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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Being a community organizer, and
having no military experience, does not
prepare one to be Commander In Chief
or to develop a sound foreign policy.


Obama in his mad dash to fundamentally
(radically) transform America, may wind
up destroying America, before voters have
the chance to make a course correction by
electing a new Congress in 2010.

Obama is a disaster as President.

He should resign, or be impeached, now!

Joe Sullivan

June 8, 2010 is the first day for enrolled
Conservatives to sign my designating petition
to qualify for the Nov 2 ballot as the Conservative
Party candidate for Congress 21st District.

If you are an enrolled Conservative Party
Member residing in the Counties of Albany
Schenectady, Schoharie or Montgomery
or The Cities of Gloversville and Johnstown
and the Town of Johnstown, Fulton County
The Town of Waterford, Saratoga County
or The Cities of Troy and Rennselaer, or
Towns of North Greenbush, East Greenbush
or Schodack in Rennselaer County -

you are eligible to sign my designating petition
and/or witness signatures to that petition,

Notary Publics or Commissioners of Deeds
may also act as Witnesses.

Persons wishing to sign and/or witness
signatures to my Conservative Party
Designating petition for Congress 21st
District .................. contact me at
438 5230, from this date forward ,so
that I, another enrolled Conservative
or a Notary/Commissioner of Deeds may
obtain and Witness your signature(s)
between June 8 and 30, 2010.

Petitions are filed with the State Board
of Elections in July.

Once I have qualified as the Conservative
Party candidate for the November 2
General Election, any voter resident in
the 21st Congressional District may vote
for me for Congress.

When you vote for me, you are voting
for (1) a strong national defense
(2) securing our borders and ports
(3) restoring and upholding our
Constitutional form of government
which we inherited from the Founders
in particular, the First, Second and
Tenth Amendments
(5) reducing the size and power of
the federal government, and reducing
spending; extending the Bush Tax Cuts.
(6) opposition to increased taxes
including the proposed VAT Tax
(7) opposing President Obama's goal
of fundamentally (radically)
transforming America, including
-repeal of Obamacare
and opposition to:
- Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
- Cap and Trade.

I will not vote for Nancy Pelosi for
reelection as Speaker of the House.

I will vote to Impeach President Obama
in 2011 on the grounds that he has
violated his oath of office to uphold
the Constitution; and he has, by his
apologizing for America, bowing and
groveling to foreign leaders, appeasing
our enemies and unilaterally disarming
and failing to secure our national borders
and ports, put America, and all
Americans, at grave peril.

Joe Sullivan


The survival of America, and all Americans, are
on the line in the 2010 elections.

First, and foremost, I believe national security
is the priority issue.

As Commander In Chief, President Obama is
apologizing to the world, and bowing to foreign
leaders. He is disarming America, making us
more vulnerable to attack. He is appeasing our
enemies rather than seeking to maintain peace
and security from a postion of strength.

We are not safe because our federal government
has failed to secure our national borders and ports.

Tens of millions of illegal aliens have invaded our
nation. Among these invaders are drug dealers and
other criminal types, including gangbangers and
OTM's (other than Mexicans) including Al Qaida
operatives, and other terrorists, bent on our

Aside from threats posed to national security
and public safety; these tens of millions of illegal
aliens have placed an enormous economic burden
on American taxpayers in the form of education
medical, social service, law enforcement and
prison system costs.

In addition most are unskilled, uneducated
non- English speaking without any concern for
American culture, language and the rule of law.

Many millions that work, work off the books in
an underground economy, and pay no income

At a time of economic distress and high
unemployment ,the illegal aliens, that work
hold jobs that should be held by taxpaying
American citizens.

It is clear that President Obama, and his
allies in Congress, intend to consolidate their
political control by granting amnesty to the
tens of millions of illegal aliens, already here.
This, in turn, will result in tens of millions
more of their relatives entering the USA.

This is part of the grand scheme of team
Obama to fundamentally (radically)
transform America.

The behavior of Obama , and his
congressional allies has created a
Constitutional Crisis:


President Obama, and his allies in Congress
if left unchecked, will destroy America.

Obama should be impeached on the grounds
that he has violated his oath of office and that
his behavior as President and Commander In
Chief , places America at great risk. He is
circumventing the U.S. Constitution in his
quest to fundamentally (radically) transform

It is unlikely that the current House membership
has the courage, or the votes, to Impeach Obama.

Therefore, the 2010 elections present American
voters with the opportunity to vote out Obama
lackeys in Congress, including Paul Tonko in
CD21 and Scott Murphy in CD20, and restore
Constitutional government in America.

If the American voters fail to accomplish this
mission in 2010, they will have failed America
themselves, their children, grandchildren and
future generations.

Joe Sullivan

Conservative for
Congress CD21

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Joe Sullivan

Security is the priority issue. While we are
not safe, nothing else matters.

Secure our national borders and ports, now!

No amnesty for illegal aliens. No jobs or other
benefits for them. They will go back to their
places of origin voluntarily.

Deny federal aid to sanctuary cities who are
flaunting immigration law.

Require the U S Census determine citizenship
of each individual counted.

Require boards of elections to verify the
citizenship of all voters. The same for
school boards and school districts in
school budget votes.

Embargo any money being sent to Mexico
and any travel between the USA and Mexico
until the Mexican government puts and end
to drugs and illegal aliens entering the USA.

America's survival is on the line.

The fundamental obligation of Congress and
The President (Commander In Chief) is to
keep America, and all Americans, safe.
In other words: our national security.

This obligation must take precedence, now!

Joe Sullivan

Monday, April 26, 2010

N.Y. needs an uprising
all right?

This editorial appeared in the Times Union:

A coalition of reform groups which identifies
itself as "New York Uprising" wants to remove
the power to establish legislative districts from
the State Legislature to "an independent
nonpartisan commission." The editorial is in

"Taking the power to draw and manipulate
legislative districts away from self-interested
parties is one of the several critical steps
toward changing the political culture of new
York." opines the editorial.

Several other reforms are suggested, including
tougher campaign fundraising and spending
rules, public financing of campaigns and
legislators being required to disclose sources
of outside income.

At first glance, these appear to be reasonable
reforms of the political process worthy of

However, a number of questions need to be

1. Who are these "reform groups" who have
formed this coalition?

2. An independent, nonpartisan commission
in New York? Is this possible? Who would
appoint this commission. Who would serve
on the commission? How "independent"
would such a commission really be?

3. Is the taking the power of draw election
districts and redistricting away from the
State Legislature constitutional?

The editorial notes that all 4 known
gubernatorial candidates have committed
to veto any version of redistricting reform
that doesn't require sensibly drawn
competitive districts for all 212 Assembly
and Senate seats."

The editorial leaps to the bold forecast:
"Expect the next governor to demand the
legislature to surrender its control over
the redistricting process."

A governor who is a creature of the
political process in New York is unlikely
to make such a demand. The legislature
is not likely to comply.

The solution to dysfunctional governments
that are encroaching on the personal
liberties of the people is to be found in
the position advocated by former NYC
Mayor, Ed Koch:

"This year...brings the opportunity of a
political lifetime to elect a better

The key to electing a better legislature
lies with the voters, who must make the
effort to become informed and to cast
informed votes in the September party
primaries and November 2 General

The people we elect to public office
are a reflection of ourselves.

Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Correction. Paul Tonko is not unopposed.

I am the announced Conservative Party
candidate for Congress 21CD.

This is no ordinary election. The survival of
America and all Americans is on the line in


President Obama has stated, repeatedly, that his
goal is to fundamentally (radically) transform

Obamacare is a major step in that direction.
Obamcare is bad medicine.

Amnesty for illegal aliens, cap and trade
are soon to follow, if he has his way.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Paul Tonko
are part of this effort to radically transform

While the stakes are high in election 2010
the choice that voters have is very clear and

Those that support Obama, Pelosi and Tonko
in their quest to radically transform America,
can vote for Tonko November 2.

Those voters who do not support the Obama
goal to radically transform America can vote

for me.

I am old enough to remember the Great

Depression and World War Two.

When my father brought home the newspaper

I would eagerly scan the news to see where
Patton's Third Army was.

My jobs included growing a victory garden

and saving tin cans, and other metals ,for
the war effort.

That was a time when being at war meant

we did not pander, or bow, to our enemies.

Rationing was in effect. We flew our American
flags daily in honor of those who went to fight
our foes overseas.

My father signed me into the U S Navy at

the age of 17. My high school USAFI GED
diploma was earned while at sea. After the Navy
I earned a BS Degree, in Geography, at the
University of Wisconsin, on the Korean GI Bill.
Next, a Master's in Geography from the University
of Minnesota, on a National Fellowship.

In conclusion, incumbent Paul Tonko and me

are as different as night and day, in terms of our
origins, our life experiences, and our views of
America; past, present and future.

I really don't want to go to Washington DC, but

it is my duty to be a candidate, when the very
survival of America is on the line. I want my
grandchildren, and future generations, to
live in freedom, in the greatest country on

One term, maybe two, will be enough. I will
oppose Obama and his agenda, at every turn.
I will vote to Impeach Obama and I will vote against
Nancy Pelosi for reelection as Speaker of the House.

I support the U S Constitution, particularly the First
Second and Tenth Amendments.

I vigorously oppose the Obama agenda of radically
transforming America.

Go to my website for many more clear statements
of where I stand on the issues vital to our survival.

Thank you.

Joseph P Sullivan

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010


The Times Union had a timely piece about
the I-787 elevated highway maze in Albany.

Take it down before it falls down, or before
local al qaida operatives take it down, or
before an earthquake does the job.

Where will the money come from? Scrap
the Hudson River PCB program and divert
the half billion dollars toward replacing
the I-787 tangle, rebuilding and improving
the sewer systems of urban places downstream
from the PCB dredging site, renewing urban
waterfronts and building housing along the

Think creatively. Think jobs. Think Quincy
Market, Boston.

Think adding needed housing and increasing
the city population. People can live and work
in the city without commuting. This will be
especially attractive as gas goes to five dollars
or more a gallon, and eventually can not be
obtained at any price.

Instead of high speed rail, think interurban
light rail (including return of trolleys) and
restoration of regular Hudson River liners
connecting Albany with NYC and points
in between.

Of course you need a Congressman who
will propose and act on these initiatives.

I have and will.

Joe Sullivan

for CD 21

President Obama has thrown Israel under
the bus.

Jonathan Tobin has challenged pro-Israel
Democrats, asking if their partisan loyalties
transcend their support of Israel?

This morning on the Fred Dicker program
(1300 AM radio), Siena pollster, Steve Greenberg
announced the results of a Siena poll regarding
the Tea Party Movement. Greenberg said that
young people, women and Jewish voters (most
of whom are Democrats) do not look favorably
upon or support the Tea Party Movement.

If that be the case, one must ask - do young
people, women and Jewish voters, who are
Democrats, put partisan loyalties before their
loyalty and support of America?

Do these partisan loyalists understand that
the survival of America, and that of all Americans
including themselves, are on the line in the
2010 elections?

Indeed - a time for a reality check!

Time to put America before party!

Joe Sullivan

Saturday, April 17, 2010


YNN has been running an old story all day
today (Whistle stop tour promotes high speed rail).

The headline ought to read (YNN promotes
reelection of incumbent congressman)

This is not news. To call it a "Top Story" is absurd.

YNN must be more objective and do some
investigative based reporting before airing
such shallow incumbent promos.

Consider this high speed rail report from the
Boston Globe:

Will other local stations jump aboard this
reelection express?

The 10 and 11 pm news, tonight, and reruns
tommorrow, (Sunday) will tell the tale.

YNN continued to run this "top story" Sunday.

Joe Sullivan

Friday, April 16, 2010


I had the honor to address the assembled
patriots. A tremendous crowd!

Deb Busch, candidate for the 104 AD
gave a terrific speech.

The crowd exceeded the turnout for
the Tea Party Express in Albany Tuesday.


Thank you Mimi, Mark and all.


Joe Sullivan

Conservative Candidate
for Congress, 21st District


Joe Sullivan
April 16 edition of
Conservative Party
Blog is excellent


Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Rasmussen reports that 58 percent of
Americans are in favor of repeal of

Repeal Obamacare by repealing the
incumbent Democrats who voted for
That means Tonko (CD21) and
Murphy (CD20) Vote both out, Nov 2.

Joe Sullivan


The Albany City School Board unamiously

approved a proposed school budget that
contains a nearly 4 percent property tax
increase for 2010-2011.

Intolerant Act! Intolerable Actors!

Senior Citizens are getting no COLA'S for
2 years. The Governor wants to deny
state workers a 4 percent pay raised
which he agreed to in a contract. Many
people are out of work.

Nothing less than a zero school property tax
increase is acceptable in these difficult
economic times.

Especially when the school district has
a 50 percent graduation rate and a track
record of waste:

Have voters forgotten this report?

The Common Council and State Legislators
who purport to represent Albany residents
are avoiding what must be done to square
away city schools:

Consolidate the city schools with city government
establish one property tax role, return to a
K-8 neighborhood school system, and make
the mayor and common council responsible
and accountable for the performance of city

The Common Council is all Democrat. No
Home Rule request to the state legislature
to make the above changes to state law
are forthcoming. Yet the Council passes
resolutions to make Albany a sanctuary city
for terrorists and resolutions calling for
legal rights for radicals who want to kill us.

Intolerant Acts! Intolerable Actors!

The state legislators, purporting to represent
us are all incumbent Democrats. There is
not a real leader, looking out for us, among
the whole lot. They have done zero to make
property tax relief for Albany homeowners
and small businesses a reality.

Intolerable Actors!

Any Albany residents, who pay property taxes
in this city, are fools if they vote for the
proposed 2010-2011 city school budget in May.
They are fools if they sign petitions, in June, to
designate any of the incumbent state legislators
as candidates for re-election. They are fools if
they vote for those incumbents in the September
party primaries and November 2 General Election.

Intolerable Fools?

How many Albany property taxpayers will
show up at the Tea Party Rally, Saturday, April
17, Noon -2 pm , Corning Preserve, with their
zero school property tax signs in hand?

Joe Sullivan

Monday, April 12, 2010


Contains excellent links to informative sources.
See April 12, 2010 as example:

Read: Obama Is No Reagan (Heritage Foundation)

Joe Sullivan

Excessive spending on public education,
welfare, medicaid, prisons, courts and
the state legislature, in the face of declining
tax revenues has produced the current
New York State and local fiscal crisis.


President Obama's objective of fundamentally
(radically) transforming America through federal
control of health care and education, amnesty for
illegal aliens and cap and trade, among other
initiatives, only compounds the state and local
budgetary crises and the related fiscal crises faced
by the general public in their personal lives.

The priority is security at the national, state and
local levels. If we are not safe nothing else will

Instead of attempting to radically transform
America the President should be concentrating
on keeping America and all Americans safe.

Security will be achieved, not through unilateral
disarmament, not by granting amnesty to tens of
millions of illegal aliens, including many terrorists
who have invaded our land.

Determining citizenship in the current costly
Census, would have gone a long way toward
resolving the illegal alien problem which is
a drain on our economy and a threat to our

Security will be achieved through military

strength, securing our borders and ports

full development of our energy resources

including our vast coal reserves, rebuilding

our Navy and merchant marine, rebuilding

our railroad infrastructure ,our manufacturing

base and our agricultural sectors.

In short, balancing the New York State Budget

requires spending less while resisting President

Obama's objective of radically transforming


The question in 2010 is - can Democrats put

America and New York put America and New

York before the quest for political power and


Party leaders and officeholders and their

special interest allies, including unions, apparently

can not.

The answer lies with what rank and file Democrats

when they vote in the September party primaries

and November 2 General Election.

Joe Sullivan

Sunday, April 11, 2010



Read an opposing view:

Joe Sullivan
Sunday, April 11, 2010



Joe Sullivan

Friday, April 9, 2010


The rain washes clean the air and brings
renewed life to the earth.

The sound and feel of the rain puts a man
to thinking. Thinking about the future, the
present and the past.

The future is uncertain. The present is
beset with struggle and turmoil. The past
lingers in our subconscious, like the mists
of the early morn.

I awoke early and listened to the sounds of
the rain. My thoughts were of family now
and across the centuries.

I thought of my dear cousin Paddy Houlihan
Suvane and the times we spent rambling the
wild Beara Peninsula of West Cork.

Paddy's mother, Johanna O'Sullivan, was a
sister to my grandfather Micheal J.

Paddy was a batchelor. The family historian
none of which was written down. It was oral
history handed down through the generations.

Paddy lived in the home place (Inches) with
his sister Nora, a nurse returned from England.

Many a nice meal we had in that house.

Paddy told me his grandfather built the house
in famine days.

Paddy had a fine dog who, at command, would
run up to the Commons on the South slope of
Mish Kish Mountain, round up Paddy's sheep
from among the sheep of many local farmers
and run the sheep back down to Paddy's place.

When Paddy died, the vast part of that oral
history died with him. Some of it lives on in
my memory, as he related to me, and as I
have learned from my father, Aunt Liz
Cousin Mike Sullivan in San Francisco
Pats Cahou, Red Neck Kelly ,John (The Yank )
Harrington and Nellie (Buig) in Butte
Montana; Policeman John Harrington
Peg and Steve Dennehy in Fall River and
my own rambles retracing the steps of
ancestors in North America.

Paddy Houlihan Suvane of Inches and
Micheal Sheehan of Cahirkeem, identified
my great great grandmother Sile O Sullivan
Ni Hurrig of Cahirkeem - 6 foot one in her
bare feet. Thus, the height of the Sean
Vil Anna O Sullivan's of Inchinteskin, my
father's people.

Riobard O'Dwyer's parish genealogies of
the Beara Peinsula Parishes are an
invaluable treasure trove of family history.

Paddy and me spent endless hours talking
of nothing but times and peoples long past.

The O Sullivan's are Celts, who migrated
from Galicia in Northern Spain, landing
in what is now the Western (Allihies) Parish
some five centuries before Christ.

The connection with Spain has remained
strong over the centuries. The O'Sullivans
exacted tribute from the Spanish and
Portuguese fisherman who plied the fishing
grounds off Beara.

In Castletown, the second largest fishing
port in Ireland, one can find the Spanish
bar which still caters to the Spanish and
Portugese sailors.

Paddy told me that our ancestor Mhicil
Anna O'Sullivan was a block of a man
with raven black hair and dark eyes.
None of the O Sullivans were blue eyed.
Hazel eyes were more the norm.

There are about 23 branches of the
O'Sullivan clan from the Beara Peninsula.
All are related and have nicknames to
sort them out. The same is true of our
O'Shea, Crowley, Hanley, Murphy, Kelly
McCarthy, O'Leary, Cronin, Hartnett
Harrington, Hartnett, Lowney and other

The Harrington (Caobach) side of the
family are descended from ancient tribal
people that inhabited Beara, long before the
arrival of the O Sullivan's.

Harrington is an English translation
of the Irish . Most of the Harrington's
are very fair, blue eyed and red or
blond haired.

There is a Viking strain in the family
that can be traced to the 7th and 9th
Centuries, when the Vikings raided
and plundered Beara.

Viking King Oalf ,of Norway, married a
Beara woman and converted to Catholicism.

The Vikings carried off many Irish
women to colonize Iceland and Greenland.

The Barberry Pirates plundered Skibereen
and other coastal settlements and carried
off slaves, including women, away to North

President Thomas Jefferson put an end
to their piracy and plundering when he
sent the Navy and U S Marines to Tripoli
in the early 1800's.

President Ronald Reagan sent the Navy
aviators to teach Lybia a lesson in the

Paddy and me spent hour upon hour
rambling the peninsula, visting relations
and exchanging information. Paddy
recounted stories going back to the
battle of Callen where we stopped
the Norman advance.

The Normans had pushed the O Sullivans
back from their Knockgraffen, Tipperary
Castle established when they were Kings
of Munster, to the mountainous peninsulas
of Beara and Kerry.

O Sullivan Mor ruled Kerry, the Beara
Peninsula was the domain of O Sullivan Beare.

Beara fell to the English in 1602 but was never
fully brought under English control.

At that time, Paddy said, a squirel could travel
in the canopy of ancient Oaks that covered the
Beara Peninsula from Bantry and Kenmare
40 miles West to Allihies ,without touching the

The English cut down the oak forests to fuel
the industrial revolution and in a vain attempt
to subdue the people of Beara.

Many died in battles. More were scattered
to the four corners of the earth.

In 1656 the English took a census of Beara
tallying about 1,600 population
with most being O Sullivan's and their

With the introduction of the potato
early marriages and very large families
the population rebounded. By the early
1800's the population of the Beara
Peninsula was about 40,000 almost
all by natural increase. Families of 10
12, 15, or more children were common.
So, it did not take many generations
to grow the clan.

Paddy referred to these as the long tailed
families of Beara. Everyone being related
to some degree, in some way.

Often when we visited homes in Beara
we were related to the husbands and wives.

Over the centuries marriages were arranged.
Love came later.

Cousin Big Michael Hanley ,of Urhan, told
me that he was digging potatoes with his
father in the field. Nora Crowley, my
Cousin, as well, through the O Sullivan
Shearhigs, of Coulagh Ard (The High Field)
was watching. She fell off the stonewall that
borders the Hanley and Crowley farms, into
the Hanley field.

Without missing a spade beat, Michael's
father said, without looking up, "there
is your wife, boy!"

Many a visit I paid to their kitchen in
Urhan. Nora would always offer me
a droppeen of the craether.

Nora's brother, Michael Crowley lived
on the home farm, well into his 80's.

Cousin Mary Stephen Paddy O lived
just down the lane. Her farm was the
site of a 14th Century village the
remnants of which serve as home
to the livestock.

Mary, a tumbler of brandy in hand
sang to me in the Irish at one of
the sing/song sessions at O'Neills
Pub in Eyeries Village, in 1989.

On the way back to Urhan, Mary
asked Big Micheal to stop the van
beside the the graveyard beyond
the High Cross. The old women
began to lament for their husbands
who lie there. Then Mary began to
curse Murthy Oge O Sullivan of
Coulagh - The Impressor.

In the 1700's Murthy Oge would sail his
sloop into Coulagh Bay, drop anchor
and break out hogs heads of brandy
on the strand.

The Boyos would come down from the
mountains and partake. When they
awoke, they were at sea. on their way
to fight in the Irish regiments for Spain
France, or Austria. Murthy Oge held
a Commission in the Austrian Army.

He, and many other relations from
Beara, fought with Bonnie Prince
Charlie at Cullodon Moor, 1746.

Murthy Oge returned to Beara to
settle a score with the English land
lord who had evicted his mother.

Murthy Oge, Little John O Sullivan
(little being a relative term) and
crew, waited, at Harrington's forge,
for the landlord to emerge from the
Protestant church across the road
near the ruins of Dunboy Castle.

The landlord was armed, as was
Murthy Oge. Murthy Oge challenged
the landlord and shot him dead.

Murthy Oge and his boys tossed an
empty brandy bottle beside the
landlord's body, and left.

Murthy Oge returned to his house
in Coulagh by the strand for a rest.

The English troops braved the rain
and marched over the mountain to
Coulagh and surrounded Murty
Oge's house. They set the thatch roof

After a while, Murthy Oge emerged
with pistol and sword in hand to
face his foe. The powder was wet
and the pistol misfired. But the aim
of the English muskets was true.
Murthy Oge fell dead.

They cut off his head, put it on a
pike, and brought it, by sea, to
Cork City, where it was put on
public display, as warning of
the fate that awaited other Irish

Murthy Oge's uncle, Daniel
O'Connell (The Liberator) was
in Parliament, He appealed
to the Crown to have his dead
nephew treated with dignity.

The O'Connells of Kerry
intermarried with the O Sullivans
of Coulagh and Coulagh Ard.

Maybe that some historical
research will reveal a further
connection with the great Albany
Democratic Chairman of 50 years
Daniel P O'Connell. Whose family
came from Kerry .

An interesting historical aside:
the O'Connells were all Republicans
originally in Albany.

Big Michael told me in the old days
the fishermen would carry the coffins
of the deceased, on oars spanning the
shoulders of the men, up over the
mountain to St Michael's graveyard
Allihies village.

They were mighty powerful men.

Cousin Cathy (Dennehy) Murphy in
Castletownbere, told me lately of
Michael's Crowley's passing.
A fine man he was.
A poet who loved his Urhan by the sea.

Big Micheal and Nora are gone too.

Their daughter Mary lives in
Castletownbere. Mary's son Barry
is working for Google in Dublin
and reportedly going to China.
That is if he isn't censored.

Back to earlier times, after
the fall of the O Sullivan castles
at Dunboy and Ardea in 1602
there was a large emigration
from Beara, that continued
for more than three centuries.

Some of the clan went to Spain
to serve in the army or navy.

Some were transported as slaves
and indentured servants to
Barbados in the Caribbean.

Captain Florry O Sullivan of
the Lauragh, Kerry branch of
the clan, passed by Bardados
enroute to America, and picked
up many of the clan that had
been transported. In 1659 their
ship landed in Charlestion South
Carolina, where Sullivan's Island
can be found today.

Another Kinsman, Owen O Sullivan
of the same branch, had emigrated
to Maine as an indentured servant.
He became a school teacher and
frontier lawyer. His son, John
became General John Sullivan in
thr War of Revolution.

Owen was a hardy man. He lived
to be a 100. When Owen was in
his late 90's, his son, the General
lay dying, Owen rode 30 miles on
horseback to visit John.

Many went to sea or served in
the Irish regiments that fought
for for Spain, France, Austria
and England in the European
Wars and far flung battlefields
around the world including
Culloden with Bonnie Prince
Charlie, the Zulu Wars, India
Singapore and Korea.

Some were transported to
Van Dieman's land, Australia.
Others went to Christcurch
New Zealand.

Many wound up in North
America where they served in
the French and Indian Wars
the American Revolution, the
War of 1812, the Mexican War
the Civil War and in the cavalry
on the Western frontier.

Some went the Southern routes
through the Carlolinas into
the back country of Tennessee
and Kentucky and on to the
Great Lakes country. Others
went to New Orleans, Texas
and up the Mississippi to the
Minnesota Valley.

Others went to Northern routes
through Boston, Fall River, New
York, Philadelphia, Halifax
St John's, Quebec and Montreal.
Some went to New Foundland.

Some wound up mining coal in
Wales or the Pennsylvania coal
fields around Scranton.

Many went to mining for gold
silver or copper in California
The Washoe, Montana, Idaho
Colorado, Utah, Nevada, the
Yukon and British Columbia.

The copper mining camp of
Butte, Montana had 1,200
Sullivans in residence in the
late 19th Century, almost all
from the Northern Parish of
Eyeries or from the Western
Parish (Allihies). Besides them
their were hundreds more relations
including the Harringtons
Murphy's, Crowleys, Houlihans
Kellys, O Shea's.

John The Yank Harrington, a
relation through the Ni Hurrig's
of Cahirkeem was an accomplished
concertina accordian player. He
made his first recording at age 95
(I have a copy). The Yank lived
to a 100. His story is in the Library
of Congress. His father and mother
went mining, in Park City, Utah
and later went to Butte.

Some went ranching in Nebraska
or sheepherding in Wyoming.
Wyoming Governor , Mike Sullivan
is a relation through the Ni Hurrig's
of Cahirkeem.

Others went mining in South Africa
or Australia.

Some wound up in the notorious
Five Points slum of New York made
famous in the motion picture
"The Gangs of New York" They founded
the Emigrant Saving Bank and wound up
running the Bowery and Tammany
Hall. Most were from the Townlands
in Tuosist Parish, Lauragh to Kenmare.

They were sailors, sea captains,
soldiers, miners, canal and railroad
builders, longshoreman, teachers
policemen, construction men and
saloon keepers. A few were poets and

There were few priests among them
but many nuns.

Quite a few wound up in politics
serving as Aldermen, Congressmen
and Governors.

Seems as though they were as
numerous as the raindrops falling
this day.

However, the long tailed families
of Beara are no more. They have
scattered over the earth and have
for the most part, lost their connections
in the vastness of time and space and
the din and clamor of the modern

They pass, like ships in the night
not knowing one another , many
aware of their origins but not of
their connections in North America
and around the world.

One day I was in the Academy Post
Office in Albany, waiting in line.
A man ahead of me said to the clerk
he wanted to mail a letter to Allihies
on the Beara Peninsula.

I asked him who he was related to
there? He said to the Dursey Islanders.
But, that would mean nothing to you.

I said, to the contrary, many of my
relations are Islanders too.

After a bit of discussion, it turned
out we were related.

He lives in Albany, I know his name.
But, I have never seen him again.

Another relation, very prominent, in
Albany, may not know we are connected.
However, I do. I sent him a note one day.
He never responded. Perhaps, I am a bit
too outspoken to suit his circumstances
C'est la vie.

I keep touch with more relations in Beara
than here. However, Cousin George in
Avon, NY and Sean Canada (Sean O Sullivan
MD) stop by when the pass through Albany.
George's mother, Aunt Eileen, is nearing
100. Her mother lived to 105 at the High
Cross, Eyeries , Sean Canada's grandfather
Paddy, a teacher, was a brother to my
grandfather Michael J. Sean Canada's
father, Paddy, Irish Air Force, was a UN
force Commander in Syria.

Sean once told me I have the same eyes
as his father.

My daughter and our cousin Mary
O'Sullivan Power of Coulagh Ard are
transatlantic twins. Same personally
stature, demeanor and handwriting.

We cherish the times we shared with
our Harrington relations of Killaugh.

Sister Mary Bernadette (Una) was a
nun at Bantry Convent. The Sisters
their were great fun. I would stay at
the convent. Una left me notes, telling
me to be sure to lock the door when
I returned from the Anchor pub.

Una was one of a kind. She and her
sister Noreen, a nurse, came to visit
us in Albany in 1991. A grand time
was had by all. Noreen played the
concertina and Una danced jigs
and step dances.

Their brother Brendan, and his
daughter, Carmel Ann, came over a
few years later.

We were all very close. All are
descended from Owen Soonish
of Killaugh and Mary Harrington
of Gowlane.

As a young girl Mary and a sister
set sail to emigrate to America.
Their ship was wrecked on the
coast of Galway in a bad storm.

Mary and her sister returned by
horseback to Beara and married
into the Soonish's of Killaugh.

Two of their 8 children were Paddy
and my great grandmother Nora
who was mother of my grandmother
Julia the Big Nurse (Allihies).

Paddy was born in the famine times
but lived to 96 years age.

One day Noreen sat in on a geography
class I was giving at Schenectady
Community College. She was crying
afterwards. I asked what was the matter?
Noreen said, if you ever want to know
whose features you have - it is the
features of your great grand uncle Paddy
Sounish of Killaugh. That pleased me
very much. My grandmother, Julia
named my father after Paddy and my
father named me the same.

Paddy took in in his nephew Den
Harrington, when Den's father
Sean Harrington A Buaile (Sean
of the Field- Kilcatherine in the
Eyeries Parish - where the Harringtons
and O Sullivans fought a turf war
in famine times, went to Butte to mine
copper, after his wife Nora died.

His sons, Dan, Jeremiah and John
went with him. Daughter Mary and
son Den stayed behind. Later, my
grandmother Julia returned to Beara.
The others did not.

A beautiful oak trunk sits in Aunt
Elieen's house in New Jersey. It is
the same trunk that Julia took when
she emigrated to Butte, Montana.
The same trunk she took back to her
Uncle Paddy Sounish's farm in Killaugh
and the same trunk that her daughter
Elizabeth, used when she went to New
York after WW II.

Aunt Liz lived to 96. Liz had a very
independent, stubborn streak which
runs through the whole lot of the
line. Aunt Liz told me that when she
would behave in a contrary manner
Grandmother Julia would admonish
Liz " now, your Kerry side is showing".

A reference to ancestor Mary O Sullivan
of Shronebirrane Townland who was
mother of our Sean Harrington A Buaile
grandfather to Liz.

The O Sullivan Rabachs lived in the
Townlands of Shronebirrane and
Cummeengeera, Lauragh. That branch
of the clan was a rough bunch.


Una, and Brendan are gone. Noreen
lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. She may
be away with the birds as she was fond
of saying, because it has been some
time since we have heard from her.

Margaret has been to Edinburgh twice
in past years to visit Noreen.

Brendan's wife, Carmel, lives on in
the Killaugh home farm. Her daughter
Carmel Ann is a teacher in Limerick.

I always urged Brendan and my other
relatives to hold onto to the lands
that have been in our families for
centuries. The Celtic Tiger is no more.
The boom is over. As long as people
have the land, and the sea, they will
I have to set down, in writing, what
bit of the clan history I know, before
it too, is lost forever, when my time
to leave this earth comes.

Joe Sullivan