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Friday, November 20, 2009


The Obama Administration is dead set on
trying KSM and other 9-11 co-conspirators
in NYC.

This move is foolhardy in so may ways. Most
importantly it puts New York City as a bigger
target of Jihadists.

Iran is hard at work building it's nuclear
weapons capacity. It is not unreasonable to
assume that building suitcase dirty bombs
is on their agenda.

Just as Iran is furnishing weapons to the
Jihadists to kill and maim our troops in
Iraq and Afghanistan, we can anticipate
that Iran will supply Jihadists with
suitcase dirty bombs for use in attacks
on major American cities, and other
facilities, in the not too distant future.

With the failure of our government to
secure our nation's borders and ports
all Americans are at grave risk.

When New York City is at risk, so are
the suburbs and Upstate.

The current budget problems of New
York pale in significance to the prospects
for complete economic and social chaos
that will follow an attack on NYC by
Jihadists using nuclear or biochemical
weapons of mass destruction.

Albany, the State Capitol, is a symbolic
soft target for Jihadists. So are the New
York State power grid and the NYC water
supply, among others.

This noon, Mayor Jenings is hosting a
500 dollar a plate lunchoen for Attorney
General Cuomo at the FT Orange Club.
Will the menu include chicken?

According to the polls, Andrew has a
huge lead in a race for Governor in 2010.
It has been reported that President Obama
is supportive of a Cuomo gurbernatorial run.

Andrew has done an outstanding job as
Attorney General of New York.

He has been a critic of the public safety
hazard of theIndian Point nuclear facility
which sits astride geologic fault lines.
24 million people live in the shadow of
Indian Point. Andrew has advocated closing
it down.

The silence of our aggressive public defender
regarding the Obama Administration's
decision to try the 9-11 Jihadists in NYC is

Whether he runs for re-election as AG or
runs for Governor in 2010, Andrew has
an obligation to take a stand on the Obama
Administration's move to try enemy
combatants in civil court in NYC because
of the public safety risk to New York
all New Yorkers, our economy and our
way of life. It also, puts our entire nation
at greater risk.

As AG, Andrew has the ability to take
legal action to block holding 9-11
Jihadists civil trials in NYC. Will he?

Crossing swords with Obama poses a
political risk to Andrew, but in the final
analysis, if Andrew puts the safety and future
of New York, and all New Yorkers, above
party politics, Andrew will be the winner
and we will be safer.

Andrew will have a clear political road
to reelction as AG, or the governorship
and, yes, even the Presidency of the
United States.

Joe Sullivan

Monday, November 16, 2009


Holding civil trials for 9-11 Jihadists in New
York City puts the city, suburbs, state and
all New Yorkers at unnecessary risk.

New York is marked for terror attacks by
the Jihadists. Putting 9-11 Jihadists on
civil trial in NYC only invites the mother
of all terror attacks.

New York City has suffered two terror
attacks by Jihadists. A third terror strike
could be fatal.

AG Holder claims responsibility for the
decision to try the Jihadists in civil court
in NYC, but the ultimate responsibilty rests
with President Obama.

Governor Paterson is to be commended
for speaking out against this foolhardy
decision by Obama, et al. But, much
more is required.

Immediate legal action is required to block
civil trials for Jihadists in New York City.

1. The Governor, Two U.S. Senators,
the entire State Congressional Delegation
and State Legislature should join in legal
action seeking a Court Order to block the
NYC Jihadist civil trials on the grounds that
such trials place the city, suburbs, state and
all New Yorkers at undue risk for more and
worse terror attacks by Jihadists, whose goal
is our ultimate destruction.

Congress must act to save America.

1. U S Senators Schumer and Gillibrand
and the entire New York Congressional
Delegation should sponsor , and vigorously
lobby their congressional colleagues to
pass, without delay, legislation requiring
President Obama to keep Gitmo open, try
Jihadists as enemy combatants in military
tribunals, and not bring them to American
shores for incarceration and civil trials.

3. The New York Congressional Delegation
should initiate efforts to Impeach, and
remove from office, President Obama on
the grounds that by his behavior in office
these past 11 months, at home and abroad,
he has shown himself to be incompetent
and not fit to serve as Commander In Chief
and President of these United States.

New Yorkers, and all Americans, bear the
ultimate responsibility to send a "shout out"
that will be heard, and acted upon, by those
who purport to represent us.

Partisan politics must be put aside. Our
survival , that of our loved ones, our nation
and our way of life are on the line.

National Security is the paramount issue.
If we are not secure, there will be no economy
and no health care, no nothing.

Joe Sullivan