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Friday, October 27, 2017 schrader  podcast 10 28 2017

Find it. Listen. Ponder interview with 
Dr.  Michael Lenox, Psychologist. Dreams.

Watch, Listen. Reflect:

                                        Joseph P Sullivan
                                        For Albany Mayor
                                        Conservative Row C
                                        November 7  6 am-9pm


                      Joe Sullivan
                      For Albany mayor
                      Conservative Row C
                      November 7  6am-9pm

Albany voters Wards 8, 9
12, 13, 14, 15  fight for your
hoods. I will repeal Rezone.

Downtown/Mid-Town Albany
voters you should care because
Uptown Albany pays the lion's 
of the taxes that support the
schools and city services you 
don't, and which many take for

If you re elect KS, and her
allies on the Common Council
Uptown Albany will go down
so, will you.

The transition of Albany to
Detroit on the Hudson will be
her and your legacy.


Your call. Nov 7. Cast informed
votes in person, or absentee ballot.

                      Joseph P Sullivan
                      For Albany Mayor
                      Conservative  Row C


Thursday, October 26, 2017


The plundering of the Buckingham
Pond/Crestwoo d Neighborhood is
underway. Rezone Albany!

Observe corner of New Scotland and
Krum Kill Rd. Return of big box store
we defeated 17 years ago?

Mater Christi rectory and school
green space now zoned commercial.

Green space at corner of Whitehall
and New Scotland, we advocated as
Dan O Connell Pocket Park, now
commercial. Watch for return of
Dunkin Donuts, we defeated, years ago.

Green space S Manning at New Scotland
next to Mercy Chapel first neighborhood
green space we had set aside in perpetuity.
Now commercial.

No need  to get variances under Rezone.

Destruction of neighborhood residential
integrity, quality of life, home values, city 
property tax base, which supports City
schools/City government services underway.

Pay attention. There is much more to come.

Vote her out Nov 7. 

Albany on fast track to becoming Detroit 
on the Hudson .

As Mayor I will issue Exec Order placing
6 month moratorium on Rezone Albany
in contemplation of amendment and.or full

                                     Joe Sullivan
                                     Conservative Row C
                                     Nov 7   6 am-9pm.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday, October 22, 2017


 48,000 Albany voters are eligible to vote
in the November 7th City Elections.

Mayor Sheehan won the   September 12
Democratic Primary with less than 50%
of the  1ow turnout of 12.000 Democrats.

22,000 Democrats did not go to polls.

November 7, 7,000 not enrolled, 3,000
Republicans and about 700 Independence
Party voters can vote , in addition to the
the  34,600 Democrats who were eligible 
to vote in their party primary, and who
can vote , again, November 7 .

If voters take the time to become informed
and go to the polls, the outcome of the
November 7 election can be very different.

Under the Sheehan Administration polices, 
Albany on the fast track to becoming Detroit
on the Hudson. Declaring Albany a Sanctuary 
City will result in the loss of 10's of millions
of dollars annual federal aid to the City. Rezone
Albany allowing mixed uses in the uptown prime
single family residential neighborhoods will 
adversely impact the residential integrity, quality
of life, home values and City property tax base
because these prime neighborhoods pay the lion's
share of the property taxes that support City 
schools /City government services.

Kathy Sheehan's Albany.Sanctuary City City

Downtown Albany's blighted neighborhoods
contain a large dependent population that
sends the most children to the City schools
who will suffer if the uptown tax base collapses
as people flee out of the City.

Who, then will pay for the City Schools which
receive 2/3 of the property tax bills paid by
homeowners and small businesses? 

When the City tax base collapses,  police
firefighter and all City workers will suffer
including active workers and retirees.

So, what will it be November 7 re-elect Kathy
Sheehan and become Detroit on the Hudson

Or, make a major course correction- elect
Sullivan  Conservative Row C, and the 
Conservative slate, which will restore Albany
to fiscal solvency, uphold the Constitution,
restore the rule of law in Albany, promote
emergency/disaster preparedness, strict speed
control and enforcement of all V&T laws on City
residential streets, and repeal Rezone Albany?

Go to these sources to get details:

1. Vote   which compares candidates
on issues and what they will do if elected  and
to blog talk radio  FOCUS ON ALBANY
interviews and my three websites.

2. Talk 1300 radio offers excellent coveage
and analysis of the issues and candidates in 
the 2017 City elections.

City voters, the future of your city as well
as your own futures are on the line November
7.   Your call!

                                     Joe Sullivan
                                      For Albany Mayor
                                      Conservative Row C
                                      November   6am-9pm 
                                      Absentee ballots also.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Sullivan For Albany Mayor
Time For  An Albany Course Correction


                                 Joe Sullivan
                                 Conservative  Row C
                                 November 7  6 am -9pm

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Just take the time

Go to the League of Women Voters website:

VOTE        enter your address
compare Sullivan and Sheehan For Albany Mayor.

My websites and blogtalk radio interview links are
there for you to read/listen to. ( Focus on Albany)

My statement on issues and what I will do if you elect
me are clearly stated.

Read. listen, come to the polls November 7    Vote for me
and together we will chart a new course for the City of
Albany and save our City from becoming Detroit on the
Hudson. as it is headed under the Sheehan administration.

No need to spend a half million dollars on a campaign for
Mayor of Albany which pays 135,000 dollars  annually!

                                        Joe  Sullivan

                                        For Albany Mayor
                                        Conservative Row C
                                        Nov 7   6 am-9pm