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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Cast informed ballots.

Toss out incumbents who
blindly follow the Obama
agenda to fundamentally
(radically) change America.

Vote for candidates who
put America before party.

Vote for candidates who
will restore our Constitutional
Republic and our Liberty.

Write in (print) Joe Sullivan
for NYS Senate District 44

Cities of Albany, Troy, Cohoes
Watervliet. Towns of Colonie
Bethlehem and New Scotland.

Be sure to fill in the oval when
you print Joe Sullivan in the
write in space for NYS Senate.

Read my posts on this website
for October, September and
the few in August and July of
this year. 

You can search my website
for posts on issues vital to
the survival of America and
all Americans.

Compare my posts with what
Neil Breslin has to say about
these issues and what his
positions are.

you know.

We can do this!

Thank you.

                                Joe Sullivan

Friday, October 24, 2014


Obama, Cuomo and DiBlasio
failed to use phones and pens
to ban flights and travelers
from West Africa.

Astorino is correct

Cat is out of the bag.

Expect the worst.

Contrary to Obama, Cuomo
and DiBlasio, the grim reaper
will overwhelm hospitals and
devastate New York and USA
unless flight/travel bans and
quarantines are immediately
ordered /implemented.

Use those phones and pens!

Talk is cheap. Do not be
lulled into a false sense of
security by Larry, Curly
and Moe.

                    Joe Sullivan

Report on forum #2   held in Clifton 

Next and final forum to be held in
Albany at Myers Middle School
Oct 28   7-8:30 pm

                          Joe Sullivan

Thursday, October 23, 2014


                 Joe Sullivan

Trying to avoid becoming
Detroit on the Hudson..

1. Turning over City finances
to the Governor's fiscal review
panel hoping for a few dollars
handout with strings attached.
Losing control of city finances.

2. Missing out on a casino, tourism
economic benefits, and jobs for
resident hustlers and sweet talkers. 

3. Failing to take advantage of
Albany becoming a major port
for transshipment of Dakota oil.

Building a refinery at the Port
would improve the City property
tax base, add good paying local
jobs and benefit the entire Capital
District by providing lower cost
gas and heating oil.

4. Pushing the red traffic light camera
boondoggle instead of declaring that
the City of Albany will strictly enforce
all vehicle and traffic laws. Directing
the APD to do it.

5. Proposing to retire Ladder 1  when
Albany, and the Port oil trains are a
prime terror target.

6. Failing to stand up to the Governor
and State Legislature to demand that
the State come up with the $11.5 million
annual PILOTS (payment in lieu of
taxes) for the Harriman State Office
Campus.  Sending a clear message:
"No PILOTS- no votes for reelection
November 4."

7. The Huck Finn Disney Land on
the Hudson financed with IDA
taxpayer money.

8. Failing to make sure that Albany
residents have access to cheaper
electric rates by insisting that
Albany tap into the 765 KV hydro-
power line that will be built from
Quebec to NYC through Albany.

9. Continuing to aid and abett
illegal immigration through a
declared sanctuary policy.

Illegal aliens are law breakers
who are adding to the burden
of city property taxpayers,
city schools, hospitals, law
enforcement, fire/EMT services
and more.

There is more. But, all of the above
are enough to consign the City
of Albany to becoming Detroit
on the Hudson.

                          Joe Sullivan


After viewing the one and only
televised debate ( WMHT)between 
Governor Cuomo and Rob
Astorino, it is easy to conclude
why Governor Cuomo has avoided
any additional debates statewide
and why he wanted to have minor
party candidates present rather
than do a one on one with Astorino.

This is America. English is our
language, Rob. No espanol. Si?

Does anyone have a translation
of what Astorino said in Spanish
at end of his closing statement?

If Spanish speakers were viewing
the debate, is it not plausible that
they can understand English? 
If so, why pander?

America. One language. One

We are all proud of our roots.
Whatever our origins, we are
Americans now.

Aren't we?

United we stand, divided we fall.

As a property taxpayer in the
Capitol City of Albany, I am
waiting to see which gubernatorial
candidate will pledge, before
November 4,  to deliver
the 11.5 million annual PILOTS
(payment in lieu of taxes) from
the State for Harriman State
Office Campus. 

Albany could be the swing vote
in a tight election, contrary to the
polls which are directed by
Democratic hacks and parroted
by the media without analysis.

The Capitol City of Albany
is on the verge of becoming
Detroit on the Hudson.

If local Democratic officeholders
won't press the issue, the voters
of Albany will on November 4. 

The party of Dan O Connell is
no more. We are on on own!

                          Joe Sullivan


Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Read what former Army Lt Colonel
Allen West has to say:


                                 Joe Sullivan