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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4 Polls open 6 am - 9 pm

WRITE-IN (PRINT) JOSEPH P SULLIVAN for Congress 21st District

HOW? Read October 21st statement (below) and click on link which explains how.

WHY? Read the October 21st statement, scroll down and read my responses to the TU voters guide and compare those to the responses of
Paul Tonko and Jim Buhrmaster in the TU Voter Guide for Nov 4.

Compare our responses to the Spotlight Newspapers voter guide for the
September 9 primaries. (Click on link)

Scroll to earler posts , listen to and compare our radio interviews with
Bob Cudmore (click on link)

Compare the websites of Tonko and Buhrmaster with my mine. I trust
you will conclude that I offer more substantive, precise stands on issues
vital to our mutual and national survival.

If you concur, write in (print) JOSEPH P SULLIVAN by lifting the
slide, either to the left, or above the column for Member of Congress(depending on which voting machine
is at your poll) and printing my name. Use a number 2 pencil because
pens tend to skip or not write when held horizontally. Bring a pencil
with you to the polls.

Write in voting puts you in charge. What could be more democratic?

Thank you.

Joseph P Sullivan


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