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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


U S troops attempting to train Afghan
units that have been infilrated with
Taliban/Al Qaida operatives.

From 2007 through January 2012
70 NATO troops have been killed
in 42 attacks by Afghans who have
been trained and armed by our

Add to that 4 more deaths in the
2 most recent attacks (February).

Our President apologizes to the
Afghans. Where are the Afghan
apologies for the assassinations
our troops by those we have
trained to assume responsibility
for defense of Afghanistan?


Until recently, terrorists did not wear
uniforms. Now they do.  They have
infilrated the Afghan units we are
training and they have infiltrated
our own military as well. Recall
the Ft Hood massacre?
One has to ask - is fighting a foe
of sneaks, who are without honor-
mission impossible?
                                   Joe Sullivan

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