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Tuesday, August 27, 2013



Let Syrians resolve their own
internal problems.

Obama, Biden, Hillary et al
have destabilized the entire
Middle East. Egypt, Libya
and now Syria

Does the Obama administration
wish to set the whole world afire?

Like the wild fires devastating our
American West, military intevention
in Syria could set the whole Northern
Hemisphere afire.

Russia and Iran are allies of Syria.

Contrary to popular belief, the USA
is no longer a superpower. We do not
have the capability of fighting wars on
several fronts. Our Navy is the smallest 
since before WW I.

Our stockpiles of missles will be
quickly exhausted.

Our remaining troops in Afghanistan
face the prospect of annihilation in
a major Mideast conflict - just as the
British lost an entire army in the
1840's in an Afghan winter.

Israel would face annihilation as well.

Nuclear warheads would soon come
into play, placing the whole Northern
Hemisphere at risk for a nuclear winter
that would last for decades.

No need to worry about climate change
or global warming - those that survive
such a holocaust would soon die of
civil disorder, anarchy, the cold and

We have a community organizer in
chief who is incompetent, who has
repeatedly violated his oath of office
to uphold the Constitution, who has
failed to keep America and Americans
safe, who has failed to secure our borders
and who aided and abetted our enemies.

Congress must Impeach him now-
remove him and his administration
from office - before they destroy America
and the world.

                                Joe Sullivan

Monday, August 26, 2013


Albany Times Union columnist, Fred LeBrun
gets an  A for analysis of the Obama education
bus tour last week.

Read: LeBrun Obama serves up a big helping
of tripe.  Albany NY Times Union Aug 26 2013.

                                         Joe Sullivan

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Obama says:

Obama on Tuition: An Educated Consumer Is the Best Customer

Friday, August 23, 2013



Read this - see the face of

Brainwashing is not education.

Obama and the federal government  should back off.

Concentrate on national security and the economy.

Secure the border. Build the keystone pipeline.
Tap NY natural gas resources and import more
Quebec hydro power. Rebuild our manufacturing
capabilities. Expand agriculture. Rebuild our
Navy and merchant marine.

Education is a local-state matter. 

The true measure of an educated person is their
behavior. Not how they score on nationally
promulgated standardized tests.

Read: Learn This - this website - June 22, 2011.

                                                    Joe Sullivan

Thursday, August 22, 2013



Welfare is a better deal than
working for a living.

No skills required.

Your housing is subsidized by
the Section 8 program, leaving
you with more income than a
retired senior citizen who lives
Uptown in a single family home
paying twice the property taxes
of a comparable home in a
blighted downtown neigborhood
with a higher crime rate.

More often than not you don't
own a home - you rent.

That Uptown senior pays a huge
school property tax so that your
kids can go to school free.

If your many children are learning
disabled and/or exhibit behavioral
problems,  you are rewarded by
SSI  (crazy money) monthly payments
of 600 dollars a head. These payments
are over and above  your total welfare
monthly income.

Your EBT cards do not restrict you
to buying only certain staple foods.

If you are so inclined, you can get
cash from your hood convenience

You can get food from local food
pantries, churches, etc.

Medicaid provides health care at
no cost to you. No copays.

That Uptown senior pays a monthly
medicare insurance premium, copays
and significant medical costs, if not
insured by a private insurance plan
with hefty montly premiums.

It doesn't pay to go to work. You
have no skills, no work ethic.

You and your kids do not value
learning (education).

The city schools become  costly
daycare (and soon nightcare) facilities
and feeding stations.

Who cares if the kids don't learn
or have a drop out rate of 50 percent?

They have a career path. The next
generation on welfare.

Beware. This gravy train is not
sustainable. As your demographic
grows and as tens of millions of illegal
aliens are granted amnesty, and as
legal unskilled immigrants are allowed
to flood the city and country - the
welfare mecca will collapse. There
will be more people on welfare than
people to support the system.


                                 Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, August 21, 2013



Nuclear plants are not safe when
they sit astride geoglogic faults,
store spent rods and waste water
on site because there is no way
to safely dispose of these, and
when they are located in close
proximity to large urban places.

Think Indian Point on the Hudson
just North of the populous NY-NJ
Metro area.


No nuclear plant is safe in an age
of terrorism. Especially in the U.S.
where the President and Congress
have failed to secure our borders
and are poised to grant amnesty to
tens of millions of illegal aliens who
have invaded our land - among them
OTM's who are sworn to destroy us.

Failure of the President and Congress
to police and secure legal immigration
including student visas, visa overstays
and asylum seekers has put America
and all Americans at great risk.

The sanctuary policies of the City
of Albany, and State of New York
regarding illegal aliens are also
placing all residents at great risk.

Wise up before it is too late!

                             Joe Sullivan

YNN keeps plugging Kathy Sheehan
and her Land Bank "solution" to the
issue of vacant buildings and blighted
neighborhoods in the City of Albany.

Read: Banking on Land Banks is
Banking on Trouble by Benita M. Dodd.

Land Banks are not accountable to
taxpayers/voters, can void taxes and
liens, decide land uses, who receives
and develops land ... and who profits
from  what amounts to 
"a government land grab"

"It is social engineering, plain and simple".

Land Banks  compete with the free
market and erode private property

Albany Democrats should not bank
on Sheehan as Mayor and her Land
Bank solution to vacant buildings and
neighborhood blight.

                               Joe Sullivan

                               candidate for
                               Mayor, City of Albany
                               Nov 5 General Election
                               Row C

* Note: Democrats may write in (print)
my name  Joseph P Sullivan for Mayor
in the Democratic Primary, Sept. 10.

Monday, August 19, 2013



1. Enter a topic in the white search bar
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    Click search button at right of that bar.

    All posts relating to that topic should
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2. Scroll down to Archives listing for
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    Click on a month/year and links to
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In all humility, Lonerangeralbany
posts are more specific, detailed and
to the point than anything Sheehan
and Ellis have to offer on their websites
in their mailers or in interview/forum
podcasts to be found on WAMC, July 2
or Talk 1300   Ellis, Friday Aug 17 or
Sheehan, Monday, Aug 19.

The same will be true for the coming
forums to be held by YNN/St Rose
and the League of Women Voters
prior to the September 10 Democratic

Read. Become informed. Cast informed

September 10 Democratic Primary- Noon
9 pm.

Write in (print)  Joseph P Sullivan for Mayor

                          Be sure to fill in the oval

November 6 General Election  6am - 9 pm

Vote Joseph P Sullivan for Mayor
Conservative  Row C

Absentee voters can vote as above:
Democrats on September 10 and

ALL VOTERS on November 5.



Thank you.

That's all there is. You have a clear
choice in both the Democratic Primary
and November 5 General Election.

Elections need not be long and costly.

There is no need to bombard you
with dumb tv/radio ads or equally
mindless, shallow mailers.

You, the voters, have the ability
and responsibility to set Albany
New York State and America back
on a true Constitutional course as
intended by the Founders of our
great Nation.

                                Joe Sullivan



YNN and the main stream media
should stop shilling for Obamacare
a.ka. affordable care act (ACA).

The Affordable Care Act is not
affordable. It translates to less
coverage at  higher costs for all

An unconstitutional power grab
that will destroy the finest health
care system in the world.

The IRS is responsible for enforcing
the ACA. Absurd!

The House of Representatives
should, without delay, before October
1, perform triage on the ACA.

Defund the ACA, now!

                                   Joe Sullivan
 Albany has been reduced to a
city of beggars because the
party line votes of Albany
Democratic voters are taken for
granted by state and local
Democratic Party public office
holders and those
who want to be elected, or
re-elected, in 2013 local and
2014  congressional/state elections. 

Editorial: Stop making Albany beg - Times Union

Keep the Harriman State Office
campus as the home of state workers.

This will relieve heavy traffic flows
through city residential neighborhoods
thereby improving the residential
integrity and quality of life in those
neighborhoods traversed by Western
Washington, Delaware, New Scotland
Avenues,  South Manning Blvd and
Whitehall Road.

No tax free scams for the State Office

The state should, without delay, justly
compensate the City of Albany, and
the people of Albany, by making proper
in lieu of taxes payments to the City
annually, for the Harriman State Office

Albany Democrats can send this
message loud and clear in the
September 10 Democratic Primary.

Write in (print) Joseph P. Sullivan
for Mayor

                      Joseph P Sullivan

                      candidate for Mayor
                      Row C  in the
                      Nov 5 General Election

                              Joseph P Sullivan  

Monday, August 12, 2013


Today's TU article "Fiscal crisis in the cards
for Albany's next mayor" ought to read
"Fiscal crisis in the cards for Albany
 homeowners and small businesses"

Go to:

What should the Mayor and
Common Council do?

1. Consolidate city schools
    with city government, with
    one property tax roll to
    finance both. Return to a
    K-8 neighborhood school
    system. Make the Mayor
    and Common Council
    for city school operation
    and performance.

2. Demand that the state
   a) make annual in lieu
      of taxes payments to
      the City for the
      Harriman State Office

   b) assume  full responsibility
       for security and clean up
       for groups who come to
       Albany to lobby state
       legislators at the Capitol
       and LOB

   c) present true mandate
       relief for the city and
       city schools

   d) approve fracking for
       NY natural gas, Albany
       tapping into the 765 kv
       hydro power line to be
       built from Quebec to
       NYC, and support
       building a refinery at
       the Port of Albany to
       refine Baakan oil -
       these will lower energy
       costs, stimulate  local
       expansion of jobs in
       agriculture and
       transportation- which
       will increase Albany's
       property/sales tax base.

Sheehan and Ellis will go
begging to the Governor
and State Legislature.

What would Dan O'Connell

Candidates for Governor
State Legislature and Congress 
will have to deliver for Albany
if they expect to get the votes
and support of Albany residents
in the 2014 elections!

The next Mayor of Albany
needs to be independent-
standing up for the people-
not a partyline puppet or

The people of Albany have to
cast informed votes, in the
2013 Albany City Elections
that send this message to to
those who want our votes for
state and federal public offices
in 2014.

                       Joe Sullivan

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Security and public safety are priority
issues in the Albany City contests for
Mayor, Common Council President and
15 ward Council Members.

Acts of terrorism are likely to increase
dramatically in the coming weeks and
months as recent unspecified  alerts

What should Albany City government
be doing to prepare for such events?

1. Identify possible terror targets. You
    can bet that those sworn to destroy
    us have already scoped out targets.

2. Increase security around those targets.

3. Fire houses, fire equipment and firefighters
    are  targets.  Designate firefighters as peace
    officers, arm them and train them in weapons
    use. Local courts should expedite issue of
    concealed carry pistol permits to active
    and retired firefighters subject to training
    in the use of pistols and small arms.

    This will provide firefighters with the ability
    to defend firehouses, equipment and 

    Firehouses and firefighters can play a back
    up role to aid the APD  in times of attack.

    Train neighborhood groups in firefighting
    and first aid. Consider establishing fire
    auxiliaries in neighborhoods consisting of
    retired firefighters and able bodied
    residents to back up AFD.

4. Police stations, policemen in cars and on
    foot are also targets. Secure all stations
    and vehicles. Train officers to anticipate
    and how to respond to terrorist acts.

    Consider forming neighborhood police
    auxiliaries consisting of retired  police
    and able bodied residents to back up the

5. Neighborhood residents should prepare
    to defend their homes and neighborhoods.

    Store water, food and fuel. Take small
    arms training using legal long gun- rifles
    and shotguns. Have sufficient ammo on

    Look around your neighborhoods. ID
    potential terror targets. Serve as the
    eyes/ears of the APD and AFD. Alert
    them to suspicious persons/actions.

6. Realize that government can't save you
    and your loved ones. You have to be
    prepared to save yourselves...and our

7. Pay particular attention to how to
    communicate with APD, AFD, as
    well as within and between neighborhoods
    in the likelihood that traditional means
    of communication will not be operable.

8. Anticipate and prepare to survive
    any natural or man made disasters or
    acts of terror that  may come our way
    in Albany.

Osama Bin Laden directed his followers
to hit small cities because they are soft

Albany is a symbolic as well as strategic
target for terrorists.

Those who engage in politics as usual
are not the best choices of voters to
lead the City in these perilous times.

                                       Joe Sullivan

Friday, August 2, 2013


Media spin on the primary leads
voters to believe there are only
two  contenders - Sheehan
and Ellis- and that Sheehan has
a commanding lead according to
a YNN/Siena poll.

Albany Democratic primaries
are dominated by the leftist
"progressives" who have co-opted
control of the Democratic Party
which once stood for upholding
the Constitution and State's Rights.
That Democratic Party was also
the party of working class, ethnic
RC voters.

These Reagan Democrats tend
not to vote in primaries because
the Democratic Party does not
usually present candidates who
are more in tune with the views
of those Reagan Democrats.

The Democratic Party of today
is not the party of Dan O'Connell.

The Reagan-O'Connell  Democrats
still exist in sufficient numbers in
Albany and  could change the 
outcome of the
Democratic Primary for Albany
Mayor -if they come to the polls
September 10- Noon - 9 pm, or vote
absentee, and cast a write-in (print)
for Joseph P Sullivan for Mayor.

 Be sure to fill in the oval

Be sure to print and stay within
the borders of the write in box on
the ballot for Mayor, City of Albany.

Why Sullivan and not Sheehan or

Sullivan was an enrolled Democrat
first appointed committeman by
Dan O' Connell.  Sullivan was a
pal to Charlie Ryan, Dick Conners
Howard Nolan and many more
oldtimers. He has been active in
Albany politics for 38 years.
Sullivan was a bartender in Frank
Commisso's Madison Ave tavern.

Corey Ellis was  still in pull ups.
Kathy Sheehan and Patricia Fahy
toddlers living in Chicago- back then.

Sullivan has served as President of
the Buckingham Pond/Crestwood
Neighborhood Association for nearly
a third of a century - saving many
open spaces, defeating proposals to
build big box stores, fast food joints
an apartment tower, a third middle
school and conversion of Mercy Convent
to an office building-as well as many
other land use changes that would
have altered the residential integrity
and quality life in that neighborhood.

Sullivan has asked Mayor Jennings
to stay on as Mayor Emeritus in a
Sullivan administration. Jerry would
serve as liaison with  the Governor
and State Legislature, The City schools
and conduct all ceremonial functions
including continuance of his successful
Alive at Five concerts.

Mayor Emeritus Jennings would
continue to have a high profile in
the City he loves and he would be
free of all political constraints.

Sullivan has let it be known that
current city workers and their 
families can rest easy. The jobs
of city workers who perform their
jobs well, will be secure.

Sullivan puts America and Albany
before  political party allegiance.
Sullivan will honor his oath of
office to uphold the Constitution
especially the First, Second, Fourth
and Tenth Amendments.

His focus will be on keeping Albany
secure and safe; consolidating the
city schools with city government
with one property tax roll to support
both, returning Albany to a K-8
neighborhood school system; main-
taining/improving residential integrity
quality of life in neighborhoods; jobs
and property tax relief resulting from
advocacy of natural gas drilling
tapping hydro electric power from
the 765 KV line being built from
Quebec to NYC; a refinery at the
Port of Albany to refine Baakan oil
being transshipped via the port-
and much more:

Read clear positions on issues vital
to the survival of America, New York
Albany, and each of us- 

Read nationwide. Worldwide. Compare
with websites of Sheehan and Ellis.

Can a man become Mayor of Albany
with scarcely a mention in the local
media and not asking anyone for a

Will the Reagan Democrats vote
in the September 10 Democratic

Is Albany still a word of mouth town?

We shall know the answers to these
questions, and more, after the
September 10 Democratic Primary.

In any case, Sullivan is the
Conservative candidate for Mayor
of Albany in the November 5
General Election.

PASS THE WORD. Thank you.

                                  Joe Sullivan