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Thursday, September 6, 2012




SECURITY is the priority issue in
the 2012 elections. Without it our
way of life and economy are done.

Afghanistan is a tribal wasteland
that can not be secured as long as
Pakistan offers safehaven to the
Taliban and Al Qaida, and as long
as our troops are being killed by
those Afghans we are attempting
to train so that they might secure
their own land.

This training effort has cost us 22
billion dollars and the lives of our
valiant troops. For what?

President Obama has announced
the date for our military to withdraw.

Our troops, bound by pc rules of
engagement, are sitting ducks, being
picked off by a cowardly foe.

While they are putting their lives
on  the line, most won't have their
right to vote in the 2012 election
which, in part, is a referendum on
Commander In Chief as well as
Congress and the State Legislature.

That individual has failed to secure
our borders, and by fiat, circumvented
the Congress and U S Constitution to
allow untold numbers of illegal aliens
to vote in the 2012 elections to benefit
his reelection, and the reelection of
those that support him, like our own
Representative in Congress, Paul Tonko
our U S Senators and candidates for
state office here in New York.

The Commander and Chief and his
minions have all violated their oaths of

Our troops and all legal American
voters need to know where you stand
on these and related matters of national
security...Mr Romney because the most
important job of the President is being
Commander In Chief is defending America
and all Americans (including the rabid
leftist partisans on display this week on
television for all the nation and world
to see).

You are not running for CEO!

The 2012 elections are the defining elections
of our lifetimes.

The survival of America, our
Constitutional Republic, Life, Liberty
Pursuit of Happiness, our way of life
and, and of all Americans are on the

What should you be saying? For
starters - bring our troops home
from Afghanistan - now! Deploy them
to secure the Mexican border.

Rebuild our Navy and declare
that the Monroe Doctrine will be
strictly enforced.

Declare that you will uphold
the U S Constitution and will require
that candidates for public office
and appointments, including
the U S Supreme Court, do the same.

President Obama is NOT a nice

In the forthcoming debate will
you will have the opportunity
to address these and other issues
vital to our survival. What you
say, or do not say, will determine
your fate, that of America, and
all Americans.

Hint, put your political hack
advisors out to pasture.

Do a little study of General
George Patton.

No more pussy footing and
political tap dancing!

God help you, America and
all Americans.

                         Joe Sullivan

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