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Monday, September 15, 2008


Joseph Sullivan, D-Albany
”Our survival is on the line in the 2008 election.  Who we elect as President, Vice-President and to Congress, will determine our fate. September 11 changed our lives forever; nothing will be the same evermore,” Sullivan said. “Homeland security, emergency/disaster preparedness and maintaining a steady flow of oil, the lifeblood of our economy and way of life, while we adapt to a world where oil will be scarce and expensive, are the priorities. So long as we depend on imported oil our military forces must remain, on station, in the world’s oil producing regions. The troops are not coming home.”

Describing himself as a conservative Democrat, Sullivan, 71, is no stranger to politics after being active during the days of former Democratic Gov. Hugh Carey and former longtime Democratic boss Daniel O’Connell.

Sullivan switched to the Republican Party, even chairing the Albany City Republicans, before recently returning to his Democratic beginnings.

A Navy veteran, Sullivan said national security and continuing the flow of oil that greases the American economy are his main priorities.  Without those two things, Sullivan contends, “none of the rest of it matters.”

On McNulty’s, Sullivan said, “Congressman McNulty’s lasting legacy will be his pro-life stance.” 

His one criticism: “In contrast to Mike, I am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment right of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.”

Often outspoken, he has vowed to run his campaign for Congress, not cash, saying he’s “not going to pay a lot” for McNulty’s old seat.

“I am a veteran, senior citizen and the oldest of the candidates with a clear understanding of the significance of this election to our survival as a nation, and what we must do to survive. My priorities are clearly stated, my platform and issue positions are explicit,” said Sullivan.  “I have not raised or spent any money. No politicians, unions or special interests have endorsed me. I will be beholden only to the voters who elect me. If the voters want substance, straight talk, independence, a clear view of what we face and what we must do, campaign reform and term limit — I am their man.”

•Priorities: War on terrorism; energy; economy; health care; campaign finance reform
•Congress: F
•President: John McCain
•Religion: Catholic
•Campaign workers: 12
•Need experience to run: Yes
•Salary: $14,724  (listed “Social Security”)
Campaign Web site:

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