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Friday, January 25, 2013


Watched and listened to 2 videos
by the Irish Descendants:

Cape St Mary's


Don't Cry For Me

Search: Irish Descendants
You tube to view/listen.

Wondered whatever became of 
Great  Grand Aunt Mary Harrington
sister to my GGF Sean Harrington
A Buaile  (b June 1843) in Uxside.
Sean moved  with his parents, Tade and
Mary,and siblings, to Kilcatherine,Eyeries
Parish Beara, in famine times.

Sean A Buaile( of The Field) is buried
in Butte, Montana where he went to mine
copper. A Buaile is the field where
our Harringtons and O'Sullivan (Cohus)
fought a turf war

His sister Mary married a Harrington Gow
(Blacksmith) man from Allihies
(The Western Parish) Beara. They
emigrated to Newfoundland.

                                           Joe Sullivan         

The Democratic Party of today is a
far cry from the Democratic Party of

Search for: democratic party platform

                                   Joe Sullivan

Monday, January 21, 2013



Voter rolls in the city and county of Albany
 should be canvassed to make certain that

1. college students who register to vote
    locally are not registered to vote in
    their home counties

2. no illegal aliens are registered to vote

3. welfare recipients are not  collecting
    benefits or registered to vote in other
    counties or states

All new voter registrations should undergo
similar screening.

These moves are necesssary to protect
the integrity of city elections, to guard
against the dilution of the votes of
bonafide Albany City residents who
are U S citizens and to produce a
ward redistricting maps that assure
these objectives.

College students may double dip
vote here in Albany and in their
home county.

Welfare recipients who move
about collecting welfare benefits
in multiple state counties, as well
as neighboring states scam those
jurisdictions and may be voting
in those multiple jurisdictions as

The 2010 U S Census violated the
NYS Constitution which prohibits
counting aliens.

How many illegal aliens are included
in the  ward population allocations
which serve as a basis for drawing the
redistricting maps, now before the
Common Council?

The Albany Common Council, in
2007, approved a resolution
declaring Albany a sanctuary city
for illegal aliens by a vote of 14-0.

Which current Common Council
Members voted for this resolution?
Which one was absent?

Perhaps, the Times Union will
publish this voting record.

Perhaps, the Common Council
will repeal the Sanctuary City
resolutions? Will any current
Member sponsor a repeal

The redistricting  ward maps before
the Albany Common Council for
approval are flawed as a result of
the above.

Bonafide Albany City residents
who are U S citizens and property
tax payers should demand that
the integrity of city elections,
wards maps and the integrity of
their votes be assured by
canvassing the voter rolls
as outlined above,  before
any final ward redistricting
maps are approved.

                        Joe Sullivan


Fred LeBrun spot on regarding  the
recently enacted NY gun law:

                                        Joe Sullivan

Saturday, January 19, 2013


5,000, or more, Patriots took time
from their families, on a sunny, but
cold January day to attend the rally
at the State Capitol in Albany in
support  of our Second Amendment
and Constitution; and calling for
repeal of the recently enacted NY
law which infringes on the Second
Amendment rights of law abiding
American citizens.

Repeal that law, the legislators who
voted for it, and the Governor who
promoted and signed it into law!
Nor, was local Congressman Tonko
anywhere in sight.

No elected officials from the City
and County of Albany were seen
at the rally. Town officials either.

Vote them out. The latter in 2013
and the former in 2014.

Any elected official who puts
blind party allegiance before
America, our Constitution, does
not merit reelection. Primary
them and vote in November
elections for candidates who
support our Constitution and
Bill of Rights.

It is the duty of every American
to restore our Constitutional

                      Joe Sullivan

Thursday, January 17, 2013


The loyalty of a dog - one of the
most noble of God's creatures


                                                  Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Their media performances were
 second rate, but transparent.

They, their court jesters,  and camp
followers, have shamefully exploited
the Newtown massacre to further
their professed objective of
fundamentally transforming America.

Trampling the Second Amendment
Constitution and Bill of Rights
disarming law abiding citizens to
prevent those citizens from defending
themselves from assaults by criminals
be they street thugs or  political

Americans have short memories.
Remember any of these actions
by government?

How many men, women and children were
killed in this massacre?

Further back in history, what about :
Wounded Knee and the Cherokee trail of tears?

Do not look to the courts for
justice. They are, in essence
political appointees of the king
and prince.

The people must restore our
Constitutional Republic  through
informed voting in 2013 local
elections and 2014 federal/state elections.
Identify, support and elect candidates
who uphold the Constitution and who
recognize that they are elected to
represent - not rule us.

Inform yourselves and vote accordingly
in the primaries and general elections
of 2013 and 2014.

Your life, liberty, pursuit of happiness
and your country are on the line.

Nothing less than 100 percent turnout
of resident, citizen voters will do!

                                       Joe Sullivan

Welcome to your world. An America
fundamentally transformed by a king
and a prince who rule by fiat. Their
actions endorsed by court jesters
(congress and state legislature) elected
by partyline faithful (you-dumb asses).

The Constitution has been trampled
under foot. Law abiding citizens disarmed.
Our Republic transformed into a monarchy.
Your representatives are now your rulers.
They will decide your medical care.  Wise
up tarts.Your bodies are not your own.
They belong to the government. The fruits
of your labor (income, home and possessions)
as well.

Soon, you will be living in the dark
(no electricity),  in cold, damp
mud huts, without heat, running
water and sanitation; subsisting on
government rations (food stamps).

Uniform of the day-sack cloth.

Your mode of transportation- donkeys.

(Poetic justice?)

All of us are now serfs, thanks to the
stupdilty of partyline camp followers
bolstered by criminals and illegal
aliens who voted without background
checks, as well as college students
who voted twice- at their homes of
origin and in communities wherein
their schools are located.

America fundamentally (radically)

Our military has been neutered
by the King who crows about
being Commander in Chief - who
never served a day in the military.

By his own proclamation he intends
to establish a civilian force that is
stronger and better armed than the

You will be vulnerable and defenseless
because you have been disarmed by
your "elected" rulers.

Any clue who will comprise the
King's guard?

They soon may be quartered and
fed by you in your homes.

The worst is yet to come. Your
incompetent rulers have failed to
secure our borders. Illegal aliens
including OTM'S (Jihadists), drug
dealers, gangbangers, by the tens
of millions, now run wild in America.

America and New York are now
by government fiat and inaction
sanctuaries for illegal aliens, including
the OTM's.

When they begin their coordinated
attacks, civil disorder and anarchy
will prevail. Law abiding citizens
will be vulnerable and defenseless
because they have been disarmed
by rules of engagement promulgated
by the King, Prince and their court

The Jihadists, illegal aliens, criminals
gangbangers, drug dealers, and assorted
anti social malcontents do not obey
gun laws or any other laws. They will
have the ability to dispose of the King
Prince and court jesters, making way for
our new rulers.

Sharia will be the law of the land.
Bikinis will yield to burkas.

The America we knew and loved
will be no more.

The only defense you have left
are the 2013 local elections and
the 2014 federal and state elections.

We must field candidates who put
America before blind partyline
allegiance. Informed voters  who
do the same.

Take back our local governments
in 2013 , the House and Senate
in 2014 . These will be our last
chances to save our Constitutional
Republic and ourselves.

                          Joe Sullivan

Monday, January 14, 2013


Violent perps employ whatever
means are at their disposal. Rocks
bleach, knives, gasoline, poisons
guns, vehicles, airplanes, biological
agents, and more.

Jihadists, drug dealers, gangbangers
criminals of all sorts and the deranged
do not abide by our laws.

Progressive politicians who are
exploiting the Newtown massacre
to trample the Second Amendment
rights of law abiding American
citizens to bear arms for self defense
are placing all Americans and America
in grave peril.

Go after the perps, not the means of
violence they employ. Do not render
law abiding citizens defenseless thereby
setting the stage for unimaginable
civil disorder and more violence.

Consider this:

Thursday, April 30, 2009

                               Joe Sullivan   

Sunday, January 13, 2013



                                  Joe Sullivan

Friday, January 11, 2013


Politicians who, by their actions, threaten
our security, life, liberty and pursuit of
happiness: who do not live up to their
oaths of office to support and uphold
the Constitution , and who support efforts
to radically transform America, are not
worthy of holding public office.

Where the law permits, impeach or recall
them now.

In New York, vote them out, when they
are up for election. Begin with the 2013
local elections, then complete the task
in the 2014 elections when we elect
Representatives in Congress, a Governor
Comptroller, Attorney General, State
Senators and Members of the State

The current rush to disarm law abiding
citizens by legislation, executive orders
and court rulings that erode the  intent
of  the Second Amendment, are a threat
to the security of every American and
to our national security.

Government can not save us. We must
save ourselves, our government and

It is imperative that we elect public
office holders that will uphold the
Constitution, repeal Obamacare
secure our borders, and reverse all
executive orders, laws and regulations
that are part of the "progressive"
agenda to radically transform America.

Elect candidates to public office who
promote policies that will restore our
economy, put people back to work
reduce, not increase, taxes; reduce
spending and return to smaller, less
intrusive government at all levels -
federal, state and local.

Those we elect to public office are
to serve and represent us - not to rule
us. Not to divide, but to unite us. Not
to control every aspect of our lives
but to promote liberty.

Vote out those who threaten our
security and  the security of America!

To do this requires candidates who
put America first, before blind party

It requires voters who do the same
and who make every effort to cast
informed votes, at elections, rather
than relying on a media opinions
and mindless tv/radio ads, mailers
and the like.

Stand up for America, your life
liberty and pursuit of happiness
and that of your loved ones.

Don't let America slip away at
226 years.

                             Joe Sullivan


Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Elected officeholders from the
President on down take an oath
to uphold the Constitution.

Jihadists, drug dealers, illegal
aliens, gangbangers, criminals
of all sorts, and misguided
leftists (progressives) support
disarming law abiding citizens
and trashing the Second Amendment.

The President, Members of Congress
Governors ,and all elected officials
that advocate disarming law abiding
citizens are, in effect, trashing the
Constitution, they all swear to uphold
when they take office.

Trash the Second Amendment, and
the First Amendment, and the rest of
the Constitution, and Bill of Rights
will not be far behind.

All that stands between a dictatorship
and chaos in times of disaster, natural
and man made, in America, is the Second
Amendment and an armed, law abiding

The Second Amendment is key to
national security and the  security
and self defense of the citizenry.

Government can't save us. We must
save ourselves, our government and

The Founders had it right. The slew
of Democratic political officerholders
have it wrong.

Go after the perps, not the law abiding

                              Joe Sullivan

Radio news reports this morning
that Albany County Executive
Dan McCoy is advocating term
limits for the County Executive
and downsizing the Albany County

Voters can limit terms every election.

Downsizing the legislative body has
a downside. Fewer legislators and larger
districts results in money and special
interest groups assuming a greater role
in elections.

The caliber of those elected is more
important than the number. Voters
in the respective districts would be
better off, participating in the selection
of candidates to represent them.

Take the County Executive's call
for term limits and downsizing the
county legislature to a logical step.

Why not abolish the current system
of county government and replace
it with a county board of supervisors
made up of the elected executive
officers of the cities and towns, who
in turn, elect a county executive from
among their ranks?

The major  socioeconomic
problems that exist in Albany County
(and the cities of Albany, Cohoes and
Watervliet) are the result of a growing
population dependent on government.

This population is not self sufficient
and cannot pay for the services it
requires, including: housing, food
healthcare, education, police, fire
and EMT.

The largest expenditures in local
city and county governments can
be traced to the growth of this
dependent population.

How about term limiting and
downsizing the welfare? How
about complete overhaul of
the welfare system that promotes
the dysfunction that occurs in 
households, neighborhoods and
schools, particularly in the City
of Albany?

Note that welfare fraud in
Albany County is increasing
at an alarming rate.

Why should county residents
have to contribute to the support
of a system that is destroying
the cities?

EBT card abuse is widespread.
These cards should be limited
to purchase of food staples.

The same goes for food stamps
and the "SNAP" program.

EBT cards/food stamps are
often used as underground
currency, with recipients
obtaining food from food banks
and depending on schools
to feed their children.

The Section 8 housing program
is responsible for the blight and
destruction of one neighborhood
after another in the City of Albany.

This past Sunday, the Albany Times
Union published a crime map of the
City of Albany.

Overlays of Section 8 housing and
the distribution of social services
dependent households would
correlate closely with this crime

The City of Albany has an aging
population of homeowners in wards
8,9,12,13, 14 and 15 who pay the
lions share of the property taxes
that support city schools and city

Failing city schools , crime and
rising property taxes have created
flight to the suburbs.

As the cities collapse, these
problems are appearing in the

As I predicted last campaign
the Governor's New  York
Education Commission, issued
it's report after the November
6 election. The report contains
a number of recommendations
that essentially expand the
welfare state , which will result
in higher property taxes and
which culminate in spreading
the pain of the cities to the
towns in Albany County.

Refer to Transforming the NYS
education system- The Preliminary
Education Action Plan.

Ever wonder why politicians are
out to transform every aspect of
our lives? Transform America.
Transform Education? Transformations
which are geared to creating a larger
and more dependent welfare population?

The Democratic Party of today, is not
the Democratic Party of Dan O Connell
and John F Kennedy.

Democrats control local, state and national
government. Rank and file Democrats hold
the key to reversing the growth and control
of big government. This will require rising
beyond blind partyline voting - becoming
an informed voter, despite media, which
is largely a PR outlet for those who control
the Democratic Party.

Where to look for a return to smaller
less controlling government which
adheres to  the Constitution and
promotes  our "life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness"?

Don't  look to the Republican Party
it is controlled by me too Democrats
who go along and get along with the
Democrats, and get some patronage
crumbs, including elective office.

Look in the miror, enrolled Democrats.
Only you can save America and your-
selves, and the rest of us.

                                    Joe Sullivan

Monday, January 7, 2013


SOS can be an international distress

SOS might be a breakfast offering on
a Man O War.

SOS (State of The State) address is
what NY Governor Cuomo will feed
New Yorkers.

President B H Obama will  present
his SOU (State of The Union) address
around Ground Hog Day.

SOS?  your call

                              Joe Sullivan

Saturday, January 5, 2013


NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has
sent a clear signal that he is not a
candidate for President of the United
States in 2016 or any other time.


Go after the offenders/perps Gov
not the law abiding citizens who
exercise their Second Amendment
rights to bear arms for self protection
and to counter tyranny of  any
government that does not uphold and
respect the U S Constitution.

                               Joe Sullivan



Friday, January 4, 2013


Tuned in Talk radio 1300, Albany
this morning.

Albany Mayor Jennings advocated
a national gun registry for all guns
and gun owners - to deal with problem
of illegal guns locally.

Called in and urged the Mayor to
reconsider his position.

Reminded the Mayor that he and
all other elected officials take an
oath to uphold the U S Constitution.

A national registry of guns and gun
owners would violate the Constitution
and not make us more safe.

The Russians are building an AK47
factory in Venezuela. Our southern
border is wide open and our country
has been invaded by tens of millions
of illegal aliens, including many who
are Jihadists, sworn to destroy our
Nation and us.

Our federal government (President
and Congress) have failed in their
Constitutional responsibility to keep
America and all Americans safe.

Secure our borders and ports - now!

How about a national registry of
all the illegal aliens now in the U S?

Recommended that the Mayor should
should focus on  things he can do
locally, to keep us safe:

*Call on the Albany Common Council
to rescind the 2007 resolution declaring
Albany a sanctuary city (for illegal aliens).

* Go after " comunity guns" and those
who use "illegal guns" to commit crimes.
Hand guns, not rifles, are used in such

* Disarm gangbangers and drug dealers
who are the allies of foreign terrorists.

Next hour, on talk 1300, I was astounded
to hear, otherwise rational commentator
F U Dicker opine that  the failure of
Republican Party candidates to prevail
nationally and statewide in the 2012
elections is because they were socially

To the contrary, the Republicans failed
because they were not conservative
enough and because they failed to
clearly define why voters should have
elected them, rather than reelecting
those who are radically tranforming
(and destroying) America.

Dicker proposed that candidates
be economically conservative and
socially liberal to win over young
people, women and others who
support abortion.

Dicker said returning to the 1950's
is not the way to win elections.

To the contrary, America was a better
place in the 1950's.

In sum, there is a clear link betrween
abortion and the gun violence that we
deplore today -  no respect for life.

Uphold the Constitution and  the right
of every person to "life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness"  which are God
given, not given by government!

                             Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

MAY 2013 BE

This blog has many readers
the world over.

No matter who we are or
where we live, we face
many challenges this year.

Each of us must do what
we can to  survive and
prevail over those

As we do this, may we
each day, observe the
beauty of  the places
where we dwell and
our spirit be renewed
as a result.

Peace, good health and
good fortune to all.

Relect on  an old Irish

"Live each day as it
be your last... and
one day you will be
spot on".

           Joe Sullivan