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Friday, January 29, 2010


President Obama and Nancy Pelosi or
the people of the the 21st and 20th
Congressional Districts?

If it be the people, join Representive
Peter King in passing an act of Congress
to bar funding for holding terrorist trials
in NYC, or anywhere else in the U.S.

Terrorists are enemy combatants.
War criminals. Try them before
military tribunals, not in civil courts.

Those that purport to serve the people
in federal and state public offices, have
the obligation to resist tyranny, whether
domestic or foreign in origin.

Read post below for more.

Joe Sullivan

Rep Peter King, ranking Republican on the
Homeland Security Committee is looking
out for us - he has sponsored legislation
in Congress that would block funding for
the KSM terrorist trials in NYC, and anywhere
else in the nation.

Congratulations Congressman King!

Mayor Bloomberg and Senator Gillibrand
oppose holding terrorist trials in NYC, but
support moving them to West Point on the
Hudson, or a similar location.

How about the Indian Point nuclear power
plants for a venue? 24 million people live
in the shadow of these twin plants.

In the past NY AG Andrew Cuomo has
called for shutting down these nuclear
power plants because of the risks they

Andrew wants to be Governor of NY?

Renew his call to shut down the Indian
Point power plants.

AG Cuomo has the power to bring legal
action to block the terror trials from being
held anywhere in NY State- do it!

The U S Supreme Court Justices would
be receptive to this case, after the way
they were humiliated by the President
on national television at the State of
the Union address.

The following post is repeated here
as a challenge , not only to Andrew, but
to all incumbents, and challengers, who
seek reelection or election for federal
and state offices in New York this year.

Friday, November 20, 2009


The Obama Administration is dead set on trying KSM
and other 9-11 co-conspirators, in NYC.
This move is foolhardy in so may ways. Most importantly
it puts New York City as a bigger target of Jihadists.Iran is
hard at work building it's nuclear weapons capacity.
It is not unreasonable to assume that building suitcase dirty
bombs is on their agenda. Just as Iran is furnishing weapons
to the Jihadists to kill and maim our troops in Iraq and
Afghanistan, we can anticipatethat Iran will supply Jihadists
with suitcase dirty bombs for use in attacks on major
American cities, and other facilities, in the not too distant
With the failure of our government to secure our nation's
borders and ports, all Americans are at grave risk.
When New York City is at risk, so are the suburbs and Upstate.
The current budget problems of NewYork pale in significance to
the prospects for complete economic and social chaos that will
follow an attack on NYC by Jihadists using nuclear or biochemical
weapons of mass destruction. Albany, the State Capitol, is a
symbolics soft target for Jihadists.
So are the NewYork State power grid and the NYC water supply
among others.This noon, Mayor Jenings is hosting a 500 dollar
a plate lunch for Attorney General Cuomo at the FT Orange Club.
Will the menu include chicken?
According to the polls, Andrew has a huge lead in a race for
Governorin 2010.
It has been reported that President Obama is supportive of a
Cuomo gurbernatorial run. Andrew has done an outstanding job as
Attorney General of New York.
He has been a critic of the public safety hazard of the Indian Point
nuclear facility which sits astride geologic fault lines. 24 million people
live in the shadow of Indian Point. Andrew has advocated closing it
The silence of our aggressive public defender regarding the Obama
Administration'sdecision to try the 9-11 Jihadists in NYC is
Whether he runs for re-election as AG or runs for Governor in 2010
Andrew has an obligation to take a stand on the Obama Administration's
move to try enemy combatants in civil court in NYC because of the
public safety risk to New York, all New Yorkers, our economy and our
way of life.
It also, puts our entire nation at greater risk. As AG, Andrew has the
ability to take legal action to block holding 9-11 Jihadists civil trials in

Will he? Crossing swords with Obama poses a political risk to Andrew
but in the final analysis, politically Andrew will be the winner and we
will be safer.
Andrew will have a clear political road to reelction

Joe Sullivan
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As Americans have watched events
in Haiti, has it ever occurred that
we are subject to natural and man
made disasters and terror attacks
that will rival or exceed what is
portrayed on tv?

Government can't save us, we
must save ourselves.

Anticipate what can happen and
prepare to be a survivor.

Survivor is not just a tv show.

This is a real life challenge for
each of us.

Stratfor has some useful tips:


These reports are published with permission of STRATFOR

Also, review USGS hazards site:


Joe Sullivan


We are at war. President Obama is
a wartime Presisent. Is he up to the
task of being an effective Commander
in Chief?

National security is the priority issue.
If we are not safe, nothing else matters.

Read what one homeland security expert
a graduate of West Point and 25 year army
veteran, with a Master's degree in strategy
from the U S Army War College-
James J Carafano - has to say:

Joe Sullivan

Friday, January 22, 2010


The Second American Revolution began
in Massachusetts, with the election of
Scott Brown as U.S. Senator on January
19, 2010.

We owe Scott Brown and the voters of
Massachusetts a great debt.

Capitol District Brown Brigade members
made telephone calls from home, and
our Tea Party allies conducted field ops
in Massachusetts.

Now, it our turn to focus on New York
and the 2010 elections for 2 U.S Senators
Representatives in Congress, a Governor
Lt. Governor, Comptroller, Attorney
General and Members of the State Senate
and Assembly.

This Second American Revolution will
rely not on use of arms, but rather use
of the electoral process, as it exists in
2010 in New York State.

There are two major political parties:
Democrat and Republican and three
minor parties: Independence, Conservative
and Working Families.

The Working Families Party is the Far
Left/union adjunct of the Democratic Party.
The Independence and Conservative Parties
seldom run their own candidates, usually
endorsing either Democrat or Republican

Here in Albany County, it can be said that
the Independence Party is not, and the
Conservative Party is an arm of the Albany
County Democrats.

In 2010, the gubernatorial candidates of
the 3 minor parties must obtain at least
50,000 votes, each, in the November election
in order to continue to exist for the next 4

Some patriots, and Independent or non-enrolled
voters advocate forming another 3rd or minor
party. This can be done through the Independent
petitioning process which occurs during July and
August. They are one shot parties which do not
gain official party status in New York unless they
field gubernatorial candidates who gain the
necessary 50, 000, or more, votes, statewide.

In addition, these independent ballot lines appear
in obscure places on the November ballot, along
with local school board candidates.

What are Patriots to do in 2010?

There is no need to reinvent the wheel or
scatter your energies and efforts, which is a
prescription for failure.

The 2010 elections are critical to the future
of America, and to the futures of all Americans.

We only have one shot to get it right!


1. The NYS Conservative Party is most closely
aligned with the goals of Patriot voters.

2. Review the NYS Conservative Party website:

3. Click on the link for the coming 2 day
Conservative Party Political Action
Conference which will be held at
the Holiday Inn, Wolf Rd, beginning
at Noon, Sunday, January 31, 2010.
Register, attend and participate.

4. In Albany County, and throughout
New York State, Patriots should seek
out viable candidates who are enrolled
Conservative Party Members, for state
and congressional offices.

Tea Party and, all other Patriot voters
should line up and support those
enrolled Conservatives in February
March and April.

When the major , and minor parties
meet , in May, at the county and state
levels to endorse candidates, party
leaders of each party will have to
decide whether, or not, to endorse the
conservative people's candidates who
have mustered the the grass roots
support of Patriots who put America
First before any political party.

At the very least, the Democrat and
Republican party organization levels
will have to present conservative
candidates , or risk losses in the 2010
primaries and general election.

Polls show that the majority of voters
now view themselves as conservative.

The Massachusetts voters electing Scott
Brown, as their U S Senator is evidence
of that.

What began in Massachusetts must not
stay in Massachusetts. The Capitol District
Brown Brigade, our Tea Party allies and all
Patriot voters can make it happen in New York
by leading the way, beginning today!

Joe Sullivan

518 438 5230

Monday, January 18, 2010






Joe Sullivan

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Our Tea Party allies are braving the
snow and winter weather with a
caravan which will assemble at
Best Buy Parking Lot, Cross Gates
Mall tomorrow morning, Monday
January 18. Departure time 6:30 AM

The Tea Party caravan will proceed
to Bennington, Vermont thence
South to Williamstown, Pittsfield
then to Springfield and points East.

Check the Tea Party website for more

Tune in Daybreak with Steve and Jackie
at WROW AM590 and Paul Vandenburg
at Talk 1300 for announcements and any
changes in plans.

Tune in Al Roney at WGY and Kelly Stevens
at Talk 1300 later in the morning. Also,
Glenn Beck and Fred Dicker.

Our Capitol District Brown Brigade volunteers
will focus on making phone calls, Monday
and Tuesday.

Additional volunteers are welcome and can
participate by following the instructions
in the previous post, below.

Brown Capitol District volunteers will
also be listening to and calling in to the
above Talk Radio stations and programs
on Monday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 will be
devoted to phone call efforts.

Deb Busch, Deputy Coordinator of the
Capitol District Brown Brigade may be
available for Talk Radio interviews as
well as any radio coverage of the
special election later in the day and
when the polls close.

Television stations should contact
the Brown Holyoke Coordinator
Conor Maguire for any coverage
during the day, January 19, or after
the polls close.

Sincere thanks to all Brown volunteers
for what you have done thus far, and
what you will do, to help elect Scott
Brown, U S Senator from Massachusetts
between now and the close of polls
8 pm Tuesday, January 19.

Fire at will! Make every phone call and
ballot count!

Joe Sullivan, Coordinator
Capitol District (NY)
Brown for U S Senate

Tel/Fax 518 438 5230

Friday, January 8, 2010


January 19, 2010 a special election will
be held in Massachusetts to elect a United
States Senator from Massachusetts.

This election is the opening battle in the
2010 federal and state elections.

Just as what happened at Lexington and
Concord, April 19, 1775, did not stay in
Massacusetts; what happens in
Massachusetts January 19, 2010 will not
stay in Massachusetts.

In 1775 colonials resisted the Intolerable
Acts of the British Parliament.

In 2010 Americans are rebelling against
the modern versions of intolerable acts of
"health care reform' , "cap and trade"
"immigration reform"and tyranny of a
leftist political administration which, by it's
policies, threatens the very survival of our
constitutional form of government, as well as
the survival of America and every American.

The 2010 and 2012 elections will be the battle
grounds of a Second American Revolution
where ordinary Americans will reclaim their
governments and nation from the tyranny of
of federal and state government administrations
gone wild.

The election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts
is the opening volley in this Second American
Revolution. It will quickly spread to the other

Election of Scott Brown will deprive Harry
Reid of the 60 votes needed to pass whatever
version of the Pelosi-Reid Health Reform bill
emerges from the secret wheelings and dealings
now underway without the full and open
participation of all duly elected representatives
and without participation of the people.

More than this, it will mark the time in history
when the American people, by means of the
Constitutional form of government, we inherited
from the Founding Fathers, restored America
as the land of liberty and freedom, governed by
our duly elected representatives of, by and for
the people.

Let it begin in Massachusetts, and let it begin now!

Joe Sullivan

Call From Home for Scott Brown for US Senate!

Capitol District residents can help elect Scott Brown U.S. Senator
by making telephone calls from home

Below the Log In, Click on "Click Here" and fill out the form. Your user name and password will sent to your email.

Return to the FLS Volunteer Connect page (link above) and enter user name and password.

Start the tutorial.
Begin making calls to help Scott Brown for US Senate.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Terrorists bombers have entered the
fashion world. First burkas then shoes.
Most recently briefs.

Thus far, government security efforts
media and public attention are focused
on airports and planes, profiling
young Muslim males and reconciling
public safety and privacy concerns with
security measures ranging from wanding
to full body scans, to pat downs and strip

Be on the lookout for a new fashion line
which will present real security and
privacy concerns anywhere crowds gather
including trains, subways, concerts malls
stadiums and government centers.........

Al Qaida's Secrets bra bombs.

This will only raise a greater public
outcry from those who denounce
profiling as a security counter measure
and those who question to what degree
personal privacy and liberty must be
surrendered in the name of security.

Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The Massachusetts special election to fill
the Senate seat of Ted Kennedy is two
weeks away.

Massachusetts, New York and America need
Scott Brown in the United States Senate.

Go to his website to read why and to

(if this link is blocked, google Brown for U S Senate)

Scott Brown, a 30 year military veteran
will not be a rubber stamp for Senate
Leader Harry Reid

I urge all my Beara relations in
Massachusetts, the Sullivan's, Harrington's
Shea's, Murphy's, Crowley's, Hanley's
Houlihan's, Dennehy's, Healy's, Hartnetts
Leary's, Driscoll's , Lowney's, Sheehan's. Powers
Leahy's, Cronin's and McCarthy's in the Boston
Fall River New Bedford and Holyoke -Springfield

The American Revolution began at Concord
and Lexington.

It is fitting that the Second American Revolution
to restore government by, of and for the people
in 2010, begins by winning this Massachusetts
Senate seat.

All the same Beara relations in Rhode Island
New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont
New Jersey , Butte, Montana and UP Michigan
can help elect Scott Brown U S Senator
by volunteering to make phone calls to
Massachusetts voters.

For those in the Capital District of New York
the closest Scott Brown call center is in

NEW YORK TEA PARTY troops are invited
to join the effort.

Joe Sullivan

Albany, New York (518) 438 5230

Sean vil Anna
Shearhig, Sounish

Harrington A Buaile
Harrington Caobach


Congratulations to Dan McCoy upon
his election to serve the people of the
City and County of Albany, as Chairman
of the Albany County Legislature.

Dan also serves as Chair of the Albany
County Democratic Committee.

The first order of business for Dan is
to elect a Conservative Congressional
Representative from Albany County.

Albany County is the population, media
and geographic center of the 21st
Congressional District.

Paul Tonko has had his day in the sun.
Time for Paul to ride off into the sunset.

Albany is not served well by in Congress
by a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi.

When Dan O'Connell was Albany County
Democratic Chairman, he was a force to
be reckoned with in local, state and national

The real Dan McCoy is now positioned to
emulate the Late, Great Dan 0'Connell.

Go for it Dan!

Joe Sullivan

Friday, January 1, 2010


2010 is a decisive year for America
and each of us. Our survival is on
the line.

234 years ago, America was founded
as a free nation based on the ideas
presented in
The Declaration of Independence
and a form of government set forth
in The Constitution.


In 2010, nothing less than another
Revolution is required to end tyranny
by a government. This time it is not
the tyranny of England's Crown, but
the tyranny of those who were elected
to serve we the people, and the tyranny
of the mainstream media which serves
those elected officials, rather than the

This Revolution will be achieved, not
by force of arms, but by the people
arming themselves with knowledge
and acting upon that aquired knowledge
at the polls in the 2010 primaries and
general election.

We need true leaders to step forward
and run for political office.

In 2008 Americans voted for change.
The change we experienced in 2009
clearly is not the change that is best
for our country, or each of us.

In 2010 we have to make a course
correction, once more, to avoid the
perfect storm which is bearing down
on us and which is sure to destroy us
if we do not make a course correction
this year.

The clouds have obscurred the sun
and stars, the GPS and Loran systems
are down, the seas are rising, the winds
howling, our ship, and all hands aboard
will be lost,

We must return to navigating by compass
and dead reckoning, following the course
charted for us in The Declaration
of Independence and Constitution.

The people (voters) need to toss away
their binky of blind partyline voting, and
vote for those candidates who will lead
and live by, the ideals set forth in our
Declaration of Independence and

Political parties are nothing more than
ballot lines.

Poltical parties were not envisioned by
the Founding Fathers. Parties evolved later
to represent interests groups, whose goal
is political power and control.

We have to get our priorities straight.

Security at the national, state and local
levels is the most important priority.

If we are not safe, nothing else will

Who can look at the political track
record of those in public office, at the
national, state and local levels, in 2009
and say that we are safe - from the
foreign terrorists, and their anti-social
malcontent, native born allies, who seek
to destroy America; and those now in
elected office, who seek to transform
America, and truthfully proclaim we
are safe?

Those in office, today, have proven they
are not up to the task!

The people must realize that government
can not save them, the people must save
themselves by informed participation
in our Constitutional form of government
which is our inheritance from the
Founding Fathers of this nation.

2010 is, indeed, a year of decision for
America's future and the future of each
of us, and our loved ones.

As the old Irish saying goes - "live each
day as if it were your last...and one day
you will be spot on".

Joe Sullivan


A truly honorable, gracious man.

Rest In Peace Jack, you set an
example, for all to aspire to.

Condolences to the McNulty family

Joe Sullivan