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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


April 15, not April 1, should be
designated April Fools Day.

Today we pay our taxes to the
IRS and the state, neither of
which are accountable to the

The IRS has abused it's role
by engaging in politics.

Congressman Tonko and
Senators Schumer/Gillibrand
who purport to represent us
have not made any attempt to
reign in the IRS.

At the state level, April 15
is the day that NYS demands
compliance with the so called
"Safe Act" which tramples
the Second Amendment Rights
of all New Yorkers. 

This law does nothing to keep
us safe from street criminals 
or a tyrannical government.

The Courts will ultimantly
rule on the Constitutionality
of the Safe Act.

Meanwhile, New Yorkers
must be aware that if our
state government can take
away one Right, there is
nothing to stop it from taking
away, any or all, of  our
Rights  and trampling under
foot, the Bill of Rights
and Constitution.

In the September party 
primaries and November
General Election, New Yorkers
should deny  nomination
reelection or election, to any 
candidate who voted for the
Safe Act, or who supports this 
rogue law.

Check the voting records
of those in the NYS Senate
and Assembly to determine
how they voted on legislation
relating to the Safe Act
Common Core and other 
vital issues.

Those voters who continue to
blindly vote partyline  are
the real Fools, April, September
November and all year long.

Those who fail to vote are as

Our Liberty, and our futures
are on the line.

                           Joe Sullivan



Thursday, March 27, 2014


Albany has a city budget gap
a limited tax base. 
Homeowners need real property
tax relief.
Albany residents need jobs
lower electric and gas rates
lower gasoline and home heating

The remedy is not to go begging 
to the state fiscal review panel in
hopes of getting a few crumbs, likely
in the form of a loan, rather than grant.

It is not worth sacrificing the autonomy
of the City, making residents nothing
more than wards of the state.

We can solve our own problems.

1. Build a refinery at the Port of
Let our U S Senators , Congressman
and Governor get a Coast Guard 
Port Security unit stationed at the Port.

2. Build the Casino  at Corning Hill

Forget about a water theme park.

Focus on Tourism.

Build a replica of Ft Orange  on
the Casino grounds. 
Create an old Albany  historical 
neighborhood including St Ann's
Church, the old firehouse, Dan
O'Connell's birth place and
build a working replica of the
O'Connell's 4th Ave saloon with
German language bartenders and
a living museum of the political
history of the Albany machine.

The Hudson is America's Rhine.
Reestablish river boat service
between Albany and NYC to 
transport tourists, foreign and 

Moor the Half Moon replica
at the port, next to the U S S

Develop local tourism including
the cities, farms, Erie Canal
Saratoga Battle Field, and more.

3. Tap into the  765 Kv Quebec
to NYC hydro power line that
is to be built through Albany.

4. Demand the NYS pay the
11 million dollar annual PILOT
in lieu of taxes, beginning this
year, for the Harriman State
Office Campus.

5. Demand real mandate relief
for the city, city schools and county.

Failure to deliver on 4 and 5
above means no votes , from
residents of Albany City and
County in the
September primaries and
November elections for  all
incumbents. Congressional
and State.

6. Approve drilling NY gas.

7. Opt out of Common Core.

8. Merge city schools with
city government, one tax roll
to fund both. Return to a
K-8 neighborhood schools
system. The Mayor and City
Council responsible  and
accountable for.

Roll the dice!  Prosperity
or poverty?

                     Joe Sullivan


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2014 17:00:18 -0400 (EDT)
Why are the Governor, his administration, and Albany Mayor Sheehan
derailing oil trains?  To be sure safety is important. The oil trains have been
arriving at the Port of Albany for many months. The timing of the objections
are politically motivated.
The flow of Baakan oil to Albany  offers a tremendous economic opportunity for the
City of Albany and for local residents.
Build a refinery at the Port to refine the Baakan oil.
This will benefit the City tax base and help close
the City 16m dollar budget gap.
City homeowners and businesses will benefit from
real property tax relief.
Reidents of the City of Albany and Capital District
will benefit from high paying jobs, and
lower costs for gasoline and home heating oil.
Be safe, NOT stupid!                                           Joseph P Sullivan
                                                                         Albany City Conservative Party Chair
Neighborhood News  Spring 2014

We live in one of the nicest remaining 

residential neighborhoods in 
the City of Albany.

One reason for this is that we have had

an active neighborhood association with
strong leadership for the past 29 years.

Spring is a time of renewal. A time to

renew your involvement in your neighborhood

Long time homeowners, and new residents

have a stake in making sure that our
neighborhood remains a good place to live

There are plenty of issues of concern. 

 Buckingham Pond Park - the centerpiece
of our neighborhood needs many of improvements.

The neighborhood Crestwood
Plaza needs improvement. 

Pedestrian and traffic safety needs are vital. 
Speeding cars, running stop lights and stop signs
require strict enforcement responses.

Emergency/Disaster Preparedness is vital for
individuals, households, schools
churches, synagogues,health care providers
and businesses in our neighborhood.

Government can't save us.
We have to save ourselves and our government.

Street trees are dying off due to many factors
including age, vehicle emissions, lack of care
application of excessive amounts of road salt 
and insect invasions.

We need a neighborhood urban forestry 
program for streets, homes and Buckingham 
Pond Park.
Trees beautify our neighborhood, add value
to our properties, cool and shade us in summer
serve as windbreaks in winter and combat
air pollution from vehicles, chimneys and dry
airborne road salt residues - by absorbing 
carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. 

Reduce and eliminate road salt use which
destroys, bridges, roads, our expensive
vehicles, kills street trees and presents a
health hazard to humans and our dogs.

Improve snowplowing on city streets.

Buckingham Pond Park needs  a plan
to reduce applications of lawn chemicals
and road salt use in the pond watershed 
plantings to reduce shoreline erosion
and a long term woodland management
plan. Coarse gravel needs to be applied
to paths, rather than blue stone flour
which becomes compacted and poorly
drained creating dangerous fall conditions
when wet and/or frozen.

There are a number of dead trees and
limbs overhanging paths which pose a
hazard to unaware walkers and joggers.

The foot of Lenox, South Side of pond
needs a guard rail or several large rocks
to prevent a speeding out of control car
from failing to negotiate the bend in the
road: plunging over the edge and landing
on pedestrians or joggers on the path

There are numerous recommendations
regarding the improvement of Buckingham
Pond Park, on  our neighborhood website . Use the
search bar at the top of the page. Print
in the topic you seek information, or
search archives by year and month.

Albany Municipal Golf Course is a target
for privatization by politicians seeking funds
to close city budget gaps and have more
money to fund social programs.

The City golf course is an essential year
round recreational open space offering
golfing, cross country skiing and sledding,
scenic views of the Catskill and Helderberg
Mountains, a fine restaurant, scenic walks
and a place where pet owners and dogs
may enjoy the outdoors.

We oppose any efforts to privatize this
jewel which benefits neighborhood
residents , as well as those who live 
elsewhere in the city.

Neighborhood Watch. All residents are
part of it. See something? Say and do

Call APD, Center Square Station 458 5660
or 438 4000.

Anti- Terror Hotline: 1 866 SAFE NYS 
                                         (723 3697) 

Call me at 438 5230 and we can discuss
what role(s) you can play in maintaining
and improving the residential integrity
and quality of life in our neighborhood.

                                  Joe Sullivan

Monday, March 24, 2014


April 1. State Capitol. Noon


                                           Joe Sullivan

Friday, March 14, 2014


Listen up voters and international
readers of this website.

Listen to this interview of K T
McFarland by Fred Dicker on
his Live From The State Capitol
radio show on Talk 1300, Albany

Superb interview, questions and

                                                Joe Sullivan

Local news reports today.

Governor's office statement to
Mayor of Albany -"Don't count
on 11 million dollar state payment
in lieu of taxes (PILOT) for the 
Harriman State Office campus".

The Mayor, Common Council
County Executive, County
Legislature, and Members of
the State Senate/Assembly and
Members of the Democratic
Committee, who represent Albany
should respond saying 

" No  State Office Campus Pilot 
in 2014 -
Do not count on the votes of
the people of Albany City and
County in your bid for reelection
as Governor in the 2014 Democratic
Primary and November General

Of course the above public office
and party officials, do not have
the courage to stand up and say

If he were here, Dan O'Connell
would say this. But, Dan in gone
and there is no leader to issue
this declaration.

So, it falls to the voters of Albany
City and County to send this
message to the Governor.

                                Joe Sullivan