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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


U S troops attempting to train Afghan
units that have been infilrated with
Taliban/Al Qaida operatives.

From 2007 through January 2012
70 NATO troops have been killed
in 42 attacks by Afghans who have
been trained and armed by our

Add to that 4 more deaths in the
2 most recent attacks (February).

Our President apologizes to the
Afghans. Where are the Afghan
apologies for the assassinations
our troops by those we have
trained to assume responsibility
for defense of Afghanistan?


Until recently, terrorists did not wear
uniforms. Now they do.  They have
infilrated the Afghan units we are
training and they have infiltrated
our own military as well. Recall
the Ft Hood massacre?
One has to ask - is fighting a foe
of sneaks, who are without honor-
mission impossible?
                                   Joe Sullivan

Monday, February 27, 2012


A power line carrying Quebec
hydroelectric power to NYC, will
pass through Albany along CSX
rail beds.

Albany should plug into this
power line to obtain electricity
to generate economic expansion
as well as for home heating.

Perhaps, the Albany Common
Council and Albany County
Legislature will introduce and
pass resolutions to that end?

                              Joe Sullivan

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Will we ever learn from the study of

How many more of our troops will
be sacrificed before our erstwhile
"Commander in Chief" is relieved
of command?

Read and ponder this:

                                                 Joe Sullivan

Thursday, February 23, 2012


The Albany City Council is concerned about you inhaling second hand smoke.
Their solution: more legislation.

What about the air we breathe? It contains a blend of emissions from vehicle
exhausts, chimneys, clothes dryers, methane from city sewers and clouds of
dried, airborne road salt that hang over Albany every winter and spring.

Add to this, the emissions from the U Albany Nanotech facility at Fuller Rd
and Washington Ave. Recall the emissions from the nearby, now defunct
NL Industries stacks?  Most of Albany's population lives downwind from
both sites.

The Albany City Council is just blowing smoke because their reelection
is approaching in 2013 and they have to attempt to justify their existence.

                                                                      Joe Sullivan

Thursday, February 2, 2012


The Governor and State Education Dept
are pressing for teacher evaluation plans

Withholding federal and state aid from
school districts that fail to comply is
being held out as bait to improve
teacher evaluation/performance.

What about the other side of the
evaluation coin?  "Student" evaluation.

To learn- one must value learning, desire
to learn, put forth the effort to learn and
put into practice that which is learned.

Sadly, far too many public school pupils
demonstrate none of the above learning

If federal and state aid is used as bait
to increase teacher performance - it
follows that some financial incentives
might be utilized to encourage learners
to learn and their parents to motivate
pupils to learn.

1. How about indexing the property
tax rate to school graduation rates?

For example, the Albany School District
has a 50 percent drop out rate. Property
tax payers should receive a 50 percent
decrease in their school property tax

2. Reduce welfare, crazy money (SSI)
payments to households who have
poorly performing children in the
city schools.

                                      Joe Sullivan