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Friday, November 7, 2014


To those elected, or reelected
November 4, 2014 to Congress
State and local offices and those
who did not have to stand for
election this year:

Restore our Constitutional
Republic and our Liberty.

Uphold your oaths of office.

Secure our borders, enforce
existing immigration laws.

No sanctuary policies for
illegal aliens.

No amnesty or benefits of
citizenship to those who
have illegally invaded our
country and violated our

Ban all travel from West
Africa Ebola countries
until the Ebola epidemic
has been contained and
eradicated in those places.

Bring home our military
from West Africa.

Quarantine all who have
come to the US, from Ebola 
lands,directly or indirectly
since October 2014, until 
they are judged to be Ebola

Congress is the lawmaking
branch of our government
not the President, not the

Congress (The House) has
the power of the purse. Use

The federal government
has only those powers and
responsibilities enumerated
in the Constitution. All else
belongs to the states and
the people. 

Those elected by the people
are not our rulers, but are
our representatives, that 
have the solemn obligation 
to do the will of the people.

As for bipartisanship put
aside party allegiances;
put America First!

English is our language.
End government policies
that enable, promote and
enforce bilingualism  in
government, business and

One language. One Nation.

Respect our history, culture
and institutions.

                       Joe Sullivan

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