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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Deploy them to the Mexican border.

Give Calderone (Mexico) 30 days
to end illegal aliens sneaking across
our border, to recall all Mexican
nationals who have illegally crossed
the border into the U S, to embargo
transfer of any funds by those aliens
to relatives in Mexico, and end the flow
of drugs to the U S; 

and Chavez(Venezuela)
30 days to dismantle all missle sites
and agreements that threaten the
security of the U S and Canada.

Proclaim the Monroe Doctrine is
renewed and will be strictly enforced.


Get those drones at the ready in
case these tin horns fail to comply.

We need nothing less than a 
President Patton, not
the incumbent, and not most of the
rival 2012 contenders who have
announced thus far.

National security is the priority
issue, now and in 2012. When we
are not safe, and when we lack
a strong President, expect no
economic recovery. Rather, expect
no economy at all.

                                  Joe Sullivan

The 2011 Legislative session is over.

A sham ethics bill is all that has resulted.

Last minute wrangling over a phoney
tax cap bill that provides no real property
tax relief, failing to include mandate repeals
and failure  to present civil unions of same
sex couples as a legitimate way of offering
them the same benefits (if any) that are
available to traditional marriages between
men and women, are further evidence of
that the State Legislature and Governor
believe that New York voters are stupid.

Next thing our "elected representatives"
will do, is offer New York voters to buy a
number of bridges, tunnels and highways
(which we already own, and have paid for
many times over and over again).

Lay these issues aside, and take them up
in 2012 when all the Members of the State
Legislature and Congress have to stand
for reelection....and something.

Lay it all aside and just go home!

For the remainder of the year. Governor
Cuomo can radically transform state
government, revitalize  the economy
and put people back to work.

He can direct state agencies to rescind
onerous state mandates on education
and businesses, as well as rescinding
countless regulations that get in the
way of economic development and job
creation by the private sector.

                                           Joe Sullivan

Education is a lifelong process of learning
the attitudes, knowlege, skills and behaviors
essential to earn a living, be an informed
citizen and to find joy in life.

To Learn, one must want to learn, put forth
the effort and apply that which is learned.

As Mayor Jennings often observes, we need
a new template for education, particularly
urban education.

Race To The Top and No Child Left Behind
are examples of well intended, but misguided
government programs that focus on grades
as measures of learning.

Ask not what your students "got". Ask what
did they learn? Observe their behavior.

The true measure of an educated person is
their behavior.

Alan Chartock (WAMC) had an interesting
guest on this subject today. Unfortunately
Prof Simon had no answer for caller Brian
who asked how can  property taxpayers be
sure they get educational value for the support
they provide for public schools?

The answer lies with property taxpayers
becoming informed and participating in
the educational process at the local level
particularly in school budget and board

The further answer is to be found in scaling
back the power and control over education
of the NYS and Federal Education Depts.

Lastly, let learners and teachers learn!

The Late, Great Tip O'Neill said that "all
politics are local." 

So, it is with education. All education begins
with parents and the home, cultivating a love
and respect for learning in themselves and
their children.

                                        Joe Sullivan

Thursday, June 16, 2011


For years numerous posts about the
"White Death" have appeared on
Lonerangeralbany and bpcnanews.
Consult archives of both websites.

WAMC reports that attention is being
focused on the impacts of excessive
applications of road salt on ecosystems.

Good  news!  

Public health impacts need to be analyzed

Is it possible that, in hard economic times
local and state governments will reduce
their budgets for road salt and seek
alternatives, like drivers slowing down
when road/weather conditions require
and using alternatives like sand?

It is no wonder our transporation
infrastructure, including bridges and
roads, as well as our expensive vehicles
homes and building are corroding away.

Why is the medical community not
studying the adverse effects of excessive
road salt dumping on public health. In
particular breathing air laden with a
mix of vehicle emissions and airborne
road salt?  Persons with high blood
pressure are told to limit their dietary
intake of salt. Should they also stop
breathing?  What about the increase
in asthma and other respiratory conditions
particularly among children?

Where are the NYS Health Dept and
local health care providers, like Albany
Med and St Peter's Hospital on this issue?

                                       Joe Sullivan

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Go to:

                                         Joe Sullivan

Mike read the previous post and called
my attention to two of his, regarding
government finances:

Read posts and reactions to. May
comment later.

                                        Joe Sullivan


Today's Times Union headline tells of
the dreaded layoffs of state workers:

No one in the Albany or the Capital
District should take joy at this prospect.

The state workforce is to Albany, what
the iron and steel industry was to Buffalo.

Cuts in the state workforce will negatively
impact the private sector. Less shopping
at supermarkets and mall stores, which
means less sales tax revenues for county
governments.  Less income for repairmen
lawn maintenance outfits and others who
service homeowners. The entire private
sector will adversely be impacted.

Less property tax revenue, which will
have to be made up by remaining home
owners, in particular, the large sector of
elderly homeowners on fixed incomes
that dwell in Albany, Troy, Watervliet
Cohoes and Schenectady.

Less home sales. Less vehicle sales.

More spending on social services and
related government programs.

Want to really cut spending?  Governor
Cuomo should take on the political third
rail of real welfare reforms, focusing on
the myriad abuses rampant in that sytem.

Social services, medicaid, law enforcement
prisons and schools account for the major
spending incurred by cities, counties and
the state.

New York state and most of it's political
subdivisions, including the City of Albany
have embraced the policy of sanctuary
status for the huge number of illegal
aliens present. This population adds
significantly to spending on social services
education, medical care and corrections.

More illegals means more spending,  less
tax revenue and fewer jobs for citizens.

There are many times the number of
persons on welfare than employed in the
state workforce.

Supporting a growing dependent population
that can not carry it's own weight or
contribute to the betterment of society is
not sustainable in these hard economic times.

The message to Governor Cuomo and the
state Legislature is: (1) deal with real social

services reforms and (2) end sanctaury status
for the millions of illegal aliens who have
invaded our state.

Only then ,will New York get out of control
social services, and related, spending ,under

Only then, will homeowners and businesses
realize real property tax relief.

Only then, will New York be on the road
to economic recovery.

                                              Joe Sullivan


Saturday, June 4, 2011


Is Governor Cuomo compromising the
security and safety of New Yorkers and
failing  to save billions in dollars of
costs associated with the presence of
untold numbers of illegal aliens in
New York State?

Reading the following raises more questions than
it answers.

Cuomo Ends State’s Role in Checking Immigrants

Marcus Yam for The New York Times

Published: June 1, 2011

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said on Wednesday that he was suspending New York’s participation in a federal immigration enforcement plan that has drawn fire from immigrant advocates, civil liberties lawyers and elected officials in the state and around the country.

Nathaniel Brooks for The New York Times

A statement from Mr. Cuomo’s office said there was “mounting evidence” that the program, called Secure Communities, had not only failed to meet its goal of deporting the most serious immigrant criminals but was also undermining law enforcement and compromising public safety.  PROOF?

“There are concerns about the implementation of the program as well as its impact on families, immigrant communities and law enforcement in New York,” Mr. Cuomo said. Unless those concerns are eased, the statement said, New York will not take part. SPECFIC CONCERNS?

Mr. Cuomo’s decision makes New York the second state to announce its intention to withdraw from the program, and sets up a confrontation with the Obama administration, which has made Secure Communities a cornerstone of immigration enforcement strategy. Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois said in May that he was canceling his state’s participation.

Under the program, begun by the Bush administration in 2008, the fingerprints of everyone booked into a local or county jail are sent to the Department of Homeland Security and compared with prints in its files. If officials find that a suspect is in the country illegally, or is a noncitizen with a criminal record, they may seek to deport the person.

By Wednesday, that fingerprint sharing had been introduced in about 41 percent of the nation’s jurisdictions, including 27 of 62 counties in New York. Mr. Cuomo’s move means that those counties’ participation will end. The entire country is scheduled to join the program by 2013.  NAME COUNTIES.

The practical effects of Mr. Cuomo’s decision are unclear. New York law enforcement agencies regularly check fingerprints with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Homeland Security officials said that regardless of New York’s participation in Secure Communities, the F.B.I. would still share fingerprints with the immigration agency.   SO, GOV ANDREW IS POSTURING?

Federal officials said that if states did not share fingerprints with the F.B.I., those states would lose access to federal criminal databases, undermining their ability to fight crime.

While Secure Communities has contributed to a sharp rise in deportations under President Obama, it does not appear to have won him many allies. It has angered immigrants who supported Democrats in recent elections. It has also failed to convince many of the president’s Republican opponents that he is sufficiently committed to enforcement.

Opponents of the program contend that even though it was mainly intended to ensnare convicted criminals and people deemed a security threat, it has instead caught too many immigrants charged with low-level crimes or guilty only of being in the country illegally. This pattern, the opponents argue, has driven immigrants deeper into the shadows and deterred them from helping officials fight crime.  ONLY GUILTY OF BEING

In addition, critics have assailed the rollout of Secure Communities, which has been plagued by seemingly contradictory statements about how it works and whether local and state participation is voluntary.  VAGUE

Mylan L. Denerstein, counsel to Mr. Cuomo, cited these concerns in a letter on Wednesday.

“Until the numerous questions and controversies regarding the program can be resolved, we have determined that New York is best served by relying on existing tools to ensure the safety of its residents, especially given our overriding concern that the current mechanism is actually undermining law enforcement,” Mr. Denerstein wrote to John Sandweg, counsel to Janet Napolitano, the homeland security secretary. WHAT QUESTIONS, CONTROVERSIES? WHAT EXISTING TOOLS?

Officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an arm of Homeland Security that oversees Secure Communities, said it was reviewing the program to make sure it focused on criminals.

Immigrant advocates praised Mr. Cuomo. “It is clear the tide is turning” against Secure Communities, said Pablo Alvarado, director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network in Los Angeles. “It’s high time for the president to terminate the program before any further damage is done to our communities.”  WHOSE

Rather than ending New York's
participation in the Secure Communities
program, Governor Cuomo should:

1. End Sanctuary status for illegal aliens
    in New York State, all counties
    cities, towns, villages and political
    units therof. And denying state and
    federal aid to juridictions, including
    school districts, that fail to comply.

2. Report to the people of New York
    answering these questions?

   a) How many illegal aliens are in
       the state and where?

    b) What is the cost to state, and local
         taxpayers, of providing social services
         education benefits, medical care for
         illegal aliens.

       c) What are the types and numbers
        of crimes perpetrated by illegal
        aliens?  What  proportion of those
        incarcerated in prisons and jails
        in New York, are illegal aliens?
        What is it costing state taxpayers
         for law enforcement, courts, jails
         and prisons related to illegal

The costs of failure of New York State
and the political subdivisions thereof
to far exceed any political benefit that
might accrue to Governor Cuomo and
the New York Democratic Party.

In fact, this failure puts all New Yorkers
at increased risk, when we are the targets
of a foe seeking to destroy us in their War
of Terror.

                                     Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Obama and company step on the gas. Not
to mention aviation fuel consumed in non
stop political campaigning at public

No, tiny electric cars for this crowd.

Let the peasants eat cake!

                                             Joe Sullivan