First, black Americans have achieved the
highest offices in the land, including
President, Governor of New York and
yourself as Attorney General.

Now, isn't that progress?

Each, of the above, is , in fact, black and
white. Persons of mixed race.

Eric, you take great pride in your
Caribbean (Barbados) roots. And you
should. Holder is an English name
that traces back to Gloucestershire
as well as to Virginia planters. No
doubt English blood traces through
your veins. Perhaps, even Irish blood.

Perhaps, your English Houlder,
Holder and Himpton, Hampton
ancestors were slavers of my people.

Many Irish, among them, my own
ancestors, were transported to
Barbados as slaves on the English
sugar plantations.

Click on:

Most died there, or intermarried
with African slaves. Some, escaped
to South Carolina in 1656, when
our sea captain, Florey O Sullivan
from the Ardea branch of the family
stopped by and picked them up
enroute to Charleston, South Carolina
where Sullivan's Island is today.

You should get down on your knees
and thank God that you are in America
today, and that you have achieved one
of the highest offices in the land.

Get the chip off your shoulder. Go home
to your mama and have her wash your
mouth with soap.

We are all Americans , and should be
proud and thankful that we are.

Stop playing the race card.

Concentrate on protecting America
from the radical Islamists who seek
to destroy America, all Americans
(you included) and our way of life.

Secure our national borders. No
jobs, education, healthcare and
social services/security for illegal
aliens will result in their going
back to where they came from.

Don't try to take way the Second
Amendment rights of law abiding

Urge your leader, President Obama
to do the same.

Devote your energies to having
black Americans get the chips off
their shoulders. They have been free
a long time.

There is a dark side to Black History
in America. Poverty, including poverty
of spirit, has much to do with this.

Consider blighted urban places, crime
illegitimacy, being welfare lifers, all
leading to a growing dependent population
that contributes little or nothing to the
betterment of American society, and which
is a drain on society which the nation can
no longer afford.

Time for attitudinal and behavioral changes
among those that identify as black.

Love learning. Go to school. Get educated.
Get a job. Get a family structure that consists
of a nuclear family, a man and a woman, who
bring up their offsprings with discipline and
values. Take responsibility for your own actions.
Contribute to the betterment of the communities
in which you live. Reject unwed pregnancies,
rappers, gangbangers, drugs, crime, blighted
neighborhoods and cities. Clean up and rebuild
in those blighted places. Do not spread blight
to other neighborhoods and communities.

The past is past, we are all Americans now.
Be thankful and proud for that.

America's survival, including that of each and
every one of us, is on the line. We are beset by
economic, cultural and political turmoil, while
lunatic Islamic terrorists, Hugo Chavez, Russia
Iran, and China, among others, do their best
to see that America goes down.

Americans: united we stand and survive, or
divided we fall.

Each of us has a role to play. Persons who
occupy powerful offices such as President,
Attorney General and Governor, have a
particular responsibility to lead, and unite
not divide Americans.

Joe Sullivan

related readings:

Jihadists among us....why are we letting these people into U S?


Jihadists among us....why are we letting these people into U S?

Why is our government allowing these anti American haters to
prepare for our downfall?

Radical Muslims "converting" criminals in prison who return
their hoods to commit crimes, including assassinating police
officers? Firefighters next?

US Southern border wide open. Mexico on verge of collapse.

Former Governor of Arizona, on whose watch, Arizona has
been over run by illegals , is now BHO's Homeland Security

Obama wants to put U S Census under control of Democratic
political operative Ron Emanual in White House?

Stock market down 2,000 points since November election.
Fiscal crises in USA, NYS? You ain't seen nothin yet.
Project what will follow on heels of simultaneous, massive
terror attacks statewide and nationwide!

Trillions of dollars of reckless spending that essentially
amounts to campaign financing, job insurance for Leftist
Democrats in elections. Congress in 2010 / President and
Congress in 2012.

NYC PD constantly engaged in planning for coming terror

What is Albany doing? Common Council feel good Gun
Task Force and useless pc recommendations.

We are watching the destruction of America unfolding
on the mainstream media day by day!

Does all this make you feel safe?

Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"This is the beginning of the end" President Obama's words at
Stimulus bill signing? Heard clip on radio, yesterday.

Profound observation. I concur.

Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


St. Teresa's final buzzer (TU 2/17/09 pA1)

To allow St Teresa's Church/School to close invites
urban decay/blight to follow.

God helps those who help themselves. When
Shepherd leads flock astray, the flock must fend
for themselves.

1. Seek out an RC Order to take over St. Teresa's
Church- keep it open. Time to recall priests from
foreign missions. They are needed here.

2. Form St Teresa's Charter School, adopt a
voucher system. Remember, St Teresa's is a
K-8 school. Parents living in Albany's 8th
9th, 10th, 13th, 14th and 15th wards would
rather see their kids go to St Teresa's for
grades 7 and 8 rather than to Hackett.

This is not a time for flock to bleat like
lambs being led to the slaughter!


Rifles get a new roost (TU 2/17/09 p A1)

Stand tall Senator Gillibrand. Stick to your
guns and support of Second Amendment
rights of law abiding citizens, especially
because of the perilous times in which we
are living.


Shawn Morris and Corey Ellis, would be
Albany mayoral candidates on CBS6 TV
last night.....

Shawn stammers on camera. Corey MIA.

Give up the ghost! Jerry
Jennings has a lot more going for him
than mere money. He has it over you
in speaking ability, experience, looks
and boundless energy.

Albany would be a better place if
you, and your Far Left supporters would
work with, not against, Jerry Jennings.


NYPD'S terror lesson (TU 2/16/09 pA3)

NYPD constantly involved in anti-terror
training ops...this time combating swarm
tactics used by perps in Mumbai massacre.

What are Far Left Common Council Members
and their supporters doing to ensure that
Albany residents are safe from terror attacks?

Chasing ghost tickets and issuing toothless
feel-good, pc Gun Task Force recommendations!

Downing the APD every chance they get!

No emergency/disaster preparedness initiatives!

Doesn't make me feel safe.


Image crucial in quick campaign (TU 2/15/09 pD1)

If voters of 20th CD blow this one, they deserve
what the get.

Voter enrollment favors Tedisco, but a low turnout
could hand the race to Murphy by default.

Tedisco is the far better choice.


TU editorials (2/15/09 pB4)

Know the past, guard the future....

forget Senator Leahy's call for a commission
to explore whether the Bush administration
broke the law responding to 9-11.

Better to focus on protecting America now
and in the future...this means securing our borders
and ports, denying jobs, education, health care and
social services to illegal aliens (which will result in
their voluntarily going home en mass), and
deporting all illegals and their sympathizers now
incarcerated in U S jails.

Aggressively rooting out Islamic terror cells and
terror training camps in the U.S and Canada.

N.Y.'s pipe dream

Governor Paterson has a dollar and a dream
want's to invest lottery income aggressively
in the stock market.

TU rightly labels this a "foolhardy idea".

Bong this!

Joe Sullivan

Friday, February 13, 2009


The aspiring council candidates for mayor and
common council president couldn't muster the
subpoena vote.

The votes for subpoena were not there.

Ghost tickets have been neutered as a campaign issue

for those aspiring to be candidates.

The field is crowded and divided.

The Council should be focusing on:

* emergency/disaster preparedness

* preventing a terror attack on Albany

*cracking down on armed gangbangers, and

assorted anti-social malcontents who are allies
of foreign terrorists who seek to
destroy America, us and our way of life.

The Council should also be looking at the

"stimulus" bill before Congress.

What is really in it and what are the implications

for city residents? How should any funds be

Also, how about a Home Rule Message to the

State Legislature calling for action to provide
that Albany may:

* eliminate the city school district/board and

merging it with city government
* place responsibility/accountability for city schools in
office of mayor (and perhaps, with City Council??)
* create one property tax roll ( not two as we have now)
to support city government/city schools
* return to K-8 neighborhood schools which are best

for kids parents and neighborhoods
* change school budget vote from May to the September

2009 Primary

Ideally, the State Legislature and Gov must act this


If not, each of the above proposals should be placed

on the September 2009 Primary ballot.

Now...that is real change. Something specific to run

on that will surely generate larger than normal
primary turnout

Something that will reverse white flight from the city

and associated neighborhood blight/decay that is due
in large part, to the present dysfunctional city school
system which is failing kids, parents, taxpayers and

This runaway, city school system, controlled by flaming
Leftists, is destroying the City.

Leftists revere diversity, but are killing it.

Who will support city government and city schools when
Albany is a predominantly black city of poor and aged
residents? Where disorder, blight and crime rule?

Those who aspire to lead this city, must address the
real issues that pertain to the survival of the city
and all who dwell here, now and in the future.

The current Council Members who aspire to be mayor
or Council President should do their jobs they were
elected for. Most represent wards where blight
crime, violence and disorder reign.

Shawn Morris should clean up her home 7th Ward,

not sponsor spot zoning measures like the Highway
Commercial rezoning of 3 acres on Holland Ave,
a major emergency vehicle routeway to Albany Med.

Dom Calsolaro should clean up his 1st Ward,

Corey Ellis his 3rd Ward.

If they can show leadership there, maybe one day
they might have credibility as candidate(s) for
Common Council President and Mayor.

For now, they would be serve the people of their
respective wards ,and the City at large, by working
with, rather than against the Mayor, to resolve
the problems outlined above.

Joe Sullivan

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Ghost tickets or ghost candidates?

The Common Council will caucus at
5 pm today, to decide whether or not
to issue subpoenas to Albany Police
Union President Chris Mesley and
Albany Police Chief Jim Tuffey, as
part of the Common Council's
investgation into issuance of
no-fine parking tickets.

Tonight's caucus and vote is more
political posturing by a number of
Council Members who are haunted
by desires to become candidates
for Mayor and Common Council
President in this year's city election.

Corey Ellis, wants to run for Mayor.
Dom Calsolaro does too, but he is
on record as being willing to yield
to either Ellis or Shawn Morris, if
either decides to run for Mayor.

Corey Ellis is leading the charge
on the subpoena move. He appears
to have the support of four Council
Members: Calsolaro, Smith, Timmons
and O'Brien.

Council President Shawn Morris
can't vote, unless there is a tie.
But, her ally, 7th Ward Council
Member Fahey, can vote.

A Fahey vote in support of
subpoenas would be a clear
indicator that Morris is not going
to run for Mayor.

Council Member McLaughlin
wants to run for Common Council
President, but would have a tough
road if Morris runs for re-election.

McLaughlin won't vote yes in
support of the subpoenas because
she would have a better shot at
being a running mate to Morris.
Calsolaro is a more likely choice
of Morris, because two females
for the two top offices don't cut

If Ellis were to prevail, Calsolaro
would be his likely running mate
freezing out McLauglin for Council
President. Besides, two blacks as
candidates for the two top
offices don't cut it either.

The rest of the Council Members
would accrue little or no
advantage by supporting the
subpoena move and the
candidacy aspirations of the

The ghost ticket issue has been
laid to rest.

It is over. Issuing subpoenas
at this point would be like
grave robbing.

The rest of the Council Members
do not stand to gain politically
by alienating the Albany Police
and Mayor Jenings.

Voting yes to support ghost ticket
subpoenas will very likely come
back to haunt those Council

Prediction: The move to issue
ghost ticket subpoenas fails
and it should.

Ghost tickets RIP.

Joe Sullivan


Makes an Old Salt long to go to sea once more!

U.S.S. NEW YORK (LPD-21) made in USA from

World Trade Center scrap steel.

Never Forget!

Go to:

Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Albany Neighbors First formed by Tim O'Brien
Times Union ,2/11/09 pB6, informs us that a group
of neighborhood activists
have formed a political action committee to
"draw attention to issues it wants addressed in the
City of Albany.

Two of the group's founders are First Ward Democratic
Committee Member Judith Mazza and Attorney Mark
Mishler, who see themselves
as "progressive neighborhood activists".
They claim not to be competing with the Council of
Albany Neighborhood AssociationS (CANA).

Among the issues Albany Neighbors First highlights
in a 10 page Vision for Albany statement are:
(1) city budget and fiscal problems
(2) urban blight ,(3) energy conservation
(4) violence and poverty
(5) improving public education
(6) urban infrastructure
(7) land use and
(8) "A Government in step with its citizens".

The group proposes a number of actions including:
(1) limiting borrowing and cutting spending
(2) creating a City cabinet position
charged with energy conservation and seeking
state/federal funding to retrofit city homes and
buildings to conserve energy
(3) dealing with blight through improved code
(4) addressing violence and poverty by more
activities for youth
and better relations between communities
most affected by violence, and the Albany Police
(5) cooperation between city government and
the city school district
(6) repairing every city street and a long-term plan
for sewer reconstruction / maintenance
(7) creation of a comprehensive master plan
including improved neighborhood commercial strips
increased residential development downtown and
reduction in spot zoning
and (8) government reform.

The last enumerated action advocated by Albany
Neighborhoods First (government reform) is the
main objective of the group.
Government reform, in the eyes of these
"progressive activists" means that THEY control
the government and THEY decide what
is best for the City, you and me.

It is all about political control!

Of course Albany Neighbors First
is not in competition with is a
political arm of CANA.
CANA would be denied further grant monies
from local and state governments, if it were
to openly espouse political action
and openly embrace the
"new spirit of change and transformation
sweeping the nation".

Albany residents have to look closely at the
nature of that change and ask themselves
is that what they want to occur on the local
level? Is it change for the better or worse?
Who decides the nature of that change?

Most of what Albany Neighborhoods First
proposes, is nothing new. It's just that they are
presenting themselves as the agents
of change that will make the quality of life in
this city and its'
various neighborhoods better.

Believe that and you believe in the tooth fairey.

This group is another front for the Far Left
"progressives" who control the Albany City
School District, and who seek to control
Albany City government.

Notice some serious omissions in the vision
statement of this PAC.

(1) Churches and schools are the instutional
structures that anchors neighborhoods.
Nothing is said about impact of closing churches
and schools as evidence of neighborhood decline.
St Teresa's and St James are two examples which
are forerunners of neighborhood
decline and increased urban blight.

Nothing is said about neighborhood schools being
best for kids parents and maintenance of neighbor-
hood identity/vitality.

(2) Urban blight rampant in Albany, not just because
the city housing stock is aging and 2/3 of the housing
stock is absentee-owned.
The blame for this blight also rests with the tenants
many of whom are parasites living off the government
funded by taxpayers.

(3) The growth of a dependent population that
demands and consumes government services, including
schools, police, fire, Heap, Section 8 housing and
SSI (crazy money); and which contributes little or
nothing to the betterment of society is the major factor
resulting in the blight, crime, violence and disorder
which plagues Albany
and other urban places in the Capital District.

(4) The violence and disorder rampant on city streets
and in city schools is a major quality of life issue for all.
It is a behavioral issue that will not be cured with
simplistic solutions like more
school funding and more after school activities.

These problems will never be resolved without reform
of the social services system and school environments
that condone and reward anti-social, irresponsible
behaviors. Major attitude and behavioral adjustments
are required.

(5) "Progressives" view themselves as superior to the
unwashed, dependent population. The "progressives"
view the latter as the stepping stone of the progressives
to political power and control. The sheep led by the
"good" shepherd.

The road to recovery in America, begins at the local
level with the 2009 city elections.
Voters have the ultimate responsibility for
the fate of our communities, our state and nation.

The voters must endeavor to become informed about
support (vote for) candidates who advocate the best
course of action for the benefit of
all the people of Albany.

The 2009 primaries hold the key to our fate on the
local level ,just as the 2008 primaries held the key
to our fate as a nation.

Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Scanning the TU today and yesterday, one finds numerous
stories, and 2 editorials worthy of comment.

S1.6B deal closes deficit (2/4, pA1) and editorial : Stimulus or
not, cut the budget (2/4 pA12).

From the article we learn that the "deal" does not include
cuts in spending for healthcare and education.It relies on
some line item budget trimming, transfer of funds to the
state general fund from other state agencies and authorities
increasing SUNY tuition and
increasing state taxes on health insurers.

The latter will be passed along to New Yorkers in the form
of higher premiums for their private health insurance

This , in effect, is a state tax increase on New Yorkers.

The editorial is spot on. The Legislature (and Governor)
must put the "state's fiscal house in order once and for all."
The editorial cautions against relying on an estimated 16
billion dollars in federal stimulus money that may go to
New York, and doing nothing to correct the fiscal problem.
The stimulus money will be a one shot fix, followed by a
worse fiscal crisis in subsequent years, if the state budget
imbalance is not restored by real budget cuts, now.

What can be done?

1. Address the illegal alien drain on state and local

End the sanctuary city/state status of New York.
Require prof of U. S citizenship, as a condition for
employment, education, medicare eligibility, food
stamps, Heap, SSI and all social services, including
public housing.
The Legislature and Governor must report the
cost of New York City and State being a sanctuary
for untold millions of illegal aliens.
The annual cost to California is estimated to be
10 billion dollars annually.

What is the cost to New
York taxpayers? We deserve to know. The Legislature
and Governor must act to eliminate these costs
from state and local budgets.

Do this and it will not be necessary to round up
and deport illegal aliens. They will quickly return
home to their countries of origin voluntarily.

2. True reform of the social service system. Weed
out abuses, wastes and incentives that encourge
recipients to be system lifers, and reward/promote
unlimited unwed pregnacies. See related TU
editorial, (2/3 pA10): Oh,baby,baby....

Scan the system for doubleand triple dippers
frequent name changes and stolen social
security numbers to collect benefits in
multiple New York communities, as well as
neighboring states.

These are just two moves which if vigorously
conducted would probably not only balance
the New York State, and many local budgets
producing budget surpluses which
would avoid further, state tax increases
as well as annual school and municipal
property tax increases for local governments
for years to come.


City of Albany:

1. School feeder plan debated (2/4 pA5)

Students who live within a half mile
of Hackett and Myers Middle schools
will attend those schools.

The decision of which elementary
schools shall "feed" to two middle
schools will be addressed at the
Feb 12 meeting of the School Board.

Livingston Middle School was closed.

Come on School Board make the big
leap that will be best for kids, parents
and stability f neighborhoods -

*eliminate middle schools and return
to a K-8 neighborhood school system!


2. 'Ghost ticket' subpoena sought
(2/3/ pA5.)

Common Council Member Corey Ellis
wants to subpoena police union leader
over the issuance of "ghost tickets"
that carry no fine for parking around
City Hall.

Ellis supported by Council Members
Smith and Calsolaro.

These 3 Council Members represent
troubled city wards where crime and
blight are rampant.

All three are part of the Far Left
cabal that seeks to gain control of
City government in the 2009

Stop harassing the police. Clean
up your own wards, which you

Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Political parties exist for gaining control of

There are, in reality, only two parties.
Those in power and those that seek to
be in power.

They call themselves by different names
at different times, in different places.

The Democratic Party of today, is far
different than when founded
by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.
It was known as the Democratic
Republican Party.

Today's Democratic Party
is very different from 1828 when
Andrew Jackson was elected President
ushering in what is known as the
Age of the Common Man.

Today's Democratic Party differs
greatly from the 19th and early 20th
centuries when the Irish controlled
the party, through their urban

Today's Democratic Party has strayed
far from it's origins.

Yet, the Democratic Party rules.
New York is a one party state controlled
by NYC Far Left (progressive) Democrats.

At the federal level,
The Presidency, and both houses of
Congress are under the control of Far
Left Democrats.

The irony is that more traditional and
middle of the road Democrats make up
the majority of the party.

How, then does the Far Left control
the Democratic Party?

The answer lies in the primary process
and the alliance the Far Left has with
the mainstream media, as well as huge
amounts of money from foreign as well
as domestic sources.

Most Democrats do not vote in primaries.
So, it is relatively easy for the Far Left
politicians and media to control the

Winning a Democratic Primary is
tantamount to winning a November

In November, Republicans lose
because Democrats outnumber them.
Partyline Democrats do come out and
vote the partyline.

Independents? They get what's left
over. In a close election they can, but
rarely determine the outcome.

The minor parties? They give voters
a chance to make a political statement
but rarely have a winner. The best
they can do is cross endorse(in NYS)
a major party candidate in a close
contest. That might make a difference.

As we look at the current state and
national political scene, we see Far
Left Democrats, mad with power
literally disarming our military and
CIA, leaving us open to certain future
terror attacks on the Home Front in
a War on Terror, which the Far Left
deny exists.

The Far Left is trying to spend it's way
out of a severe economic crisis and
a huge national debt, by presenting
a phoney stimulus package of more
than a trillion dollars.

Try spending your way out of credit
card debt, by going on a spending
spree with your credit cards.

The stimulus plan is nothing more
than payback to sundry groups that
supported the victorious Far Left
candidates. In addition, the bulk of
the "economic stimulus" will be
doled out when congressional Far
Left incumbents are up for re-election
2010, and again in 2012...when
the Presidency will also be up for a vote.

Last night, I watched Brian Taaffe
TV 9, interview NYS Assemblyman
Rivera. The subject was Senator
Gillibrand. Rivera claimed that
Gillibrand has switched her position
on securing our national borders,
illegal immigration and
sanctuary cities (like NYC).
Rivera said that Gillibrand has even
joined the Hispanic caucus in
Washington DC.

Are we to beleive that Hispanic
Americans support open borders
illegal immigration and sanctuary

That these Democratic Party "leaders"
support open borders, sanctuary cities
and illegal aliens as a way of assuring
their continued control of the Democratic
Party and all levels of American

That would be treasonous.

La Rasa , and assorted groups
are racist and un -American.

Senator Gillibrand? She has to
clarify her position now.

What is the solution to this
hijacking of state and federal
government by the Far Left?



Return to the origins and precepts
of the Democratic Republican Party
as founded by Jefferson and Madison.
Adhering to the Constitution,
limited federal government and state's

I propose that all eligible voters in
New York State, enrol in, or change
your party affiliation to Democrat.
Do this within the next few weeks
or months, so that it will be effective the
day after the 2009 November General
Election. Then your are able to vote
in the 2010 and thereafter Democratic

This move will greatly benefit
Upstate, which is clearly second
fiddle in a NYC Far Left controlled
Democratic Party/ state government.

In Democratic Primaries, run
support and elect traditional
candidates who put America
and the people, before political
power and control.

The outcomes of the 2010 federal
and state primaries will be very
different. In 2012, when the
Presidency is up for election, New
York may play a pivotol role in
electing a new Democratic President.

One party, united we stand. Divided
we, and the nation fall.

Enrol as a Democrat today!

Become politically informed, do not
be brainwashed by a Far Left media
and be sure to vote smart in every
Democratic Primary!

This is how the people can take back
their government and save America
from the Far Left, who, if left to
proceed as they are, will destroy
America and us.

Joe Sullivan