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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Source: DIA Website
21st CD: Health care policies

By albany layman, Section Diaries
Posted on Tue Aug 05, 2008 at 08:23:02 PM EST

Some time ago, I did a post about the health care policies of the Dem candidates for Congress in NY's 21st district.  The slate of candidates has changed since that previous post.  Now that the candidates are presumably set for the primary on September 9, it might be useful to revisit the candidates' policies, according to each one's web site.

As you'll see, the content varies from web site to web site.  Some are very specific, some less so.  Take a look:


I will go to Washington to fight for guaranteed health care coverage for all and support bills like H.R. 676 [link for H.R. 676 - A.L.] that accomplish that goal.


I have fought for better health facilities and more funding of health programs in the Capital Region for our seniors and children. In Washington, I will work to ensure that every American has access to the same kind of quality, affordable health care that taxpayers pay for members of Congress.

New Solutions: We must begin to think outside of conventional health care solutions to solve AmericaŹ¼s health care crisis. I support an approach that would guarantee affordable health coverage for every American. As we strive towards that goal, we should also look at immediate interim steps such as a choice of private or public plans that cover all necessary medical services, paid for by employers and individuals on a sliding scale, that will ensure and expedite health care coverage for every American.

Children's Care: As a member of Congress, I will call for an expansion of children's health care. This would also cover parents who earn too much to opt out of Medicaid but too little to afford private health care. Our children need health care and I will work to keep them healthy and safe.


[...] It's also time for America's taxpayers to get something for our money other than paying interest to foreign nations. Instead of paying that interest, Darius believes we can find new ways to fund health care, invest in our schools and cut our property taxes to the bone.

[...] Darius will also make good on the healthcare and services our seniors have been promised in their golden years. No one should ever have to choose between filling their prescription bottles and heating their home.



The current insurance system is fragmented into a patchwork quilt of inefficient governmental and private insurance plans. Oftentimes, the only way for private health insurers to increase profits, and for government to cut costs, is to deny legitimate claims by patients for coverage and legitimate claims by doctors for payment. Single payer health insurance will end this travesty.


In Congress, H.R. 676 [link for H.R. 676 - A.L.], a bill to enact a single-payer health system, has been introduced and sponsored by 90 members of the House of Representatives. Locally, Phil introduced a resolution in support of single-payer health insurance which passed in the Albany County Legislature. Albany County is also a self-insurer for health insurance, which saves the taxpayers money. Unfortunately, 90% of the County share of the property tax goes to Medicaid. This will no longer be necessary if the single-payer system is adopted.


Medicare is a single-payer system but only the elderly are allowed to be members. Medicare is highly efficient. It spends only 3 cents of every dollar on administration and 97 cents on health care, compared to HMOs, which spend 40 cents of every dollar on administration. Medicare, however, needs to be reformed to open it up to more people and to eliminate Bush administration efforts to privatize portions of the system..



Maintain U S military, naval, air presence in  Iraq, Afghanistan . Necessary to keep Iran from taking control of Mid East oil fields.

Bringing troops home now would create a vacuum for Iran to take over Mid East oil fields. Oil would become many more times expensive, scarce or unavailable to Americans. Our economy and way of life would crash.

Increase the size and capabilities of our army, navy, marines, airforce and coast guard, so that we may deter China, Russia and others who pose real threats to our security and survival.

Immediately secure U S borders and ports.


Sponsored legislation to create single-payer universal health care in 1992

Authored "Timothy's Law" mandating insurance coverage for mental health

Believes health care is a right, not a privilege

Firmly Pro-Choice

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