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Monday, December 31, 2012


The mass migration of  political Lemmings
over the cliff has occurred as expected. A
mad  partyline rush to the cliff.

Drowning in a sea of debt.

No leaders exist. All are followers. This
includes those elected to public office
and those who elected them November
6, 2012.

Resolve not to be a political Lemming
in 2013. Resist tyranny. Stand up for

Your survival, the survival of your
loved ones, the survival of America
and all Americans are at stake in the
New Year.

God Bless America and all Americans
in 2013.

                             Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Are you ready for winter? Do you have emergency food, water
medications enough to last for a month or more? Have you
thought about how you would survive loss of utilities and gasoline
for an extended period of time?

Have your churches, synagogues, schools made preparations to
to serve as emergency shelters offering food, water and heated
shelter for an extended period of time?

For emergency heating and cooking have you set aside firewood
charcoal, propane? Be sure to use proper safety precautions.

Have you considered how you would deal with garbage if
municipal/private picks ups were suspended?

Do you have a communication plan that includes alternatives
in the event cell phones become inoperative?

Do you have an emergency plan for yourself, your household
your family?

How will you protect yourself, your family, your pets, your
property in the event of a major emergency/disaster or
terror attack followed by civil disorder?

In Albany many of the police and firemen live outside
the city. Recall what happened to New Orleans in

Storm Sandy had a devastating impact on downstate coastal areas.

Upstate will be on it's own in a winter emergency/disaster.

We must be prepared to make it on our own.

Consider what we must do locally to prepare to survive
during winter weather/storms. Anticpate worst case scenarios
and prepare as best you can.

Government can't save us. We must save ourselves, our
government and Albany.

For starters begin by going to: for more.

The President, Congress and NYS Legislature are too
busy playing politics as usual. They haven't a clue .

Incompetence reigns supreme.

Governor Cuomo has shown that he comprehends
our vulnerability. That comprehension must translate
to real action.

The Governor and State Legislature should get
together and expand/ reorganize the NY Guard
(The State Militia) into Companies focusing on
security, construction-heavy equipment, supply
communications and emergency assistance
positioned to provide these functions in
specific regions/locations in NYS to respond
to emergencies/disasters. Recruit able bodied
men and womem to serve, particularly youth
and experienced adults with skills to serve
as commissioned officers and non-coms, to
lead and train inexperience youths.

Coordinate these efforts with state and local police
fire and EMT's as well as the Red Cross
and other emergency assistance organizations.

Members of the NY Guard should be given
appropriate training to perform the above
tasks. They will learn skills to enable them
to get private sector jobs and develop their
leadership/citizenship skills. Homeowners
can be compensated with property tax
breaks for service. Others can receive
educational benefits to attend state and
community colleges.

When the NY Army National Guard is
activated to federal service, the role
of the NY Guard is to serve as the home
guard to perform the functions the
National Guard provides in emergencies
and disasters.

We are at war. Our Nation is teetering
of the brink of economic collapse, chaos
and civil disorder.

Our elected officials appear oblivious to
this. It would be a fatal mistake to look
to them for the leadership and actions
to assist us to survive whatever comes
our way today, tomorrow and in the

We are on our own!

                                 Joe Sullivan