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Tuesday, May 24, 2005



It is time for the City of Albany to take decisive action to disarm criminals and gangs now.

City streets and neighborhoods are not safe for law abiding citizens.

Dr Leonard Morgenbesser has been leading a one man crusade against gun crimes/violence, compiling a list of more than 240 incidents in the City of Albany in the past two years. His pleas for action have largely gone unheeded by the media and city government.

The best the Common Council can come up with is a resolution asking the Albany County DA to adopt a plan of "no plea zones for gun related crimes". What an absurd idea!

The answer is an immediate, combined effort by city, county, state and federal law enforcement and the New York National Guard, to disarm criminals and gangs on city streets and in city neighborhoods.

Operation click it or ticket should be replaced by Operation Lock and Load.

We need Minute Men here in Albany as well as on the Mexican Border.

Do this without further delay. The criminals and gangs are likely allies of foreign terrorists who can supply these domestic terrorists with drugs, money and weapons

This disarmament effort is as much a matter of national security as it is a matter of safe school, streets and neighborhoods.

The consequences of failing to act are ominous.



Tuesday, May 10, 2005


 FIXING FAILING ALBANY SCHOOLS NOW, KEY TO  ALBANY'S FUTURE                                                May 12, 2005

May 17  a school budget vote will be held in the City of Albany.

The ballot questions to be voted on are:

 #1 a 157 million dollar budget, a 3.9 percent tax hike.

 Every year the budget increases and the tax rate goes up. Do not be fooled by the relatively small percentage rate. Realize that successive years of budget and tax rate increases, plus revaluation and full value assessment combined,  translate to significant property tax increases and  financial windfalls to both city government and the school district.

What are we getting in return? Failing city schools that are unsafe , disorderly, unconducive learning environments for serious students who want to learn.

#2 Charter school funding: Do you support it?

Your answer doesn't matter. This is state mandated. This is a poll question to make you feel like you actually have a say in what goes on.

#3 Albany Public Library $4.2 million tax levy and three vacancies on the library board of trustees.rar

Albany residents deserve one good library. You are being asked to approve 4.2 million dollars for a library system that has no plan for the future. You are also presented with 3 candidates for election as Library trustees. They are unopposed (the kind of elections those in power in Albany really like). It doesn't matter who the candidates are or what they stand for-you have a clear choice- vote for them or don't vote -. It doesn't matter because even if they vote for themselves, they will be elected. Your vote is irrelevant. Maybe, that is why so few people come out to vote at school budget elections! Not to worry, because that enables those who control city schools and the public library to have their way. To further discourage voter participation, only certain polling places are open, thereby ensuring a small turnout.


Q1. Should the Albany School District/Board be disbanded and responsibility and accountability for the city schools vested with the Mayor and Common Council?

Q2. Should Albany return to a K-8 neighborhood school system?

Q3. Should school budget votes be moved to the November General Election, with results being final? (No reruns)

Q4. Should the Albany City Schools Adopt and Enforce Strict a strict conduct code in schools, on buses, and neighborhood streets around schools?


Despite my persistant calls for these questions to be addressed they are not! The Mayor, Common Council Members and School Board Members have all looked the other way.  Sure ,there has been some posturing and public handwringing, but no action.

Remember this when you go to vote (if you do) on May 17,  September 13 (Democratic Primary) and the Kentucky Derby of Albany elections November 8.(General Election)

Maybe you ought to vote on each of the above dates because things will  never change until you exercise the power you have to bring about improvements in our city schools and government, as well as our neighborhoods and city as a whole -YOUR VOTE!

                                                    J P Sullivan











Thursday, May 5, 2005

Tonto's Wanted

        5 May 2005

        Cinco de Mayo

        Lonerangeralbany seeks Tonto's

        Only fearless, hardriding, straightshooting buckaroos

        dedicated to combatting urban blight, litter, noise, speeding   

        traffic, grafitti, gangs, disorderly school mobs , Leftwing

        Liberal Democrats  and their Working Families Party sidekicks

        need apply.

       A Common Council President candidate who can rope and ride

       herd on the gang that can't shoot straight. A Comptroller and

       Treasurer who will safeguard the City payroll, and 15 RangeRiders

       (Common Council candidates) from the 15 City Wards.

       All must be native born, or naturalized, legal immigrants, who are

       proud to be Americans and honored to ride for the Row A Ranch.

       Apply without delay to: Tel/Fax 438 5230

       We saddle up and ride hard at first light, Tuesday, June 7.

       ROW A for ALBANY  NOVEMBER 8, 2005. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2005





The City of Albany is a big provider of public assisted housing for low income persons.

The Albany RC Diocese is closing many parishes and has a large inventory of substantial former rectories and convents that would make excellent sites for low income veterans housing.

Two examples: Our Lady of Angel's Rectory on Central Ave and the former St Teresa's Parish Convent on New Scotland Ave.

What kind of message do we send to our servicemen and women who put their lives on the line for us, when we are not there for them in their hour of need?

See Times Union article, today, "Veterans mired in losing battle" p B2 by Brian Nearing.

On his 9 am-Noon  WGY (810 AM) Radio Talk Show, this morning, Andrew Wilkow rightly asked why the City of Albany is providing housing for crack heads, but not for veterans? (Who have served their country and society..I would add)





 SULLIVAN LEADERSHIP has contributed to:

* Defeat of a 100 ft Verizon cell phone tower on Whitehall Rd (2005)

* Restoration of Crestwood Plaza as a neighborhood  retail-service plaza anchored by Crestwood Pharmacy (2005)

* Defeat of a proposed 12 story luxury apartment tower/parking garage comlex on a 7 acre steep-sloped, wooded ravine containing 2 small wetlands on Krum Kill Rd (2004)

* County clean-up of the "Boopsie" brownfield site, Whitehall at New Scotland Ave and defeat of 2 attempted commercial rezoning attempts for the three-quarter acre parcel  (1994-2000)

* Halting County second round spraying in result to emergence of West Nile Virus in mosquitoes, Advocated use of biological controls (2000)

* Defeat of 2 attempts to build a huge megabox drug store at Krum Kill Rd and News Scotland Ave (1999-2000)

* Defeat of proposals to build a 3rd middle school at Whitehall Rd or on Krum Kill Rd  (2000)

* Defeat of two attempts to rezone 635 New Scotland Ave (at South Manning Blvd) commercial  (1997-98)

* Rezoning Albany Muni Golf Course and Hartmann Rd Community Garden site Land Conservation (1994) Defeat of luxury housing proposal on 60 acres of old back nine, which would have obscured views of Catskill Mt  Three Sisters Peaks (1993)

* Rezoning Buckingham Pond and adjacent lands, Land Conservation resulting in creation of Buckingham Pond Park (1994)

* Defeat of proposal to convert Mercy convent, New Scotland Ave into office building (1994)

* Creation of permanent green spaces on New Scotland Ave at South Manning; and the conifer screened acre at Krum Kill Rd (1987)





Monday, May 2, 2005



Mayor Jerry Jennings, today,  declined to accept the Republican ballot line (ROW A) in the November 8 General Election.

In so doing, Jennings made a political blunder which he may regret, should he be defeated in the September 13 Democratic Primary by the Liberal Democratic-Working Families Party Coalition (Coalition) which has taken control of the Albany City schools, elected City Court Judge Tom Keefe (2003) and Albany DA David Soares (2004).

Jerry Jennings just tossed away his political safety net (Row A) which would have assured him a prime spot on the November ballot

Now the Coalition will step up efforts to defeat Jennings in the September 13 Democratic Primary.

The Coalition can nominate a ham sandwich in a Democratic Primary. They are bright, highly organized and have a proven ability to get their voters to the polls.

In contrast, the regular Democratic organization can't even deliver a pizza in Albany.

The Party of Dan O Connell is no more. The 2005 city elections are a watershed for the City of Albany. The Democratic Party is deeply divided and the Coalition is poised to take control of the party and City government.

I was hoping to run for the citywide office of Common Council President. There is no incumbent and my chances were good, However, Jerry Jennings declination of our ballot line would leave the Republican ballot line for Mayor unfilled. I can't let that happen.

Should Jennings fall in the Democratic Primary, I will be the Republican Mayoral candidate. I will be there for the people and City of Albany to repel the Coalition in the November 8, General Election.

Make no mistake about it, 2005 is the most important city election since Dan O Connell ran for Assessor after WWI and broke Republican control of the City of Albany.

Oldtime Albany Democrats are closet Conservative, Republicans. Even Dan O Connell's family were Republicans when they ran a saloon in the South End.

It is time for Albany Democrats to take a sober look at the City of Albany and what more than 80 years of one party dominance has wrought. If they take a hard look, and like what they see, keep right on partyline voting. If they are distressed at the urban blight, crime , violence,  out of control, failing public schools, and annual property tax increases to support a moribund Common Council and the failing public school system - it is time to make a change in November.

In the coming month, I will do my best to field viable candidates for the Common Council from the 15  City Wards; Common Council Presidency, City Comptroller and City Treasurer.

We can not allow the Liberal Democratic-Working Families Party to gain control of Albany City government.

If you want to become involved contact me without delay. Joe Sullivan Tel/Fax 438 5230.

Petitioning to qualify for the ballot begins June 7, 2005.

Prospective candidates should be qualified, able individuals , ideally with a track record of civic and political involvement, who have clear stands on issues vital to the City of Albany; who have a clear vision of what they hope to achieve by their candidacies and who are able to communicate effectively with the voters.

The number one priority of Common Council candidates is to effectively represent the people of their wards.

The position of Common Council President must be occupied by an individual with strong leadership abilities to shape up the moribund Common Council and to work with the Mayor to shape public policies for benefit of all the people of the city. Remember, by law, the Common Council President becomes Mayor should a vacancy occur in that office. So, the voters should pay close attention to that race and elect a person who is a leader and capable of being an effective mayor.

The Comptroller and City Treasurer positions should be filled with persons with fiscal abilities and integrity. They are guardians of the hard earned tax dollars, fees and state and federal grants which finance the operation of city government.

I advocate merging the Albany City School District with City government. The school district and school board should be disbanded. Responsibility and accountability for the City public schools should be vested with the Mayor and Common Council.

Albany should return to a K-8 neighborhood school system which is best for kids, parents and neighborhoods.

Public school funding should shift from the property to sales/income taxes so that all  pay their fair share of public school support.

School budget votes should be held in conjunction with November General Elections, with vote results binding on the first round. No reruns.

I pressed the Common Council to send the necessary Home Rule Requests to the State Legislature for action on the above, this session. The Common Council failed to act! Remember that when incumbents come to your doors seeking petition signatures.

I pressed the School Board/District to put the above questions on the May 17 School Budget Vote ballot. The School Board failed to give the voters these choices. Send the School District/Board a message May 17 - let them know you are not going to enable failing city schools, beset by violence and disorderly, disrespectful behavior any longer - VOTE NO on the 157 Million dollar school budget. Serious students need safe, orderly learning environments. 

The criminals and gangs that have taken over streets and neighborhoods must be disarmed and brought to heel so that our schools, streets and neighborhoods are once again safe for the majority of law abiding citizens.

Urban blight, crime, violence, disorderly conduct,  litter, noise, speeding traffic, congestion and related air pollution are diminishing the residential integrity and quality of life in city neighborhoods. These issues must be effectively addressed by the Mayor and Common Council. Piecemeal neighborhood urban renewal projects like Park South must be replaced with development of a citywide master plan that is developed with the advice and consent of residents of the neighborhoods.

Voters have an obligation to make informed choices on election day. Toss away the partyline security blanket and think for yourselves. Only then will Albany pull out of it's downward spiral and once again become a city of distinct neighborhoods anchored by k-8 neighborhood schools, churches, synagogues, temples, mosques and neighborhood commercial shops and services.

Lastly, the threat of terror attacks hang over us like a dark cloud. U.S. borders and ports are not secure. Individuals, households, schools, religious institutions and neighborhoods must take emergency/disaster preparedness seriously. When adversity comes, and it will, don't count on government to save you and your loved ones.  You are on your own and would be well advised to prepare for any eventualities. Be alert and watchful. We can all help root out the terrorists who lie waiting in our neighborhoods and city.

We must take extra care to make sure the criminal and gang elements in our neighborhoods and city do not become the allies of the foreign terrorists.

I will periodically update this Blog with commentaries on local political and neighborhood issues. Tell others about this Blog and check it now and again.

My incoming mail address is, but I prefer phone/fax communications. The fax is always on ready to receive: 438 5230.

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