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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Retrospect and Prospect.

2008 comes to an end and 2009 with all its' uncertainties and unknowns lies ahead.

Looking back over was a marathon political year.

Brack Obama won the Presidency. In 2009 and beyond, he must govern wisely because our very survival as a nation, and our individual and collective survivals are on the line.

I wish Barack Obama well, and will support him, as long as he charts the
proper course to help America and us survive the fateful days ahead.

I did my part, to chart a new course for Congress, by participating in the
September Democratic primary to succeed retiring Mike McNulty.

Paul Tonko won that seat. Now, like Barack Obama, Paul must leave the boilerplate rhetoric behind, and wean himself from the grip of special
interests and unions, and do what is best for his constituents in the 21st
CD and for America as a whole.

Paul must put America before political party. I wish him well and stand
ready to assist him in any way I can.

My blog contains a complete record of my campaign platform, and positions that I took regarding the priority issues facing our region,
state and nation.

Paul would do well to study it closely, and to advocate some of those
positions, including, but not limited to, (1) promoting emergency/disaster
preparedness at home, (2) abandoning the plan to dredge PCB's from the
Upper Hudson watershed, and reallocating the 500 million dollars to
rebuilding the aging water/sewer infrastructure of Troy, Albany, Cohoes
Watervliet, Stillwater and other watershed communities; (3) Restoring the Erie Canal-Mohawk-Hudson Waterway as a major routeway for shipment of freight, under an authority independent of the NYS Thruway; (4) rebuilding and expanding our regional rail system
including light rail to connect urban places with suburbs and rural areas
to move both freight and passengers; (5) restoring Watervliet arsenal as
a major weapons manufacturing facility, vital to our national defense.

Looking ahead, my focus will be local in 2009. My intent is to put into practice my beliefs and positions in the neighborhood and City of Albany.

Nonetheless, I will keep an eye on the state and national scene as well.

Hopefully, I will make my garden more productive than ever; and take better care of my pals Mick and Paddy. They need more exercise, as do I.

A happy, healthy and safe 2009 to all.

Joe Sullivan

Joseph P Sullivan, of Albany, and candidate for Congress in
the 2008 Democratic Primary, said today, that retiring
Congressman Mike McNulty should be Governor Paterson's
pick to fill the U S Senate seat from New York, being vacated
by Hillary Clinton.

McNulty has 20 years experience in Washington. He knows
Congress and the issues confronting New York and America
at this critical time in our history.

This is no time for on the job training. McNulty is from
Upstate New York and well qualified to be an advocate for
the interests of Upstate, as well as represent all the people
of New York State.

Caroline Kennedy? Her recent interviews reveal that she is
no JFK. You know. Caroline lacks the command of the language
and knowledge of the issues to effectively assume the role of
U S Senator at this critical time.

Mike McNulty could immediately assume the duties of U S
Senator from New York.

Two years from now, 2010, he could either run for election
to that seat or pass the torch to another.

Caroline Kennedy could work for McNulty, gaining the
necessary experience, knowledge, and focus, as well as
command of English to run for that seat in 2010.

No doubt, her name and connections in Washington, would
make her a very effective asset to Senator McNulty.

Go for it Governor!

Mike, your state and country need you. You can do it!

Caroline, rise to the challenge made by JFK.
"Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what
you can do for your country".

Happy, healthy, safe 2009 to America and to all.

Joe Sullivan

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thank you to Sherman and John WROW 590 AM Afternoon Drive
radio show for having me as a guest during the 4 pm hour Friday
December 19, 2008.

It was an enjoyable experience. Check out their show, and others

Their focus is local and they have a great Storm Tracker link which
contains weather and emergency contacts. Check it out!

Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can this poll be accurate?

Media reports tell us a poll shows 78 percent
of New Yorkers favor taxing the rich more as
opposed an obesity tax on non diet soft drinks?

If this poll result is accurate; it is exhibit A
why the Founding Fathers adopted a Republican
form of government rather than a pure Democracy.
They feared that the masses could not, or would
not, exercise sound judgment.

Tax the rich more and they leave the state.
Then, who is left to tax? To be the economic engine
of the state? The growing welfare constituency?

This poll result, if true, is further argument against
abolishing the electoral college.

A uninformed, irrational popular vote is a danger
to the survival of America.

Joe Sullivan

Whatever happened to the Monroe Doctrine?

U S to European powers (and now Asia, South Asia
and Radical Islamists):

A new Soviet missle crisis is unfolding while America worries
about the economic crisis, and Americans are at the mall
doing their Christmas shopping.

Venezuela's tin horn dictator Chavez, wants the U S
destroyed. So do the radical Islamists.

Iran is allying with Chavez. So, to Russia. Russian warships
capable of launching missles at US and Canadian cities
are in Latin American

Russia and Venezuela are suffering from the decline of
oil revenues and both are on the verge of collapse.
They are desperate.

But, beware, a beheaded rattlesnake still has the
venom to strike and kill you.

With all likelihood Iran and Russia, now allies, are setting
up similar missle capability in Venezuela.

China has the Panama Canal and is preparing to suck the
Gulf of Mexico offshore oil dry. Mexico and China have
become pals.

Meanwhile, our federal government is in transition...a very
dangerous time for us. Who is really in charge? Anybody?
What, if anything, is being done to counter what is
underway here?

Where are the likes of Washington, Adams, Jefferson
Monroe, Madison, John Paul Jones, Commodore Barry
Jackson, Black Jack Pershing, Patton and MacArthur
when we need them?

Joe Sullivan

Check out US Death Risk Map: Natural Disasters

Emergency/Disaster Preparedness.
Albany was lucky this time.
Next time?
No neighborhood churches, schools, synagogues
were available to provide shelter, heat, food, water
to those without power.

Maybe it has occurred to people that we are, in fact
on our own, and must save ourselves?

First line of defense is for individuals and households to
make sure they are as prepared as possible for whatever
happens next.

Then push your neighborhood churches, synagogues
and schools to get ready.

Imagine if the whole NE power grid is taken out in the
winter with a major snow or ice storm and subzero
temperatures , that the grid goes down with little prospect
that power will be restored for weeks or months.

You can bet your boots that this scenario is on the minds
of those who hate us and seek to destroy us.

Hunting season begins again. Beware of all those
armed individuals in camouflage.

Are they all our guys? Who are the hunters? Who or what
is their quarry? How safe are our power lines and plants
natural gas and reservoir and water lines?
Our transporation infrastructure?

The Governor's budget proposals.

(1) 30 percent increase in welfare benefits? Wrong
MOVE! Now is opportunity to wean lifers off welfare system.
A great time to reform the system. Limit one child on welfare.
No benefits for unwed teens. They must live with momma
who is responsible for them. No apartments of their own.
No free college tuition and other perks to reward bad behavior.

NO welfare benefits for illegal aliens.

Return to doling out surplus agricultural products, instead of
food stamps.

End foster parent scam where grandmommas gets paid for
"watching" children of their children.

End crazy money scam where the more damaged, unruly
children, an unwed mother has, the more she is rewarded.
(To the tune of $500 , an head monthly)

Do the math 6 x 500 is 3,000 dollars a month
over and above basic welfare allowance, HEAP
housing allowance and free medical care (medicaid)
food pantries, school breakfasts and lunches, etc, etc.

Doesn't anyone work for food here?

The entire welfare system needs overhaul, because
it only rewards , and promotes, bad behaviors that
society can no longer condone.

With the economic crisis, expect more people to be
applying for welfare and social service benefits.
What will this cost? Who will pay for it?

The STAR Program? Tread carefully here.

Homeowners must have real property tax relief.
In Albany, only about one-third of homes are owner
occupied. Most of those homes are occupied by seniors
who have no children in school, and who are on lower

Do not enact the phoney school property tax plan which
will allow school districts to raise taxes 4 to 7 percent

Real relief
must include: (1) abolition of city school districts, merging
them with city governments

(2) making city government officials responsible and
accountable for city schools.

(3) abolition of TWO competing property tax rolls; creating
ONE property tax roll.

(4) returning to K-8 neighborhood schools which are best
for kids, parents and neighborhoods. The Governor must
act on this because the state legislators lack the will and
courage to sponsor the legislation to achieve these real
educational reforms.

Camp McGregor. Don't close it. Convert it to a boot camp
boarding school for unruly hard cases from tri city urban schools.

Staff it with returning GI drill instructors. This will provide
needed male role models for boys who lack a fathers in their
households, and it will provide for a safe school environment
conducive to learning by those who want to learn.

Illegal Aliens. End the sanctuary status of NYC and NYS.
No jobs, no benefits of any kind to reward illegals. Our own
citizens will now be willing and able to take any kinds of jobs
just to survive in hard times.

Obesity tax on non diet soda? Come on Gov, why not cut
to the chase and enact a fat tax? Hurry, as food gets scarce
and people have to walk to school and work, the obesity problem
will disappear, and so will this source of revenue.

Caroline Kennedy for U S Senator from New York.

Appoint Caroline .

She has the heritage of her father and uncles Joe and Robert, to
uphold. New York and the Nation owe her the opportunity to
sound JFK's call: "Ask not what your country can do for you;
ask what you can do for your country".

Andrew Cuomo is doing just fine as Attorney General. New York
needs him there. He has more clout here than he would being a
freshman senator in the back of the chamber.

Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


White Death Returns. Road salt season has begun. Main roads
like New Scotland Ave, Buckingham Dr, Krum Kill Rd-Bender La
once again have had excessive amounts of road salt dumped on
them. The powdery residue was whipped about by high winds

However, Berkshire Blv and side streets tributary to Buckingham
Pond Park are relatively free of excessive road salt residue. May
be the City is saving money ? Smart move.

Cutting back dramatically on the amount of road salt dumped on
local streets has more benefits, in addition to saving money for the
City and taxpayers. Less salt, does less damage to road surfaces
building exteriors, street trees , as well as to our expensive tires
and vehicles. Less road salt means cleaner air and less respiratory
distress and other health problems resulting from the road salt
laden smog that hangs over Albany in winter and early spring.

The State could save tons of money by dumping less road salt on
state roads. Exhibit A are the perimeter roads around the Harriman

The same goes for parkings lots of local medical facilities and

Sand is a viable, less harmful alternative. Of course, drivers must
wise up and slow down when snow and ice conditions exist. Also
when heavy rains inundate local streets.

Neighborhood News. This website replaces the door to door
delivery of newsletters that occurred during the past 20 years of
this Association. Pass the word to your neighbors. If they do not
have computers, print them copies of relevant on-line entries from
this website, or verbally relay information by phone.

Neighborhood Watch. All residents are part of our neighborhood
watch. Keep an eye on what goes on day and night on your block
and neighborhood streets. Stonehenge apartment dwellers and
homeowners around the perimeter of Buckingham Pond Park can
keep watch over the park.

Dog walkers, strollers, joggers and drivers should have their cell
phones, with them, at all times, to make police, emergency or
fire calls. (911) Have cell phones set to following numbers.

Call the Albany Police Center Station 458 5660 when necessary.
As a courtesy let me know also, by phone: 438 5230.

The state anti-terror hotline number is:
1 866 SAFE NYS (723 3697)

Buckingham Pond Park The tree that was knocked down and
pushed to the side of the Milner Ave path has been removed.

Walking around the pond, tonight, the lights reflected off the
newly formed ice. It was possible to see the outlines of
numerous small deltas formed by shoreline erosion and
slumping along the Northern and eastern shores of the pond.
Notice that the guard rails are leaning toward the pond. This
is further evidence of soil creep and slumping that is taking


Thursday, December 4, 2008


The campaigns are over. Congratulations to the winners.
They have a solemn responsibility to put America before
party when governing. Our fate is in their hands.

My sincere thanks to those who helped me qualify for
the ballot as a candidate for Congress 21st District, and
to those who voted for me.

Those votes were, in fact, not for me, but, what I stood
for. The record of my campaign will remain in the archives
of this blog. Future events will bear testimony that I was
on the right track with my campaign priorities and positions.

Review my positions on the role of the next president,
national security, emergency/disaster preparedness
restoring the Erie Canal-Hudson River waterway and
rebuilding our railroad infrastructure, scrapping plans to
dredge Hudson River PCB's, reallocating those funds to
restoring/improving the aging water/sewer systems of
Albany, Troy and other local communities, and restablishing
the Watervliet arsenal's role as a major weapons manufacturer.

As the late, great Tip O'Neill once said: "all politics are local".
So, it is with survival and emergency/disaster preparedness
in a time of renewed Islamic Jihadism.

The Albany City elections of 2009 will be vital to our survival
to local emergency/disaster preparedness, to personal and
neighborhood security, to property taxes, to neighborhood
schools and to the maintenance/improvement of our
neighborhood and city quality of life.

This site will focus on City issues in 2009, but from time to
time, will comment on state and national conditions/events
when necessary.

Check it out, along with our neighborhood site, from time
to time.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4 Polls open 6 am - 9 pm

WRITE-IN (PRINT) JOSEPH P SULLIVAN for Congress 21st District

HOW? Read October 21st statement (below) and click on link which explains how.

WHY? Read the October 21st statement, scroll down and read my responses to the TU voters guide and compare those to the responses of
Paul Tonko and Jim Buhrmaster in the TU Voter Guide for Nov 4.

Compare our responses to the Spotlight Newspapers voter guide for the
September 9 primaries. (Click on link)

Scroll to earler posts , listen to and compare our radio interviews with
Bob Cudmore (click on link)

Compare the websites of Tonko and Buhrmaster with my mine. I trust
you will conclude that I offer more substantive, precise stands on issues
vital to our mutual and national survival.

If you concur, write in (print) JOSEPH P SULLIVAN by lifting the
slide, either to the left, or above the column for Member of Congress(depending on which voting machine
is at your poll) and printing my name. Use a number 2 pencil because
pens tend to skip or not write when held horizontally. Bring a pencil
with you to the polls.

Write in voting puts you in charge. What could be more democratic?

Thank you.

Joseph P Sullivan


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Albany, New York
21 October 2008

To The Voters, 21st Congressional District,

We may be living through the last days of America. Our mutual
and national survival hinge on who we elect to the Presidency
Vice- Presidency and Congress on November 4.

Make the effort to become as fully , and accurately, informed as
possible before you cast your decisive votes.

The dust of the past party primary season has settled. We
know who the party nominees are. Beyond that we must sort
through all the rhetoric, hype and spin, in an effort to
determine which candidates offer the best hope for our survival
in a troubled world and troubled times.

We must look closely at the candidates to judge whether or not
they measure up to dealing effectively with the challenges we face.
Sadly, most contests for political office, come down to choosing
the divil you know, rather than the one you don't. One thing for
sure, this is no time for on the job training.

The economy has taken center stage in the closing weeks of
campaign 2008. However, national security remains the priority
issue and principle responsiblity of the next President
Vice President and Congress.

If we are not secure, the economy will collapse, civil disorder and
anarchy will follow, and America ,as we have known it, will cease
to exist.

Our enemies are circling us like sharks in the water. Radical
Jihadists have come to dwell amongst us, and are waiting to strike.
We have failed to secure our borders, ports and nation.

Iran is continuing to acquire nuclear weapons and is poised to
take over the Mid East oil fields when, and if, the U S military and
naval forces withdraw. The U S can not withdraw so long as
imported oil is the lifeblood of our economy. Russia is holding
Europe hostage to oil and natural gas, while building air defense
capability for Iran.

Russia and Iran have allied with Chavez of Venezuela and have
the ability to place conventional missles there, that can reach
any city in the U S and Canada

For the past weeks, since the September 9 primary, I have spent
most of my time working in the garden, walking Mick and Paddy,
observing the change from summer to fall, and reflecting on life.
Change happens and we adapt to survive.

All the while, I have kept an eye on what the party nominees for
Congress in the 21st Congressional District have done or not done
said or not said.

I analyzed the primary results. Paul Tonko won the five way
Democratic Primary with 38 percent of the vote. About 24 per
cent of eligible Democrats voted. 76 percent did not.

Congressional Quarterly rates the 21st District as a safe
Democratic seat because of the party enrolment edge.
CQ notes that 21st District Democrats are largely
conservative. There are 174,000 Democrats in the
21st Congressional District.

However, there are more than 400,000 voters in the 21st
Congressional District who are eligible to vote in the
November 4 General Election.

Paul Tonko, the Democratic Party nominee, has ,thus far
gotten 9 percent of that eligible district vote. Paul has not
changed his tune on any issues since the primary. Look at his
website . Do you agree with his issue priorities and stands?

It is obvious that Paul is the candidate of special interests
and party partisans; that he is coasting toward a November 4
win based on keeping a low profile and relying on a Democratic
Partyline vote .

The circumstances and challenges we face call for putting
America first before political party on November 4.

Therefore, I make myself available as a write in candidate for
Congress 21st District, thereby giving all 400,000 plus 21st
District voters an alternative candidate to vote for.

All that is necessary, is for each of you to study the 3 years of
postings on my
compare it with the websites of Paul Tonko and Jim Buhrmaster
for Congress, in terms of priorities and stands on issues, and
cast your votes.

Casting a write in vote is easy.
See: . When you go to your
polling place, study the posted election ballot and instructions.
If you need assistance, ask the election inspectors to show you how
to do a write in vote. Fear not, this is America, still, the election
inspectors are there, not to represent parties, but to insure fair

Be sure to take a number 2 pencil to the poll, and to make sure
that you lift the slide and write in (print) my name
.... JOSEPH P SULLIVAN... in the
correct column for Congress. NOTE: some polls have Shoup
voting machines with vertical columns, like the City of Albany.
The write in slots are to the left side of the machine. Other polls
have AVM voting machines, where the write
in slots are at the top .

Absentee and Military ballots provide for write in votes also.

When you write in my name, you are sending a message that you
support the positions I have taken on the priority issues in
campaign 2008.

We win when we help to shape the thoughts , outlooks and
actions of those who purport to represent us in government.

Thank you.

Joseph P. Sullivan

Friday, October 10, 2008



My entire AOL Journal (2005-2008) has been imported to this site
where it archived.

Watch this site for future postings regarding local, state and
national politics, as well as Albany City and County.

Monday, September 15, 2008


                 Red Paddy      Joe      Spotted Mick

Thank you to the volunteers, voters, State Board of Elections, forum organizers and media.

Our man, Joe, did and said what he had to. Future events will bear out that he was right on the mark with his campaign priorities. The postings on this journal site will remain as testament of that.

Joe served his country well in the U S Navy, and would have done so, again, in Congress.

We encounter many crossroads in our journey along the road of life. This was one. For Joe, and us, the road has grown shorter, the crossroads fewer.

All turned out for the best. Joe won't be away in Washington, tilting at windmills; he will be here at home with us. We are delighted!

                                              Paddy and Mick Sullivan




Joseph Sullivan, D-Albany
”Our survival is on the line in the 2008 election.  Who we elect as President, Vice-President and to Congress, will determine our fate. September 11 changed our lives forever; nothing will be the same evermore,” Sullivan said. “Homeland security, emergency/disaster preparedness and maintaining a steady flow of oil, the lifeblood of our economy and way of life, while we adapt to a world where oil will be scarce and expensive, are the priorities. So long as we depend on imported oil our military forces must remain, on station, in the world’s oil producing regions. The troops are not coming home.”

Describing himself as a conservative Democrat, Sullivan, 71, is no stranger to politics after being active during the days of former Democratic Gov. Hugh Carey and former longtime Democratic boss Daniel O’Connell.

Sullivan switched to the Republican Party, even chairing the Albany City Republicans, before recently returning to his Democratic beginnings.

A Navy veteran, Sullivan said national security and continuing the flow of oil that greases the American economy are his main priorities.  Without those two things, Sullivan contends, “none of the rest of it matters.”

On McNulty’s, Sullivan said, “Congressman McNulty’s lasting legacy will be his pro-life stance.” 

His one criticism: “In contrast to Mike, I am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment right of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.”

Often outspoken, he has vowed to run his campaign for Congress, not cash, saying he’s “not going to pay a lot” for McNulty’s old seat.

“I am a veteran, senior citizen and the oldest of the candidates with a clear understanding of the significance of this election to our survival as a nation, and what we must do to survive. My priorities are clearly stated, my platform and issue positions are explicit,” said Sullivan.  “I have not raised or spent any money. No politicians, unions or special interests have endorsed me. I will be beholden only to the voters who elect me. If the voters want substance, straight talk, independence, a clear view of what we face and what we must do, campaign reform and term limit — I am their man.”

•Priorities: War on terrorism; energy; economy; health care; campaign finance reform
•Congress: F
•President: John McCain
•Religion: Catholic
•Campaign workers: 12
•Need experience to run: Yes
•Salary: $14,724  (listed “Social Security”)
Campaign Web site:


- Choose - Tracey Brooks (D) Darius Shahinfar (D) Phillip G. Steck (D) Joseph Sullivan (D) Paul Tonko (D)
- Choose - Tracey Brooks (D) Darius Shahinfar (D) Phillip G. Steck (D) Joseph Sullivan (D) Paul Tonko (D)
  1. Biographical Information
    Marital Status: Married. Wife: Margaret.
    Family: 4 adult children. 5 grandchildren
    City/Town: Albany
    Birthplace: USA
    Experience: 40+ years experience including college/university Geography teaching, local and state political participation, local coordinator for presidential campaigns of Ted Kennedy and Jerry Brown.
    Community Involvement: President, Buckingham Pond/Crestwood Neighborhood Association, 1985 to present. Leadership in maintaining/improving neighborhood residential integrity and life quality including defeat of a big box store proposal for Krum Kill Rd at New Scotland Ave, defeat of a luxury housing proposal for Albany Municipal golf course, creation of Buckingham Pond Park, and setting aside a number of number of neighborhood green spaces and the Hartman Rd community garden site.
  2. What, if anything, should the legislative branch do to change the course of the U.S. involvement in Iraq?
    Joseph Sullivan: Recognize that so long as imported oil is the lifeblood of our economy and way of life, the U.S. must maintain a military, naval and air presence in world oil producing regions. We owe it to our brave fallen and wounded military personnel, to prevail. The U.S. cannot abandon the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel to Iran, Al Qaida, the Taliban and Hezbollah. Iran must be brought to heel. Stop supplying weapons and training that is resulting in U S military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran must not be permitted to acquire nuclear weapons because Iran has sworn to destroy Israel and the U S. We can not allow Iran to strike first.

    Pakistan must cooperate with the U S to deprive the Taliban of a sanctuary in the NW Territory of Pakistan.

    Our priority should be training Iraqis and Afghans to secure, defend and stabilize their countries and be our allies in the War in Terror and prevent the takeover of Middle East oil by Iran or other hostile foreign powers.
  3. What can the government do to alleviate the rising cost of health care while making care available to the millions of Americans who are uninsured?
    Joseph Sullivan: Homeland Security and Emergency/Disaster preparedness are top priorities. If we are not safe none of the other issues will matter. Government can't save us, we must prepare to save ourselves.

    Contrary to the other 4 Democrats in the 21st Congressional District, September 9 Primary, I do not support HR676 which would extend medicare to cover all Americans, or any similar proposal for establishment of a single payor system of universal health care, because existing choices in medical care would be eliminated, because huge tax increases would be required, and because those huge tax increases would fall most heavily on an already overburdened middle class.

    One might ask, why not extend the far better medicaid program, to all Americans? The answer is taxpayers can not afford to.

    Americans, including the poor, have to assume more personal responsibility for their own health and health care. This includes healthy diets and lifestyles; becoming better informed medically.
  4. What specific proposals would you support to lessen the nation's dependence on foreign oil?
    Joseph Sullivan: In the short run, reduce fuel taxes, promote conservation, require auto manufacturers to produce vehicles that get 50 mpg or better, now; keep our strategic oil reserves full and drill for oil wherever it is to found, including offshore and the Arctic, provided it is done in a way to minimize adverse environmental impacts.

    Corn to produce ethanol has must end ,because this is the cause of increased prices American consumers are paying at grocery stores. Farm land must not be depleted to fuel our vehicles. Farm land is to be conserved for food production for domestic and export markets.

    For the long haul, we must develop alternative energy sources and adapt our way of life to survive in a world where oil will be scarce and expensive. Use our vast coal reserves and develop other energy forms including, solar, water and wind power.Rebuild railroad, canal waterway and port infrastructure to move freight, cargo and passengers. Renew the Erie Canal/Hudson River waterway.
  5. What can be done in Congress to benefit the economy of upstate New York?
    Joseph Sullivan: As Member Congress from the 21st District, I will provide leadership promoting adaptation to a world where oil is scarce and expensive. Renewal of the Erie Canal/Hudson River waterway to move freight and passengers.Railroad expansion, including light rail to link cities with suburbs and rural areas.

    Scrap plans to dredge Hudson River PCB's. Reallocate the money to improve the aging water/sewer infrastructure of Albany, Cohoes, Watervliet, Toy, Rensselaer, Waterford, Schenectady, Amsterdam, Johnstown-Gloversville, Canajoharie, Ft Plain and other 21st District communities.

    Redevelop the Watervliet Arsenal as a major weapons manufacturing facility. End outsourcing weapons manufacturing to our enemies overseas.

    Promote expansion of local agriculture and food processing plants to provide food for the local and domestic markets, as well as for export, to help correct our balance of trade.

  6. Do you support passage of a federal shield law for journalists?
    Joseph Sullivan: No. The First Amendment suffices. A law that defines and protects journalists as a special class, above and beyond the protections afforded all citizens, is not in the best interests of freedom of the press and free speech.

    Journalist and the media have become mouthpieces for politicians and political parties. Enactment of a federal shield law would only make this situation worse.

    Furthermore, we are a nation in grave danger from within and without. National security and survival of America must take precedence over special treatment of journalists, in particular those who are blinded to the dangers we face because of progressive (leftist) politically correct mindsets.

    The media should be leading the way toward campaign reform by (1) publicizing candidate web sites and (2) providing candidates equal time/space to present their positions on priority issues. Questionnaires like this are ok. Candidate comparative issue position charts based on web sites would be better.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008



Monday, September 1, 2008


Excellent! Compare candidates on selected issues  
September 9 Democratic Primary:

TU Letter To Editor
All candidates deserve equal media coverage

First published: Monday, September 1, 2008

In her recent column "Equal coverage doesn't make sense," Charlotte Grimes outlines the subjective process whereby journalists decide the amount of coverage given to campaigns and individual candidates. Grimes arrogantly declares "journalists cannot — and should not — give equal coverage to all candidates."

To the contrary, all candidates who have qualified for the ballot, and who have a message, deserve equal media coverage. With regard to the print media, that coverage need not consist of more than publishing the Web site addresses of the candidates and, for the benefit ofthose voters who do not have computer access, publishing a simple chart that compares the candidates' positions on issues central to their campaigns.

The Democratic primary for the 21st Congressional District is an unusual five-way contest, where there is no incumbent. It deserves closer media scrutiny and coverage. This will result in a larger primary turnout of better-informed voters.

Campaign reform can be achieved by candidates taking clear positions on issues, by the media reporting where the candidates stand, and by the voters making the effort to become more fully involved before they vote in the Sept. 9 primary.

Joseph P. Sullivan


The writer is a candidate in the Democratic primary in the 21st Congressional District.

TU ARTICLE 21st Congressional District

Read Times Union 9/1/08 article re: candidates 21st Congressional District:

RADIO INTERVIEWS 21st Congressional District Candidates

Subj: WVTL candidate interviews on Gazette Web site 
Date: 8/29/2008 2:10:17 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

WVTL Congressional candidate interviews online at

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AM 1570 WVTL ( ) interviews with all seven candidates for Congress in the 21st district are now online on the Web site of the Daily Gazette newspaper.


The individual ten-minute phone interviews done by WVTL morning host and Daily Gazette history columnist Bob Cudmore can be accessed at—


There is a five-way race in the Democratic primary and a two-way race in the Republican primary.  The primary election is Tuesday, September 9.


The Democratic candidates are Tracey Brooks, Darius Shahinfar, Phil Steck, Joe Sullivan and Paul Tonko.


The Republican candidates are  Jim Buhrmaster and Steve Vasquez.


The Congressional seat is being vacated by incumbent Democrat Mike McNulty of Green Island. 

WVTL is based in Amsterdam and is part of the Roser Communications Network.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008


10 AUG 08
Contact: JPS 438 5230
Joseph P Sullivan , of Albany, Democratic candidate for Congress
21st District, went to the  Islamic Center of the Capital District
Mosque, Colonie, to meet with local Muslims,  Saturday evening.
Media coverage of the event was non-existent, or superficial.
Why? Hey, it was Saturday evening. Furthermore, the media is
not serious about campaign reform. Campaign coverage is
driven by cash. Candidates must pay to play. No cash no
So, what happened at the Mosque?
Turnout was good.  Dr. Husain and the organizers of the forum
were hospitable and fair, although a number of the audience
were not.
All the Democratic candidates for the 21st  Congressional District
were present. Brooks, Darius, Tonko and Steck  pandered and
groveled to the audience, Demoguy (Joe Sullivan) did not,.
Some in the audience complained of not feeling accepted in
An Imam, complained of racial profiling of Muslims at airports
and in other circumstances. He called  upon the 5 Democrats to
pledge, if elected, to end racial profiling. Darius immediately
Jumped to his feet and took the pledge. Brooks, Tonko and Steck
nodded their agreement.  Demoguy (Sullivan) refused.
Sullivan was called "Redneck" by a number of the audience.
Redneck was a slur used to disparage poor southern whites
of Irish and Scots-Irish origins. Sullivan said: Thank God for
Rednecks who fight and die for America.
Sullivan made the following points:
 * People profile themselves by their behavior.  When Muslims
   do not speak out and condemn  terrorism and terrorist behavior
   their silence is interpreted as condoning that behavior.
* The  Muslims did not have an American flag and did not recite
   the Pledge of Allegiance at the forum. Some in the audience
   argued that the Mosque is a religious place that need not
  display a flag. Sullivan replied that the Mosque is in America
  and this was a political forum for candidates for the Congress
  of the United States of America.
* As the call to evening prayers began, Sullivan made the closing
  comments saying:  I detected much hostility and anger among the
  audience tonight.  Welcome to America. Do not be part of the part of the solution.  Love America.
  As you go to your evening prayers...pray for yourselves, pray
  for us candidates, and pray for America.
  Dear voter, recipient(s) of this message
  As you read and reflect on this, pass this report along to others
  and invite them to do the same.
  We can save America and ourselves. We can take back our
  government, from special interest/cash domination, and
  we can once again have the America handed to us by the
  Founding Fathers, and paid for in blood and limb, by our
  noble veterans.
  YES, WE CAN!  The Primary is September 9. Noon to 9 pm. Be there!
                                ****** PASS THIS ALONG *********

Friday, August 8, 2008


8 AUG 08
Contact: JPS 438 5230
                                         MEDIA ADVISORY
  DEMOGUY , Joseph P Sullivan, Democrat for Congress
                                                          21st District, NY
        has accepted an invitation to appear at a local Mosque
        When?   5 PM    Saturday    9 August
        Where?  The Islamic Center of the Capital District (ICCD)
                                       21 N Lansing Drive, Colonie
This may be one of the defining moments of the contest for the
21st District.
The central themes of Sullivan's campaign will take center stage:
                      * Homeland (National ) Security
                          including the War on Terror,
                          Iraq/Afghanistan, Securing
                          our borders/ports, and  
                          dealing with illegal immigration.
                       * Emergency/Disaster Preparedness
                          Government can't save us, we
                          must prepare to save ourselves.
                           Sullivan is a firm supporter of
                           the Second Amendment to the
                           U S Constitution)
            * OIL . Oil is the lifeblood of our economy and way of life.
               Maintaining  a steady flow of affordably priced oil is key
               to our survival.
               As long as the U S depends on imported oil, we must
               a military/naval presence, on station, in the oil producing
               regions of the world.
               The troops are not coming home. Get over it!
        Demoguy (Sullivan) biographical note:
        Sullivan is an American, a Catholic, and a Democrat. He is of
        Euro- (White) Nordic stock.
        English is his first and only language.
        Sullivan is a firm supporter of the Second Amendment right
        of law abiding Americans to keep and bear arms.
         Sullivan served America in his youth, as a sailor in the
         U S Navy.
         Sullivan will serve America, again, as Congressman from
         the 21st District NY, if elected.
         On a personal note: Sullivan has a profound appreciation
         for fine dogs
         (Australian Shepherds, in particular),  potatoes, buttermilk,
          a fine cup of  tea, Tullamore Dew (Irish whiskey) ,stout
          porter, ale and beer, Irish, country  and blue grass music.
           You get what you see with Demoguy ...Albany's new Hero.
           See: Metroland   7 Aug 08 issue
           An historical note: The Late, Great Dan O'Connell,
           of Albany, and his people were Republicans, before
           becoming Democrats.



Wednesday, August 6, 2008




TB is a well heeled broken record.   Is it necessary for Capitol Confidential to parrot her junk mailers
and mindless tv/ radio spots which are everywhere?  Is CC getting a commission? This is news???
                                                                            Joe Sullivan
                                                                            Democrat for Congress
                                                                            21st District, NY     


21st Congressional candidate Democrat Tracey Brooks says she’s releasing her second television commercial, which is now posted on You Tube. It includes the same talking points as her mailers and radio spots - access to health care, a woman’s right to choose, equal pay and ending the Iraq war. Mentioning  “standing up to George Bush” is also featured.

Source: TU Capitol Confidential Bog


Source: DIA Website
21st CD: Health care policies

By albany layman, Section Diaries
Posted on Tue Aug 05, 2008 at 08:23:02 PM EST

Some time ago, I did a post about the health care policies of the Dem candidates for Congress in NY's 21st district.  The slate of candidates has changed since that previous post.  Now that the candidates are presumably set for the primary on September 9, it might be useful to revisit the candidates' policies, according to each one's web site.

As you'll see, the content varies from web site to web site.  Some are very specific, some less so.  Take a look:


I will go to Washington to fight for guaranteed health care coverage for all and support bills like H.R. 676 [link for H.R. 676 - A.L.] that accomplish that goal.


I have fought for better health facilities and more funding of health programs in the Capital Region for our seniors and children. In Washington, I will work to ensure that every American has access to the same kind of quality, affordable health care that taxpayers pay for members of Congress.

New Solutions: We must begin to think outside of conventional health care solutions to solve AmericaŹ¼s health care crisis. I support an approach that would guarantee affordable health coverage for every American. As we strive towards that goal, we should also look at immediate interim steps such as a choice of private or public plans that cover all necessary medical services, paid for by employers and individuals on a sliding scale, that will ensure and expedite health care coverage for every American.

Children's Care: As a member of Congress, I will call for an expansion of children's health care. This would also cover parents who earn too much to opt out of Medicaid but too little to afford private health care. Our children need health care and I will work to keep them healthy and safe.


[...] It's also time for America's taxpayers to get something for our money other than paying interest to foreign nations. Instead of paying that interest, Darius believes we can find new ways to fund health care, invest in our schools and cut our property taxes to the bone.

[...] Darius will also make good on the healthcare and services our seniors have been promised in their golden years. No one should ever have to choose between filling their prescription bottles and heating their home.



The current insurance system is fragmented into a patchwork quilt of inefficient governmental and private insurance plans. Oftentimes, the only way for private health insurers to increase profits, and for government to cut costs, is to deny legitimate claims by patients for coverage and legitimate claims by doctors for payment. Single payer health insurance will end this travesty.


In Congress, H.R. 676 [link for H.R. 676 - A.L.], a bill to enact a single-payer health system, has been introduced and sponsored by 90 members of the House of Representatives. Locally, Phil introduced a resolution in support of single-payer health insurance which passed in the Albany County Legislature. Albany County is also a self-insurer for health insurance, which saves the taxpayers money. Unfortunately, 90% of the County share of the property tax goes to Medicaid. This will no longer be necessary if the single-payer system is adopted.


Medicare is a single-payer system but only the elderly are allowed to be members. Medicare is highly efficient. It spends only 3 cents of every dollar on administration and 97 cents on health care, compared to HMOs, which spend 40 cents of every dollar on administration. Medicare, however, needs to be reformed to open it up to more people and to eliminate Bush administration efforts to privatize portions of the system..



Maintain U S military, naval, air presence in  Iraq, Afghanistan . Necessary to keep Iran from taking control of Mid East oil fields.

Bringing troops home now would create a vacuum for Iran to take over Mid East oil fields. Oil would become many more times expensive, scarce or unavailable to Americans. Our economy and way of life would crash.

Increase the size and capabilities of our army, navy, marines, airforce and coast guard, so that we may deter China, Russia and others who pose real threats to our security and survival.

Immediately secure U S borders and ports.


Sponsored legislation to create single-payer universal health care in 1992

Authored "Timothy's Law" mandating insurance coverage for mental health

Believes health care is a right, not a privilege

Firmly Pro-Choice

< Ludacris' Obama Rap calling Hillary a "B"


Read Spotlight newspapers article re: 21st CD candidate views on Resolution dealing with Iran.

Monday, August 4, 2008


4 Aug 08
Contact: JPS 438 5230
                         SULLIVAN: OBAMA'S CONSUMER OIL REBATE
Joseph P Sullivan, of Albany, Democratic candidate for Congress, 21st District, said , today, that Democratic Presidential candidate Obama's plan for the federal
government to provide voters with a $1,000 home heating subsidy, this coming winter heating season,  and to finance that  subsidy by a windfall profits tax on oil company profits, is not the answer.
Oil companies would  simply pass along the tax to consumers in the form of higher
home heating oil prices. Furthermore, by the time a new President and Congress get seated and organized, winter will be over. Obama's proposal does not address the other major source of home heating- natural gas. Regardless, the same result would occur: natural gas utilities would simply pass along any tax to consumers in the form of still higher prices.
So, what is the solution?  We are on our own and can not rely on government to save us!  Here are a few ideas to save heating costs and survive winter cold:
(1) Homeowners should prepare for winter now, and figure out how they will pay for higher home heating fuel costs. Conservation is a big part of that endeavor.
 (2) urban school districts should immediately return to K-8 neighborhood schools to eliminate fuel costs associated with bussing. Those funds should be reallocated to pay for costs of heating school buildings.
 (3) Schools and religious institutions, should prepare to serve as warm shelters for those who find themselves unable to afford escalating home heating costs.
(4) Government heat subsidy programs , such as HEAP, should be amended to require recipients to practice conservation measures, and thermostats be set with
regulated daytime/nightime settings.  Any recipients who fail to comply with conservation measures, and who persist in leaving windows and doors wide open while the heat is on, would loose their heat subsidy.
(5) Thermostats should be set at lower temperatures in all government buildings,
schools, religious institutions, work places and all public buildings.
(6) Break out the woolies and extra blankets.
In short, plan ahead, or pay (more) later.
                                                                                            J P Sullivan