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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


You cannot deal with a

Strike them before they
strike us.

Congratulations to
Senator Schumer (D-NY)
for saying "No" to the 
Obama-Kerry deal.

Go beyond saying "No"
Senator Schumer - use
your influence to swing
the necessary number
of Democratic votes to
override the Obama veto.

Democrats, elected, and
Democratic voters hold
the futures of America
and all Americans , including
their own, in their hands.

America First, before
blind allegiance to a party
that is destroying America!

                      Joe Sullivan

Friday, August 7, 2015


America's first and worst slum.

Poor Irish emigrants from the
Tuosist Parish, Kerry, Beara and
elsewhere in Cork settled

Life was extremely hard.

They formed the Emigrant Savings
Bank which has a treasure trove 
of depositor records containing
information including the townlands
in Ireland and family connections.

They also formed gangs and went
to fight and die for Lincoln in
the Civil War.

The Tuosist Parish in the Kerry
Part of the Beara Peninsula
still celebrates the gangs of New

Big Tim Sullivan was a famous
Member of Tammany Hall, a
state senator and a congressman.

There was a time when New
York was Irish.

Here are a few of the songs that
span that time:

                             Joe Sullivan

Friday, July 31, 2015


Tonight a  lovely Blue Moon
lit up the darkness.

A soft summer's evening
with low humidity and a
clear sky. 

Paddy, Mick, Margaret 
and me walked along
silently enjoying the scene.

There won't be another
Blue Moon for three years.

I pondered what would
the next Blue Moon bring?

Would Obama, his minions
and transformational agenda
be nothing more than a bad

Would the American electorate
have risen to the challenge of
restoring America, our way
of life and our Constitutional

Will all the tyrants , despots and
incompetents have been driven
from, or denied election to, public

Or, will the next Blue Moon be
obscured by the storm clouds
of a nuclear winter blanketing
a once great Nation reduced
to  lifeless, smoldering rubble? 

Government can not save us.
The people must save our
Nation, our government, our
way of life and themselves.

The 2015 and 2016 elections
are of vital significance to
the survival of America and
all Americans.

                     Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Oil trains are bringing
Dakota oil to the Port
of Albany for transshipment
by sea to  a refinery in
St John's, New Brunswick

Soon a 765 kv power line
will be built from Quebec
through Albany to New
York City providing clean
hydro power.

Albany City and County
should tap into these
energy sources.

1. Build a refinery at the
Port of Albany which should
provide jobs, an improved
city tax base and lower prices
for gasoline and home heating

2. Tap into the 765 kv power
line that will carry Quebec
hydro power to NYC.

This should result in a
reliable supply of clean
hydropower for Albany City
and County which will benefit
homeowners, hospitals,schools
and manufacturing .

Rather than merely serving
as a conduit for oil and
electricity, Albany should
utilize these energy resources
to improve the property tax
base, economic development
and jobs, and an improved
quality of life for local residents.

New Yorkers pay high gasoline
taxes that are supposed to fund
highway infrastructure, but
which are siphoned off for
other political uses.

                       Joe Sullivan

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Diversity is glorified by many
politicians in America today
who have the agenda of
fundamentally transforming

Americans should value and
honor their heritages and take
pride in their ancestors.

Far too many modern day
immigrants, legal and illegal
harbor no love for America
 and do not wish to assimilate.

Worse still, many want to
impose their laws, customs
and languages on us.

Some come here with the
aim of destroying America.

Diversity without allegiance
to America will ultimately
destroy our Nation.

Secure our borders, now!

Require all illegals to
register as a first step
to dealing with the problem
of tens of millions of illegals
who have unlawfully invaded
our Nation.

Deport all illegals in our
prisons and jails and those
that those that commit crimes
punishable by incarceration.

Reform our Immigration
Law. Persons from parts of
the world that harbor deep
hatred of America and who
do not aim to assimilate 
peacefully into our way
of life, and who do not
intend to pay allegiance
to America, should not be
accepted as immigrants.

The  same goes for student
visas. Far too many come
here pretending to be students
and become illegal residents.
Many fit the profile of those
who want to destroy America.
No student visas for them!

Unsecured borders and
unrestricted immigration 
of unskilled, uneducated
multitudes who do not
share our culture and 
language, including many
who are intent on doing
us harm, is to commit
national Hari Kari.

Time for politicians to
uphold their oaths of office.

Uphold their oaths to
safeguard our Constitutional
Republic, our way of life
and our language.

                      Joe Sullivan


Saturday, July 25, 2015


The City Council passed
a resolution declaring
sanctuary for illegal
aliens to be city policy
in 2007.

The Mayor and Common 
Council should rescind
this sanctuary policy

The Albany County
government should
affirm that the county
is not a sanctuary for
illegal aliens.

The City school  system
should inform city tax
payers of how many 
illegal alien children
are enrolled in city
schools, at what cost?

Albany County should
canvass welfare and
medicaid rolls to identify
how many illegal aliens
are receiving welfare and
medicaid in Albany City
and County, at what cost?

Local law enforcement
agencies. and Courts
should turn over all illegal
alien perps to ICE.

Social services, medicaid
and law enforcement costs
are a major strain on county
and city budgets. These costs
should be tallied and made

Members of the Common
Council and County Legislators
who represent districts with
larges numbers of social
services/medicaid recipients
should be in the forefront
opposing sanctuary status
for illegal aliens because
American citizens on social
services/medicaid stand to
be adversely impacted by
adding illegals to the rolls.

There is only so much money
to fund social services, medicaid
law enforcement, schools and
health care.

It was recently announced
that Social Security Disability
will be out of money next year.

Social security, medicare/medicaid
face the same fate in the near future.

Far too many Americans are
dependent on the government
for survival. It is sure suicide
to add millions of illegals to the
the public assistance rolls as
well as provide educational and
medical benefits for illegals.

America is a lifeboat adrift
in a sea of world poverty. Take
on too many and the lifeboat
swamps and all aboard are lost.

Voters wake up. Government
policies and politicians who
support them, are destroying
America and our futures.

No amnesty for illegal aliens!

Only informed voters going to
the polls can save America and

                         Joe Sullivan

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday, July 20, 2015


Radical Transformation 
of America coming to
your neighborhood.

Local churches and
Family Promise are willing
partners in Obama's
plan to radically transform
America and control your
health care, education
and now your neighborhood.

Albany's politicians are
willing partners in this
tyranny - rushing to
rezone and reassess the

Suburbs are next.

                 Joe Sullivan


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