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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


April 15, not April 1, should be
designated April Fools Day.

Today we pay our taxes to the
IRS and the state, neither of
which are accountable to the

The IRS has abused it's role
by engaging in politics.

Congressman Tonko and
Senators Schumer/Gillibrand
who purport to represent us
have not made any attempt to
reign in the IRS.

At the state level, April 15
is the day that NYS demands
compliance with the so called
"Safe Act" which tramples
the Second Amendment Rights
of all New Yorkers. 

This law does nothing to keep
us safe from street criminals 
or a tyrannical government.

The Courts will ultimantly
rule on the Constitutionality
of the Safe Act.

Meanwhile, New Yorkers
must be aware that if our
state government can take
away one Right, there is
nothing to stop it from taking
away, any or all, of  our
Rights  and trampling under
foot, the Bill of Rights
and Constitution.

In the September party 
primaries and November
General Election, New Yorkers
should deny  nomination
reelection or election, to any 
candidate who voted for the
Safe Act, or who supports this 
rogue law.

Check the voting records
of those in the NYS Senate
and Assembly to determine
how they voted on legislation
relating to the Safe Act
Common Core and other 
vital issues.

Those voters who continue to
blindly vote partyline  are
the real Fools, April, September
November and all year long.

Those who fail to vote are as

Our Liberty, and our futures
are on the line.

                           Joe Sullivan