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Friday, February 7, 2014



Mayor Sheehan and the Albany 
Common Council have opted to
go ,hat in hand, to the NYS 
Financial Restructuring Board
for Local Governments.

The board is created and 
controlled by the Governor.

Board Members include a
number of  state elected officials
who, along with the Governor
are up for reelection in November
if they survive primary elections.


The Board has to complete the
requested review of City of Albany
finances within 6 months, or after
the end of the current legislative

The prize for bowing to Board
recommendations may amount
to a 5 million dollar grant or loan.

Not worth the price of surrendering
city sovereignty and autonomy to
the state, and not a long term solution
to the claimed 16 million dollar city
budget gap.

Click on Resources Link. There
are considerable State financial
resources available to the City
without having to submit to the


The Mayor and Common Council
with the support of the County
Executive and County Legislature
as well as the Members of the
NYS Senate and Assembly, elected
to represent the City and County
should have presented a united
front declaring that:

1. NYS should include an 11 million
dollar PILOT ( payment in lieu of
taxes)for the Harriman State Office
Campus, to be paid to the City of 
Albany in 2014, and subsequent

2. The Governor and State Legislature
provide real mandate relief to the
City government and City school
District, this session.

3. The City schools be merged with
the city government, with one property
tax roll to finance both, return to
a K-8 neighborhood school system 
and with the City government 
responsible and accountable for 
operation and performance of 
city schools.

4. Reject/ Opt out of Common Core

5. Repeal the unconstitutional
NYS Safe Act.

6. Approve drilling for NY
natural gas to promote economic
development, jobs and expand
property tax bases.

7. Approve building a refinery
at the Port of Albany to refine
Baakan oil, which will expand
the city property tax base, create
good paying jobs and lower local
costs of gasoline/fuel oil/

8. Approve Albany tapping into
the 765 KV  Quebec- NYC hydro
power line to lower local energy
costs, spur economic development
and jobs.

The leverage for these? The votes
of residents of the City and County
of Albany in the 2014 primaries
and November election.

Negotiate with the Governor and
State Legislature from a position
of strength demanding results
this session, before the budget
is voted upon and signed into law.

This is what Dan O'Connell would
have done.

                              Joe Sullivan
                              Chair, City of Albany
                              Conservative Committee

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