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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


The President, Congress and
the Mexican government are
a more immediate threat to the
security and survival of America
and all American citizens, than
Al Qaida, because of failure to
secure our Southern border.


We are being invaded by tens of
millions of illegal aliens. They are
lawbreakers who have no respect
for the rule of law. Nor, do they
respect our border, language and

America is a lifeboat awash in a
sea of  domestic and world poverty.

Overload the lifeboat and it is
sure to swamp and capsize.

There will be no survivors.

Secure the border, NOW!

No amnesty for illegals here.

Embargo sending funds from
the U S to Mexico, and Central
American countries by the tens
of millions of illegals already

Suspend suspend tourism to
these places until their
governments cooperate with
the U S  in ending the invasion
of illegals to our country and 
repatriate those illegally here 
with their countries of origin. 

The survival of America and all
Americans are on the line.

We can no longer stand by and
witness the destruction of our
Nation, and our way of life!

                      Joe Sullivan

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