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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The City of Albany has received
state legislature approval of the
city's request to install red light
cameras to catch motorists who
run red traffic lights.

This problem, and related traffic
issues like speeding, running stop
signs and aggressive driving, can
be simply resolved by the Mayor
issuing a proclamation that all
traffic laws will be strictly enforced
in the city, particularly in
residential neighborhoods that
are traversed by major commuter
routes, like New Scotland Avenue
Western Avenue, Whitehall Rd
Hackett Blvd and Buckingham
Drive-Krum Kill Rd.

Then direct the APD to do so.

Deploy the cameras that would have
been used for red light enforcement
to the Port of Albany, local railyards
and oil train routes to guard against
terrorist attacks.

Our two U S Senators should use 
their political clout to have a full
Coast Guard  Port Security unit
stationed at the Port, immediately. 

The Governor (Commander in
Chief) of the NY National Guard
should direct the Guard to assume
responsibility for protecting  oil
train routes and movements from
terror attacks.

As long as the Obama administration
and Congress fail to secure our
Southern border, and as long as
New York State, local cities and
towns offer sanctuary to hundreds
of thousands of illegal aliens, who
have invaded our land-
all New Yorkers are at risk.

The federal, state and local
governments, by their policies
and actions are inviting more
9-11's to occur.

The home land is now the front
line in a war of terror that has
been launched by foreign
terrorists who are sworn to
destroy America and Americans.

Wise up people. Security is
the major issue of our day.

When we are not secure, none
of the other domestic issues

We are not secure.

The Governor and Legislature
should repeal the so called "Safe
Act" which diminishes our Second
Amendment Right and our ability
to defend our selves, our loved ones
and our property in the wake of
unbelievable chaos and civil
disorder that would follow
multiple 9-11 attacks.

The purpose of the Second
Amendment is to safe guard 
our Liberty , allow the
people to defend themselves
and their property, from
attack and to prevent our
governments from going rogue.

Do not vote for any candidates 
for federal and state office in 
November, who do not  hold
security to be the priority issue
and who do not support actions
such as above, to protect us
from the threats we face.

                         Joe Sullivan

Sunday, July 20, 2014


The leftist politicians, their public housing
puppets, the local media and NYS Homeland
Security have provided the foreign terrorists
all the publicity and details of routes, volumes
of oil, times/dates of shipments and port lay
out they need to strike a major blow at Albany.

Check out feature story and maps in the
Sunday Times Union.

When it happens won't be an accident.

All of the above will bear the responsibility
for it.

Recommend The State Office of Homeland
Security step up security pronto.

Public housing residents might consider
moving to Syracuse, where Leftist Mayor
Miner is housing illegal aliens who have
invaded our land.

The influx of tens of millions of illegals
will break the social services bank to
the detriment of native born lifers on
the dole.

Idiots all!

                                  Joe Sullivan

Monday, July 14, 2014


Inner city residents spurred on by leftist politicians and
assorted special interest groups have been quick to
protest oil trains moving Bakkan oil through the Port
of Albany.

Oil is the lifeblood of our economy and way of life.

A refinery should be built at the port to improve the
city tax base, provide homeowners with needed tax
relief,  provide good paying local jobs and lower the
price of gasoline/heating oil for all Capital District

Instead we have people living on the dole, in public
housing, who do not care a fig about good paying
jobs, lower gasoline and heating oil costs and
property tax relief for city homeowners  being
pandered to by leftist politicians and a local
media which essentially serves as flacks for
those politicians.

Meanwhile, word is that  several bus loads of
illegal alien "children"  have quietly slipped
in to the former Doane Stuart( former Kenwood
Academy) over the week end.

Are these children bringing with them diseases
long since eradicated in America, such as TB
polio, small pox; and diseases new to America
like the dread Ebola? Not to mention lice
scabies and more.

Where are the oil train protestors , their local
political/media allies on this issue? Where is
Albany County Health Department? Are they
assuring city and county residents that we have
nothing to fear?

Are these "children" primarily males between
the ages of 14 and 18?  Gang bangers and future
Obama brown shirts?  Future Democratic voters?

Can the religious order who is aiding and abetting
this move not care about the consequences this move?
What it portends for the survival of America, the
Faithful and the Church in America and the world?

Are these "children" the Trojan horses that will bring
a surge of 10's and 100's of millions more illegals
to our land, resulting in fundamental transformation
of America which is the central objective of Obama
and his allies?

The end result will be the destruction of America, our
Constitutional Republican form of government, our
economy, our way of life and our liberty.

Democrats of Albany City and County  - D Day is here
for you, and all who live here. Are you going to stand
by and let America, your lives and liberty slip away?
Are you going to participate  in this deed by
blindly voting for candidates who do not stand up
oppose and disavow what is happening?

America transformed to another Third World

Is that the legacy you wish to leave your descendants?

There are more momentous events in your futures
than the closing of Hoffman's Amusement Park.

                                                 Joe Sullivan

Monday, June 23, 2014

JUNE 24, 2014

Congressional primary day is June 24.

Locally, we have no primaries.

For your information here are the
party primaries being held elsewhere
in New York State on June 24

State and local party primaries
will be held September 9 from
Noon to 9 pm.

Candidate designating petitions
will be filed between July 7 and 10.

Once petitions are filed and
validated by the Board of
Elections, we will know if
party primaries will be held
for statewide, state senate
and state assembly public offices.

                          Joe Sullivan

Saturday, June 14, 2014


June 14 is Flag Day in America.

Fly the Stars and Stripes while
you still have Liberty, and a

If you are an officeholder at
the federal, state or local level
put the survival of your country
and way of life before blind
allegiance to a political party.

Uphold our Constitution and
your oath of office.

You are elected by the people
to represent, not rule them .

If you are a voter. The survival
of our Nation, your survival
and the survival of your loved
ones is in your hands.

Put these before blind party line

Become informed. Cast informed
votes for those candidates who
will put the survival of America
and all Americans First.

2014 could well be your last
chance to do so.

                         Joe Sullivan

Monday, June 9, 2014


Stone Age people did not cause climate change.

They adapted to climate changes they did not
cause and over which they had no control.

It is folly for  governments, and others, to
believe that  they can control climate change

Consider this:

                                        Joe Sullivan

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Dan O'Connell was a different breed
of Irish - very different than the
contemporary "progressives" who
occupy political offices and party
positions in Albany City/County
today, who bear Irish names, but
lack the character of O'Connell
Mayor Curley of Boston, Mayor
Daley of Chicago, Big Tim Sullivan
of the Bowery-Five Points and
many more of the old style Irish.

Dan was a man who did not suck
up to state and national politicians.

Dan did not beg or grovel. He led.

Those aspiring to statewide and
national offices came to seek Dan's

Dan was the man who ran the
Democratic "machine" or organization
as some would prefer to call it.

Dan was a true leader, who cared
for the people, who in turn were
loyal to Dan.

Dan wielded the power of the vote
to benefit the people of Albany City
and County.

Today we have many "progressive"
politicians in Albany who have Irish
names but not the backbone of Dan

These pols behave as the lackey to
Squire Will Dannaher in the film
"The Quiet Man".

Albany has been in the news a lot

The  State Comptroller ( up for
election) puts out a report saying
nothing new. Nearly 60 percent of
land in the City is tax exempt.
Albany has a low employment rate
with a high proportion of the
population on welfare.  No wonder
that property taxes are so high.

The pols and their presumed
voting base in the welfare community
squawk about Dakota oil trains
coming to the Port of Albany.

Who needs a refinery, jobs, lower
heating oil/gasoline prices  and
lower property taxes when they
are on the dole?

The Great Obama by passes
Congress and violates the
Constitution by having the EPA
crack down on coal burning
power plants and killing the
coal industry.

The result will be skyrocketing
electric bills and massive power

But, if you have HEAP, an EBT
card, Crazy Money (SSI), Food
Stamps, Food Pantries and more-
what the hell do you care?

The "progressives" and  those
on the dole just suck up to the
Great O, Nancy Pelosi and the
rest, who are destroying America
and our Constitutional Republic.

Divide and conquer is the strategy
of the Left. Create crises, chaos
and divert the short attention span 
of voters most of whom no longer go
to the polls. Not to worry, as long
as you can get out your base of
the groups you cater and pander

Pit women against men, young
against old, LBGT against
traditionalist, illegal aliens
against American citizens and
legal immigrants, haves against
have nots, Black, Hispanic and
Asian against White, NYC agae
Upstate, and so on. 

The media is largely a partner
of the "progressive" politicians
in this War against America
and the Constitution.

In the End it is like Ebola
Americans devouring their
country and themselves. There
will be no survivors.

So, where are we in 2014?

Leaders who can't lead. Who
beg, grovel and suck up to
Governor Cuomo, The Great O
Nancy Pelosi and the rest.

No refinery for Albany. No
Casino. No jobs. No property
tax relief. Higher taxes. More
social services and crime.

What to do?

Take a leaf from the Cuomo
playbook. He buys the Working
Family and Independence Party
ballot lines and attacks the
Conservative Party as extremist
to divide the Patriot voters from
the Rhino Republicans?

Instead, take a leaf from the
O'Connell playbook.

Pay up the annual $11 million
annual payments in lieu of taxes
(PILOTS), as well as similar
Pilots for other city land, like
the expanding State Thruway
DOT facility on Rte 9W -
which contributed to killing
the Albany 23 Casino plan
contrary to denials of some
pols who suck up ,rather than
stand up, to the Governor.

No PILOTS now , no votes from
Albany! - is what Dan O'Connell
if he were, here, in charge, today
would say to statewide candidates
for Governor, Lt. Governor
Comptroller and Attorney General.

To counteract, the Great O and
his stupid EPA kill coal and coal
power plants - demand that Albany
tap in to the 765 KV Quebec-NYC
hydro power line soon to be built
through Albany along the rail tracks.

Increase oil train safety and build
a refinery at the Port of Albany to
increase the City tax base, lower
property taxes on homes and
businesses, and lower costs  of
home heating oil and gasoline
for consumers in Albany and
the Capital District.

Approve fracking for NYS natural
gas to spur an economic boom in
Albany and Upstate , that will
rival the economic boom resulting
building of the Erie Canal
in the early 1800's.

Repeal the "UnSafe ACT" and
opt out of Common Core.

Stand up! No more grovelling
begging and sucking up!

                          Joe Sullivan